Rise of the Brave Tangled Dragons

Dreams turned to dust

Three days earlier...

With a whirl wind of dust, Pitch was back in his cold, dark lair. He looked around to see his slaves and minions just noticed he returned. They didn't greet him, or bow to him; instead they gave him space for him to walk back to his throne.

"What is with these kids?" He yells in frustration. "Not even an ounce of the kind of magic I can create, yet they defeat me. Even with a giant dragon I can't win!"

He slums in his throne with his head resting on his hands, thinking about his situation. Twice already, these kids have surprised him. Even though he allied himself with people and creatures who had a black heart almost as dark as his, these kids seem to beat him in every turn. He even turned one of them against the others, and yet Hiccup's light was able to break through with a simple apology.

Pitch looked at Hiccup's teeth, pretty sure that kid is still alive. Out of frustration, he threw the case far away as possible.

"You seem tense master."

Pitch look to see Tooth flying to the side of his throne. She looks as beautiful as she is dark. He sighs as she goes to the throne and rests her hands on the handle.

"These children..." He said. "I don't know how they find the strength to beat me."

"But no one can truly defeat you," Tooth said. "You are darkness, you are fear..."

"And yet they seemed to beat fear," Pitch yells as he jumps out of his throne. "Even in a world where fear is the norm, they still seemed to give the people hope and light. They are really getting on my nerves."

Tooth flew beside him, with a concern look. "But you will win in the end," she said. "These children are fighting a losing battle. They will face defeat in the end, and you will be victorious."

Hearing Tooth say these words makes Pitch feel incredibly better. He turns to her as she lets her feet touch the ground.

"I knew there was a reason I turned you first," he said.

"It's so you can keep all the teeth on guard," she replies. "Making sure the guardians don't use them."

"Well, there's that," he said.

He then looks to the globe, seeing fewer lights there then last time. Pitch took in a deep breath, feeling his power more and more. It was perfect; the children of the world are losing faith and hope. This was making Pitch's ultimate plan work to perfection. The guardians are getting weaker and weaker, while he gets stronger. It's only a matter of time before the guardians are his, and he will rule the world with his darkness.

But those children are still a problem. They've been able to beat him in every turn. They are an unpredictable sort. Pitch doesn't know what their quest is. He knows they are looking for something, something to defeat him. Why else would they travel back to their own times. From what he's seen, these are places that they would dream of leaving for good. So why go back?

Pitch feels Tooth's light hand on his cheek, rubbing the side of his face.

"Master," she said while turning Pitch's head to see her. "There will be darkness everywhere. There is nothing those children can do to stop it."

Pitch smiles his usual smile as he looks down and sees Tooth holding a canister with a spunky red head on it. "Indeed."

He takes the teeth and looks back at Tooth. "Go out and spread more fear, make sure you find your fellow guardians. I need a moment alone to plan my next move."

"Yes master," she said before bowing and flying away.

Pith walks back to his throne and studies the case. He knew Merida was certainly a brave woman, and that she is a strong fighter. Breaking her will be a challenge. He opens it and studies her memories, trying to pick out a point that will aid him. He looked towards where she is in her life now, and found the area where her betrothal is.

After a few minutes, he saw her arguing with her mother, saying something that intrigued him.

"A beast, huh," he said to himself as he fingers his pendent. "Maybe we can pull some strings, and see what kind of magic we can do."

With a wicked smile, darkness surrounds him, taking him to DunBroch.

"Tree! Tree! Tree!" Sophie cheers while jumping up and down.

Jamie smiles as he helps his sister up to hang a shiny red ball on the tree. "There you go Sophie."

It was the week and a half before Christmas; it is a tradition for Jamie and his family to get his living room looking festive and ready for the celebration. The stockings were hung on the fire place mental and traditional figurines were placed. Santa was poised in the middle with the reindeer pulling the sled, while Angels were on the side playing the harp. The coffee table had a festive holly placemat with a bowl full of different kinds of nuts, from walnuts to chestnuts. Lights were hung at the window, switching colour with each blink.

But the big tree in the corner was the main attraction. It reached almost to the ceiling, thanks to the star on top. Lights circle the evergreen, making it shine with each colour. A May was underneath to hide the stand.

Jamie and Sophie were having fun outing up the ornaments. They had a wide range of everything in the box. From balls and stars, to superheroes and princesses. While Sophie puts on the ornaments at the bottom of the tree, Jamie did more of the middle and as high as he can. Though he did have to stop their dog from going into ornament box and getting slobber on them.

Their mother on the other hand watches them as she is near the phone. As much as she likes seeing her kids' smiles, she was worried about her husband. She looked to the window, seeing the snow continued to fall. The weather has been less predictable than ever. At first it would be just a light flurry, and then it will be an ice storm. Then it will be slush, and then a blizzard. Schools had to close earlier than expected and some stores had to close in fear of not returning home. Jamie's and Sophie's father worked for retail and had to go to work across town. But the storm picking up had Mrs. Bennett worried. On the news, they've said people had crashes along the highway, and people were advised to stay inside.

Unknown to everyone in the room, there was another figure watching in the shadows. Emily looked at the mother, sharing her worried. With the tree in her world on the verge of dying, the world's balance is shifting and things are getting worst and worst. But she does seem at peace seeing these children still baring a smile, even in the roughest times.

With Sophie adding a mermaid ornament, she ran to her mom and pulled on her pants. "Mommy, mommy," she said with a wide smile, "look at the tree!"

Her mother looked to the tree, seeing the work her kids have done. "It's perfect," she comments.

"Not yet," Jamie said running to the stairs. Emily backed away to see Jamie run to his room. She knows he would just phase through her, but it would still feel weird.

When he came back down, he brought a handmade snowflake ornament made out of paper. There was a bit of blue glitter on the tips of the flake, and a shiny blue ribbon was glued to the back.

Jamie wasted no time outing the snowflake near the top. "Now, it's perfect," Jamie said with a smile.

Emily looked back inside, smiling at Jamie's little craft project.

Mrs. Bennett smiles as she examines Jamie's ornament. "Jamie, this is lovely," she said.

"Thanks," Jamie smiles. "It's inspired by one of my friends."

"Which one?" His mother asks.

"Jack," Jamie answers. But then his smile vanished into a worried. He knows Jack is still out there, maybe fighting Pitch. That's gotta be the only reason why it's been so dark lately and the snow behaving terrible. Jack isn't here to control the snow, he must be fighting. Jamie just hopes he's arlight and that he'll come back safely.

"What is it sweetie?" Mrs. Bennett said while kneeling down to see her son.

"Nothing," Jamie answers unsure. "I guess I'm just worried about him, with this storm and all..."

"I know what you mean," his mother said while hugging Jamie close to her. "I feel the same way with your father. But I'm sure they're both safe and sound."

"Wish I can say the same," Jamie whispers with doubt.

Emily leans to the door frame, feeling sympathy for this family.

Mrs. Bennett pulls away to see her son still a little depressed. "Why don't you go call your friend?" She suggests.

That suggestion made Emily look up and surprised to see this family care so much. But she knows that calling Jack is never going to happen.

"He doesn't have a phone number," Jamie answers.

"What about his parents?" She asks.

"He doesn't really talk about them with me," Jamie said.

"That's sounds terrible," Mrs. Bennett said trying to understand.

That comment made Emily feel almost worst then dead. It made her look back to when she was a child, waiting for her father. If only she had a more open heart then she had back then, then maybe her father wouldn't cause all this. And as for Jack, he wouldn't be on this quest and he could hang out with Jamie. As for the boy's mom, she can only do so much to make her child feel better.

"I know you're trying to understand," Emily said to the mother as she looks at the two of them. "But how can you?" she knows her words will fall on deaf ears, but she need to say it to make herself feel better.

The silence was interrupted by the phone ringing. Mrs. Bennett quickly got up and answers the phone. "Hello?"

Jamie and his sister huddle around the phone, trying to listen to the whole conversation.

Mrs. Bennett nods her head a lot, and said 'yes' often. Before long, she sighs and hangs up the phone.

"Your father is alright," she informs her kids.

They respond by a huge sigh of relief and a smile. Emily also felt glad that the father was alright.

"But because of the storm, He's just staying over at grandma's and grandpa's house for the night." Mrs. Bennet explains. She then turns to her youngest child. "Speaking of which, it's time for bed Sophie."

"Awww," she whines, trying to hide her tiredness.

"Come on," Mrs. Bennett said as he picks Sophie up and carries her out of the room. Before leaving though, she turns to Jamie, "make sure you go to bed too. Maybe tomorrow you can go visit your friend if the weather's nice."

"Yeah," Jamie said with a small smile as he watches his mother carrying Sophie upstairs and the dog following them.

Emily looked in to see Jamie still visibly upset. She can only guess that he is worried about Jack, so was she. But Jamie must be aching in his heart, Jack became like a brother to him, and the two of them grew very close. Know that Jack isn't here, and the weather behaving like this, who knows what can this mean to a kid. She can only rely on her own experience of feeling alone and cold. Back when she had to fled from home and had to wait for her father who didn't come. Her loneliness turned to bitterness and it almost set her on the path of regret. She can't allow that to happen to Jamie. She promised Jack she'll keep him safe and sound, and she'll fulfill that promised.

She watched as Jamie goes to the window and look out at the snow, trying to find any hope of Jack might fly by. But with all the snow everywhere, it was almost hard to see anything.

"Jack," he prays to the dark sky. "If you can come back to me…that will really make my Christmas. I... I miss you..."

Emily walks in the room and sits on the arm of the couch, baring witness to Jamie's prayer.

"Come out, moon...

Come out, wishing star...

Come out... come out...

Wherever you are."

He looks out the window and watch as the snow drizzle down, white as stars in the sky.

"I know you're in the dark,

But I'm as cold as a snowflake,

Come and find me."

Emily looks to him, thinking back to when she was alone on that star, waiting for her father. She found herself remembering what she kept repeating over and over with her prayers.

"I'm empty and alone

and my heart's about to break.

Come and find me."

Those words started to bring back a lot of miserable memories in her life.

They both fell a little sad as they look out the window

"I need you to come here and find me," they both said, feeling the same feelings of missing the ones they care about.

"Cause without you I'm totally lost."

"I've hung a wish," Jamie said as he places a hand on the window,

"on the hidden stars,

It hasn't done much good so far.

I can only dream of you."

Emily stood up and walks behind him to try to comfort him as best she could.

"Wherever you are." They both said together.

As Jamie looks down with a sad, longing look, Emily looks on to the dark snowy sky. Memories stirred inside her of all those nights, with her father in her life. She remembers the games they've played and the adventures they had. Even though now it's too late, she wished to take back every bad word she ever said about him, and to say she loved him. Sometimes, when she would sleep and dream, she would dream of him and how he would love her too.

"But when the morning comes

and the sun begins to rise

I will lose you," she said to that memory with regret.

"Because it's just a dream,

When I open up my eyes

I will lose you."

She would turn away from Jamie and the window and place a hand over her heart, with a tear almost ready to flow down her eye.

"I used to believe in forever,

But forever was too good to be true."

Jamie looked up to the window, wishing someone would hear his unbearable pain.

"I've hung a wish on the hidden stars,"

Emily joins him with her own wish and regret.

"It hasn't done much good so far.

I can only dream of you,"

They both look down, thinking hard about the person they miss so dear.

"Wherever you are."

Emily then snap back to reality to hear Jamie almost close to tears. Seeing him, made her remember what she was like back when she was a child. She can't stand to see a precious little boy like Jamie hurt because of what Jack is doing to protect him. She had to make Jamie think that even though Jack isn't here, he's still in Jamie's heart. Something that took Emily a very long time to realize with her father.

So she raises her hands to the Christmas tree and flicked her fingers up to make a very small of frost that went around it. Jamie felt a tiny bit cold over his shoulder and turned to see what it was. He wasn't able to see Emily, but he saw her magic and making the tree shine with frost covered pines. She even touches the handmade snowflake ornament and made it shine like crystal.

The both of them had a bit of moment of happiness. Jamie for seeing the magic of frost, and Emily for making Jamie smile again. Then Emily walked to the window and made ice dance around it like a skater in a rink.

Jamie saw it and thought of Jack's magic is around him. It made Jamie think of what a great friend Jack is and how he can be a good friend to him.

Emily smiles, and thinks of a fun way she can protect Jamie.

"I'll make you laugh," they both said together.

"I'll see you smile,

I'll be with you"

"Just for a while." Emily said with a smile on her face. The she walks to the centre of the room, and produce a small amount of snow to fall onto the tree.

"Oh, I'll believe in you all the while!" Jamie cries out as he looks at the tree.

Emily also thought that this boy deserves a special treat with everything he's going through and made the aurora lights shine inside the living room.

But seeing Jamie having fun with her, made Emily remember when she was having fun with her father. She sadly dropped the lights and lowers her hands. While Jamie saw the magic slowly disappearing, his feeling of loss sweeps back in his heart.

"I used to believe in forever," they both said at the same time.

"But is forever too good to be true?" Jamie asks to his own heart. Knowing he will grow up and that Jack is immortal. They're time together won't last forever, no matter how much he wishes it would.

"I've hung a wish on every star,"

"It hasn't done much good so far." Emily joins in with him.

"I don't know what else to do,"

"Except to believe and dream of you." Jamie said look at the frost covered window and made a stick figure of Jack smiling at him.

"I wonder if you're dreaming too," Emily and Jamie said, hoping the answer is yes to both Jamie's friend and Emily's father.

"Wherever you are." They both pray as snow continues to fall outside.

"Jamie," Mrs. Bennett calls from upstairs. "Bed time."

Jamie gives a small smile to his drawing before heading up stairs. Emily stayed in the living room, only watching Jamie go. She then goes to the window and made a small drawing of a little girl and a man holding hands.

"Wherever you are..." She said softly and quietly.

With a wave of her hand, she cleared some of the frost to look outside in the sky. She saw some of the sandman's dream sand making its way through the sky and to the house. But that seems to be the only stream out there. With Nightmares roaming everywhere it's hard for anyone to have a good dream. But Emily is thankful that there are still a few dreamers around.

But as she looks out, she can actually see Sanderson, trying to work his magic in the sky. Emily touches the window, hoping he will see her and say hi. But what she saw just ahead truly horrified her. She saw Bunny on a roof of a nearby house and ordering a group of nightmares to surround Sandy.

He saw this and fights off as many as he can, but they were too powerful and overwhelmed him.

"NO!" Emily gasped as she bangs a fist to the window. She could only watch as the Nightmares devour her friend and then vanish into the sky. The golden stream of dream dust was slowly fading away into the sky, leaving the area dark.

"No," she whispers at what just happened. Pitch's gotten another guardian, and made him disappeared. Just like what he did before.

As Emily looked down, she could feel the tree getting weaker and weaker. The balance of the world is spiralling out of control.

She can even feel her own powers becoming weaker. She looked at her hand and her green sleeve was started to fade and crack, just like a dried up leaf in the sun. Her skin was getting paler and fragile. It made her kneel to the floor, and gasping in pain.

Emily looks at the drawing of Jack, with worry. "Jack...please," she said with a sad face. "Time is almost up, and everyone is losing hope. You and your friends have to stop Pitch, before it is too late."

The swirl of darkness made Pitch teleport to a small stone hallway. He looked around to see if he frightened anyone that was around.


He listened intuitively to hear a sob coming from down the hall. He slowly crept his way down to see a slightly opened door, and a woman crying inside. The woman was sitting near a roaring fire, holding a burnt piece of wood on her hands.

As Pitch continued to look, he sudden felt a surge of power in his vines. It felt like he got a burst of energy and strength he's never felt before. His powers made him feel he can do anything he wants. It was so intense he had to pull away from the door and made a small portal to talk to his minions.

"What's happened?" He asks in anger.

"Great news master," Tooth answers on the other side. "We've got the sandman."

That news truly made his day. The one guardian that was truly a threat was taken care of, and he can no longer give children dreams. Now there's room for his nightmares to play. Soon the children will stop believing in the guardians, and he will rule. And the best part was that the sandman knows where North is. After some time, that information will spread to his minions and they will take him out. Christmas will be over and Nightmares will rule.

"Excellent," Pitch said with a cruel smile. "When you receive information, find North and take him. I'll stay here for a bit and keep those children occupied."

"Yes master," Tooth said before closing the portal.

Pitch smiles as he closed his portal. With the Sandman's powers added to his own, he can create whatever he wants. And with the powers he took from Mother Nature, he can bend the rules and change whatever, or whoever he wants.

He looked back into the room with the woman continued to sob, and hatched a plan to destroy Merida's spirit and her kingdom. Soon he'll learn what the children's quest is, but in the meantime he has to get things ready when they arrive.

He slides into the room, making a dark shadow that filled the room. The queen noticed this and almost jumped in surprised seeing a dark figure at her door.

"Hello, your majesty," Pitch said with a mocked bow.

"Who...who are you?" Elinor asks very suspicious.

"I don't mean to offend you," he said with a wicked smile and locking the door behind him.

"I just have some information of your daughter"


Wherever you are by barry coffing and vonda shepard from Winnie the Pooh Grand Adventure

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