Rise of the Brave Tangled Dragons

Story of a Bond

The sky became black by the time everyone reached the castle. Merida pulled back a tree branch to see a lot of guards on the wall and at the doors. It was honestly the first time she's seen the castle on high alert. Base on what's been happening, the lords and her father might feel safer. But that's rediculous, their fighters. They would sooner go to war then be cooped up in the castle. Especially when the princess is outside its walls. The only other explanation is that this is Pitch's doing.

But as far as she is with drawing up guesses, Merida can't see any way into the castle.

Elinor's soft purr got Merida's attention, wanting to know what she's seeing.

"I'm afraid it isn't good," Merida said as she positions the tree branch back and looks at her friends. "There are guards everywhere now."

"And I doubt I can carry a bear," Jack said as he leans back against a tree trunk. "And if I make ice stairs they're going to draw too much attention."

"Is there any other way into the castle?" Hiccup asks.

Merida shook her head as she looks back to the castle. "Not that I know of."

As everyone search through their brains for any idea, Elinor's eyes widen as she lifts a claw. As if she was saying eureka.

"You've got something mum?" Merida asks her with a tiny bit of hope in her voice.

Elinor purrs and nods her head. She then waddles her way to the front of the group on her hind legs and points to the bridge that leads to the door. As everyone looks confused, Elinor lowers her claw to an arch under the bridge.

"I think your mom's got a plan," Rapunzel comments as Elinor pushed her way out of the forest and down to the water. Everyone else followed her to see what this plan is.

Once they reached the water's edge, Elinor points her claw at the arch again, just where the water is touching it. Everyone looked at it, but only see a plank of wood there. Jack took his instinct and flew a bit over the water to get a better view.

"It looks like there's a gate over there," Jack said as he flew back to his companions. "I'm guessing that leads back to the castle."

Elinor nods to confirm his theory.

Hiccup looks out and studies the water and the area around them. "It looks like we have to swim," he said. "Using a boat will get us noticed."

"We have Toothless though," Rapunzel points out. "He can just fly some of us across, and Jack can carry someone."

"I can't carry a bear," Jack said while wailing his arms.

"Neither can Toothless," Hiccup said while Toothless nods. Hiccup them looks at the queen, knowing that she will have to swim across, "sorry."

Elinor expected that she will have to do that, and proudly took her first step into the water. She then went down on all fours and walked deeper into the water.


Elinor turned her head as she watches Merida follow her into the water. "I'm coming with you. Just...so...you wouldn't be alone."

Elinor didn't know how she felt about Merida joining her, but it would be nice to be with her daughter. So Elinor lowered her body so Merida could get on. She didn't feel heavy at all, Elinor felt like she could swim with Merida on her back. She let out a soft groan as she began to swim to the moat. Rapunzel and Hiccup jumped on Toothless and he gently glides his way to the moat. Jack and Baby tooth were not far behind. They stayed with Merida and the queen incase of any attack.

Soon the iron doors came into view, with water flowing at the bottom of the bars. Toothless and Jack hover just near the door as Elinor climbed onto the wooden plank.

Merida rushed to door and pulled with all her might. But the hinges were rusted together and wouldn't budge.

Merida backed off, slightly frustrated that she couldn't get it open. Her instincts kicked in to figure a way to get around this obstacle.

"It won't move," she said as she turns to Jack. "Maybe you could freeze..."

She didn't get to finish her sentence as Elinor made her way to the door. She stood high on her hind legs and wrapped her paws around the iron bars. With a few attempts, she uses her strength to rip the door away from the hinges.

"Or that will work," Merida said astonished that her mother did that. Before making her way to the open door, she gave her mother a pat on the side, as if to say 'good job.' The queen smiles as she and Merida went inside the dark tunnel. Jack and Baby tooth followed suit as Rapunzel jumps off of Toothless to join them. As Toothless settled down on the wooden plank, Hiccup saw something that's going to be a problem. He judge the size of the door and the tunnel and concluded that Toothless isn't going to fit due to his wings.

"Guys wait," he called out. Everyone stops and turns to him. "Toothless can't fly in there."

Everyone looked around at the tunnel, and sees Hiccup's point. "Shoot," Merida said under her breath.

"I guess he has to wait outside," Rapunzel said feeling guilty.

Toothless grumbles, upset that he is being left out again. Hiccup notices it, and decided that Toothless won't be alone this time. "I'll stay with him, and meet you guys in the forest."

"Are you sure?" Merida said as she pushes herself back to meet him eye to eye.

"I'm sure," he said as he rubs his friend's head. "I'm not going make him wait alone. Besides the last time your dad saw me, he wanted to chop my head off."

Merida and the others thought back to that time, and remembers that Hiccup made a really bad impression to the king.

"Fair point," Merida said with a small giggle.

"If you guys need us, yell," he said as he sets Toothless up to fly back. "We will be there in a flash."

Baby tooth flew past the others to Hiccup's shoulder and perch herself there. She chirped in his ear quickly.

Jack laughs as he translates for her. "She's going with you to make sure you stay put this time. She's still a little peeved over what happened the last time."

"Gotcha," Hiccup smiles as he scratches her chin with one finger.

"Just be readied for anything," Merida said as she backs away from Hiccup and Toothless.

"You too," Hiccup said as Toothless flaps his wings and jumps off the plank. Soon, they turned around and disappear to the other side of the water.

Merida smiles as she turns around and takes the lead into the tunnel.

Rapunzel pick up her pace to join Merida at the front. "Think they'll be ok?" She asks with concern for Hiccup and Toothless.

"They'll be fine," Merida said with a confident smile. "He's usually true to his word."

"But Hiccup's usually the one that comes up with the plans," Rapunzel continued her concern. "What if we need a quick get away plan."

"Then we'll figure it out," Merida said. "We can't always relay on him to think of everything for us."

"True," Rapunzel said. "But still, I'm worried with Pitch still in the loose."

"But Hiccup is smart," Jack said flying to their side. "As far as Vikings go, he's a genius. He won't be fooled twice."

Elinor's eyes popped wide open hear that. She moans to the group with worry.

Merida instantly got what's got her mother worried. "Oh right," she said looking at her mother and holding her paw. "Hiccup is a Viking, but don't worry he's good. He's completely different then the invaders that attacked our home. In fact he's from a completely different time line."

That sentence made Elinor even more confused.

Merida didn't have time to explain everything, especially not while her mother is still cursed. "I promise when you return to normal, I'll explain everything."

Not wanting to stop, Merida continues down the tunnel with everyone behind her. Elinor couldn't stop thinking that Hiccup is a Viking. But he does seem to be very nice to accompany her daughter, and he's trying his best to help her kingdom. He is defiantly different then the Vikings that attacked years ago. She should not let this news stop her from feeling calm about the boy. But Merida defiantly has a lot more explaining to do.

Lost in her thought, Elinor didn't really pay attention when everyone stopped. When she finally noticed she saw the children looking up to a hole above them.

"I guess we go up there," Rapunzel concluded.

"But not all of us can climb to that spot," Merida said as she sees no ladders or walls around them.

"Leave that to me," Jack said as he waves his staff around everyone. They jumped out of the water so their feet wouldn't freeze, and landed safely as the water turned into hard ice. Jack then made the ice grow bigger and bigger, making it rise to the top. Soon the top was reachable and everyone latched on.

They poke their heads up to see if anyone was there. But lucky for them, no one was. As everyone made it over the hole, they saw that they've crawled out of an old well. Jack looked back into the well, to see the ice is still there. He then remember that he can only make things cold, not melt.

"It will go back down...eventually," he said with a shrug.

"Now what?" Rapunzel whispers to not alert anyone. It's was sort of bad enough that they're back in the kingdom, but now they have a bear with them. No one is going to believe that it's the queen.

Merida shook her worries out and focused on the task in hand. She spots the kitchen door just a little ways away. "We'll go in." She said as she runs to the door. Everyone followed her closely as she opens it slightly.

She peered inside to see no kitchen staff, just like last time. She opens the door fully and steps inside. Everyone walked in behind her and looked around the empty kitchen. Elinor took her time to shake off the water from her fur before entering the kitchen.

"I know I shouldn't ask this, but where is everyone," Rapunzel said out loud.

Merida was wondering the exact same thing. Surely the staff would prepare a meal by now. So why aren't they.

Suddenly, everyone heard a shift of movement from the chimney stove. Eleventh one turned to see dust and soot fall down. Merida got herself ready to pull an arrow and Jack aims his staff. They figured it would be a nightmare dropping in to say hi.

But a little kid fell down to everyone's view. He was covered in ash and soot, but Merida can recognized that wild orange hair and small body.

"Hey," she said dropping her bow to her side and walking over to the stove. The brother looked up, and a smile grew wide on his face. He then made a weird bird call to the top of the chimney and the two other brothers came down. As soon as all three of Merida's brothers saw her, they jumped on her and gave her a big hug. That gesture knocked her over to the ground, nearly making her arrows fall out her quiver. However something wrapped did fall out of the quiver, but it rolled under a table without anyone noticing.

"Hamish, Harris, Hubert," Merida grunts as she tries to get up from underneath her brothers. "I'm happy you are alright. But could you please get off."

The brothers didn't really pay much attention to Merida's words, they were just so happy to see her again. One brother looked up and gasped in fright seeing a giant bear in their kitchen. The other two noticed and backed away from the bear and Merida.

"No, wait," Merida said running to block her brothers from leaving. "It's alright, it's mum."

The brothers stopped and were confused. They took another look at Elinor who just smiles and waves her paw. They instantly knew that a bear couldn't do that, and the eyes were of their mother. When all three realized the truth, they race over and hugged her with all their might.

Elinor purrs as her children were comfortable with her in this form.

"Now that's a Kodak moment," Jack said with a smile.

Merida rolled her eyes and kneeled to her brothers' eye level. "That imposter turned mum into a bear, and we need to get to the tapestry to change her back."

All three brothers shook their heads and mutter some scared groans.

Merida raised her eyebrow, wondering if Pitch did something while she was gone.

The brothers didn't wait for her to ask what's been happening, instead they reenact the fights that the lords had while she was gone.

Knowing her brothers for so long, she quickly picked up on their language and understood what they are saying.

"Oh no," she whispers as she gets up and ran out of the kitchen and to the hallway.

"Mirada wait!" Jack cries out as he flys to meet her. Elinor groan as she made her way to the hallway too.

Rapunzel was about to join the others, when the brothers caught her eye. They seemed very scared and worried. She knew she had to keep them safe, but she has to join Merida. "Ummm," she said to the brothers as she walks backwards to the hallway. "You boys should stay here...safe." She had no idea how to talk to a set of brothers, other then the two that tried to kidnap her. But as she runs to the hall, she hoped that the brothers would listen to her.

As Hamish, Hubert and Harris look down at the hall, one of them spots something wrapped under the table. He ran for it and picked it up. The other brothers ran to him as he unwraps a bit of the cloth, and licked his lips to the cake he held in his hand.

As Merida rushed to the other side of the hall, loud voices echoed down and off the walls. Curiosity got to Merida as she looks into the great hall. But what she saw was not what she'd hoped for.

The long tables were turned into barricades, with a clan on the other side. The men were shooting arrows and throwing axes to the other clans with anger. The lords and the king were at the front lines of each clan, yelling at each other. The throne room just became a war room.

"No more talk! No more tradition!" Lord MacGuffin shouts with a gruffy voice. "We settle this now!"

"Your the king!" Lord Macintosh screamed. "You decide which of our sons your daughter will marry!"

That lord was met with the king's axe at his barricade. "Seeing as none of them could save her, they aren't worthy to marry me daughter!"

"Then our alliance is over! This means war!" Lord Dingwall yells as he raises a sword.

Merida could hear the men screaming as she turns to her friends and mother.

"They're gonna murder each other," she said shocked.

"Yeah," Jack said peering inside to see the commotion. "This is defiantly not good."

"How can we stop them?" Rapunzel asks bluntly.

"Mum can stop them," Merida said looking at her mother.

But Elinor reacted by backing up, placing her paws on her chest and her eyes wide, as if she was saying 'me?'

"You're usually the diplomat," Merida explains to everyone. "You can command a room with a glare."

"Yes, you mother the human. Not your mother the bear," Jack points out. "She can't do that."

"Then how do you suppose we get to the tapestry with the lot of them boiling over like that?" Merida said while clutching her hair in a panic.

While Jack and Rapunzel ponders that, Elinor poised herself up and points a claw at Merida. Merida looked at it, then her eyes open in realization.

"Me?" She gasps, mimicking her movements like her mother did before. Backing up and placing her hands on her chest. But then she shakes her head, "I can't."

"I think you have too," Rapunzel said.

"No," Merida nearly screams in panic as she eyes everyone looking at her. "I can't. I'm not a diplomat, I can't talk to people without my bow. I always shoot straight and with hesitation. But doing this, this is mum's speciality."

"But surely you've been taught to," Jack said, trying to be cencier.

"But I'm not good enough," Merida said. "I've never liked those lessons, so I doze off. I can never think about anyone else's problems, or that I have to make decisions for everyone."

Elinor wasn't too sure what to make of Merida's words. But she remained focus that Merida can do this, even if she doubts it herself.

"That's why I wanted to change my fate, so I don't have to think about stuff like this yet," Merida continued, nearly breaking down. "I'm can't be...I'm not my mum. Nor I don't think I'll ever will be."

"And you don't have to be," Rapjnzel said putting a hand on Merida's shoulder. She then leans in and smiles while looking at Merida in the eyes. "Remember what you've taught me when I was learning how to be a princess. You've got to be yourself, and do what you think is right. You may portray this warrior princess trying brush off the weight of the world. But you also have a compassionate heart and a good head. Sometimes that's all that's needed."

"Yeah," Jack said, placing a hand on her other shoulder. "And we will be there to back you up if needed."

Merida rubs the water from her eyes before they fall down. She smiles to see her friends and her mother believing that she can do this. A new found determination came into her body, a determination to not let her friends, family and kingdom down.

She nods to her friends and turned her body to face the great hall. The roars of the men inside still scared her abit, more then Mor'du ever did. But she has to put that behind her and be strong.

Realizing it wouldn't look good to go in there preparing for battle, Merida removes her quiver and hands it to Jack, while handing her bow to Rapunzel. She then took a deep breath before stepping Through the door and into the lion's den.

As soon as Merida walks by a few men, Jack took the opportunity to fly to the stairway and stood guard at the top. He wanted to make sure Pitch doesn't interfere with his in any way. He looks down at the hall, just to see Merida making her way to her father's barricade. Every men ceased their shouting and stared at her, but no one was more surprised then her father.

"Merida?" He gasps as he sees her.

"Hi dad," she said to him.

Fergus immediately dropped his sword, climbed over the barricade and gave his daughter a great big bear hug. "Ah lass," he said with his head on her shoulder. "I'm so glad you're aright."

"I'm fine dad," she said. She then pulled away to see his face.

"You had us so worried," he said.

Normally she would give him hell for not looking for her. But he is still the king, and he had an outburst on his hands. It wasn't like Stoick on berk and was just waiting for her to come home. Fergus let it show that he was really scared and worried about her.

"Did those people hurt you?" He asks while checking her face for injuries. "How did you escape? How..."

"One thing at a time dad," she said moving his hand away. "But for right now, I need to address the lords."

"Address?" Lord Dingwall shouts at her.

"Yes," Merida said turning around to face them. She wasn't expect a hint of fear when she realized that everyone was looking at her, waiting for her next move. But she maintained her composer, and spoke in a regal tone. "I've been out of sorts for a lot longer then expected. I'm sorry that I worried all of you with my disappearance." She took a quick moment to look up at Jack, hoping Pitch doesn't ruin this chance. As much as wants to tell everyone that the queen was an imposter for days, there is no way they will believe it. But she has to head her course for peace. "But since I've returned, my mother took me in her arms, and we've had a long chat."

Elinor eyed her daughter in the shadows and Rapunzel stayed close by, both hoping this ends well.

"Is that so?" Lord Dingwall said as he jumps over his table.

"It is," Merida said with a straight face.

"How do we know this isn't a trick!" Lord Macintosh yells at her.

"I would never-" she yells as she watches him jump over his barricade.

Soon enough, Lord MacGuffin was over his as well. "Where is the queen now!" He demanded.

"Why have you suddenly returned?" Macintosh asks very angry.

"You treated my son so shamefully!" MacGuffin shouts at her.

"Bring the queen out!" Lord Dingwall demanded. "We will not stand for any more of this jiggery-pokery!"

Soon the lords angry voices began to overlap each other as they all closed in on Merida. Elinor saw this and quietly growled at them for ganging up on her daughter. Fergus was equally getting steamed and prepared his fist to punch.

Finally, Merida had enough with the yelling. "SHUT IT!" She screams. It scared everyone to be quiet, it even made the palace's dogs runaway whimpering.

Fergus chuckled a bit seeing his daughter using his method to quiet the room.

Merida looked around to see every eye was back on her. She cleared her throat, hoping the right words would come out. "I...er...I..." She was completely stumped. She never knew a simple thing as talking can be so hard.

Elinor saw that Merida was having some trouble, so she took a step into the room, but still clanged to the wall.

"Wait," Rapunzel whispers. "What are you doing?"

Elinor ignored her and continued her way towards the stairway. Seeing no choice, Rapunzel tiptoed beside her.

Merida looked up to see her mother making her way in the back of the room. Her eyes darted with fright. Lord Macintosh saw that and quickly turned around to see what was behind him. Elinor froze and poised herself as one of Fergus's stuffed bears. Rapunzel instantly ducked to the ground so she wouldn't get spotted.

Merida got worried, fearing that they will get caught. She knew she had to draw the attention back. But how? She needed something, something that can bring the clans back together. She then got an idea, a little crazy but it might work.

She cleared her throat before she spoke to the lords. "Once, there was an ancient kingdom..."

"What is this?" Lord MacGuffin whined.

"That kingdom," Merida continued. "Fell into war, and chaos, and ruin."

"We've all heard the tale," Lord Macintosh said while throwing his arms around.

"Aye," Merida said. "But that story is true. I've seen how one selfish act can do, and what effect it has on the kingdom."

"It's just a legend," Lord Dingwall said.

"As my mum puts it, legends are lessons," Merida said while clasping her hands together. Elinor dropped her arms and looked at Merida. She could recognize the regal in Merida and how poised she is about this. She couldn't help but be proud of her.

"They ring with truth," Merida continued. "I've seen the old kingdom, and the destruction it has on the land. And I don't want our kingdom ending the same way. When I look on this land, and to you, I see a kingdom that's still yearning to grow. It is young, no stories have been left behind to become legends. But in this story, a powerful bond was formed."

Merida looked at every men, seeing their eyes shift around. It was working, she's making them think.

"He clans we once enemies," Merida continued see speech. "But When invaders came from the sea, we gathered together and held them off. You all fought for each other, risked everything for each other. Lord MacGuffin-"

The lord became surprised when she shouted his name and gestured to him.

"My dad save your life, stopping an arrow as you ran to Dingwall's aid."

Lord MacGuffin looked down, letting that battle replay in his head. He then looked at the king with a bit of water in his eyes. "Aye," he said, "and I'll never forget it."

Fergus smiles at him, as a sign of appreciation.

Merida then points to lord Macintosh. "You saved my dad when you charged in on heavy horse and held off the advance."

Macintosh nods with a little bit of arrogance.

"And we all know how Dingwall broke the enemy line," Merida said while gesturing to the lord.

"With a mighty spear!" Lord Macintosh said with much enthusiasm.

Lord Dingwall chuckled a bit. "I was aiming at you."

The whole hall broke into laughter as Merida gathered herself back into a regal persona. "The story of this kingdom is a powerful one," she said with a smile. "My dad rallied your forces, and you made him your king. It was an alliance forged in bravery and friendship. And it lives to this day."

Merida looked into herself, knowing what she has to say next. It was hard for to admit she was wrong, but she had to say it to fix the kingdom. "But I've been selfish," she said. "I tore a great rift in our kingdom with my arrow. I just...I didn't think what my actions could to people around me. There's no one to blame for this, but me. It took me long to realize this."

Everyone listen in to what she has to say, but none were more focused the Elinor. Rapunzel finally got off the ground to meet her, while Jack leans over the balcony to listen from above.

"I need time to think about what I've done, so I ran away," Merida continued. "It was there that I've met people, they've helped me through the tough times. They've become my confidants, and my friends."

"What about your kidnappers!" A man shouted from the crowd.

"I was never kidnapped," Merida said with a calm tone. She knew she could say anything about Pitch, they would never believe her. She had to lie, and she had to make it a good one. "The man...that found me...took me home without my consent. I still needed time to think, so I had to runaway again. But now, I've made my choice."

Everyone leaned in to give Merida their full attention.

Merida eyes focused more on her mom then any of the men. "I know I have to amend my mistakes, and restore our bond."

Elinor put her paws close to her heart, being touch by Merida's words and choice. But then a thought came to the queen, was Merida's decision the right one. She was pushing this tradition on her daughter, and that started this whole feud. Maybe it's time she lets her daughter make her own choices.

"And so," Merida said with a steady voice. "There is the matter of my betrothal. I've decided to do what's right, and..." Her voice trail off seeing her mother flinging her arms around, with a face that said no.

"And..." Merida continued eyeing her mother. Then her mother made a motion with her paw, as if to break something.

Merida saw that and was able to get what her mother is trying to say. "Break...tradition?"

Every men in the room gasps as the lord's sons went to meet their father.

Merida continued to eyes her mother, repeating the words that she's miming to her. "My mother...the queen...feels...in her heart...that I...no we...should be...free...write our own stories. Follow our hearts." Merida soon didn't need to have her mother to mime anymore. But she still became touched that her mother is letting this go, and understood her daughter. "And find love, in our own time."

Elinor smiles at Merida, and she returns it with a teary smile of her own.

The sniffering of the lords caught her attention. Merida turns to see every one of them had tears flowing down.

"That's beautiful," lord Dingwall comments.

Merida clasped her hands together before addressing the lords again. "The queen and I put the decision to you my lords. Might our young people decide for themselves who they will love."

The lords glance at each other in surprise, while their sons were in deep thought. None of them wanted Merida in the first place, but they were forced into this, same as her. But will everyone agree to this new idea.

"Well," Lord Macintosh said unsure. "Since you've obviously made up your minds about this, i have one thing to say. This is-"

"A grand idea!" His son shouted to his father's surprise. "Give us our own say in choosing our fates."

"What?" Lord Macintosh shouted in shock.

"Yeah," Dingwall's heir said to his father. "Why shouldn't we choose?"

"But she's the princess," Lord Dingwall protests.

"I didn't pick her out," his son said with his arms crossed. "It was your idea."

Lord MacGuffin looks to his son, "and you, you feel the same way?"

Though a little nervous, the son spoke. "It's just not fair making us fight for a hand of a girl who doesn't want any part of it."

Though the men looked at the boy confused, Merida eyed Jack to translate for her. He quickly nods his head, saying the boy felt the same way.

"Well, that's it then," Lord MacGuffin said while hugging his son. "Let these lads try to win her heart, if they can!"

"I say my wee Dingwall has a fighting chance," lord Dingwall said with pride.

"Fine," lord Macintosh said. "For once we agree."

The lords bow to Merida with respect, as Elinor gently purred and places her paw on her heart. But that sound alerted a nearby solder. In the split second that he turned around, Elinor poised like a stuff bear again and Rapunzel leaned on the wall in a awkward stance, smiling as if nothing is wrong.

Fergus came to Merida and gave her a big bear hug. "Just like your mother," he said very proud.

Merida smiles as she pulls away from him, only to hear Jack whisper some wind to her. She looked up to see him point to her mother. Merida looked and became scared seeing a man kicking Elinor's foot.

She had to act fast before any realize that the bear is real. "Everyone! To the cellar! Let's crack open the king's preserve to celebrate!"

The men cheer as they started to exit the throne room. Even the man stopped kicking the queen and went with his fellow men.

"Psst," Fergus whispers to a near by servant, "bring the tiny glasses."

The lords followed the king out the door, but the sons were still with Merida.

"What about that stuff that happened in the woods?" Young Macintosh asks.

"The beast with wings, and the bear?" Young Dingwall said.

"I promise you, I will explain it in due time," Merida said pushing the boys to the doors. "I have something to take care off first, then join you in the celebration. Then I will explain everything to you."

Not wanting anyone to retort, she pushes them through the door and slammed it shut. The only people left was Merida, Rapunzel, Elinor, and Jack in the top of the stairs. Everyone let out a huge sigh of relief as the worst was over.

"You did it!" Rapunzel cheers as Merida runs up to her and the queen.

Merida ran to merid and gave her a giant hug. "I...I did it!" She said almost not believing that she saved her kingdom. There was no war, no conflict, no feud. Elinor joined the girls in the hug, feeling very proud of her daughter.

"As much as I hate to break up the love fest," Jack said from the stairs, "but we still have a job to do."

"Right," Merida said as she lets go, and leads everyone up the stairs and to the tapestry. The one thing she has to fix is clear, saving her mother.

Hiccup leaned back on toothless, looking over the bridge and to the kingdom. Being left out sure can make anyone bored stiff. But then something caught his eye, in the window on the high tower. He can barley make a figure in the window. He would have no clue who it was, if it wasn't for the wave of shadows going back and forth in the room.

"What are you up to pitch," he wonders.

Baby tooth looked over head, trying to see what Hiccup sees.

Hiccup notices her and leans in to talk to her. "Go and tell the others that Pitch is planning something big."

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