Rise of the Brave Tangled Dragons

Merida's Fate and Centre

Merida sewed as fast and as hard as she could while riding on Angus's back. He treaded fast through the forest's path to catch up to the king and his men. But he had to substitute safety for speed. The little brother cubs try to hold on to the horse for dear life, as well as Rapunzel. She was defiantly not expecting the hard jumps and the bounce when riding a horse. But she did her best to grab the brothers if they fall off and bring them close to her.

Merida was also had troubles trying to study the tapestry so she could work. "Easy Angus," she said as she stitches a few more threads together. Soon the giant gap between the mother and daughter was almost gone; soon the tapestry was repaired with a couple of obvious thread lines.

With one final tug, Merida was able to pull the thread close together, mending the rip and the bond.

"Done!" She cheered as she held up her final work.

"That's great!" Rapunzel said with a smile while keeping the little boys from falling off. "Now all we have to do is catch up to the others."

"We will," Merida said looking back to Rapunzel. "We have to."

Suddenly, Angus stopped, nearly flinging everyone off his back.

"Angus wha-?" Merida said looking at him. Then she noticed a familiar blue flame figure in front of him.

"A wisp," Rapunzel cried out in shock. Soon, a whole trail of them appeared, heading over a hill and into the direction of an orange light.

Light like that can only come from fire and the clans were carrying torches when they left. Surely that is them. Wasting no time, Merida kicked Angus to charge in that direction. He obeyed and followed the wisps' trail to get to the location in time.

But in the shadows, something was watching them. With its dead eyes locked on to Merida, with the thirst for pay back.

Elinor ran with all her might to get away from the clans' screaming and weapons. In her haste to get away, she didn't really look forward. She kept darting her head back to see how close the hunting party was getting. And they were close, about a spear throw away.

Toothless spots Elinor from up high and fired a number of plasma shots at the trees so they would fall and block the path. But the men would easily find another way around. Their determination and stubbornness was a bad combo for them. Jack also tried to slow them down the best he cloud, by making cold air fly around and the ground supper slippery. But they just kept charging forward.

"It's no use," Hiccup said to Jack while riding Toothless. "We can't stop them without hurting them."

"We have to do something," Jack yelled. "We can't let them kill the queen."

The boys flew down closer to the trees, and glide with Elinor still running beneath them. When she glanced up to look at them, she lost her footing and tripped on a loose root. It made her fall over and roll along the path and into a clearing. Her body only stopped when she slammed to a giant rock. She shook her head to get rid of the dizziness, only to realize she's back at the circle of stones.

"Your highness!"

Elinor looked up to see Hiccup and Jack flying towards her.

"Are you alright?" Hiccup asks her with worry.

Elinor quickly shook her head and backed away from them.

"Whoa hey," Jack said putting his hands up. "It's ok; we're here to help you."

The sound of the angry men nearby put panic on everyone. The clans were getting closer and closer.

"We need to get out of here," Jack said as an obvious suggestion.

Hiccup's mind quickly race to think of anything that can help. But only one thing came to mind. He looked down to Elinor, then at Toothless. "Think you can pick up a bear bud?"

Toothless looked at Hiccup, completely unsure that he can. He's never really picked up anything when he was raiding for the red death, and Hiccup is easy to have on his back. But the queen's life depends on this; he has to at least try. So he swoop down to grab the giant bear with his paws. But the queen became terrified and ran away from Toothless.

"Oh come on your majesty, work with us here!" Hiccup groaned.

Jack quickly saw what hiccup is doing, and helped out by making Elinor's path slippery as ice. It made her loose her balance and she fell hard on the ground.

Toothless saw his chance and grabbed Elinor by wrapping his paws around her shoulders. As he pushed himself to lift her, it was proven impossible. She was just too big and too heavy. But toothless didn't give up, he kept flapping his wings as hard as he could to get the queen off the ground.

But soon, a lasso of rope clanged onto Toothless's tail, pulling him down to the ground.

"No!" Hiccup screamed as he turned and saw some more men throwing rope at Toothless and Elinor. They were wrapped around their necks, legs, and wings. Loosing balance, Hiccup fell backwards off of toothless and hard on the ground. Soon the entire place was surrounded. Toothless was being dragged down and was tackled by the men that surrounded him. Toothless would naturally fight back, but these men were part of Merida's kingdom. There was no way he could hurt them.

Elinor was having the similar problem. She tried to use her strength to shove away the men that were on her, but she didn't want to hurt them like she did to her daughter. She just bellowed very loud to get them away. Instead of heading her cries, the men pulled on the rope on her legs, making Elinor fall hard to the ground.

Hiccup quickly got up and ran to toothless as fast as he could, but a Dingwall man grabbed him by the arm and pulled him in, not letting him go.

Jack did nothing but hold his staff firm. What could he do? No will see him if he tells them to stop. and he can't use his ice powers just out of the blue, that will make people want to killed his friends more. But he can't fly and do nothing. He has to think of something.

While he was thinking, a bunch of men looked at Toothless bewildered.

"What is that?" A man asked.

"What the devil?" Another one said.

"Is that a dragon?" Said another.

"I thought they were luddy gobble," another said while poking the dragon with the spear.

"Back away!"

All the men turned to see the king dismount his horse and pulling out his sword.

"Any one of you who gets too eager, will deal with me," he threatens.

All the men backed away from the angry king. It was clear that he wanted to kill the creatures himself, especially the bear.

Hiccup couldn't stand being held down like this. As he tries to pull himself away, he lunges down to get a good distance. But the man holding on to him still had a firm grasp on his arm. But then Hiccup noticed his metal leg, and used it with all his might to step on the man's foot. Then man reacted with a scream and a reflex to hold on to his foot. He let go of Hiccup and Hiccup user the man's confusion to grab his sword.

He then ran with all his might to get in front of Elinor, protecting her from Fergus.

"What are you-?" The King growled with anger.

"I'm not going to let you kill her," Hiccup said with as much courage as he can muster. "I'm not going to let you kill anyone!"

Fergus looked at the scrawny boy, and realized where he's seen him before. "You were in the castle with my daughter!"

"I'm a friend of hers," he confirmed. He then features to the bear behind him. "And this is her mother that you are trying to kill."

"That's rubbish," the King said with anger.

"It's the truth," Hiccup protested.

"Enough of this!" Fergus yelled as he easily swipes the sword out of Hiccup's hands. He then grabbed him by the shirt and threw him off to the side, right best to the heirs of the other clans.

Hiccup looked at Fergus, edging closer to the queen with the intent to kill. Hiccup then looked to the other boys, hoping they can help in some way.

"Come on you guys," he said to them. "You've seen this bear with Merida, do you really think it was trying to hurt anyone. This bear means a lot to her, and we have to keep it safe."

"What's with the 'we' thing," the young Macintosh said with his arms crossed.

"Yeah," young Dingwall agreed, "it's a bear."

"A bear that's saved Merida," Hiccup said with a focused face. "If you want Merida to learn to like you, you have to gain her trust."

Not waiting for any more deliberation, Hiccup ran back to be the wall between the king and the queen. The young heirs looked at each other, unsure what to do.

When Fergus saw Hiccup back in front of him, he was visibly upset. Not wanting to deal with this nuisance, he raised his sword high to kill Hiccup.

"No!" Jack cries as he points his staff at the king, ready to freeze him. Before he did though, he saw the young heirs jump beside Hiccup and blocking the way to the bear.

"What are you doing son!" Lord Dingwall yelled.

"Get back over here!" Lord MacGuffin commanded.

"Have you lost your mind?!" Lord Macintosh screamed.

But the boys held firm, not moving an inch.

"Get out of the way!" The King commanded.

"No!" Young Dingwall said.

"We saw this bear with Merida remember," young Macintosh said. "It was guarding and protecting her like a mother."

"Má theastaigh uaithi a mharú Merida , go mbeadh sí atá déanta sé i bhfad ó shin," the young MacGuffin said with haste.

"Your majesty," Hiccup said stepping forward. "I'm afraid your rage has blinded you. The man you thought saved Merida actually turned your wife into that bear. She and my friends were trying to-"

There was no point in telling Fergus anything. He knew what he saw. His wife was dead, and the bear nearly killed his daughter. "Get them out of the way!" He commanded his men.

Any man that wasn't holding ropes started to charge in to grab the boys. Jack finally saw his time to act. He flew down to the ground, and let out a huge gust of wind that nearly blew everyone away. He didn't stop there; he made the winds stronger and colder, making a mini ice storm around the circle of stones.

The men were too busy trying to stay clear of the storm to question why it was happening. They just backed away and held on to the ropes for life. Even the young heirs had a very difficult time staying put. The only man that stood his ground was Fergus. He wasn't going to let a gust of wind sway him of his path. With all his strength, he treads through the storm, pushing Hiccup and the young heirs out of his way.

Jack saw that and stopped his storm, but turned only to see Fergus holding his sword high, ready to deliver a blow to the bear.

Elinor looked at him with pleading eyes, begging him to realize that it is her, his wife.

But anger still clouded his vision, with the thought of revenge on his mind. With one swoop, he plunged his sword down...


An arrow made the sword clang, making it move out of the way. Everyone gasps as they turned to see Merida and Rapunzel arrive on Angus.

Before anyone could do or say anything, Merida jumped off on Angus and aimed an arrow at her father. "Get back!" She commands as she made her way between him and the bear. "That's my mother."

Fergus was shocked to say the least to see his daughter actually defending against him. "Are you out of your mind lass?" He asks in disbelief.

From behind him, Rapunzel came running past him. She slid on the floor where she picked up the bear's head with her hands and place it in her lap. "Are you alright your majesty?" She asks.

Elinor can only purr at the kind girl. She's defiantly been better physically, but seeing Merida and Fergus preparing to fight is tearing her soul.

Merida quickly looked back to see her mum, but that's when Fergus saw his opportunity to push her out of the way. She landed near lord Macintosh, who held her by his spear on her chest.

Rapunzel hugged Elinor's head, trying to protect her from the king's mighty sword. Hiccup even tried to help by grabbing the big man's arm to slow him down. But the king threw Hiccup off to the side and proceeded with his mission. But soon, he was grabbed on by the young heirs, trying to pull him away. Anger filled Fergus as he grabbed on the each son and threw them away into the crowd.

"Hey, don't hurt my son!" Lord Macintosh yelled at Fergus.

Merida saw her one chance to break free. She grabbed the spear and used it to flip the lord over her shoulders. She then grabbed a sword that was on the ground, and charged to block the king's attack against her mother.

"Merida?" He gasped in shock before Merida started to battle against her father. All those sword lessons payed off when she blocked and parried her father's sword. With one mighty swing, she cut off a bit of his wooden leg, making him fall back to the ground.

Merida stood in front of him, in a defensive stance and with focused eyes. "I will not let you kill my mother," she said with power in her voice.

As Fergus struggled to get up with one leg, three cubs jumped on him and hug him tight.

"Boys," Merida said, calling them away from Fergus.

"Wha? Boys?" Fergus said confused.

"Yes," Merida said as her brothers ran to hug her legs and look at their father.

Everyone that stood around the family became utterly confused. Why is the princess defending a bear against the king? Where did the three little cubs come from? What's with the strangers?

But no one was more confused than Fergus. He took a moment to look at Merida, and then to the three little cubs beside her. They do seem very familiar, yet not so familiar. But then he looked into their eyes, and sees the exact shade of blue he's seen day after day.

"Boys?" He whispers as he gets onto his knees.

The three little bear cubs smile and giggle as they race to their father and gave him a great big hug.

"Boys," Fergus said with happiness. "It is you isn't it. You wee Devils."

Merida smile, seeing her father is starting to get what's going on.

"Let me get this straight," Jack said floating right beside her. "Those are your brothers."

"Yep," Merida answer with a nod. "They somehow got their paws on the cursed cake."

"That'll do it," Jack said while flipping his staff onto his shoulders.

Rapunzel patted Elinor's head before she rose to join Hiccup at the front. "Are you ok?"

"Yeah," he said as Rapunzel helps him up. "Nothing broken to ruin a night's sleep."

Rapunzel giggled at Hiccup's sense of sarcasm as Fergus looks at them.

"Dad," Merida said while looking at him. "These are the friends I was telling you about. Hiccup and Rapunzel."

Rapunzel gave him a small curtsy in respect. "Hello your majesty."

Merida eyes Jack, feeling a little ashamed she can't introduce him. he shrugs and gives he a smile, he's used to this by now.

Fergus was still stun of what's happening around. "But," he stuttered. "Why are my boys bears? Why are you defending that giant beast? Why-?"

"That giant beast is your wife, Elinor!" Merida interrupts him. "The same spell that turned the boys into cubs turned her into a giant mother bear. I tried to explain it to you before, but you wouldn't listen."

"What?" Fergus said finally standing, though his sense of balance is off due to the wooden leg. "Elinor?"

Merida moved out of the way so Fergus can see the bear. Though still cautious, he made his way towards her. She purred gently as he looks at her. Through her eyes, he can see his reflection. But then he saw something else, the bear's soul. It was full of warmth and light. The only time he saw that was when he met Elinor for the first time.

"Elinor...is it really you?" He asks.

The bear raised her head, and moan a pitiful groan.

Fergus couldn't believe it, it was her. "Oh Elinor!" He cried as he hugs her head. "Oh stars it is you." Tears flow down his face and onto Elinor's fur. A smile spread on her face that her husband finally recognized her.

Merida turned from the scene to see the lords' sons walking towards her.

"You...you were defending her," Merida said to all of them with a smile.

"Of course," young Macintosh said with an arrogant smile.

"She is your mother after all," young Dingwall said.

"Tá mé díreach sásta tú, agus tá sí sábháilte," young MacGuffin said really fast. With the two beside him having no clue what he just said.

Without warning, Merida hugged them all. "Thank you," she whispers.

It shocked the boys completely, but they were happy they were getting on Merida's good side.

"Will someone tell me what the devil is going on here?!" Lord Macintosh screamed as he's loosing his patients.

"We will," Hiccup said off to the side. "But if we can loose the ropes, we can all go back and celebrate, that will be great. So can you please let go of my dragon."

"This is a dragon?" Lord MacGuffin asked with caution.

Hiccup nodded as he rushed to toothless and patted him on the head.

"Ha!" Lord Dingwall gloat. "I knew it, I knew it. That must be how you were able to escape the castle in the first place."

Hiccup shrugged with a small smile.

Rapunzel and Jack stood in the middle of everything and smile.

"Looks like it's going to be a happy end after all," Jack said.

But then a crunching noise came from far behind them. They turned around to see a big black bear coming into the circle of stones with red eyes.

"Me and my big mouth," Jack said as he prepares his staff.

Rapunzel knew that Jack couldn't get everyone's attention of what is coming, so she screams to everyone, "we have company!"

Everyone immediately turned to see the bear looking at them, with his steps shaking the ground.

"Mor'du!" Merida cried as she looks at him with wide eyes. The bear growled at her as he stalks her for the kill.

"Kill it!" Fergus shouts to his men. They all let go of the rope and charge at the bear, with swords high and spears at the ready. But the bear stood on his hind legs and swat the men away like flies. The young heirs ran with their fathers to battle against the beast. But they were all overpowered, and were thrown away to the side lines.

Fergus jumped away from Elinor and stood in front of the bear, punching him in the eye. "Come on!" He cried out. "I'll take you with my bare hands!"

Mor'du roared at him, and tackled him to the ground. He then grabbed Fergus's wooden leg with his teeth and threw him to a large stone.

Merida got ready for the bear, by firing two arrows in the neck. It got his attention, and his anger. He swipes the bow away from Merida, and pounced on her.

Hiccup quickly got the rope off of Toothless's neck, and the dragon broke free from the other ropes. "Plasma blast him!" Hiccup commands.

Toothless wasted no time, he fired a number of shots at the bear. It knocked him off balance and off of Merida. She got up and ran to grab her bow. At the same time, Rapunzel grabbed some loose stones and threw them, while Jack blew a cold wind at the bear.

Toothless didn't wait for Hiccup to get on him; he charged at Mor'du and tackled him with a head butt.

But Mor'du wasn't easily fazed. He slashes at Toothless, making him back away. Toothless fired a number of more shots at Mor'du, making the bear back up.

"Don't do too much bud!" Hiccup cried out. "Or else you'll-"

As Hiccup spoke, Toothless prepared to fire a couple more shots. But his mouth became dry, with only his own breath coming out.

"Run out of shots," Hiccup said deadpan.

Mor'du saw his chance and charged at Toothless. Toothless backed away with help of his wings, but Mor'du bites his tail and swings him over to where Fergus is.

"Toothless!" Hiccup cried out with fear that his friend is hurt. Rapunzel was also full of fear, so much that she couldn't move a muscle. Jack kept trying to blow Mor'du away, but it went by the bear with ease and was blowing the men away. Jack stops his wind and had to resort to ice. Not wanting to hurt and confuse the men around him, he just made streams of ice from his staff and fired them at Mor'du. But the ice bounced off the bear like balls, not making much of a difference.

Merida took her time to aim an arrow at Mor'du's head, and fired with precision. It hit its mark near the cheek, but only just scratches the surface of his skin. He turned and looked at her with angry eyes. As she reaches for another arrow, he charged and knocked her down. He got right up to her face, preparing to chomp her.

She screamed in fright, never being so scared to be this close to death.

Suddenly, something big and black came over her and shoved Mor'du out of the way. Merida looked up to see who her rescuer was.

"Mum!" She cried out.

Elinor looms over Merida, roaring at Mor'du to back away. He responded by bellowing at her. Not wanting him to make the first move, Elinor charged at him and got him on his hind legs. She got on hers and pushed him away from Merida. Soon they were at odds in this bear fight, pushing each other with all their might. The others can only stand in watch to not get in between this clash.

As they brawl, Mor'du slashed Elinor on the nose and threw her to a large stone. She hit it so hard, the stone cracked a bit. Hearing the chink in the stone, gave Elinor an idea.

"Mum!" Merida cried in fear, thinking her mother's is seriously injured.

It grabbed Mor'du's attention and he prepared to attack her. Elinor grabbed him from behind and threw him away from Merida. She roars at him to bait him into her trap. He took the bait by charging straight at her. She moved out of the way so he would hit the cracked stone. She then grabbed his shoulders and kept slamming him into the stone, cracking it even more. As she checks to see her plan is working, Mor'du swiped her at the nose, throwing her away.

"Mum!" Merida cried as she ran to her. But the growl of the bear grabs both their attention. Merida readies an arrow to shoot Mor'du if need. But his heavy footsteps still shook the earth and the stone. As he starts to charge at the two women, the cracked stone toppled over and fell on Mor'du, crushing the bear beneath it.

Merida and Elinor got up on their feet to check the damage, but then became surprise to see a blue smoke coming from the bottom of the rubble and making a figure of a ghostly man on top. He had a long beard and a fur cape draping around him.

"The prince," Merida whispers in complete shock.

The prince looked at her, nodding his head with gratitude. He was finally free from his arrogance and curse. In a split second, the man turned into a wisp and flew away.

"It's over," Merida breathed a huge sigh of relief.


Merida turned to her group of friends, glad to see they're ok. But the worried look on their faces made her worry.

"The sun!" Rapunzel yells while pointing at it.

Merida gasps, seeing the sun beginning to rise. The curse is almost up. She ran to Angus, thanking the gods that he didn't run away and taking the tapestry with him. She grabs the woven art and dragged it over to Elinor and put it over her.

Everyone held their breath to see if anything will happen as the sun light starts to hit the top of the stones. No one was more anxious then Merida, hoping to see some sign that this will work.

The seconds felt like hours as everyone watches the scene in front of them.

Merida looked at her mother as she purrs out to her. But then, Merida's eyes widen with horror seeing the bear's eyes turned coal black like a wild bear.

"No," Merida gasps as her body shakes. "I don't understand. I mended the bond...I...I..."

She couldn't help as the tears started to form in her eyes. Everyone couldn't help but have water produce in their eyes seeing Merida becoming weak with emotion. Some of them even hang their heads down in repeat and moaning. Rapunzel hugged Jack's arm form comfort and a Toothless nuzzles Hiccup. Even the king became broken hearted seeing this, he was loosing his wife. He hugs his boys close to him, trying to be strong to shield them.

Merida didn't know what to do. Her plan didn't work. Jack was right, there was more to fix the spell then fixing the tapestry. Now it's too late to fix it.

She cries as she dropped down to her knees defeated. "Oh mum," she said through her tears. "I'm so sorry, this is all my fault. I did this to you...to us..."

The bear looked at her, sensing her pain. She sniffs at her, pressing her nose to Merida's forehead. Merida threw her arms around her mother's neck and hugged her tight.

"I'm sorry I called you a beast," Merida continued. "I should never have done that. Or argue and fought you. You were always there for me. Helping me, guiding me. You've never given up on me. And I went and did this to you. You've gone through a lot, and suffered because of me. I tore a rip in this kingdom, and yet you stood by me. I'm...I'm so sorry. I just want you back...I just want you back mummy." He short breath took over her vocal cords as she wept onto the bear's fur.

The sun kept rising into the sky, lighting the area around the circle of stones. But Merida and Elinor were still in the shadows as Merida whispers, "I love you mum."

At that moment, a shine came from the tapestry. The threads that Merida used to mend the tapestry glowed a very bright light. It then turned into a bright yellow dust that went to the sky.

Hiccup, Rapunzel and Jack became awestruck as they see the dust turning red and gathering together to make a small rock with a yellow sun engraved in it.

"Is that-?" Rapunzel asked out loud.

"Her stone," Jack confirm as he and the others watch as it flies around Merida.

She looks at it and managed to catch it before it drops to the ground. It felt warm to the touch as her veins became feuded by a heat of fire. It warmed her soul, making her feel strong and calm. But a few tears still flow from her eyes as she looks at the rock.

Then she felt something, stroking her hair from the back of her head. She looked up to see a human woman's face with small wrinkles, long brown hair with a grey streak and browns eyes, smiling and giggling at Merida.

It was a face Merida thought she would never see again.

"Mum," she cried out with tears of joy. "You're back."

Elinor giggled as she kissed her daughter. The tapestry covered her small body, but allowed her to poke her head and hands to hug Merida close.

"You've changed," Merida said with happiness.

"Oh darling," Elinor said with a proud smile. "We both have." She leaned in to kiss Merida on the forehead, expressing her gratitude and love of the journey they had together.

"ELINOR!" Fergus yells with happiness as he runs and trips to get to his wife. He then hugged her and Merida in a tight bear hug, never wanting to loose them again. When he did let go, he and Elinor kissed a long passionate kiss.

"Ummm," Merida said becoming quickly uncomfortable seeing her parents like this.

"Would those two get a room," Jack joked as he, Rapunzel, Hiccup and Toothless went to Merida.

Elinor r looked up to see Merida's friends standing near her daughter. She smiles at them, "thank you, all of you," she said to everyone, including Jack. "You've helped my daughter, my family, and my kingdom. Words can't not express my gratitude. But for now, I would like to say thank you."

"It was our pleasure your majesty," Hiccup said with a small smile.

"Of course," Rapunzel replied.

"No problem," Jack said while leaning on his staff.

Soon the lords came up to offer their cheers and happiness. Everyone was happy until Hiccup noticed that the queen only had a tapestry wrapped around her to hide her naked body.

"Oh," he said backing away and covering his eyes. "Um...Your majesty..."

Elinor looked down and gasps, quickly trying to cover herself up. "Um dear..." She whispers to her husband. "I'm naked, naked as a wee baby." Fergus couldn't help to eye her chest. She gave him a small slap to get him to focus on the duty of being her husband. "Don't just stare, do something."

Fergus blinked a bit before realizing what Elinor had in mind. He quickly covered her chest from the view of the lords. "Avert your eyes lads! Show some respect!" He commands.

The lords smile as they turn their backs to the queen, only to view three little naked boys run past their legs and to their family and giving them a great big hug.

"Now that's what I call a wee naked baby," Fergus said as he holds on of his sons high.

But no one's smile was bigger than Merida's. Her family is safe and whole again.

The party at the castle was a big one. Everyone was dancing and having fun around the throne room. It was without a doubt the best celebration the kingdom has ever seen. A giant feast was spread on the tables, and the clans were enjoying each other's company. Fergus mostly talked with the other lords, joking about their past battles and their embarrassing moments. Elinor often joined them, while telling them about the adventure she had and scold them that they were fooled by an imposter for a number of days. Hamish Hubert and Harris were either stealing food from the table or played on Toothless with the other young kids. Hiccup stood by to make sure Toothless wouldn't get annoyed and might do something that can set the place on fire. Though it did take people a while to get use to him being a Viking, but they ended up warming up to him or disregarding him being a Viking due to his size and lack of muscles.

Rapunzel and Jack stick with each other for company. Knowing that Jack still can't be seen and baby tooth being taken, Rapunzel thought he could use a friend by his side. So they mostly talk and even had a quiet dance in the corner. A bunch of young boys did come to her and asked for a dance, she often politely refused, saying she has a boyfriend. When they leave, she would continue her dance with Jack.

As for Merida, she was the centre of attention. With the young heirs she would take turns to tolerate their terrible dancing styles. But they did help save her mum, the least she could do is give them a chance. Then she would take a break and talked with her mother, telling her more about her friends and the adventure she's been on.

"Sounds wonderful," Elinor said to her. "I'm just happy it's over."

Merida darted her eyes away from her mom and muttered, "It's not."

"What?" Elinor asks, wanting her daughter to tell her everything.

Merida gathered a deep breath before telling her mother. "Pitch is still out there, threatening my friends home and families. I have to go with them and stop him."

"Merida-" Elinor said holding her daughter's cheek.

But Merida didn't want to stop what she has to say. "I have to do this mum. If I don't he might try to take over this kingdom again. I have to make sure that doesn't happen."

"Merida-" Elinor said a little louder to make Merida stop talking.

"Please try to understand," Merida continued.

"I do understand," Elinor said holding her daughter's shoulders. "But I don't want to loose again."

Merida smiles as she grabs her mother's hands and held them together. "You won't loose me," she said with confidence. "I promise to be careful. I have my friends beside me and they'll make sure I'll keep a level head with this."

Almost on cue, the two women were surrounded by Hiccup, Jack and Rapunzel.

"Will you promise me to look after my daughter," Elinor asks them.

"Don't worry your majesty," Jack said. "We'll keep each other safe." Hiccup and Rapunzel nod their heads to confirm.

It made Elinor feel a little at ease with this, but her worry nature of being a mother still holds at the heart. She looks to Merida before speaking again. "Just promise me that you will return home."

In truth, Merida doesn't know if she will return at all, but she has to make sure her mother won't worry. She smiles before saying, "I promise."

The women hug it out, feeling the love between them. But Merida can still tell that Elinor is still concern about this. Merida look to see the area around the thrones is empty. That gave her an idea. She lets go of her mother and walked up while grabbing a stool and a guitar as she sets up a little performance.

"Hello," she said very loudly, grabbing everyone's attention. "Um…hi. I know these past few days made us go through a lot. None more so then my mother. She's been through a lot, being a bear and all. But I know that we've been through a tough trail, and there be tougher ones to follow in the future. So…I want to preform something. Something that hopefully will remind us that no matter what, if we remind ourselves that someone is with us, walking with us in spirit, there is nothing we can't overcome."

With the room silent, Merida began to pluck a few strings on the guitar. Soon a soft melody played into the air, soothing the hearts of everyone. The band's fiddle knew the tune Merida was playing and followed her in suite.

Merida then took a deep breath before she started to sing.

"A child begins with one single stepThen walks a million milesAnd though these wings are not ready yetI will try to fly

My eyes can't seeMy arms can't reachI need strength when I'm weakI need your faith in me"

She looks to her mother in the crowd, seeing tears starting to form in her eyes.

"Don't walk in front of me," Merida continued"I was not born to followDon't walk behind meWe were all born to lead

Don't walk without meI might need you tomorrowWalk right beside meBe the real friend I need"

As everyone cheers to Merida as the violin played a little melody, she spots her mother get up from her seat and making her way to the thrones. Merida nearly stopped playing her guitar, seeing her mother standing beside her. Elinor looked down and began to sing to her daughter.

"If you take small stones, one at a timeYou will move that whole mountainIf you climb each rainbow, its gold that you'll findAnd shelter from the rain"

Merida smiles hearing her mother beside her.

"My ears can't hear," Elinor sang as Merida resumes playing"My heart can't feelI need strength when I'm weakI need your faith in me"

Merida took a deep breath before joining her mother in the chorus.

"Don't walk in front of me""I was not born to follow" Merida sang solo"Don't walk behind me""We were all born to lead" Elinor led the next solo before they joined together again."Don't walk without meI might need you tomorrowWalk right beside meBe the real friend I need"

Both women looked at each other as everyone looks at them, feeling the warmth and love with these two. Holding on to their neighbor and smiling with glee.

Elinor leans into Merida and whispers so no one can hear them, "just be careful darling."

"I will mum," Merida replies with water starting to form in her eyes. "I love you mum."

"I love you too my dear." Elinor smiles with tears of her own.

The people in the audience became so moved with the two women in front of them, that they felt the urge to sing the song with them. Even Rapunzel, Hiccup and jack joined in the choir.

"Don't walk in front of me," Everyone sang together in perfect sync."I was not born to followDon't walk behind meWe were all born to leadDon't walk without meI might need you tomorrowWalk right beside meBe the real friend I need."

"Walk right beside me

Be the real friend I need" Merida finished with a strong voice.

As everyone cheers for the beautiful song, mother and daughter gave each other a great big hug.

While they were close, Elinor whispers into Merida's ear. "I'll hold down the fort, while you and your friends leave through the kitchen. Be brave my lass."

"I will," Merida whispers to her. "Thank you."

When they broke apart, Elinor stayed on stage to convey the men to listen to her. Merida rushed to her friends and led them to the direction of the kitchen. The others got a sense that it was time to go and followed her with secretase. Hiccup motions to Toothless to follow them. He did with the brothers still on his back. They giggle as they ride on the giant dragon.

When everyone made their way to the kitchen, seeing no one was there, Merida grabbed her brothers and pulls them off of Toothless. Their eyes whimper seeing their sister saying goodbye.

"I won't be gone for long boys," she said trying to be as sweet as possible. "You can have as many sweets as you want, and please stay out of trouble."

The three boys nod as they hug their sister. Once they were done, Merida followed her friends out the door and back to the stables. She then mounts on Toothless along with Rapunzel and Hiccup as the dragon takes off and flies high into the sky. Jack quickly follows behind as he looks back to the old kingdom.

Everyone kept flying until they saw the ring of stones below them. It seemed to be a good spot to land, as it was quiet a distance away from the castle and it was the only clearing they recognize.

Toothless lands with a big thump as Jack gently touches the grass with his feet. He looks to Merida and the others jump off of Toothless.

"You doing ok Merida?" he asks her.

"Yeah," she said with a smile. Though she is a little sad she had to say goodbye to her family and kingdom, they were still safe. "I'm fine. I just can't believe my kingdom is still in one piece with everything that's been going on."

"I can't believe your stone was in the tapestry," Rapunzel points out.

"Not in the tapestry," Hiccup said. "In the pieces of thread Merida sewed in. how exactly does that work?"

"I think," Merida said looking at the one stone that fell on Mor'du, "because my heart was in that bond. I've been pushing myself to show that I didn't need anyone to tell me what to do, that I can make my own fate. In doing so I've broke my bond with my family. So I had to swallow my pride, see what my actions have done and then I had to correct them. I had to amend my mistakes, and do what is right for my family and my kingdom."

Rapunzel sighs as she looks at Merida, "I guess it takes more courage to say that you were wrong, than it is to fight a battle."

"I guess so," Merida said with a smile. "I guess that's my centre. I just had to know what true courage is before I realize it. I thought it just meant taking no risk when facing an enemy or standing up to what you believe is right. They are good qualities, but when admitting that you were wrong and owning up to it, that's what it means to be brave."

"Spoken like a true queen," Hiccup said to her as a compliment.

She returns it with a smile, and the knowledge that her friends have her back. But then her mind focused back on the mission at hand. They've found three stones, only one to go. "Ok," she said reaching into her quiver and pulled out the last snow globe and tosses it to Jack. "We better go before my dad sends a search party again."

"Good point," Jack said.

"So, where are we going?" Rapunzel asks. "To where you live? Or to where your friend lives?"

Jack looked at the snow globe, thinking of going to see Jamie again. It sure would be nice. But then again, that might put him in danger. Plus his mother wouldn't like seeing a big dragon in her living room.

"Nah," he said to his friends. "Probably not a good idea."

"Then, where do you think your stone is?" Merida asks.

Jack scratches his head, drawing a blank in his mind. He figured that he's already discovered his centre. So why didn't his stone appear. He then thought back to everywhere he's been for three hundred years, wondering if there's any significant place that might have his stone. But none came to mind.

"I've got no clue," he confessed.

"Arg," Hiccup said while flailing his arms around. "Where's North when you need him?"

"Wait, North, that's it!" Jack yells in a loud voice that made the others jump. "We can go to him and ask for his advice."

"Er, I don't know," Rapunzel said crossing her arms. "Isn't the stone supposed to be where your heart is and not where North's is?"

"True," Jack said with a shrug. "But he is wise, and it's good to get some words of inspiration every now and then. Besides, I kinda want to know how he and Sandy are doing and how Christmas is coming along."

The others thought about that, almost completely forgetting that Christmas is coming soon in Jack's time line. And with North being Jack's friend, it would make sense that Jack is worried about him. That thought also made the others worried about North and Sandy. After all, they did help them escape Pitch the first time they've met and made them comfortable in the secret hide out. it would be nice to see how they're doing.

Once they had the same thought, they nod to Jack that they agree it was the best start to go see North.

"Alright," Jack said looking and shaking the globe. "So take us to…to…" he pause. North's hideout name was a long Russian word. Despite being fluent in over a thousand languages he can't remember a name he only heard once. "Does anyone remember his secret hideout's name?"

Everyone gave him a confused and dumbfounded look, making it obvious that they don't remember.

"Great," Jack said. Not wanting to just give up, he shakes the globe and tries to sound the word out. "zym…zym…zymba… no that's a different place entirely. "Zym..nyia.. yaya…ya… erg it's not working."

"We'll figure it out," Rapunzel said trying to comfort Jack.

But anger and frustration was getting to him. "Why couldn't be as simple as saying 'take us to where North is' is it?"

Suddenly, a picture appeared inside the globe of a winter wonderland.

"I guess it can be," Hiccup said out of the blue.

Jack looked at the globe with confusion. "wha?" he said.

"Don't stand there gaping, throw it already!" Merida yelled.

Jack nodded and threw the orb to the ground. Within seconds, a portal appeared out of thin air.

"I guess this is it," Hiccup said as everyone stares at the portal to Jack's time.

"I guess so," Rapunzel said.

"Once we find your stone Jack, we'll be able to stop Pitch once and for all." Merida said.

"Yes," Jack said taking a step forward to the portal. It made him a little uneasy knowing what may be ahead. But more so of what he doesn't know. For all he knows Jamie could be in real danger and the world is thrown out of balance. But that's why he's on this quest, to stop Pitch before any of that happens. With his friends by his side, he is sure that he can put an end to all this before it's too late.

"See you on the other side," he said as he jumps through with the others following close behind.

The end of their adventure is coming, but are they ready for it?

Nightmares raced across the sky like hawks looking for pray. If they even sense that someone was having a dream, they attacked it without any mercy. Not that anyone has had any good dreams lately. The weather conditions have gotten much worst; storms have made it impossible for anyone to step outside. Everyone was confined to their home, or try to be brave enough to go to work. People have made some trips to go for groceries, but didn't have time to shop for Christmas for fear of not returning home. The sun and the moon haven't been seen for days, they were replaced with dark clouds and cold wind. People would say that the Christmas spirit truly disappeared everywhere.

Everywhere but the Bennett house. While mom spends most of the time on the phone waiting for a word of her husband, Jamie was working on teaching his sister every Christmas tradition they do. They've been busy making cookies, Christmas cards and watching some specials they had on DVD.

Jamie really stood up to the plate, keeping his sister's spirits high and taking care of her. He knows his mom was a lot more focused thinking of his dad, so he has to be the grown up taking care of the family. It hasn't been easy, nothing in life ever is. But he can't let his family down, not this close to Christmas.

But somethings can't be all pleasant in the household. There was a good chance that their father may not show up on Christmas Day, they wouldn't have the big dinner, and there may not be slot of presents under the tree this year.

Though the kids said they understood, but Jamie kept the secret hope that everything will turn around and be alright for Christmas. He sometimes would stare out his window to try to find Jack flying and fixing the storm, but no such luck. Despite that, he still remains hopeful and brings a smile everywhere he goes.

Tonight, a candle flicker at his bed side to help keep him warm. The power went out and the house was almost as cold as it is outside. But Jamie curled up in his heavy blankets, dreaming of a perfect Christmas with his family, friends and Jack. It seemed like a perfect dream that some nearby nightmares wanted to ruin. The nightmares sneak in to change that dream into a nightmare.

But as they got close, a wave of green mist from the foot board blasted them away. Emily watches as the nightmares disappear into smoke. But she was less than thrilled of her deed. She felt drained. Her emerald flowing green dress was now a pale jade that cracked in certain areas. Particularly at the wrists and the bottom of the dress. Even her skin looked paler than usual, and her hair draped over her face completely flat.

She leaned on the child's bed, feeling very weak and tired. She could feel the tree getting worst and worst, loosing all control of the world's weather and ecology. She's not sure how long she can do this, or how long the world can take pitch's abuse.

A small tear fell out of her eye, feeling almost defeated. "Oh dad," she whispers as she pulls her knees close to her chest. "If only if I came for you instead of waiting for you to get me, maybe this wouldn't have happen." She looks up to the sky, trying to see the man in the moon through the clouds. She doesn't have x-Ray vision, but she can tell he's there.

"I hope you can see a good outcome in this," she talks to him. "Can those children really turn this around and bring back the light. I'd hate to say it but even I'm starting to loose hope in this. I just hope they'll prove me wrong."

Suddenly, a small moon beam hit her, making her see her old friend. His words were quiet, but she can hear her friend.

"But, Jack's not that person anymore," she said. "How can he-"

She stopped to listen to her friend before the dark clouds block the moon beam.

She sighs as she looks around Jamie's bed room again. "I hope your right Tsar; I hope those children will save everyone. But Jack, will he be ready to face his inner demons? Will he be ready to face his past?"

just so you know what young Macguffin said before.

"Má theastaigh uaithi a mharú Merida , go mbeadh sí atá déanta sé i bhfad ó shin," the young MacGuffin said with haste.

Means: If she wanted to kill Merida, she would've done it long ago

"Tá mé díreach sásta tú, agus tá sí sábháilte," young MacGuffin said really fast. With the two beside him having no clue what he just said.

Means: I'm just glad you and she are safe


Walk beside me by Celtic Woman

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