Rise of the Brave Tangled Dragons


"Oh mannn."

The sun peers through the window to his bed. Hiccup tries his best to block the light from his eyes with his covers, but it wasn't working. He sigh in defeat, "Didn't really matter now" he said to himself. he was as awake as a he can be.

He sat up on his bed, stretched his arms and gave out a big yawn. He took a moment to rub his eyes and look around his room, still as messy as ever. He took his time to get up out if bed and head downstairs. He wasn't surprised to see the room bare. He looked over at his father's bed to see the he's not there.

"He's probably at the great hall by now. " Hiccup said to himself. "Or doing his chieftain duties."

He went back up stairs and got ready for the day. When he was ready, he made his way down to the living room/kitchen. He then quickly made his breakfast and sat at the table. He knows he should eat something, but his stomach made him feel ill. Out of every day of his life, this one might turn to be the worse. Later this afternoon, he'll go back to the arena and train with the other teens. There, he's supposed to learn about how to kill his tribe's mortal enemy; dragons. But Hiccup just can't do it anymore. He can't kill a dragon, but the others don't need to know that yet.

"Well," he said to the air. "Might as well eat something."

But he barely got a bite before the door to his house opens wide. A large shadow looms over hiccup, with a strong sunlight to silhouette the figure. But the figure and voice were all too familiar to hiccup.

"Where have you been boy?!" the scruff voice shouted with glee.

"Nice to see you too dad." Hiccup said with a hint of sarcasm.

Not wanting another word, Hiccup's father, Stoick, grabs his son from his out of his chair and drags him out the door.

"Whoa, what are you doing?" Hiccup asks out of a fear.

"It's almost time for the match." Stoick said with glee.

'The match?' Hiccup thought. But how could the match be now? Unless he slept in. he did have a rough time falling asleep last night.

But he can't focus on that now, well, he can't really focus on anything with his father nearly pulling his arm off.

The two of them made with great haste to the gates of the arena. Hiccup was then pulled to the front of Stoick, who puts his big heavy hands on Hiccup's shoulders.

"This is it my boy". Stoick said with pride. "I can't wait to see you taking the dragon on. You're gonna make me proud. Now chin up, and show that beast who's the Viking." He then leaves hiccup with sore shoulders.

Hiccup should feel happy that his father thinks highly of him, but he isn't. Instead he feels worse than ever. His father is only impressed because hiccup was becoming more like his father, and not himself.

'How can I possibly do this?' he thought to himself as he watches his father take his place in the crowd. 'How can I please my father, and still be myself. I can't even kill a dragon on my own. How can I do it with people watching me, rooting me to do it?'

Just the thought of killing a dragon makes Hiccup's stomach turn. Good thing he didn't really eat breakfast. Ever since he met Toothless, he sees dragons in a new light.

Not too long ago, one of his inventions actually caught a dragon feared by all, a night fury. He later found it in the woods, and was preparing to kill it. But he just couldn't. He saw something in the dragon's eye that struck him to the core, a little bit of fear and respect. In truth, he saw a bit of himself in the dragon. He then did something stupid and set the dragon free.

But that stupid decision then became a friendship that none felt possible. Hiccup and Toothless became better than friends. Hiccup gave toothless his flight back, (after hiccup accidently cut off part of his tail due to his trap,) and a lot of fish to eat. While toothless gave hiccup someone to talk to, and the feeling of freedom while riding on his back. Hiccup also began to understand dragons in a way you can't teach in class. He discovers how they behave, their likes and dislikes, and uses them to aid him in his training.

This was making him the new celebrity in berk. Though, it's not the way he would like it. Hiccup would rather have the tribe like him for him, and not him acting like everyone else. But what is there for him to do. If he acted like himself, they would just call him useless again, and probably ridicule him to the ground.

Facing no other choice, he took a deep breath and walks into the arena. 'Who knows,' he thought to himself, 'maybe this won't be too bad.'

He steps into the ring to see all the other teens there. Snotlout was stretching and muscle or two. The twins, Ruffnut and Tuffnut, were fighting each other over the shields, (again). Fishlegs were going over every dragon's speed number, jaw strength, and fire shots out loud. Then there was Astrid. She was Hiccup's biggest worry. She is the best fighter there ever was. She was a shoo in to win this whole thing. Until Hiccup started to become top of the class. She tries to figure out how that happen, and not in a pleasant way. Hiccup just surprised she didn't try to kill him yet for the answers.

She was swinging her axe at nearby barrels. And her face was full of determination and anger. She seemed mostly angry at hiccup, probably because he's beaten her in the ring with the dragons a couple of times. As she looked up to see hiccup, she swings her axe near his foot. He backed away scared. She then gives him a dead eye, and breaks a stick in two. That was a warning for not getting in her way.

Hiccup gulped in nervousness as she came closer to retrieve her axe.

"Welcome Vikings and lasses of every age!" Gobber said as he closes the door. The arena filled with cheers of the spectators. The teens stopped what they were doing and gathered at the center of the arena.

"Today, we test our new generation to see who has the guts and the courage to face the Monstrous Nightmare!"

The crowd gave a big cheer. Hiccup look at the people nervous. The one person, who made him more nervous, was his father. Often times, Stoick wouldn't really care what his son did, or he was off to find the dragon nest. But today was a rare occasion. He has heard about his son's accomplishments in the arena, and wants to see them for himself.

A lot of things went through hiccup's mind. Particularly wondering what he has to do today. After meeting with toothless, he can't possible kill a dragon now. He was so focus on that, he didn't really hear Gobber's speech. The only thing that got his attention is when Gobber let out a gronckle.

Soon the teens spread out in different corners of the arena, with the crowd cheering them on. The dragon made its way to a pile of rocks and ate them. Fishlegs, Snotlout, Astrid and hiccup quickly bang their shields. It made the gronckle dazed and confused. Until it notices the twins still fighting over a shield.

"Oh come on!" Tuffnut said angry. "Give me my shield!"

"I already called dibs on this one!" his sister argued.

"Well, I called dibs yesterday!"

"Did Not!"

"Did Too!"

Their argument was cut short when the grackle blasted the shield out of their hands.

"You two are out!" Gobber yelled from behind the wooden barrier.

The two twins still dazed from what just happened. While the other teens jumped over wooden walls to avoid being seen. The gronckle hovered overhead to try to find them.

Snotlout and Astrid were behind one wall, while hiccup was hidden nearby. Just seeing hiccup near her drove her anger. She sees the gronckle flying near hiccup.

'No way am I giving him the chance. ' She thought to herself. She readies her axe to hit the dragon's wing, when snotlout shove her out of the way.

"Watch it babe." He said with a sly smile, "I got this!" he then throws his hammer at the dragon. But instead of hitting the wing, it hit the dragon's tail. It turned around and stared angry at the two.

"Oh, no." Snotlout whispers as Astrid rolls out of there. The gronckle fired at Snotlout, but he manages to block the fire with his shield just in time. The blast unfortunately, made him fly to the wall of the arena.

"Snotlout! You're done!" Gobber yells. From above you could hear Snotlout's father cursing words not meant for kids ears.

Astrid manages to find another hiding spot. "Idiot. " She said under her breath.

Hiccup, on the other hand, is doing his best to not to be seen. He sees Fishlegs on the other side of the arena, still banging his shield. True the sound confuses dragons, but it also gets their attention. Soon the dragon made a bee line for Fishlegs. Soon he stopped banging and hid behind his wall. Soon the gronckle was almost over him.

"Ah man," Hiccup said to himself. "What is fishlegs doing?"

Fishlegs pop out again with a bucket of water.

'Now I get what he is doing.' Hiccup thought. He's trying to put the dragon's fire out.

Unfortunately it didn't go as well as hope. As Fishlegs threw the water, the gronckle flew high, easily avoiding the water.

"he,he,he,he." Fishlegs said nervously, letting go of the bucket. "Nice dragon"

The gronckle was not happy; it fired a fire blast at Fishlegs. He manages to dodge by his skin.

"Fishlegs You're done!" Gobber shouted.

'Great.' Hiccup thought to himself. He looks over the battle field. It's only him and Astrid left. The gronckle flies overhead, trying to find its pry. Hiccup meanwhile, is trying his best to keep himself hidden. The last thing he wants is to fight this dragon.

Soon Astrid summersaults beside him. She notices him and grabs his shield. She made it go down to the ground, and meets him eye to eye. "Stay out of the way!" she threatens him. "I'm winning this thing."

He quickly nods, pretty scared too. "Good, please, by all means." He says as she darts away. She's every more a Viking then he is; she would be a good hunter for the tribe. He considers just backing down and letting her win. It will lower his chance of her hurting him.

But as he stands, he turns to the crowd and sees his father. His dad was smiling, for him, even giving him a thumb up. That only happens every hundred years or so. Hiccup just gives his father a small smile.

What is he to do? His father is rooting for him to win. Should he win? Maybe this one time, he could be seen as someone a father could be proud of. He'll endure Astrid's threats, but that's nothing new.

He heard a small growl behind him. He turns to see the gronckle heading towards him. It's now or never. So he quickly drops to hide behind the wooden wall. He then drops his weapon and manages to find some dragon nip in his pocket. He secretly reaches his hand with nip to the dragon. The dragon's eyes went wide as it made a beeline to hiccup. It sank to the floor while sniffing the nip. Hiccup motions his hand so the gronckle lies on his side, and gave it a small scratch near the ear to put it to sleep.

That was it. The dragon is down.

But then he heard Astrid's voice, charging at him. He flinched as she came closer. Knocking his helmet over as well as letting go of his shield. Her voice lower as the crowds cheer over power her. Hiccup opens his eye, to meet her surprised face.

Soon, that surprise turned to anger. "NO!" she screams. "NO! SON OF A HALF-TROLL, RAT-EATING, MUNGE BUCKET...!" she swings her axe with every word she screams.

Hiccup defiantly does not want to be anywhere near her. He crept of to the side, slowing backing of from her. He turns around to Gobber, with a huge smile on his face.

'uh oh,' Hiccup, thought, 'I better get outta here before something bad happens.'

"Sooo, later". Hiccup said trying to get past Gobber.

But Gobber picks him up in the shoulder with his hook. "Ah, not so fast. "

Hiccup is doing his best to get out of the arena. "I'm kinda late for..."

He got cut off by Astrid. She was breathing with frustration, and sweat covering her face. She held her axe so it catches hiccup's neck. "What?! Late, for what? Exactly!" she stressed every word with anger.

"Ok, quiet down." Stoick said holding his hands up. Right beside him, the elder Gothi pushed her way in front of him. "The elder has decided."

This was Hiccup's worst dream come true. He never thought that Gothi would choose the graduate now. He stood beside Astrid with Gobber behind them.

Astrid drops her axe and looks at the elder, hiccup just rubbing his neck, glad to be free from its deadly grasp.

Gobber raises his hook above Astrid. Gothi shakes her head with disapproval. Astrid felt defeated. The realization that she lost hit her hard.

Hiccup knows what that means, but he knows he isn't going to like it. As Gobber raises his hand over him, hiccup closes his eyes, praying to Odin for a different outcome.

But it didn't work. He's force to open his eyes when he heard the roar of the crowd. He saw Gothi pointing to him with a toothless smile. Hiccup should be filled with pride and happiness. Instead, he felt sick to his stomach. How can he possibly kill a dragon now? Seeing Astrid's face didn't help either. She was more than upset, she was furious.

Gobber hook once again met hiccup's arm. "You've done it! You've done it Hiccup! You get to kill the dragon!" he said with glee. Soon all the other teens lift hiccup up the ground, and plop him on Fishlegs's shoulder. They made the crowd cheer even more.

Hiccup can only pick out his father's voice. "That's my boy!" he cries.

Hiccup wasn't too sure what he should feel right now. His father has finally accepts him. He should be happy. But he only got this because he's acting more like a Viking, and not himself. Now he's going to kill a piece of his soul. Instead of being happy, he felt miserable.

There was only one thing left for him to do.

"Oh I can't wait! I am so..."


Hiccup made his way to the woods with a big pack over his shoulder. It was full of the essentials, Food water, clothes, a small knife and some of his personal treasured items. It was going to be a long walk to toothless. Hiccup has a lot of things on his mind. He's going to leave the only home he knows. Leave behind his father, gobber, and everyone he knows. But somehow, he knew he was going to do this. It was only a matter of time before his secret is out. Someone, (Possibly Astrid) would've found toothless, try to kill him. Besides, he can't this secret up for long. He'll just keep living a lie. And having killed a dragon, he'll be living with that guilt all his life. And what would toothless think of him?

He just can't do this anymore

He makes his way down to the cove, where toothless is no doubt sleeping. Hiccup is sure he would understand what needs to happen. The path is just as rocky as ever. But a strange noise came from nowhere. Hiccup stood there for a minute to figure it out. The last thing he wants is to be found.

Tweet, tweet

There it was again. Hiccup curiosity grew to figure out what is making that noise. It sounded like a bird, but not one Hiccup is familiar with.

Tweet, Tweet,

The sound is getting closer and closer. Hiccup could see something flying towards him. it was a small bird.

Tweet, Tweet,

It called out. It flew closer to Hiccup. He got a good look at the small bird. It seems weird. The bird was made of wood and was painted blue. It flaps its wings with a little kink in them. It continued to fly towards Hiccup until it met him in the face. As Hiccup look at this bird, it opened its beak and spayed him in blue dust.

Hiccup took a couple steps backwards as he tries to avoid the dust. But it didn't work, the dust made it into his eyes. He drops his bag as he tries to get the dust out. But as he moves his hands, he sees a large man near the trees. He was tall and has a big white beard. He was wearing a big red coat and wears a weird fur hat.

He seems cheerful enough, "Zdravstvuyte! " he said in a loud voice. " Nice to meet you young man. "

Hiccup became scared at first, how did this man find him? But then hiccup became confused. He has never seen this man in the village. Was he from another tribe?

Not wanting to be rude, Hiccup nervously wave his hand. "Ummm. Hi. " He said nervously.

The big man gave a hearty chuckle. "What a fine young man you are. Though I would admit, you don't look like someone who is use to battle. But, you may be full of surprises. "

Hiccup has no clue at what this man is talking about. Was he talking about his performance in the arena? Something tells him that this man will get him into more trouble.

"Well, if you want men who are still recovering from their battle scars, might I suggest the village just down the path." He said pointing towards the village. "Now if you excuse me-"

"Nope." the man said. "You are the one I've been looking for. "

" w-w-w-w-what, me?" Hiccup stuttered.

The big man nods. "Yes, we need your help. There is darkness coming, and you are one of the ones chosen to defeat it. Name's North by the way. "

'Ok, this one had to many knocks to the head. ' Hiccup screams in his head. One thing for sure, he needs to get away from this guy. So he slowly backs away and moves to pass him. "Um... clearly you got the wrong guy." Hiccup says trying not to upset the big man. " I'm not really the save the day kinda guy. Might I suggest Snotlout, or Astrid, I'm sure they would love to help you out. Yeah, so bye. " He quickly ran past the big man and ran through the woods with speed.

North look at him while shaking his head. "I thought it will come to this." He then whistles really loud to get the attention of a few friends he hid in the trees.

Hiccup stop to cover his ears, due by the whistle. But then was picked up by the back collar of his shirt. "Whoa!" he yells while being lifted. He turned his head to see a hairy face. Hiccup became freaked out by the surprise of his capture.

"Put me down!" he yells at the big hairy beast. The beast then said some minor gibberish and stuffs Hiccup in an old sack.

Hiccup tries to kick and punch his way out, but it wasn't really working.

North then meets his yeti friends. "Well done boys." He then heard a roar that shook the trees.

" Whaba dats? " one of the yetis said in confusion.

"We better not stick around to find out." North said with a serious tone. He then took a snow globe from his pocket and opened a portal back to his workshop.

Zdravstvuyte means Hello in Russia

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