Rise of the Brave Tangled Dragons

Loosing Faith and Friends

Jack was the first to be thrown out of the portal, onto a hard wooden floor. The rest landed almost on top of him, with the heavy dragon on top nearly crushing everyone with his wings.

"Get, off, of, me," he grunts while trying to breath. Toothless groan and rolled off while everyone tried to stand.

"Sorry," Rapunzel apologized as she helps Jack get back on his feet.

"No problem," he replied with a smile.

Then Rapunzel shivers while holding her arms, feeling the cold air around them. But it shouldn't be like that, North"s hideout wasn't so cold before.

"Umm, Jack," Hiccup said scared as he looks at where they are. "I don't think this is where you meant to send us."

Jack and the others look around to see that they weren't in the hideout, nor inside of any hut. The room was too big and snow covered the walls. They were back at North's office in his workshop at the pole. But it didn't look as welcome as before, the air was really cold and the light coming through the window was blocked by a thin layer of ice.

"I don't understand," Merida said in shock while trying to keep herself warm. "I thought the portal was going to take us to North."

"Maybe it thought of North as in the North Pole?" Hiccup ponders out loud.

"Either way," Jack said, "we better get out of here before anyone notices us."

The others agreed, but they knew it wasn't going to be an easy task. They're on Pitch's most wanted right now and going through the place with a dragon is going to be a challenge.

Then another thought came up. "How are we going to get out of here?" Rapunzel asks.

"Well," Hiccup thinks out loud. "If we can get to where the sleigh was, we can use the ramp to fly out."

"Or we can look for another snow globe," Merida suggests.

"Let's keep that in mind," Jack said. "I know the way to that ramp, and if you guys can fly on toothless, we can get outta here."

"We just need to be careful," Rapunzel said. "And keep an eye out for nightmares. Knowing our luck, I doubt they've left."

"Good point," Jack said before walking to the door.

He stopped before putting his hand on the knob. His heart was racing with fear, not knowing what to expect on the other side. He might have to fight a number of nightmares himself, or face his turned friends. Though he doesn't want to think like that, it was the most likely outcome. His worries then turned to North and Sandy. What could've happen while he was away? Are they alright, or turned into...

'No,' Jack thought. He shook his head to push that motion out of his head. 'They're fine. North is strong and wise, and Sandy is the most powerful guardian. There's no way that Pitch could turn them. Besides, he was busy dealing with us, he wouldn't have the time.'

But then he thought back to before he was a guardian and Pitch firing the black arrow at Sandy. It was possible that could happen again. And North...was it possible that the shadows got him now? No, it wasn't. His hideout was a secret, he didn't tell anyone about it, not even the other guardians. It was probably the safest place on earth, there was no way North is turned, Jack was sure of it.

He turns to his friends behind him, and watches them doing their best to keep warm. He knew that it was his turn to lead, and to keep things positive. He will protect his friends, no matter what it takes. "Is everyone ready?" He asks.

The group looked at him, and gave him a weak nod. Merida then reaches for an arrow and readies herself for a fight. Toothless nudges himself close to Hiccup, determined to protect him. As for Rapunzel, she just stood there and shivers. Unlike the others, she didn't have a weapon. Not that she didn't like using weapons to begin with. But she still has her hair to use in combat. It wasn't as long as before, but it can still be use as a whip and a lasso. It may not be as effected as an arrow or a dragon, but it was enough for her.

Jack nods in assurance as he slowly opens the door. He sticks his staff out first to bait anyone standing outside. After a while of stillness, he quietly opened the door. Everyone walked out of the office on high alert of possible attacks. When none came, everyone looked at the large room they were in.

The giant workshop looked very dead and dark. Every bright colour on the walls and windows dimmed into grey and black. Every decoration, tree or toy was broken and scattered. The air out here was colder than it was in the office. The group almost couldn't believe that they've been here before. Last time it was warm, welcoming, joyous and bright. Now it was almost like a faunal home then Santa's workshop. There were no workers anywhere, no yetis making toys or elves to mess with things. But what was more surprising was that there were no nightmares flying around. They were expecting to see at least an army high above to attack them. But no. There was no one else here.

But being alone didn't stop the tense feeling of something popping out at any time. The group held their breath as they look around. Feeling a sense of ease to move, they began their long journey around the workshop with Jack in the lead with his staff. Their eyes darted everywhere, trying to look behind every corner and under every table for anything suspicious. They never let their guard down as they walk down the long balcony, overlooking the rest of the ruined workshop.

Rapunzel nearly jumped hearing a small jingle sound off in the distance. It made her turn around and look for the source. But there was nothing but air behind her. She quickly regained her common sense and race to join back to the others.

Soon, they were in a familiar place in the workshop, the giant globe room. But as they look up to see it, their faces' express total shock. The globe became much darker than before, even with the window open to let in some light from outside. On almost every content, there were a lot less lights on it the before. The last time they saw it, it had over a million strong lights shining, now it's dwindle down to just above a thousand.

"Oh no," Rapunzel gasps quietly. "The children."

Toothless looked at his friends, not having a clue what's with giant globe. But he figured whatever it is, it's not good.

"Look how many are out," Hiccup said becoming very worried.

"Does that mean that only those lights show the kids that still believe in the guardians?" Merida asks Jack.

"That believe in anything general," Jack said looking at a few lights that are starting to go out. "The rest are loosing their spirit, their hopes, and their happiness. They're loosing faith in us."

"And this close to Christmas too," Rapunzel said with sorrow.

Jack looks down, away from the giant globe. He can't handle the reminder that the fate of the world depends on him and his friends. And seeing the lights go out didn't help at all.

"But there's a way to turn it all around," Merda said. "We just have to find Jack's stone, stop Pitch, save Christmas."

"But how?" Rapunzel asks, not really wanting to make everyone worried and scared. But it couldn't be helped.

"I have no idea," Jack shrugs.

Hiccup looked up at the globe, witnessing more lights go out. But then he had a thought that began to bug him, something Pitch said. "If the children stopped believing, then everything the guardians put into the world disappears, and they get weaker right?"

"We don't need that Hiccup," Merida tells him.

"That's not what I meant," Hiccup said turning back to his friends. "What I'm getting at is this question. Do you feel weak at all Jack?"

That caught Jack by surprise. He did a quick check of his body, and it seems normal. He wasn't tired, or hurt, or drained. "No," he answers Hiccup.

"So then, why aren't you being affected by the children's disbelief?" Hiccup asks him.

That question made Jack shake to the core. Why isn't he affected? He's a guardian now; shouldn't he be feeling a little weak? Maybe because all he can do is make snow days and fun, and not have big work like tooth or a holiday like North and Bunny. Whatever the reason, it was satisfied that he's ok, even though he's totally confused.

"I..." He started to say before a jingle bell could be heard in the distance. Everyone turned to try to find the source of the sound, but they can only see darkness. Suddenly, they heard another jingle bell move on the other side.

"This is a little too creepy for my liking," Hiccup said as everyone became a little tense. Their eyes moved from one corner to another to try to find where the sound is coming from.

Suddenly, Rapunzel heard a jingle close to her. She turned around and saw a small figure hiding in the corner. She narrowed her eyes to try to look through the shadows to see a small elf hiding, trying to keep the bell on its hat still and quiet.

"Guys," she whispers to her friends. "It's an elf."

"What?" Merida said confused.

"What's an elf doing here?" Jack wonders.

He was about to take a step forward to the elf when his arm was being held by Hiccup. "Wait," he told him. "It could be a trap."


Everyone turned to the sound of a voice off in the distance. It was a caring voice with a thick Russian accent.

"North?" Jack whispers out loud.

Soon, everyone heard a noise of something heavy being moved. They turned to see a shadow of a big man with a thick fur coat and hat peering out from behind a corner.

"Jack?" It said again. "Is it really you?"

Jack could tell that voice and figure anywhere. "North!" He cried out with happiness to see his friend again. But then more questions piped into his mind that made him hesitant to go see him. What is he doing here? Why isn't he preparing for Christmas? And why is he hiding in the shadows.

"What's wrong?" North asks him. "Are you alright?"

"I'm not sure," Jack said gripping his staff tight. The others could see that North being here may not be a good sign. They all slowly back away from the corner, not knowing what's going on around them.

"Why aren't you at the secret hideout?" Jack asks out loud. "Why aren't you getting ready for your big day?"

"There's a very simple reason Frost," said North with a hint of another's voice mixed with his own. He stepped out into the light, letting everyone gasp in horror at what they saw. North had drastically changed since they've been gone. His skin was really pale with no rosy cheeks. His white beard and hair were black as soot. His usual red coat was all black with grey fur trimmings to match his grey hat. But his golden eyes pierced their way into everyone's fears.

"No," Jack gasps as he backs away from his friend.

Soon, jingle sounds could be heard all around them. Little elves popped out of the shadows, and growl at them. It made everyone step away from them until they were surrounded by angry, scary little elves. Soon, big, dark fur yetis came out, ready to attack.

North chuckled as he arms himself with his two swords. "I just decided that there will be no Christmas this year, and forever!" With one swift of his sword, he made Jack fly up high to dodge.

The other nightmare creatures wasted no time to start charging at the others. Toothless kept firing his plasma blast at the enemies, blasting them back into the crowd. Merida also fired a number of arrows, but didn't want to hurt any of them. The best she could do is getting them by their clothing and sticking them to the floor. Hiccup was busy kicking any that try to come near Toothless, but he was really tired, really quickly. Rapunzel was the only one who didn't know what to do. She didn't want to fight the creatures she grew to like. So she stood in the middle of everyone, and only pushes away the ones that got too close to her.

Jack shot some ice at the yetis, trying to freeze them from getting any closer. But there were too many to deal with at one time. Soon, a boomerang came whooshing by his face, nearly missing his cheek. He turned to where it came from, and found Bunny on another balcony off in the distance.

"Jack!" Merida cried out as she keeps reloading her bow. "There's too many of them!"

Jack looked down to try to find a solution, any solution to save his friends.

North's battle cry got everyone's attention, and they turn to see him charging to attack the people on the ground.

"No!" Rapunzel pleads for him to stop.

But he didn't listen; he just readies his swords for combat.

Think quickly, Hiccup got on Toothless and order him to the sky. "Sorry North," he said before yelling, "Plasma blast em!"

Toothless fired a plasma blast at North, sending him flying back and landing on a couple of elves and yetis.

As Toothless lands, Hiccup motions the other girls to climb on the saddle. "Come on," he said as the girls wasted no time to mount on the dragon. Toothless then took off with great speed, sending a shock wave of air to blow away the nearby elves.

"Let's get out of here!" Jack shouts to his friends as he prepares to lead them.

"But why Jack?"

Jack turned to see Tooth flutter near him with a dark baby tooth by her side.

"We're just so excited to see you, aren't we ladies," She said with a cruel smile. From behind her, an army of baby teeth charged and swarm the group. They all covered their faces and attempt to sway the dark fairies away, but there were just too many.

Soon, the baby teeth pecked at Toothless's parasitic tail fin and made holes into it.

"Uh oh," Hiccup comments as he tries to control the tail fin, but there were too many holes in it to be of any use.

"Ladies hold on!" He cried out. "I think we're gonna-"

Hiccup's and the girls' screaming filled their lungs as Toothless lost control and began to plummet to the ground. He opens his wings to try to create drag, but he was coming in too fast. With very little choice he crashed landed on the floor, throwing his friends off his back and onto the hard floor that was surrounded by tables and broken toys.

Jack was busy trying to swat away the fairies that surrounded him. He even tried to create a powerful wind to blow them away. But the fairies didn't give him any room to work with. Feeling he can outfly them, he shots himself high and flies away with a trail of fairies chasing him.

On the ground, the others got out of their daze just in time to see the nightmares come out of the darkness. They were soon joined by North and Bunny as they stalk their prey.

"This isn't good," Rapunzel said out loud as everyone backed away. But soon tables were in the way of any means to escape.

"Oh great," Hiccup groans at the situation. Thanks to what the fairies did to Toothless's tail, they can't fly outta here, and soon he'll reach his shot limit. He knew he had to fight, so he grabbed a toy close to him and held it up.

Some of the nightmares chuckle seeing Hiccup holding a toy guitar, but Hiccup still held it firm, determined to use it in battle. North charges in on him, swinging his swords while Hiccup dodge. When he swung the guitar at North's back, it broke into a million pieces.

"Well... That could've gone better," he sarcastically said before running away from North.

Merida was all set with her bow and arrow, and still aimed and fired at the elves. But then she saw a boomerang flying towards her. She rolled out of the way before it hit her, and she watched as it returns to its master. She readies to aim at Bunnymund, but he began to jump all over the area. He was too fast for Merida to get a good lock on him. He then started to throw eggs at her that explode on impact. She dodged them while trying to fire at Bunny. But he was quickly overpowering her.

Rapunzel on the meanwhile was having trouble trying to keep away from the nightmares that surrounded her. She tried using her hair as a whip as she's done for many occasions, but it was too short and really didn't do anything. It made her back up with her eyes wide open with fear. She then felt something at the back of her foot, an old frying pan with a broken handle. She quickly picked it up and used it as her defence. She swung it back and forth, making the nightmares back off, but not intimidated.

Suddenly, Rapunzel felt something grab her arms from behind. She turned her head to see the beautiful but deadly face of the Tooth fairy.

"Let's fly," she said as she lifts Rapunzel with her into the air. Rapunzel panicked as she sees the floor move further and further away from her.

"You know," Tooth said to her. "I've never got the chance to take your teeth." She puts a finger on the side of Rapunzel's mouth and made it spread open and wide. "Ah, purely white with an incredible shine. You wouldn't mind if I take one or two do you?"

"Yes, I do," Rapunzel respond with her mouth half open. She then head butts Tooth with the back of her head, making the fairy clutch her jaw in pain. But doing so made Tooth let go of Rapunzel, and she began to plummet towards the ground. Fortunately Toothless saw her and managed to catch her in his paws before she hit.

"Thanks," she said to the dragon before they got up and looked at the nightmares ahead of them.

Hiccup continued to dodge North's swords as the slice through a number of tables and banisters. He managed to catch his breath by hiding behind a pillar that holds up the balcony. But Hiccup started to feel the tiredness and exhaustion of battle. He knew he can out run North forever, and he knew he didn't have the strength to take him down. But he does have brains to work with. He looked at where he was, and saw a giant flag with a Christmas scene just above him. That gave him an idea.

Just then, a sword point came into his view with the wood blocking it from hitting his shoulder. Hiccup ran away before North came around. As he ran, Hiccup spots a slingshot on the ground with a marble at the ready. Before North could move out of the way, Hiccup fired the marble at the nail that held the flag, and made it fall right on top of North. It completely covered him like a heavy net.

"Sorry," Hiccup said before he ran to join the others.

One exploding egg after another, Merida continued to run away from the rabbit that's chasing her. Though she would never thought that she would be scared of a bunny, but this was no ordinary bunny. As she looked backwards, she lost her footing and an egg got her. The explosion made her flying into the air and crash onto a table, breaking it as she fell to the ground. She felt dizzy as she tries to stand, but something caught her eye. In a little broken drawer was a soft blue light. She quickly digs at it to find a snow globe hidden inside.

"That's it," she quietly said she grabbed it. She then felt Bunny pulling her by her dress, dragging her across the floor. He then lifted her and threw her to where her friends are fighting. Before she landed, she held the globe in a protective way so it wouldn't get smashed.

"Thankfully he didn't see it," Merida said to herself as she tries to hide the globe in her quiver as she pulls out an arrow.

Jack continued to fly around to avoid the fairies, cutting sharp corners and going around pillars. He knew he will have to eventually shoot ice at them, but it tore his heart to think about doing that. They've been good friends, how can he even think of hurting them.

While he was in his train of thought, a bunch of nightmare horses came galloping through the sky and aimed to attack him.

"Those guys I can hurt," he said to himself as he fires a number of electrified ice at them, fuelling his anger in his attacks. He won't forgive the darkness for invading his friends' homes, turning his fellow guardians into monsters and hurting the children. With each nightmare getting frozen, the better he feels.


Jack turned to see his friends getting surrounded by nightmares and turned friends down below him. They were starting to get exhausted and becoming too weak to keep fighting.

As he looks down, he fails to notice a stream of black dust charging at him. When he did notice, it was almost too late. With his staff he created an ice shield to block it, but the dust hit right on the staff. It made a shockwave that made Jack let go of it and sent him plummeting to the others.

He lands with a big thump as his staff fell meters away.

"Oh no," he yells standing up.

"You're telling us," Hiccup said.

Soon, the whole group huddled in a tight circle as the army of darkness began to overtake them.

"We can't keep this up," Merida shouts out loud.

"What do we do now?" Rapunzel asks while gripping her pan.

As everyone prepares for any form of attack, all the nightmares stopped and backs away from them.

"I don't like this," Hiccup comments.

Soon, a familiar chuckle came out of the shadows, with a voice everyone knows all too well.

"You shouldn't."

The group looks forward to see the nightmares clearing the way so North, Bunny, Tooth and Pitch can cut through to the front. Jack glares angry as he sees Pitch holding on to his staff.

"You just don't know when to give up, do you?" Pitch said with anger in his voice.

"Nope," Hiccup said in his sarcastic tone. "Not really." Toothless growled in agreement, while baring his sharp teeth out.

Pitch huffs as he passes Jack's staff to Bunny as he steps forward to the group. "Poor, foolish children," he said in a quiet and cold tone. "Don't you know that you've already lost? Your adventure has already come to an end. There's really no need to be here."

"Oh yes there is," Merida flares. "You turned my mum into a bear and nearly destroyed my kingdom!"

"You used the red death and me to destroy my island," Hiccup yells.

"And you've joined with my mother to trap me in that tower!" Rapunzel nearly screams.

"Not to mention all the damage you've been doing to the world and to the children," Jack added in with his anger up to the boiling point.

"That's all cruel when you said it like that," Pitch said with a smile. "What about all the ways I've helped all of you."

"Helped us?" Rapunzel asked just as puzzled as everyone else. "When have you helped us?!"

"Think back to your tower my dear," Pitch said disappearing and reappearing behind Rapunzel. "Who do you think let Jack slip past Gothel. Even before then, I made her wait until you saw the lights."

He then appeared right behind Merida. "Turning your mother into a bear made her see from your point of view, didn't it? Making her rethink all the harsh traditions she put on you."

Hiccup's body nearly shivered when Pitch got too close to him. "And you Hiccup, you got to show your father what you could do by being yourself, and saved your best friend."

Jack merely groaned with a frown face when Pitch came close to him. "And Jack…Jack, Jack, Jack… you're not alone anymore. You have friends that count on you, because of me. Think of what more you can do, when the whole world knows and fears your name."

Jack tries to shake Pitch away from him. The dark spirit disappears and then reappears in front of everyone. "Imagine what good I can do to the world when every man, woman and child knows my name. Look how I helped you grow and accepted. So in some way, you all should be thanking me."

"After all you put us through?! I don't think so!" Merida shouts with everyone agreeing with her.

"Yeah," Rapunzel said. "You only did those things to benefit yourself, never out of good will."

"You never meant to help us," Hiccup said. "You just wanted your own goal, and to keep us at bay. So forgive us if we aren't grateful."

Jack stands up and glares at Pitch. "You try to mask your dark intentions with good deeds. But you always have an angle, and you used whatever you can to purge the world into everlasting darkness. You intend to spread fear and darkness, making the children loose all hope. You even try to hurt us physically and emotionally. You used our weaknesses to bring us down and to bring the world into darkness and fear. And you've been trumped on that every single time with us. We stopped you then, and we will stop you now!"

Pitch's face turned dark as he looks at them. "How will you do that, if you are in no shape to fight. You think yourselves as heroes, saviours and warriors. You are all children. What can you possibly do against me?"

"We'll beat you," Jack threatens.

"Let's see how you do that, when you feel powerless." As pitch said that, he grabs Jack's staff and snaps it on two.

Jack clutches his heart in agony, feeling that something that just got ripped out off his soul. He crunches down and took in heavy breaths to calm his body down.

"Jack!" Rapunzel, Hiccup and Merida gasps as they watch their friend in pain.

"That's it!" Rapunzel screams as she throws her frying pan at Pitch's head. But it easily phases through his like a ghost.

Pitch and his minions chuckle at her pathetic attempt to get him.

Hiccup singles Toothless to fire at him, but the dragon only had a dry mouth.

"Super," Hiccup said under his breath.

Pitch then drops the broken pieces of the staff on the floor and sends a blast of black sand at the group. It hit the ground and made a shock wave so big that made everyone fly into the air and land hard on the ground separated from each other.

Then Pitch made some shadow tentacles that picked Jack up by his hands and feet, and made him stay still.

Everyone shook their heads to be rid of the dizziness. When they looked up and saw Jack, the rush to get to him. But the former guardians blocked their way. Merida tries to push Bunny out of the way while Hiccup and Toothless were handling North.

Rapunzel looked at Tooth with a crazy idea. If her hair could heal Hiccup before, maybe it can heal Tooth and then she wouldn't have to face her. So she took her braid and whips it around Tooth's arm.

"Grr," Tooth said trying to use the hair to pull Rapunzel closer to her. But Rapunzel's new found strength helped her to stand her ground.

As she took in a breath to sing her song, a bunch of dark fairies started to surround her and snips at her hair.

"No!" Rapunzel cries out as she tries to swat the fairies away. But there were too many of them. They all snipped her hair at the top of her braid, making the hair turn brown and short again. Rapunzel touched her hair and let a lock flow down to her eyes to see if it is real. It was; her hair lost its power again.

"Oh no," she said almost tearing up. But before any tears came out, the fairies still swarm her and peck at her. She covers her head with her arms as she runs away from the fairies. As she ran, she found Jack's broken staff pieces on the floor. She quickly picked them up and continued her run away from the fairies.

Jack struggles to get out of his binds, but the tentacles had a good grip on him. He looked around to see if his friends are ok. They weren't. Rapunzel was being chased by fairies, Merida had her hands full with Bunny, and Hiccup was dodging North's swords with Toothless.

"It's useless to fight back Jack," Pitch said as he stands before him.

Jack's eyes wonder to the pendent around Pitch's neck as it glows bright green. Most was starting to come out of it.

Jack knew what that means, and he became terrified. He kept pulling his arms around in hopes of breaking free. But as he struggles, the darkness grew stronger.

Pitch smiles as he prepares a dark arrow infused with the green mist. "Now, you'll be fighting for me."

He fires the arrow, and it hit Jack in the chest.

Jack screams in pain as the darkness pierced him and made its way into his skin.

"Jack!" Rapunzel cries out seeing what happened.

Merida and Hiccup also saw it and became horrified.

"Oh no," Hiccup mutters

"I can't be," Merida gasps.

All three watch as the tentacles let go of Jack, letting him fall on the floor. He clings his hand to his heart, feeling a thousand needles being jabbed inside. His body started to tense up, causing him to arch his back. He panted more and more, screaming and groaning in between. He even clawed at the ground with his fingertips.

Hiccup, Merida, Rapunzel and toothless try to make thief way to Jack's side, but were blocked by the former guardians.

Pitch chuckles as he waves his hand in command. "Let them have a closer look," he said with wicked, triumphant smile. "It's too late for them to do anything."

The guardians nod as they and the nightmares step back to their master. The others wasted no time and hurried to Jack's side. They painfully watch as Jack's body squirms and jerks in reaction to the darkness.

"What's happening to him?" Rapunzel asks out loud while holding tightly to his broken staff pieces.

"What's happening is that he's turning into one of us," Bunny said very cold.

"A fearling made to serve the master," North adds.

"Soon we will be complete again," Tooth said with an evil smile spread across her face.

The children look down at their friend, and noticed that his skin was starting to change, getting lighter and whiter.

"No," Rapunzel squeaked as she kneels down and grabs her friend by the hand. She held on to him tight, not wanting to let go. But Jack's relaxes made it hard for him to hold her, not when his body was in so much pain.

"it's useless children," Pitch hollered. "He will soon be mine!"

"Not if we have a say in it," Merida shouts as she walks to the front with an arrow and bow in hand. She put her body so she can shield Jack from Pitch and aimed her bow. Hiccup did the same with Toothless by his side.

Pitch chuckles seeing them defend a hopeless friend. "This is pathetic. You really think you can stop me now?"

Merida answers that with a release of her arrow. But like all the other before, the arrow went right through Pitch hitting the floor behind him.

Merida growls as she grew frustrated that that happened again. She thought finding her stone would grant her special abilities, at least enough for her to actually hit Pitch. But the she remembered that they need all four stones to unlock their true potential. But how can they when one of them is being taken over?

"You should've known that this was how it was going to end," Pitch taunts the group in front of him. "Your quest was a lost cause to begin with. You should've stayed in your little worlds. Now you see what true darkness is!"

As he screams, a large shadow spread from his body and surrounded the kids. The area became very dark, so dark people could see a hand in front of their faces.

"We have to get out of here!" Rapunzel yells while holding on the Jack for dear life. His screams still full the air as the darkness still changing him.

"How?" Hiccup yells while holding on to toothless. As much he's the brains of the group, there's no way he can think of an answer in this kind of situation.

Merida looked around to try to spot her friends, when all of a sudden she remembered the snow globe that was still in her quiver. There's was no time to think of a strategic way of doing this, she and her friends needed to get out of here now. As long as they can get away from the pole, they'll be a lot safer there then here.

She reached over her shoulder and felt the glass globe with her hands. She pulled it out and shakes it intensively. "I think I got the way out!" She calls out to them. "I just need time and a distraction."

Unable to see her, Hiccup has no idea what she had in mind. But he trusts her, and if it means getting out of here, he's all game. "I got you covered," he shouts to her. He then gets on Toothless's saddle and taps him to fly. He can't go high due to the damaged tail fin, but he can gain enough height to blow the shadows away. Toothless flaps his wings, and made strong winds with them. Tables and broken toys were blown away from the area and the little minions were picked up by the wind.

Merida continued to shake the globe until a bright light began to shine from it. There was no time to think of a proper destination, especially since she has no idea what's in this world. The best she can do is say something that the shadows hopefully won't find.

"Other side of the world," she whispers to the globe. Soon, the globe showed a snowy landscape with snowy hills and penguins. It will have to do.

Thanks to toothless, the shadows were clear enough for everyone to see each other again. Without hesitation, Merida threw the globe to the ground. As the glass smashed, the light made its way all around the group, making a large portal on the floor.

Everyone screamed as they fall through the portal before it disappears, leaving Pith alone with his minions and the former guardians.

"Where they go?!" Bunny yells in anger.

"Snow globe," North concluded after seeing all the broken glass shards.

"We need to go after them!" Bunny shouts out loud.

"There's no need to rush," Pitch said as he turns to the large globe, seeing a lot more lights go out. "Jack can't escape his fate, soon he will come to back to us and he'll bring the kids with him. In the meantime, we need to prepare."

The other guardians join him and looked at the globe with their own eyes. They smile as they see thief master's plan working splendidly. Soon he will rule over the children's belief and the world.

"After all, tomorrow is Christmas Eve. And won't the children be surprise and heartbroken. My holiday wish is finally coming true, and there's nothing a few children can do to stop it. He,he,he,he,he! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Mwa! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA!"

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