Rise of the Brave Tangled Dragons

Nightlight, Bright Light

With a soft moan, Jack fluttered his eyes open. His vision was a little blurry as his head pounded in pain. His body felt so heavy that almost wanted him to go back to sleep. But his senses started to work as well as every muscle. He flutters his eyes more, trying to get some of his sight working. But as he did, all he can see is darkness.

He moves his hands to steady his raised arm to push himself from the ground. But as he lifts his head to get a better view, all he sees is darkness all around him.

"Wha-" he groans. Trying to work his dry throat. He coughed a bit he tries to think of what just happened. The last thing he remembers were his friends battling against the turned guardians and Pitch holding on to him like a rag doll. Then something pierced his heart, and then...nothing. He blacked out.

Jack looked around to try to figure out where he is, but all he can see is darkness. There wasn't a shred of light anywhere. Pitch black as far as his eye can see.

He moves his hand to grab his staff, but then turned to realize it wasn't here. Panic kicked in as his eyes search the ground, or what supposed to be the ground, for his staff. He even reaches out his hands and crawled to his knees to try to feel it.

But then his mind clicked, making him remember that Pitch broke it back at the pole. Who knows where it is now.

Jack sighs as he realizes that he is in a horrible position. Without the staff, he's powerless. As he pants out loud, he curled himself up and wallows in desperation. He needs to know what's going on around him? What he's doing here? Where are his friends?

"... Jack..."

Jack's ears perk to a distant voice. Like a caged animal he shivered at the voice. His eyes dart all around to locate the source. But there was nothing around him. He stands up with great haste, and turned around a couple of times, trying to get a real sense of what's around him.

"... Jack..." The voice echoed

Jack's head turned again to try to find where it was coming from. The voice sounded so familiar, harsh yet alluring. But Jack was becoming very tense. Thanks to the darkness around him, it made him go into sensory overload. He reacted to the tiniest sound like a frighten child. Jumping and breathing very hard.

"Come...Jack..." The voice said again, this time sounding a lot closer to Jack. "There's no need to be afraid."

"Afraid," Jack said as he struggles with his dry throat. He tries to make it sound strong and confident, but it wasn't. "I'm not afraid..."

"Hm, hm, hm. Of course you're not Frost," the voice said again.

Jack's eyes widen and then frowned upon hearing the voice. He finally recognizes it as the spirit that shot him.

"Pitch!" He cries out in anger. "Enough of this! Show yourself you coward!"

"Not a coward," Pitch replied while hidden from view. "Just really comfortable. You know the darkness is my home, and now it will be yours."

Jack stepped back to try to distance himself from the voice. But having no idea where it's coming from just made him feel scared.

"Where are we?" Jack yells out into the blue.

Pitch's chuckle made Jack tense up again, making him a little more aggravated.

"You don't know your own mind," Pitch taunts.

"My...my mind," Jack gasps as he touches his head. How can he be in his own mind? There just...no way that can be possible. He can move around and is aware of everything around him. This situation just looks and feels too real to be something that's just in his head. Maybe this is what a dream must be like?

"Yes," Pitch said through the darkness. "We are inside your mind."

"Then why is it so dark?" Jack asks out loud. If he is inside his own mind, it should be full of snow and frost, not this.

"So full of questions, aren't you?" Pitch said. "So unaware of your situation."

"What are you-?" Before Jack could finish, he felt something grab his feet. When he looked down, he could see that the floor became a small tar pit, making him sink into the floor. He grunts his teeth and tries to pull his feet out, but the tar had a strong hold on him.

Pitch appears in front of Jack, seemingly hovering a few inches off the floor. He looks down to a struggling Jack and smiles. "It's useless to resist frost." He said coldly and yet victorious. "My darkness has found its way into you, slowly taking you over. Once the process is complete, you will be my fearling forever."

"No," Jack said as the tar made its way past his knees. "I won't be corrupted that way! I won't be your slave!"

"That's what the other guardians said before they joined me," Pitch told him. "And their good nature are lost in the darkness, hopeless and defeated. Soon you will join them, and then your body and soul will be mine."

"Not going to happen!" Jack said as he tries to squirm out. "My friends will stop you!"

"How would they have the time stopping me, when they'll be so busy fighting you," Pitch sneered.

Jack grunted his teeth in a growl as the tar made it to his thighs and hands.

"Look on the bright side Frost," Pitch said, "everyone will finally be able to notice you. With you by my side, we will rule over everything. It will be cold, dark and beautiful. We can make the people believe in us, and they will worship us."

"They'll fear us!" Jack yells.

"They'll see us," Pitch snarled. "And we will rule over them with an iron fist. They won't be able to dream a sweet dream again, and the holidays will be thing of the past. No one, not even your friends will be able to stop us."

Jack yelped as he felt the tar grabbing on to his hands and wrists, slowly dragging him down even more. Despite this, he continues to to try to fight his way out.

"Welcome to your new life," Pitch taunts Jack as he sinks more and more.

"There's no turning back,"

Pitch flies around Jack, touching his chin with his long cold finger.

"Even while you sleep

I will find you

Acting on your best behavior

Turn your back on Mother Nature

Everybody wants to rule the world"

"What about Emily," Jack asks in anger. "She's your daughter! How would she feel seeing you like this?!"

"That man is dead," Pitch snarls as he looks at Jack square in the eye. "A remnant of the past. The shadows devoured him. There's nothing left, but me.

It's my own desire" Pitch said coldly as he circles around Jack

"No room for remorse."

Jack grunts as Pitch continues his little moment.

"Soon you will see my view

I will make the most of freedom

And of pleasure

Darkness and fear will last forever!"

Pitch pauses, allowing himself to bask in this victorious atmosphere around him.

"Everybody wants to rule the world!"

Soon Jack focused back to the tar that was still pulling him in. Soon he only had everything above his chest shown. Everything else was sallied by the darkness.

"In a room where the light won't find you

Watch as the whole world come tumbling down

When they do, you'll be right beside me"

The tar finally touches Jack's neck, making him gasp for strength. But it didn't come, the tar was too strong him. Pitch watches him struggle with such pleasure.

"So glad we've have you frost

So sad they will pay the cost

But Everybody wants to rule the world!"

Jack continued to struggle as he tries to lift his face away from the tar.

"Everybody wants to rule the world"

Jack coughs to get the tar away from him, but it was quickly overpower him. Pitch watches as his grin grew wider and wider.

"Everybody wants to rule-"


From above everyone, a shine of light bursts forth from above. It sends out a shock wave of light that blasted away every dark creature in the area. Pitch did his best to block the light from reaching his eyes, but he was force to retreat into a puff of smoke. The tar was also getting torn away, making it disappear in a few inky blots, leaving Jack sitting on the now solid floor.

Being in the dark for a long time, the light began to hurt Jack's eyes. He tries to shield them with his arm, but little still found its way to them.


Jack was stunned; the light was actually talking to him. To his amazement, the light came down in a form of a ball, meeting him at eye level. Though it was still very bright to actually see him.

"I'm glad I got to you in time," the ball of light spoke. "You're not hurt, are you?"

"Umm, no," Jack said completely unsure of what to do or say to this thing. He would be happy that he was saved from not being a pit of tar's snack, if it wasn't for the light blinding him. "But if you can dim down a bit, I would really appreciate it."

"Oh, sorry," the light said as he did dim down a bit. "Better?"

Jack lowered his sleeve and finally got a good look at the light ball. It didn't look anything odd; it was just a flying crystallized ball with a light coming from it. As it flies around, it leaves behind a small trail of golden dust at the bottom. Almost like pixie dust for Tinkerbell.

Jack looked at the light bewildered, mostly because it's in his own mind. Not wanting to be rude for saving his life, he thanked it.

"You're most welcome," the light said.

Jack paused after hearing the voice. It sounded very much like a child, yet very wise like an old man. It made Jack think that he's heard it before, but can't remember when and where.

The light circles around Jack as if it was afraid. "We can't stay here," it said with haste and urgency. "The blast won't keep Pitch at bay for long. We need to move while we can."

As much as Jack wants to give Pitch a piece of his mind, he knew he was no match for him the way he is now. The best choice is to trust the light and maybe fight another day. So he followed the light away from the area, hoping that it won't lead him to his doom.

Dark clouds formed overhead of an Arctic landscape. The Cold winds blew over the snow, making curvy waves on the surface. Within seconds, a portal appeared right above the frozen tundra and four people and a dragon came popping out of it into the snow.

"Brrrrr." Rapunzel chattered as she tries to brush the snow away and closed herself up to stay warm. But being bare foot and having a thin dress on didn't help.

"I-I-I-I h-h-h-hear you th-th-th there," Hiccup shivers as he and Merida do their best to keep the cold away.

Toothless quickly got out of the snow and quickly notices that his friends are getting colder and colder by the minute. So he musters everything he could to make one plasma blast and fired it in the snow. It made that area super-hot without the snow melting into a small puddle of water.

"Ohh," Merida said as she starts to feel a little warmer. "Good dragon."

She and the others moved their bodies close to the fire and felt little relief with the heat on their faces. Toothless then uses his body and his wind to block away the snow and the wind.

"Buddy," Hiccup said while pushing his hands out to the fire to warm them up. "You are amazing."

Toothless smiles as he's delighted to help in any way he can.

Rapunzel was the closet to the fire, but still couldn't get warm. She's not dress for cold weather like this. But no one had a blanket or anything to help keep her warm.

Then Hiccup thought of something, he took off his fur vest and put on top of Rapunzel's shoulders.

"It isn't much," he said as he sat back down. "But hopefully it helps."

Rapunzel nods as she pulls the vest closer to her body and chest. "T-t-t-thanks," she said with a chatter of her teeth. She then look at the vest, and her shorten hair. "Odd-d-d-ly enough, it kinda goes with-th-th-th m-m-m-my hair." She quietly giggles, trying to ease everyone.

"Sorry I didn't get a chance to look at our destination," Merida said huddling her legs together. "I just had to get us away from them and-"

"Don't worry about it," Hiccup said while smiling at her. "You saved us, and we're all here, that's what matters."

Merida returned his smile with one of her own.

But then Rapunzel shot her eyes wide open. "Wait? Where's Jack?"

Everyone immediately looked around for their friend, with the fire as their only light. Merida and Hiccup stood up to try to spot any uneven snow that Jack might be in, but it was too dark to see anything far away. They took a couple of steps away from the fire, but the cold made them stop.

"He has to be somewhere near by!" Hiccup yells, trying to battle against the wind.

"It would help if we can see!" Merida yells right back.

Suddenly, Toothless roared into the sky. Everyone looked at him bewildered, not sure of what he's doing. But then Toothless jumped away from the fire and the team, and digs at a patch of snow. Hiccup ran out to meet his dragon and saw what he was digging up.

"Jack!" He cried out as he moves some snow away from Jack's body. He then put Jack's arm around his shoulders and dragged him back to the girls.

When Hiccup laid him down near the fire, everyone was shocked at what they saw. Jack's skin was whiter then a ghost and streaks of his icy white hair turned coal black. His shirt had swirls of black on it like vines and his pants were half beige, half grey. Jack was turning into a nightmare, just like the other guardians.

"Oh no." Rapunzel said as she was starting to be consume by sadness. The vest fell off her back and on to her bare feet as she leans over Jack. She cups her hand to his face, it felt colder than it's ever been before.

He moans softly and moves his head a bit, but he wasn't in complete pain as before. His body was solid as stone, with the exception of the head.

"What did Pitch do to him?" Merida asks as she kneels down to see him with her wild orange hair falling over her shoulders.

"Pitch shot him with the magic of that pendent," Hiccup coldly concluded. "He's turning into a fearling, just like the other guardians."

"S-s-s-so?" Rapunzel shakily asks. "What d-d-d-do we d-do know?"

"I...I don't know," Hiccup honestly answers. "I've got no clue."

"W-w-well we have to do something!" Rapunzel screams, letting her emotions overtake the feeling of being cold. "We can't just let him g-g-g-go!"

"I know," Merida said putting a hand on Rapunzel's shoulder. "But what can we do? You can't heal him with your hair like that."

Oh how Rapunzel wishes the she would've stopped the fairies from snipping her hair, but there were too many of them. If only she had the power to heal right now.

'Wait a minute,' she thought, 'I do.' She thought back to when Eugene was dying in her arms, her tears healed him. Or was it her stone? Either way, she has both. One of them might work to save Jack.

Without hesitation, she leans over Jack and grabs Merida quiver from her back.

"What are you?" Merida asks.

"Trying something," Rapunzel said as she grabs the stones from the quiver. She looked at all of them on her hand and picked up hers with the other. She passes the other two to Hiccup and quickly grabbed Jack's hand with her stone in the same hand. She then took a breath and sang the magic song.









Once she finished, everyone held their breath to see any kind of magic will change Jack back. But there was no glow, no sparkle of magic anywhere, just everyone with their feet in the snow.

"Well, it was worth a try," Merida said defeated.

"No," Rapunzel said with confidence. "I'm not giving up just yet."

"Rapunzel, you don't have that power anymore," Hiccup softly spoke.

"I do!" She screams. "I just n-n-need to...need to..." She looks up to Merida with pleading eyes. "Hit me."

Merida became confused of what she just said, "what?"

"It's too cold for me to feel my face; I need you to hit me so I can produce a tear!" She yells as she leans over Jack. "Please, just do it."

As much as Merida didn't want to hit her friend, if it will help save Jack it has to be done. Merida walks over to behind Rapunzel, and started to hit her hard on the back.

Rapunzel grunts with each impact, but she kept her mind focused on singing her song.

"Flower...hmf...gleam and glow

Let your...hmf...power shine

Make the clock reverse

Bring back what once...hmf...what once was mine."

Hiccup almost couldn't stand to watch the two girls almost hurting themselves like this. He turned his attention to Jack just to avoid looking at the girls.

"Heal what...mmf...what had been hurt

Change...ow...change the fate's design

Save what has...eow...has been lost.

Being back what once was mine."

She bangs her head down to try to make a tear drop fall. But any water that filled her eyes froze in place.

"Come on," she begged and she tries to shake the water loose. "COME ON!"

"Rapunzel," Hiccup said grabbing her hand. "Stop, we are not going to help Jack if you beat yourself up like this."

"But...b-b-b-but..." Rapunzel said before she became short of breath.

Merida helps her lean back and cuddle her just like a mother to a sad child. She even strokes her short brown hair. "Shhh," she whispers. "We'll figure this out, we will..."

Hiccup looks down at Jack, still moaning softly. He then notices that the changes have almost stopped. But he wasn't a total fearling yet. His shirt was still half blue, and his hair still had white in them.

"Hey guys," Hiccup said, grabbing the girls' attention. "Something's up. The change, its...not happening."

The girls look down to see what Hiccup was talking about.

"But how? Why?" Merida asks out of curiosity.

Hiccup didn't have a defiant answer, but he did have a few theories. "Maybe it's because we're so far away from Pitch? Or because the area is cold like Jack? Or...quiet possibly..."

"What?" Rapunzel asks to make Hiccup get to the point.

"Maybe Jack's fighting the spell, that's why he isn't moving and screaming," Hiccup suggests.

The girls look at Jack, hoping that Hiccup is right. If Jack is fighting, there may still be a chance.

Jack continued to follow the light through the dark hallways of his mind. Jack often had to stop to look around; not believing his mind is so dark. He mostly blames Pitch for that. Nether the less, he didn't stop moving for fear of Pitch popping out of any corner.

Suddenly Jack and the light found themselves in front of an old wooden door in the middle of the wide open space. The light gently pushed the door open, and a blue light nearly blinds Jack.

"In here," the light insisted.

Jack was a little hesitant to follow a voice he's never heard before, but it was better then getting caught by Pitch. So he quickly follows the light through the door.

Once the light dims, Jack looks around in this new room. It was a very tiny light blue room with planets and stars painted on. Tiny toys were on small shelves and small picture books were scattered on the floor. Hanging from the ceiling was a small mobile with a giant planet in the centre with stars around it. On one star was a man, holding his arms up as if he was on a roller coaster. Just below it was a small dome like cradle with a moon base head board and different shades of the moon around it.

Jack looked at the cradle, getting an unknown feeling about it. He gently touched it, feeling how warm it is. A sudden tug of his heart made him feel nervous almost scared, and yet he can't remember why.

"What is this place?" Jack asks the ball of light.

The light dimmed a bit as it rests on top of the head board. "I'm surprise that you don't remember," It said. "But then again I shouldn't have my hopes high. It was well over three hundred years since you've seen this."

"300 years?" Jack repeats totally confused. "I couldn't have visited here when I was alive."

"No, you didn't," the light said. "This was from beyond your time, and into mine."

"That doesn't make any sense?" Jack said almost loosing his patients with this.

"No I suppose not," The light said. It then flew over the cradle almost in front of Jack. "Have you thought back to the day you woke up and emerge from that pond?"

"All the time," Jack said taking a step back. "It was the day that I found out who I was, and that I was invisible to the rest of the world."

"But have you questioned why you couldn't remember your pervious life? Your family and home? Even when you got your teeth box, why you still can't remember your sister's name?"

Jack nearly bit his lower lip as he searches his mind for that memory. But he was drawing a blank, how could he not remember? He did remember that he did look before, around the campfire at Rapunzel's time. But just like last time, he can't remember his mother's face or his sister's name. it was almost cruel of him to be this way.

"No, I don't," Jack admits.

"And yet Bunny, North, Tooth and Sandy could remember their pasts before they became guardians. Have you ever wondered why?"

Jack shakes his head no, but he then had a strange thought that needed answering, "How do you know? Are you from my past life?"

The light let out a sigh before it flew away from Jack and to the mobile. "Not exactly, I am a past incarnation, but not as you were when you were human."

This made Jack even more confused. "What do you mean?"

"Jack," the light said with a very soft voice. "I'm sure people have told you that you are special."

"Yeah," he answers. He remembers that North and Emily have said that. But that's mostly with this quest; it shouldn't be about this...right?

"Well," the light continued. "It mostly is because of how you...how we were reborn."

"We?" Jack said totally surprised. "I think I would've remembered if you were also coming out of the pound."

"I did," the light said. "But not as an individual… but from inside you."

Jack's hand touched his heart, still totally confused of what the light is talking about. "Inside me?"

"Yes," the light replied as it swoops down and meets Jack face to face. "You weren't alone in that pond, I was there too. But when you fell in, your body and my spirit merged together and you became Jack Frost."

"What?" Jack gasps with his jaw opened and his eyes wide.

"My spirit was put there a long time ago, way back before you were even born," the light explained as he retreats back to the cradle. "It was my job to protect someone here, someone I later called a friend. The one that watches the entire world from the sky."

Jack creeps up to the cradle and looks into it, noticing a small rattle with red strips and a crescent moon on the end. He picked it up and shook it, hearing the little beads in the ball.

Then, he heard a baby's giggle, as if it was a whisper in the wind. Jack curiously shook the rattle again, and the baby's laugh was accompanied by another's. It made Jack smile, yet scared.

This new sensation made Jack's head feel light and dizzy, as if it was remembering something important. He blinked his eyes while holding onto his head. When he opened them, the empty cradle suddenly had a young, healthy looking baby in it.

As Jack stares at it confused, the baby smiled and giggled while reaching for the rattle. Jack kindly gives it to him, and the baby shook it a lot. Jack chuckled a bit seeing the baby having fun.

But the baby, it seems very familiar. Jack is sure he's seen it somewhere before. On a painting? In a book? His mind was a total blank.

The baby then drops the rattle and reaches for something above him. Jack looked up to see the mobile above them. That's when Jack's mind clicked, seeing the baby trying to reach the big moon.

"It's the man in the moon, Tsar, isn't it," Jack asks the ball of light.

"Yes," it answers. "It was my duty to protect him, making sure he grew up safe and sound. We were very happy with all the adventures we had. Chasing stars, circling planets, race with the moon mice and riding the moon slugs."

As Jack wonders what are moon nice and moon slugs, the room played a soft melody. It sounds calm and dainty, like a music box. On the walls, lyrics began to write themselves in silver.

They read...

'Nightlight, bright light

Sweet dreams I bestow

Sleep tight, all night

Forever I will glow'

"Nightlight," Jack repeats while looking at the light. "That's you isn't it."

The light dimmed a bit, enough so Jack can see a clear ball before him. What he didn't expect was to see a boy inside the ball.

The boy had short, wild white hair that framed his small face. His body was thin with a one piece jump suit with penguin tails that flew in the wind. His shoes were long and pointy, and he had a sash that went across his chest along with some battle guard. But the thing that caught Jack's eyes was the staff in the boy's hands. It was taller than the boy and it had a weird sharp hook on it, almost like a dagger.

"Yes," the boy answers. "It is very nice to finally meet you Jack."

Jack was indeed surprised to see Nightlight in his mind. Sure, he's heard the story of him, but he imagined this.

"Why are you here?" He asks with respect.

Nightlight sighs as he looks at the cradle. "My job was to protect the child, no matter the cost. During the golden years, everything was at peace. Until Pitch opened the door and was consumed by the shadows and the darkness."

"Yeah, Emily already told us that story," Jack said.

"But what she didn't tell you is what happened afterwards, how he got locked in the centre of the earth."

Jack leans in, curious of Nightlight's story.

"It was natural for shadows to try to sniff out the light," he continued. Although sorrow was starting to show on his face, he remained strong. "So when the moon came close with the family, Pitch saw disaster for the moon to light up the dark skies. He wanted to destroy it and the good people on it. A giant battle ensued, and it was my vow to protect the child."

Suddenly, all around the room were childlike paintings of a battle, with the good warriors in gold, and the enemy in black.

"His parents fought with such honour, but they were eventually captured and drained of all happiness and light. I knew that the nightmare king will go after the child next, and I had to keep him safe. He cried for his parents, and a single tear made a sharp diamond dagger for me. I used it to stab Pitch and created a huge explosion. It was so huge that it sent Pitch and I to earth. While Pitch landed in a cold dark cave to recover, I fell into that same pond you came out off."

Jack looked at Nightlight, almost not believing this really happened. But his mind played like a music box, a soft feeling with a hint of déjà vu. He knew that it did happen, and that nightlight was there. And now he's inside Jack? How is that possible?

The spirit continued, "It was so cold and dark, and I was too weak to do anything. So my body fell into a coma like state. There were times I couldn't remember my own name. But the man in the moon was always there, watching me like I've done for him. But he had no way to save me from my frozen state. That was, until you fell in."

The pictures around them changed. It looks like the town Jack first went too when he emerged from the pond. There was even a drawing of that just outside the town area.

Nightlight saw a hint of sadness on Jack, knowing this subject is touchy and close to the heart. But Jack deserves the whole story. "When you and your sister went out ice skating that day, Tsar was watching. He saw how you would protect your sister, while convincing her to have fun. He knew you were guardian material right then and there. But when you fell, it cracked open the ice, allowing the moonlight to go through the water. I don't know how it is, but when tsar saw us together, he figured we would make a very powerful guardian. One that can protect the children. So he used his magic to bring us together, turning us both into Jack Frost."

Jack eyes wide upon hearing this, never knowing that this was how he was made.

"But things, didn't exactly go to plan," Nightlight continued.

"What do you mean?" Jack asks, "Does this have to do with why I can't remember anything."

"Yes," Nightlight said ashamed. "Your memories and my memories wouldn't mix, leaving us vulnerable. So...in one sense, your memories and my memories canceled each other out, making us a completely new person. My memories only woke up when you battled against Pitch the first time, and when discovered your centre with Jamie. Ever since then, I've been here, watching and helping you. It was my way to say that...that...

Nightlight turns his face away as the room returns to its original colour. "I am so sorry that I did that to you. If it wasn't for me, you would've been able to remember your family and home. And I took that away from you. I know there's no way you can forgive me for that..."

"Why?" Jack asks.

Nightlight looks at him, completely surprised of his response. He was expecting him to be furious.

"It wasn't entirely your fault," Jack said as his hand touches the glass ball Nightlight is in. "You did what you had to, to protect the man in the moon. That's just like I do to protect my friends and the children. Don't get me wrong, I'm a little upset, but in a strange way I'm happy. I finally got the answers I've been looking for."

Nightlight chuckled a bit, and a smile spread across his face.

"And in some strange way, this is kinda cool. Pun totally intended. I always had a certain drive to be with the children and to make them feel happy and safe. It always seemed to warm my cold heart. But I think that drive wouldn't be there if it wasn't for you. You almost helped me push myself, making me strong. Strong enough to protect everyone. So, I should really say...thank you."

Nightlight looks at him as they exchange smiles.

"You're most welcome," he said.

But the Jack got back to the situation at hand. "I know two's a company, but three is a total crowd. How do we get Pitch out of here?"

"I'm not entirely sure," Nightlight confesses. "He is stronger than ever before. It's going to take a lot to get him out."

Jack paces around the room, trying to think of something that can help.

But then he felt light and weak, nearly loosing his balance. It didn't help that the room started to shake with dry wall chipping off.

"What's happening?" He asks out loud.

"It's Pitch!" Nightlight answered in fright. "He's trying to find you!"

"I feel dizzy," Jack said as he leans onto the cradle for stability.

"It's as I fear," nightlight said. "He's trying to take over your mind. He's going through your memories, your soul to find you while corrupting them. If he swallows you up, it's over. You'll be his!"

The room shakes more violently, making the Mobil crash on to the cradle. Jack fell back as the floor shook beneath him.

Nightlight also fell onto his butt in his little ball, starting to become very more terrified than Jack.

"How do we stop him?" Jack asks in a very loud voice.

"I don't know!" Nightlight shouts back. "But we must remember this...no matter how dark things get, there will always be a light."

Before Jack can ask what he means, the door in the room bursts open and a wave of shadows took over the room, and everyone inside.

Rapunzel continued to hold on to Jack's hand, trying to soothe him. She uses Hiccup's fur vest to cover her feet up as the fire starts to warm her back down. She's tried to cry and sing her song again, but the wind made all her tears freeze. Ultimately, she gave up on that and does her best to make Jack comfortable and calm.

Merida also tries her best to sooth the tension, by biting on some bread she got out of Toothless's saddle bag. It isn't much, but it will do. She kept her bow and arrows at the ready just in case Pitch manages to find his way here, or if she has to fight her best friend. She would not want that to happen, but with Jack changing, it just might happen.

As for Hiccup, he couldn't stop staring at his and Merida's stones. He tries to think of they can be used to save Jack, but so far all he's drawing up are blanks.

"I don't get it," he mutters out loud.

"Get what?" Merida asks.

Hiccup stood up and passes her stone to her. "I don't get how these are supposed to stop Pitch," he said. "Emily said when all our stones are combined; they will give us the power to stop him. But they can't do a simple thing as to save Jack."

"I'm just as frustrated as you are," Merida said to him. "But what can we do, we can't give up hope."

"I suppose," he said while looking at Rapunzel and Jack. "But sitting here in the cold isn't going to help him."

Merida sighs as she looks on to the fire crackling before her. She would love to find a local witch and ask her to help save Jack, but no one knows this world or how things have changed. They would be wasting time of they just fly off in a direction and hope for the best.

"But what can we do?" She asks him. "None of us are guardians, what can we do?"

"I wish I knew," Hiccup said grabbing her bread and taking a bite.

Suddenly, everyone heard a painful scream from Jack. Merida and Hiccup immediately ran to Rapunzel and watch Jack as he squirms and jerks his body around. Despite him moving, Rapunzel still holds his hand as she became very worried.

Almost in a flash, Jack's hair had more black streaks in it. His shirt and pants became blacker, and his voice had a mix of something not on this earth.

Everyone was taken back when Jack opened his eyes...

Golden yellow.


Everyone wants to rule the World by Lorde originally be tears and fears

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