Rise of the Brave Tangled Dragons

Jack's Light and Centre

"No!" Rapunzel cries out in fear.

Hiccup and Merida bared a shock look on their faces, seeing their friend looking like this.

But Jack was right there, glaring at them with his new golden eyes. He takes in very deep breaths, but still has hints of an agonizing pain. With his screams, the weather around everyone grew worst and worst. Toothless took the full force of the wind with his back, letting his friends focus more on saving Jack.

Rapunzel still refused to let go of his hand, no matter what state he's in.

"Jack?" Rapunzel whispers, knowing that everyone is now in dangerous territory.

Jack turns his head to her, and stares at her.

Her body became a little hesitate upon seeing Jack like this. But she knew that her friend is suffering, and that she needs to be there for him.

"Hey, hey, hey, "she hushes while putting her other hand on his cold cheek. "It's ok. It's me, Rapunzel. It's me...I'm right here. It's ok."

He did nothing, but pants heavy breaths. He looked at her bewildered, as if he didn't know she was there.

Merida saw that Rapunzel was getting nowhere with this, so she raced and grabbed Jack's other hand so he wouldn't blast at her. As she did, he instantly looked at her with the same expression.

"It's alright Jack," she said as calmly as she can, though she had a hint of fear in her. "It's just me, your friend."

"And I'm here too," Hiccup said, awkwardly putting his hand up. Jack looked at him with the same confusing look he gave the girls.

Even Toothless cooed as he does his best to block the heavy wind and snow with his body.

But Jack looked at everyone, completely unsure what to do or how to feel with them. But then the pain came back to his head and he started to scream in agony.

"No," Rapunzel gasps looking at him.

"I don't get it," Merida said looking at Hiccup. "Why didn't he attack us, he's a fearling now right?"

"Not quite," Hiccup said as he bends over to get a good look at Jack. He notices that his shirt still had swirls of blue in it and his hair still had a few strands of white. "I don't think he's completely turned. I think he's still fighting the darkness, even now. As for not blasting us...my only guess is because he doesn't have his staff...but it's just a guess."

"I kinda don't want guesses right now," Merida said to him.

"What do you expect me to think?" He snaps. "I may be smart, but I don't know anything about magic and spells. Isn't that supposed to be your playground? You live next door to a witch!"

"I'm no expert on magic either!" Merida yells at him and shook her stone in her fist, "and I don't know how these stupid stones are supposed to help us save the world, when we can't even save one of us!"

"And you expect me to have the answer?" Hiccup questions.

"You are the smart one," Merida shouts, not withholding her anger. "I thought you would have some idea!"

"Well I don't-"


Both their eyes turned to a very emotional Rapunzel still holding Jack's hand and face. She pants almost as loud and heavy as Jack as she looks at her two friends.

"Arguing like this, won't help us save Jack," she said. "We have to keep our heads together and figure this out; Jack's life depends on it."

Both Hiccup and Merida sigh, knowing that she was right, but they also can't help but to feel hopeless right now.

Jack maybe past saving at this point.

Jack flutters his eyes open, only to see the room as dark as before. The only difference this time was that he was bound by his wrists, waist and ankles by some icky tentacle thing made out of nightmare dust. He pulled his arms and legs close to his body to try to break free, but the tentacles had a strong grip on him.

"Ok," he mutters to himself, "this is getting really old."

His mind then flashes back to that baby room and who was with him at the time.

"Nightlight!" He whispers as he tries to search around for him. "Nightlight!"

He searched around with his eyes, but couldn't find nightlight or the little ball he was in.

"Nightlight," Jack tried again.

"There really no need for that Frost."

Jack looked ahead and saw a very familiar figure he didn't want to see right now.

"Pitch," Jack growled.

"Please," Pitch said with a cruel smile, "you should be really calling me master now."

"Fat chance," Jack said with a smirk. "Bunny should've told you that I don't take orders well."

Pitch didn't loose his temper or his composer as he flies close to Jack's face. He curled his fingers around Jack's chin. "Say what you like, but soon you will be mine."

Jack pulls his face away from Pitch in disgust.

Pitch chuckled and turned his back to Jack. "It would be wise if you accept this and don't fight it, it will be less painful that way...well, for you anyway."

Before Jack could say some smart remark on that, he felt something climbing up his feet. He looks down and saw that same kind of tar that held him before. He panicked and tires his hardest to lift his feet away. But the tar kept climbing on him like symbiote in Spider-Man. He grunts out loud as he watches this tar climbing higher and higher to his knees.

"Soon, you will serve me," Pitch said as he turns his head back to Jack. "You will belong to me."

He smirks as he watches Jack struggling against his magic.

"Soon there'll be nothing left,

You are on your own,

And the road head, you can't handle alone

Your friends abounded you, don't believe in you."

"Liar!" Jack shouts as the tar made its way to his thighs.

"You are foolish, reckless and blind," pitch continued.

"But from now on, you shall be mine!"

Pitch's laughter echoed around and Jack continues to glare at Pitch.

There was no way he was going to give in to this guy, but how can he get away? He's powerless. Is there no escape?

Miles and miles away, Jamie felt a familiar voice calling to him. Maybe it was a faint voice in the wind, or his imagination, but it made him woke up with the start with sweat on his face.

Normally, he would check to see what time it was, but the power was still out. But never the less, Jamie leapt out of his bed and looked through his window. Outside was still very dark with heavy snow falling down.

As he looks out, he swore that he did hear Jack's screaming in the wind. But how?

"Jack?" He whispers, hoping to hear an answer. "Are you alright?"

He looked around his room and outside, hoping to see a sign.

Emily weakly looks at Jamie, trying to figure out what he's trying to do. When she heard him mention Jack, that made her become very interested.

He continues to look at the storm outside, wondering what's happening with Jack. He doesn't know how or why, but he knew that something bad happened to him. It was like you know if someone you care about is hurt from away. It didn't sooth Jamie though, he became extremely worried.

He puts his hands together and calmly whispers down to them. "Jack, I know you're out there, and I know you're doing what you can to protect us. But please, you need to be strong, you have too. I still believe in you, I know you will turn this weather around. Just please...please...be safe."

Emily watch as Jamie says his prayers. She still couldn't believe that after everything this kid has to endure, the snow storms, the power outages, the threat that his father won't be home for Christmas, this kid still had his hopes up and still believes in the good in the world. Emily can't tell if it's because it's Christmas, a time for belief and charity, or that this child has a good heart. But he's still holding strong where others have fallen.

She can't let this child's prayers go to waste. Even if she doesn't know where Jack is at this point, she knows the wind does. Using all the magic she has left, she created a small gust of wind in the palm of her hand and whispers to it.

"You need to hear this Jack. Jamie is still here for you. He still believes in you. He still has faith in you. You need to hear it."

With that, she blew the wind to fly into the sky, to find Jack wherever he is.

Back in the snow storm, Jack still continued to scream in agony. He tries squirming his body free to move, but Rapunzel and Merida still had a good grip on him. Though his hands started to almost be as cold as ice; making them shiver in the cold.

"Come on Jack," Rapunzel whispers to her ailing friend. "Please don't give in, not now."

Merida looked down in sorrow, not sure that Jack will ever be able to recover from this. Hiccup felt the same way, with an expression as sad and cold as stone.


Everyone's ears perk up to the faint whisper. But as they looked around, they saw no one.

"Did I just hear that?" Hiccup asked out loud, "or did I imagine things?"

"No," Merida answers, "I heard it too."


The voice was louder that time, and it sounded like a small child calling out.


As everyone turned their heads to locate the voice, Jack's body shifted. He stopped screaming, and his panting became slower and easy.

"Jam...ie?..." He whispers in a soft voice.

Everyone turned to him, completely shocked at what he just said.

"What was that?" Merida asks as she shook his shoulder to get him to answer.

Instead, he gave out a soft moan of pain. "Jamie…kid…"

"Jack?" Rapunzel pleads as she looks to Jack.

Suddenly, Jamie's voice filled the air again.

"Jack...I know you're out there...and I know...you're doing what you can...to protect us... But please... You need to be strong...you have too..."

With every word Jamie spoke, Jack was starting to relax even more. Everyone took noticed and looked at him with a glimmer of hope in their faces.

"Think he's hearing this?" Merida asks.

"I'm sure he is," Rapunzel said with much enthusiasm.

Within the darkness, with the tar almost reaching his hips, Jack looks up to hear Jamie's voice echoing around him.

"...you need to be strong...you have too..."

"Jamie!" Jack cries out as he struggles to break free from his imprisonment.

Pitch however, became more impatient, and it shows in his face. His brow narrowed and his frown.

"That boy won't save you this time," Pitch said as he flicks his fingers. In an instant, the dark sand swirls all around Jack, making him scream as his hair flies around.

"Soon, you won't be able to remember Jamie at all."

Jack closed his eyes and screamed again, making everyone around him worry.

"No,no,no,no." Rapunzel whispers. "You can't give up like this."

Merida grabs on to his shoulder and shook him senseless, "you have to keep listening to the kid. You need to listen to Jamie."

"Jam...ie?" Jack asks, as if he almost has no clue what they're talking about.

"Yeah, Jamie, remember?" Hiccup said. "The friend you talk about a lot, and whose voice we've heard before. You gotta focus Jack."

But instead of focusing, Jack continued to squirm and moan in agony.

"Come on," Merida insisted, "you have to remember."

That sprouts a thought into Rapunzel's mind. "Wait, remember... That's it!" She lets go of his cheek and puts her hand into his shirt pouch. With one swift movement, she pulls out a small, golden canister with a picture of a young boy with brown hair.

"What's that?" Hiccup asks her.

"Jack's teeth," she answers.

"We don't have time to look at teeth," Merida said, slowly loosing her patient.

Rapunzel looked at them, forgotten that they weren't there in her tower and Jack. "You don't understand," she said. "Jack told me that the Tooth fairy collects the teeth, because they hold the most important memories of childhood. He used my teeth to help me remember my past. Maybe if we show him some of his memories, maybe he can remember who he is and fight off the darkness."

"That's kinda a stab in the dark," Hiccup said.

"It's the only thing that might work," Rapunzel said.

"Okay," Merida said as she sits up straight to look at her. "How does it work?"

Rapunzel looks down at the canister, and tries to pry it open with her fingers. But then she thought back to what happened in the tower. When she placed her hand in her teeth bag, Jack added in some of his guardian magic.

With guidance with her hand, she places Jack's hand on the canister. "Come on Jack," she whispers. "Please let this work."

After a minute or so, nothing really happens. Jack's hand was trying to move away from the canister. Merida sighs as she reaches her hand to make his whole hand touch the canister. But his fingers still try to wiggle out, while making everyone's hands super cold. Hiccup then reaches out and made Jack's fingers touch the canister.

At that moment, something happened. Everyone had the same hope and wish that this will help Jack, and their stones glow very bright colours. As they wonder what's happening, a warm glow illuminates their hands and lite the canister. Soon, a golden stream of most came from the canister and made a small wormhole in the sky.

"What's happening?" Merida asks everyone, but no one had a defiant answer.

Soon, something came into view in the portal. A scene appeared of a young girl with brown hair and a brown dress yelling at an older boy with a brown cape and short brown hair who was hanging off a tree.

"Jack!" She cries out in frustration. "Get down from there!"

Everyone looked inside the portal, particularly at the boy. The style of his hair and his body shape made everyone think that they've seen him before.

"Is that who I think it is?" Rapunzel asks.

"I think it is," Hiccup said as he looks closer. "I think that's Jack."

Soon the voice of the girl filled the air, but became even more fidget then before.

"I'm guessing the fearling doesn't want Jack to see this," Merida concludes as she struggles to hold Jack in place.

Hiccup saw that the girls' job of holding Jack down is getting more troublesome. He looks to Toothless as he goes to Jack's head. "We need your help to hold him down bud."

Toothless looks around at them, indicating that the snow and the wind he's holding back will blast them.

Hiccup saw his friend's distress and nods to him. "We'll be ok," he said as he kneels down and grabs Jack's head. "Just do it."

Though a little hesitant, toothless lowers his wings and body. A huge gust of wind came and nearly blew everyone into the submission of the cold. But they held firm, and hold on to Jack with their lives. Toothless then places a big paw on Jack and held him down with a bit of weight.

Everyone then struggles through the rough weather as they look to the mini movie playing in the golden mist. Hiccup even had to force Jack's eyes open for him to watch.

The scenes turned into a short montage with Jack playing and playing tricks with the little girl. Everyone quickly concluded that the little girl is his sister. They looked like they were having fun with each other in the snow and in the small little home they're in. They never saw the mother's face, which was sad. But what did made them smile, is seeing almost every child that Jack ever had contact with, always had fun around him.

But then, they all saw the event that changed everything. they watch as Jack and his sister skate on a very nice pond. Until his sister became stuck on top of some cracking thin ice.

"Oh no," Rapunzel gasps as she watches the scene.

"Jack..." The girl said as she stares down to the ice around her, cracking under her feet.

"I'm scared..."

The dark wind kept circling around Jack, but his mind focused more on the the voice of his sister in his mind.

"What?" Pitch said looking around, not in any way happy.

"I know," he heard himself said. "But you'll be ok."

Suddenly, a bright light shot forth from above, and spread to make a wide window to what his eyes were seeing. It nearly blinded Pitch away, but it didn't. It made him even more furious. He tries to use his power to make everything dark again. But the light was too strong, even the tar stopped climbing as it reached Jack's chest. Even the dark dust wind vanished into the light.

Jack continued to look up and watch his past replay to him.

"You're not going to fall in," his past self said with a small smile. Jack watches as he sees his past self trying to think of a way to save his sister and to make her not be scared. "We're going to have a little fun instead."

"No we're not!" His sister cries out.

"Would I trick you?" His past self asks her.

"Yes, you always play tricks," his sister answers.

The Jack heard soft giggles from around him. He finds some strength to move his real eyes and saw that his friends around him watch and giggle. He almost couldn't believe that they're still with him, after what was happening around him.

"No, not this time," his past self said. "I promise, you're going to be just fine. You have to believe in me."

The word 'believe' echoed inside Jack's mind. Almost making it shake. Pitch nearly lost his balance as he continues to make everything dark and black again.

But then, Jack notices something, something he never spotted before. He saw that a bit of magic came from the ice a little ways away, and it formed into the stick like staff he uses to save her later.

Was that thanks to the moon, or Nightlight?

"You wanna play?" The past Jack said while he looks to the side of the pond and the only branch that can reach his sister. "We're gonna play hop scotch. Like we do every day."

The sister nods as she calms down a bit.

"It's as easy as...one..." Past Jack said as he takes on huge step away from his spot. He then flails his arms, making it look like he was loosing balance. "Whoaaaa..."

The sister giggles as she watches Jack perform his little show. Jack could hear his friends around him laugh at his attempt to help his sister.

"Oh Jack," Merida said with a smile on her face.

"A true friend to the end," Hiccup said from above.

"I knew he would do that, he's a great person," Rapunzel said before she turned her head to Jack. "You hear that Jack, you've always want to help people."

She then turns back to the show, while allowing Jack having a good view from inside his mind.

"Two..." The past Jack said before taking the finale leap towards the giant stick. "Three." He then grabs hold of the staff and point it at her. "Alright, now it's your turn."

Though the sister looked nervous, she bravely took her first step. Everyone around him held their breath as they watch.

"One..." Past Jack said as he leans in closer to her. "That's it, that's it...two."

The sister took another step, but the ice is quickly cracking under her feet. She gasps in fear, but that's when past Jack made his move. He uses the staff to grab a hold on his sister and slings her away from the cracked ice. But it also made him propel onto the thin ice.

As he and the sister look at each other smiling and safe, the ice around the past Jack gave in and he plummets into the cold, dark water.

"Jack!" His sister cries out as she disappears from the view of the cracked ice.

"Oh no," Rapunzel gasps as she and the others were shocked at what they witnessed.

Even from his mind, Jack nearly froze as he watches his death again.

He then felt very cold, as if he was in the water again. He sees the bright light of the moon glowing brighter and brighter. It felt warm to him again, just as it did before. He watches as his body becomes infused with the moon's light.

But then, he notices something else too, the small thing of light coming from the deepest part of the lake. As past Jack's body sank to the bottom, the light rose to meet him.

"Nightlight," Jack whispers as he and everyone sees the light traveling upwards and the pushes into Jack's back. Then past Jack's body was consumed by light, as his physical appearance changes to the one everyone was familiar with today.

"Oh Jack," Rapunzel said as she turns his head to face her. "I'm so sorry. But...it's not all bad. Look how happy you made kids around the world."

She then signals everyone around her to keep adding on, trying to make Jack focus on them and not the darkness surrounding him.

"Yeah," Merida said with a nervous smile. "You created snow for them to play in, and you use your powers to help the guardians."

"And don't forget about Jamie," Hiccup added. "He's your best friend, and your first believer. You've risked your life to protect him. You can't give in now."

Pitch growls as Jack started to smile upon hearing his friends' words.

"Enough of this," He snarls as he flips his hands to make the light of outside be taken over by the darkness. As it starts to cover the light, Jack could hear his friends worried sighs, and Jamie's words.

"I still believe in you..." He said. "I know you will turn this weather around...Just please...please...be safe."

Jack watches as the last sign of light disappears and he and Pitch are alone in the dark.

"Foolish children," Pitch said with a smirk. "Don't they realize that it's too late? The darkness has won."

Jack looked at him, and made it clear in his mind that he wouldn't give up like this. Not when there are people counting on him. His memories made him flash back to everything and everyone he encountered on this adventure. Most of them believe in him, and is counting on him to fight off the darkness.

Then he remembers what Nightlight said earlier. "No matter how dark things get, there will always be a light."

Jack held on to that, and sees the light within the words of his friends. He then realizes that no matter how bad things get, if your friends are around, you can overcome anything. Like Rapunzel did against her mother, or Hiccup against the Red Death, and Merida saving her mother. All his friends had to overcome the darkness, and now it's his turn.

"Not yet," Jack grunts as he tries to pulls away from the tar and the tentacles that bind him.

As he tries to lunge away, Pitch laughs like a maniac. "It's useless Frost. Nothing you can do can stop me."

But Pitch's words didn't stop Jack, he continued to lunge himself away from the darkness. With one powerful yell and his rediscovered strength, he manages to pull away from the tentacles and tear himself free from the tar.

He plops on the floor, panting hard.

If Pitch wasn't surprised before, he was defiantly surprised now. "What?" He said angry and shocked. "You can't be doing that. I'm in control."

"Not anymore," Jack said with a confident smile.

As he stands up, he found a new sense of confidence and power. Something he's never felt before. Maybe because he was so focused on what may happen, he never thought of what could happen. He's helped people throughout time, being visible or not. He's got a group of good friends that believe in him. And He's realized that there's more to him then just ice and the cold. He's got a strong light inside him, and it's time for Pitch to know that.

"In the darkest place," he said as he puts all his focus on Pitch.

"There's the faintest light

Gives me hope to face the hardest fight

Pain may have delivered me

But I don't need your sympathy"

"What?" Pitch gasps with a narrow brow.

"Cause you can't take away my mind," Jack continued.

"Where I go, you will never find.

I've got to be stronger,"

As he spoke, he felt a hand on his shoulder. Jack turns his head to see Hiccup. It doesn't make sense how or why he's here, but he is, standing with Jack.

"Reach up higher," they both said in one voice.

Suddenly, Hiccup's voice drop, and Merida appears on the other side of Jack, speaking with him.

"Must dig deeper

Find the fire"

Suddenly, Rapunzel appeared in front of Jack, shielding him against Pitch.

"Feel enlightened," they said together.

Can't be frightened, anymore"

Though Jack has no idea how his friends got here, but it was good that they're here with him. Together, they glare at Pitch and stood their ground.

"I can run now, so much faster," they said together with Jack being the power behind their voices.

"Now defeat you, beat my master."

Jack then made his way to the front of the group, and stood ready against Pitch.

"For to conquer the demons,

I won't have to wait any longer," he said with a confident voice.

"I've got to be stronger"

Without thinking, Jack breaks into a run to attempt to punch Pitch. If he can't use his powers, he was going to use whatever means to get Pitch out of his mind.

But pitch easily slides out of the way, and whips Jack in the back with a black dust whip. It send Jack in to a tumble and away from Pitch.

Pitch chuckles as he watches Jack dazed and trying to stand up. "You really think you can get rid of me that easily?! Fool, I'm the master of darkness! Nothing can truly defeat me!"

He then pushes out his hand, sending out a turret of dark sand in Jack's direction. Jack managed to get on his knees as he sees it. He puts his arms up in front of his body and closed his eyes, ready for the impact.

Before it hits Jack, a light force field went around him. The dark sand hit it instead of Jack.

"What?" Pitch said angry and shocked.

Jack was confused too, he looked at his hands. They sparkle and shot out an electrified ice. As he looks into them, he felt a new kind of power awakening inside of him.

He then felt a strong wind gently on his face and around his body. As he looks into that direction, he saw a familiar ball of light in front of him.

"Nightlight," he said with glee as he stands up.

The ball of light shined brightly, illuminating the area up. It was so bright, Pitch had to create a wall of shadows just to keep himself out of the light. When the light finally dimmed, the small glass ball was gone. In its place was a ghostly figure of spirit of Nightlight, with his pointy shoes, wild hair, and his staff.

"No!" Pitch screamed as he watches this scene unfold.

Behind Nightlight, Hiccup, Toothless, Rapunzel and Merida walked up with a smile. Along with Jamie, Sophie, Cupcake, Pippa, Claude, Caleb, Monty, Eugene, the tavern thugs, Astrid, the Berk teens Elinor, Merida's brothers, the guardians and Emily. They were all here, in Jack's heart and mind.

Jack and Nightlight smile at each other, somehow reading each other's minds, and what they have to do.

Nightlight steps closer to Jack, and places a hand on his shoulder.

"You'll see in time," he said with an ensuring voice.

"You will survive

Too soon to run

Too late to hide

It's your destiny

Every pace, every stride"

With that, Nightlight closed his eyes, and his body was swallowed by a small ball of white light. It then went into Jack, right into his heart. It didn't feel painful, or hot, it was warm and relief. As if anything cold about Jack Frost was thawed away in an instant.

Soon, all the people around him became balls of light themselves, each differing by colour. Instead of going into Jack like Nightlight did, the circle around him like stars around sky.

Jack saw this new power, is because of all the bonds he's had, and the friends he's made, makes him stronger then when he was alone. He also help them through their troubles and their demons.

His friends became his light, like he is to them. This light made him stronger, and it's time Pitch gets that message.

Jack opens his palms, and shot out a electrified beam of ice at Pitch. It hit him squire in the stomach, making him back away in pain.

At first, Jack was surprised he can do it, but as he kept releasing this new power at Pitch, it started to flow naturally. As if he's done it for years.

"Wait, Stop!" Pitch commands as he gets pelted with more ice.

But Jack didn't stop. He wants Pitch out of his mind for good. But he has a few choice words with each blast of power in his attacks. As he spoke, the other lights back him up with their voices mixing with his own.

"I am stronger

Reach up higher

Digging deeper

Found the fire"

As Pitch backs away from Jack, the shadows around them began to disappear into glorious light. Jack then starts to walk and attack Pitch with the other lights behind him.

"Feel enlightened

Won't be frightened, anymore!"

Pitch is literally clawing at the wall as Jack gets closer and closer to him. Seeing no choice, he fires streams of shadows to stop the boy. But as they were about to hit, Jack jumped out away and hovers a couple of feet in the sky.

"I can run now, so much faster

Now defeat won't, be my master"

Jack looks down to a very crossed Pitch.

"For to conquer the demons

I won't have to wait any longer!

I've got to be stronger!"

Jack then felt it was finally time to end this nightmare. So he nearly crushes his hands together and made the biggest snowball of his life.

"I am stronger!" He yells as he throws it at Pitch, making a huge explosion of light.

Everyone struggles to hold on to Jack as his body continues to squirm. Suddenly, Rapunzel and Merida felt Jack holding on to their hands. But it wasn't cold, it was actually quiet warm.

As the two of them stare in bewilderment, Hiccup stares out and looks at Toothless. But then, notices a faint blue light flying closer and closer to them.

"What's that?" He asks out loud, grabbing the girls' attention.

Suddenly, the snow and the wind blowing against them seemed to get lighter. They look around them, to see the wind created a cyclone around them, carrying the snow around them. From the outside, two sticks came flying in and plopped in the snow.

But those two sticks were very familiar to everyone."

"Isn't that-" Rapunzel asks out loud.

"Jack's staff," Hiccup confirmed.

As they look to the broken pieces of the staff, they felt a bit of air around Jack. In one shockwave, they all back away as the air carried Jack high in the sky.

Rapunzel watch this and feared the worst, this is when Jack change. "No!" She cries as she tries to grab hold of anything she could. But Jack was just out of her reach.

Then, a faint glow came from the pieces of the staff. Toothless cooed to bring everyone's attention to the matter.

"What's happening?" Merida asks as she and everyone watch the staff fly into the air. Right where the staff broke apart, a stream of blue dust came out and compacted into a small object shining in the air.

"Is that what I think it is?" Rapunzel said in awe as the sticks fell back to the ground and the light dimmed on the object, revealing a small blue stone with a white snowflake.

"I think it is," Hiccup said with his jaw opened.

"It must be," Merida gasps with her eyes wide.

Soon the stone flew high to Jack, and he caught it in his bare hands. The wind around him made him straight as his clothes started to revert back, and his hair returned to its natural shade of white.

Jack opens his sparkling blue eyes, looking around at the power he now hold. With one deep breath, he yells his new found status to the air, and hopefully to Pitch.

"Now I'm stronger!"

As he yells, the darkness that was in him were pushed out of him and evaporated in the air. Leaving Jack's body and mind for good.

Now Jack, along with his friends, have to stop the darkness for good.


Stronger From Finding Neverland the musical.

Pitch's verse is the same melody as the 1st verse in Live by the Hook

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