Rise of the Brave Tangled Dragons

Let it Go

Pitch's eyes snapped open, feeling something tore away from his soul. He pants heavily as sweat dripped from him forehead.

"What is it master?" Tooth asks with the other guardians around her.

"Frost," Pitch snarls as he leans on his throne for support. "He broke free."

"What?" North gasps in dismay.

"I don't know how he did it, but he didn't succumb to my darkness," Pith said with a narrow brow.

"How is that possible?" Bunny asks. "The darkness is mighty and powerful. No one can defeat it."

Pitch growled at this turn of events. Having someone as small as Jack actually beat his powers is something he wasn't expecting. It seems that he and the rest of these children are full of surprises.

"But it doesn't matter," Tooth said while cuddling Pitch by the arms. "Tonight is Christmas Eve. After tonight, there will be nothing standing in your way."

Pitch smiles as he looks to the globe. More and more lights started to fade out, until there were about a couple hundred on the globe.

Pitch cruel smirk never left his face as he chuckles dark and sinister

"Soon, Christmas will be gone, as well as the children's faith. It will all be mine!"

As the wind finally dies, and the snow stopped blowing everywhere, everyone watches Jack as he slowly touch his bare feet to the ground.

"Jack?" Rapunzel whispers as she stares at him. "Are...are you alright?"

Jack looks at her with his crystal blue eyes, and gives her a gentle smile.

"Yeah," he said as calm as the wind, "I'm alright. I'm fine."

Without hesitation, Rapunzel ran to him and gave him a big hug around his neck. Her body weight nearly made Jack fall backwards. But he maintained his balance and gives her a big hug in return.

Hiccup and Toothless ran up to the two of them, and Hiccup gave him a pat on the back. "Good to see you back."

"It's good to be back," Jack comments as he smiles at Hiccup.

Merida went and picked up the two broken staff pieces before she went to join the others. "I have to admit it; you gave us quite the hibby-jibbies back there."

"Sorry about that," Jack said to her. He then looked around to the friends surrounding him. If it wasn't for them, he might've given in to the darkness. He has to let them know that he's really thankful to have friends like them.

"Thank you, all of you, for not giving on me," he said with a small smile.

The three friends smile back, as good friends do.

"Of course," Rapunzel said to Jack. "We're friends, there for each other till the end, right?"

"Right," Merida and Hiccup said together.

Merida then presents the staff pieces to Jack, "I think this is yours."

Jack takes the staff pieces, and felt something totally new with them. It's as if the bond he made with it is gone. Now, they're just two pieces of sticks, not the staff that helped guide him for 300 years. It was amazing, yet sad at the same time. But Jack knows that he doesn't need the staff anymore. He has a new power, and he will use it from now on. So with a heavy heart, he lets the sticks fall back into the snow.

The others looked a little confuse, especially with Jack's smile. "Thanks," he said, "but I don't need it anymore." To prove his point, he opens his free hand and made a small crystal snowflake hover above his palm.

Everyone gasps in shock in seeing this new form of magic.

"How did you do that?" Rapunzel asks him.

"Oh, where to begin," Jack said while still holding on to his childlike smile. "When I was alone in the darkness of my mind, I found out some interesting things about myself."

"Such as?" Hiccup insisted.

"Well," Jack began. "I learned that I'm a sort of reincarnation of the first guardian named Nightlight."

"Nightlight?" Merida questions.

"Yeah," Jack nods as he continues. "He fought against Pitch when he first turned into the nightmare king. They both fell to earth, and nightlight fell into a coma until I died. After that, we...kinda merged together."

"We sort of saw that," Hiccup said.

"So not only am I one guardian, I guess you can say I'm two." Jack then looked down at his stone as it plays around in his hand. "The guardian of fun, and the protector of light. I just can't believe it took me this long to realize that."

"I can't believe your stone was in your staff this entire time," Merida said as she looks down at the two sticks in the snow.

"I wonder why it didn't come out until now." Rapunzel said as she darts her eyes to Jack and the sticks.

"I think I've got a pretty good idea why," Jack said as he holds his stone firm in his hands. "It's because I was so focused on my past history, of not being believed in, I was scared of what could happen. When I should've been paying attention to what is happening around me. I have a believer, I'm part of the greatest group in the world, even better than the avengers, and I'm surrounded by the greatest group of friends in all of time. How couldn't I see that? Once I realize that, I guess my powers evolved into something from new. Because I met all of you, you helped made me stronger, strong enough to battle through the darkness. And that's when my stone appeared, and I know my true centre."

"Which is?" Rapunzel asks eagerly.

"It's still fun," Jack said in honestly, "buts instead of just presenting fun for the children, it's about having fun with the friends you make."

Everyone around Jack felt the same way. Sure there were tough times they had to face, but they also had a lot of fun helping and learning from each other.

But Merida then focuses back on the task in hand. "So now we have all the stones..."

Everyone had a firm hand on the stone that's in their hands, and looked a little nervous.

"What do we do with them?" Merida asks very blunt. "How are they going to stop Pitch?"

"I...have no idea," Jack answers honesty.

"Maybe...they have to be present with Pitch?" Hiccup suggested. "Then they activate to be chains..."

"It can't be as simple as that," Jack said. "Remember what Emily said, she said that our stones will unlock our powers."

"I don't see any lock," Rapunzel said as she takes her stone in her fingers and tries to look closer at it for any clues.

Hiccup opens his palm to get a better look at his, but it seemed the same as it always is. "Maybe we have to shake it, like the globe?"

"Or do we have to break them?" Merida suggested as she picks at her stone with her fingers.

As Jack opens his palm to look at his stone, it began to shine a light blue light. "Whoa," he said as his eyes open wide.

Merida's and Hiccup's stones began to glow too. While Merida's made a strong red light, Hiccup's was shining a bright green.

"What's happening?" Hiccup asks a little frightened.

Rapunzel quickly pulled her stone away from her face before it shines a light purple light.

"What's with the sparkles?" She cries out.

Without any warning, the stones began to hover above their hands. This scared Toothless so much; he backed away in a panicked stance. Soon, the wind began to surround everyone, making an almost shield between the four children and the rest of the world. But the wind didn't touch the snow, or mess with any of the clouds above. Everyone inside the eye of the storm had a confusing look on their faces as they look all around, trying to figure out what's going on.

Their eyes dart back to their stones, as they flew together and spin around in a circle. As the stones do their little dance, they started to ascend high into the sky. Then soft light fountained out of the stones and around the children. All around them were this aurora light shield that made the area as bright as day.

No one dared to speak; they were too shocked for words. But their facial expressions said enough of what they were feeling. Confused, amazement, wonder, excitement, and scared.

Without another warning, the wind picked up everyone there, making them hover a few inches off the ground.

"Whoa," Hiccup shouts as he looks down.

"Hey now," Merida cries as she tries to keep her dress from flying past her knees.

"Ah," Rapunzel gasps as she tries to study herself.

"Huh," Jack said a little confused; he was in no way controlling the wind.

Then, everyone looked back at their stones, pulling in the aurora lights and the wind into them. Without warning, the stones swiftly zoomed to their chosen ones, and went into their bodies.

It didn't hurt any upon entry, but everyone had a hand to where the stones entered into their chests, very close to their hearts.

Before anyone could say a word, they all felt something strange and new flowing in their veins. Hiccup, Rapunzel and Merida all gasp as they feel this new rush of energy filling their bodies. They suddenly felt very warm, not letting the cold air affect them anymore. Jack had a small breath of release, but it didn't feel as intense as the others did. As he looked down at his hands, he saw that they gave of a soft yet strong blue light. As he looked to the others, he saw that their hands also had colours shining out, but they reflected the colours of their stones.

When the lights fade and the wind died down, everyone immediately felt gravity and plopped in the snow.

Toothless cooed and rushed over to Hiccup with a concern face.

Hiccup shakes the snow off his head as he pats Toothless's nose. "I'm ok bud, I'm ok," he said with a small smile.

Merida was the first to stand and shook the snow off her body. "What was all that about?" She asks very loud.

"I...I don't know," Rapunzel said standing up. She then looks down to her hands, feeling a little strange after what just happened.

They all felt strange. They didn't feel cold anymore, nor did they feel tired or exhausted. They were all warm, relaxed, and fully of energy.

With help from Toothless, Hiccup stood up and looked at his hands. "Whatever that was, I think it did something to us."

"Geesh, thanks captain obvious," Merida said feeling her chest, particularly where her stone went into.

Jack looked at everyone, and was just as confused as them. He went to Rapunzel, being the closet person to him, and held her hand. He then tries to study it, trying to determine what happened to his friends. But just as he kinda predicted, he came up short of answers. "I got nothing."

"Well there has to be some answer to all this," Hiccup said. "We can't just pass this off as if nothing happened to us. Maybe we should go find Emily and..."

"Maybe if Emily actually told us what to do, we wouldn't be grasping at straws for answers," Merida said, loosing her temper. She starts flailing her arms around, with her hands in fists.

"What say you Emily?!" She shouts into the air. "Can you give us anything to work with!"

As she shouts, she opens her fists out to an almost claw like hands.

Everyone around her gasps very loudly and backs away from her.

Merida looked at everyone confused, "what? What are you all looking at?"

"Merida, your hand..." Hiccup spoke while pointing towards Merida's left hand.

Merida lifts it up to eye level, and her eyes opened wider than they've ever been. All around her hand was a small fire that flickered in the direction of her fingers.

She shrieked a bit, seeing her hand on fire. But it didn't feel hot for her to touch, and it wasn't burning her skin off. It actually felt like it was almost attached to her, physically and emotionally.


Merida eyes everyone around her, all of them expressing worried or scared faces. But Merida didn't feel scared, nor worried. It's quite the opposite really. She felt calm and relaxed.

"It's alright," Merida said twirling her hand, watching the flames climb up and flicker off her fingers. With one movement of her arm pushing out and away from her body to the side, the flame followed that path and shot straight out of hand and into the snow.

"Whoa," everyone gasps as their brains try to catch up to what they saw.

Merida then looked down to her hands, wondering how she did what she did.


She looked up to see Jack close to her.

"Are you ok?" He asks.

"I'm...I'm not entirely sure," Merida responds while looking at her hands. "I don't know why, but it was like I knew how to control that fire. Like… I've done it for all my life. I wasn't scared or anything. But it did feel weird. And now I'm kinda scared." As she spoke, emotion began to fill her face and she began to shake like a leaf. "What's happening to me?"

"I think what you mean is, what's happening to us?"

Merida and Jack turned to Hiccup, and their eyes became very wide again.

Hiccup was standing near Toothless, but his hands were making a weird shape. Suddenly a small wind surrounded Hiccup, blowing his hair out of his face. It was carrying small rocks that Hiccup made stop in mid-air. He opens his arms out wide and made the rocks circle around him like a hoop.

Then, everyone heard Rapunzel shriek. They turn to see her...near a grassy bed of flowers.

"Where did those come from?" Jack asks her.

Her voice shook just like her body. "I...I don't know," she said in fright. "All I did was waved my hand."

She then turned around to make sure she faced everyone, then made a hand extends her arm and wave them across the snow. Within seconds, the snow twists and turns into tiny blades of grass and hand some daisies pop out between them.

"Whoa," everyone said looking at Rapunzel's handy work.

"What's going on here?" Rapunzel asks, hoping someone has an answer.

Hiccup dropped his arms, and the stones, and only had one theory in mind. "It must be our stones; they gave us the powers Emily was talking about."

Jack quickly twirled his hand, and a small wind with snowflakes danced around his hand. Unlike the others, his was still around ice and snow. He quietly thanked the moon for that.

"So... We all have powers now," Merida said.

"Looks like it," Jack said in conclusion.

"Looks like our task is clear too," Hiccup said. "We've got to use our new powers to stop Pitch."

"Think it's enough," Rapunzel said, slowly recovering from her recent shock.

"It's going to have to be," Merida said in a strong voice. "We now have a fighting chance against Pitch."

"Hang on," Hiccup said while joining his group of friends. "We can't just go in there blind. We don't even have a clue on how our powers work. We can't control them yet."

The girls sigh, knowing Hiccup is right. They just got their new powers; they can't expect to know about them just like that. But they know time is a luxury they don't have. They have to learn about their powers, and quick.

Then Jack had a crazy idea, "so we will practice them here!"

"Wait, what?" Rapunzel said with a raised eyebrow.

"Guys," he said backing up and opens his arms to the area around. "We are in Antarctica, a frozen barren land. We can do whatever we want out here! We can get use to our new powers, and then we can go after Pitch."

The three other kids look at each other, kinda unsure about this idea. But they quickly thought that it might be a good idea.

"But, how do we...you know...unleash the magic?" Rapunzel asks Jack.

Jack thought back to when he emerged from the pond, and tried to remember the way he learned about his powers. There was no instruction book, or ancient memories to come into focus. No, all that was there was an open area, and Jack experimenting.

But that gave Jack the idea for his friends. "Maybe," he said with a small smile. "We can start small, and work our way up. As we let the powers flow, they will grow until they become something spectacular. I know that from experience. I know it would be exciting and amazing when you use your powers, you just need to live in the moment and let them glow."

The three kids look at Jack, and their minds began to race fast. Could they really handle their new powers that fast?

Jack then goes to each of them, putting a hand on each of their backs. "Just think back," he said with a smile, "to this entire adventure. We are definitely not the same people as before. Rapunzel is no longer the girl locked in the tower."

Rapjnzel shies away while rubbing her arm and smiling a small smile.

"And Hiccup isn't the runt of the village of Berk."

Hiccup pets Toothless and gives a small nod.

"And Merida, you saved your mom and your kingdom by not letting pride getting in your way."

"Took a while though," Merida said with a shrug.

"Either way," Jack continued. "Think back to what we were before hand, and look at us now. We've all learned a lot, and grew up in our own right. Your powers, our powers, are now a reflection of that. We just need to let it go now."

Everyone looks at him, as he looks out in the winter land around them.

"The snow glows white on the mountain tonight," he said looking back to his friends.

"Not a shadow to be seen"

Merida thought on his words, and her mind race around of her life of what might've been, and what is now possible.

"A kingdom of rooted culture," she said with wonder.

"And I'm gonna, be the queen."

Hiccup turned to Toothless, feeling the bond of friendship he made with him. Despite what their history is supposed to say, they've became the best of friends throughout all of this.

"The wind is howling like this raging beast inside," he said as he looks into his friend's eyes.

Rapunzel crossed her arms, almost shuttering at the very thought of her life before. Stuck in that tower, following the lies of her mother. But she also remembered that her spirit couldn't be contained in those walls, and that she felt compiled to see those lights.

"Couldn't stay in, mother knows I tried!" She said with a hint of remorse. She then felt herself becoming angry, for ever be living her mother's lies.

"Don't let them in, don't let them see," she repeats her mother's saying.

Merida also found herself hearing her mother's old tone and rules in her mind.

"Be the good girl you always have to be," she said with a bit of anger in it.

Hiccup moved away from toothless, and found himself thinking back to being Berk's failure.

"Hide, don't try, don't let them know," he said as he threw his arms to his side. Upon doing so, the rocks he made come to him, started to hover off the ground and circle around his legs.

Jack looks at his friends, feeling their confidence and resolve growing. He then moves his hand and fingers to the sky. In doing so, he commanded the air around everyone to fly high.

"Well, now they know!" He said with pride and happiness. He then flickers his hand to produce a small stream of white snow above his hands.

"Let it go, let it go,

Can't hold it back anymore"

Rapunzel follows his notion, and waves her hand around her, making the snow around her melt and turned into patches of grass with colourful flowers around her.

"Let it go, let it go," she said with a very wide smile.

"Turn away and slam the door!"

Hiccup and Merida marvel at what Rapunzel could do, they open their palms to express their powers. Merida opens her eyes wide as flames flicker in her hand, while Hiccup wowed at the small stream of brown and small stones appeared in his hand.

"We don't care," they said together as they let their powers go and tough the sky.

"What they're going to say!"

The group of friends came together, and clasps their hands together. They all felt the strong flow of power that came from inside them. Not only this new feeling of their new powers, but the feeling that they can do anything together, even beat Pitch.

"Let the storm rage on!" They all said together.

"The cold never bothered me anyway," Rapunzel said, sheepishly eying Jack.

Jack giggles as he and the others let go of each other. They all spread out and let the new powers shine into the cloudy sky.

"It's funny how some distance," Hiccup said, while the dust around him started to manifest into sparkles in the form of maple leaves.

"Makes everything seem small."

"And the fears that once controlled us," Rapunzel said while eying Merida.

"Can't get to us at all!" They both scream together.

"It's time to see what we can do," Jack said with a smile.

"To test the limits," Hiccup said clutching his fists.

"and break through," Merida finishes for him.

"No right," Hiccup said

"No wrong," Merida shouts

"No rules for we..." Rapunzel screams with a wide open smile.

She then runs to Jack, who became equally as happy as her.

"Are free!" They both said together. They also open their hands, and let a stream of white and purple go up to the sky, and made the clouds above start to part, making the moon light shine down on everyone.

"Let it go, let it go!" Merida shouts as her hands sparkle with fire and light.

"I am one with the wind and sky"

"Let it go, let it go!" Hiccup said while letting the wind around him roam wild and free.

"Like a dragon I can fly!"

Toothless cooed, while maintaining his distance. Though he is happy for his friends' new powers, he doesn't want to accidentally get in the way of them.

Jack then goes to the centre of everyone, and made a giant snowball in his hands.

"Here we stand," he shouts as he throws the ball into the sky, letting it explode into small snowflakes that faintly glide in the wind.

"And here we'll stay," everyone said as they look up at Jack's work.

"Let the storm rage on!"

Soon, everyone else tries making a ball of their own and shooting them to the sky. They hit each other, and they explode in an array of colours. Soon, everyone saw small flowers, leaves, and ember flakes mixing in with the snow.

Then, everyone felt strange, like something inside them is trying to burst its way out. They decided to let it grow, and let this new feeling fill their souls.

"My body flies high through the air and to the ground," Hiccup said with power backing up his voice. Within seconds, his body became engulfed in a green light.

"My soul is spiraling with paint and colours all around," Rapunzel said with the same power. Soon, a bright purple light covered her entire body.

"And one thought shoots the arrow like a fiery blast!" As Merida spoke, her body began to shine with a red light.

Jack took the moment, and looked at his tooth box. He then thought of all the trouble that looking to figure out his past had. It was finally time to move forward, and focus on the now.

"There's no use looking back," he shouts with determination.

"When the past is in the past!"

He then throws the Tooth box far away from him as possible, no longer having the burden of it in his pocket. Then his body started to glow blue, and his body felt calm.

Toothless had to use his wing to shield his eyes from the light. His friends were shining brighter than the sun. When the light finally died, the dragon's eyes widen seeing his friends standing right there. But they looked very different than they did a second ago.

Hiccup still had his physical appearance. But instead of just his green shirt and brown pants, he was covered in brown, scale like armor from his chest to his knees and arms. Rapunzel's dress almost remained the same, but it had sparkles all around to make it shine like dew. The purple bodice and skirt also had light purple embroidery of vines and flowers in them. Merida had the same style of dress on her, but instead of green, it was almost black. A Scottish stash wrapped around her waist and Celtic symbols were engraved at the bottom of her dress. On her left sleeve, there were embroidered circles for her to shoot an arrow with more comfort. As for Jack, his blue shirt turned more body fitting and sleek. The hoodie and pouch were gone, but the icy details were more detailed then before. He also had longer pants that reached his bare ankles and feet, but they still had their wraps in the end. His hair was wilder, but it still framed his face.

"Let it go, let it go!" Everyone shouts at the same time, feeling the exact same feeling. Freedom.

"And we'll rise like the break of dawn

Let it go, let it go

Those so called kids gone!

Here we stand

In the light of day

Let the storm rage on!"

Hiccup, Merida, and Rapunzel looked at Jack, before saying something together

"The cold never bothered us anyway!"

Jack smiles and giggles with everyone around him.

Once everyone was finally able to relax, they took the time to admire their new looks.

"Wow," Rapunzel said twirling around, letting her dress catch the wind.

"I know," Hiccup said looking at his new armour. Toothless came up behind him and nudge him. He then licked Hiccup's face, happy to see that he's alright. Hiccup giggles as he holds Toothless's nose with his hands.

Merida finishes examining her new dress, before she turns to Jack. "Think we're ready now?"

Jack sighs as he looks up to the man of the moon. "As ready as we're ever going to be."

Everyone looked up, to see the moon shine bright to them. They took it as a sign, a good omen.

Soon, their quest will come to its ultimate climax, and the final battle will begin.

To get a good idea of what everyone looks now. Hiccup has a look similar to his Dragons: race to the edge. Rapunzel is her princess look like you see in her redesign for the doll line. Merida has the dress she wears at the end of brave. and Jack is cross between his original outfit and Nightlight's.


Let it Go from Frozen

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