Rise of the Brave Tangled Dragons

The Calm before the Storm

As soon as everyone was ready, they took off fast. Hiccup managed to grab some spare material he got from berk and made Toothless a new tail. He and the girls then ride on Toothless as Jack flies beside them. With him as a guide, they managed to get back to the North Pole pretty quick. They were gearing up and got set for a battle waiting ahead. Soon, the workshop was in plain view on the mountain top. Toothless quickly blasts a way in through the office window and flying through the doors. When he stopped, everyone got off and ready themselves to attack the nightmares. But no one was there. Not even a shadow or a nightmare. The workshop seemed lighter than before. It seems that Pitch and his nightmares have left.

"Where is everyone?" Merida asks out loud.

Everyone scanned the area, before they began to walk down the very familiar walkway to the globe area. When they got there, they're shocked at that they saw with the globe.

"Oh no," Rapunzel gasps as her eyes became wide. "The children."

Everyone watch in horror at the blinking lights on the globe fade into black. It seems to get close to just about a hundred or less lights on there.

"They're going out," Hiccup deducted as he and the others watch, not able to do anything to stop it. "It has to be fear; it's really messing with the balance."

But one light seemed very different to Merida. "Look at that one," she said pointing to it, "that one is shining brighter than the others."

Jack took that notion and flew up to get a closer look. He saw the very light Merida was talking about, one in the American region. But it wasn't just anywhere in America...

It's was in Burgess.

"It's Jamie!" Jack said as he flies down to his friends.

"Are you sure?" Rapunzel asks out of concern.

"I'm positive," Jack said with a assured smile.

"Then what are we waiting for?" Merida said.

Within seconds, everyone took left the workshop and flew off to Burgess. As they travel the clouds became very heavy, creating strong storms for the people below. They all did as best they can to help as they travel. Jack made the wind stop blowing snow everywhere, while Merida tries to warm things up a bit so people can go places. As for Rapunzel and Hiccup, they mostly help make the trees sparkle with green and to clear any rubble from the streets. But as they continue used to help, Merida, Hiccup and Rapunzel couldn't help but wonder what the world is like where they are now. So many things they've never seen before in their lives. Jack had to constantly remind them of the task at hand, and promises them to explain a few objects later.

But as fast as they could, the group made it to Burgess. But it seemed this town was hit with a terrible storm since Jack left. No lights were working in the houses or on the street, the roads have not been paved, and it seemed like everyone is snowed in for Christmas.

"Oh man," Hiccup said looking down at the messed up winter wonderland. "This is worst then the devastating winter we get on Berk."

"I can't believe I let this happened," Jack said, feeling almost ashamed for leaving.

"It's not your fault Jack," Rapunzel said, showing her pity to Jack. "You didn't know this was going to happen. And look at the bright side, we can fix it."

"We can?" Merida asks.

"Yes, we can," Jack said as he waves his arms around. As soon as he is sure he got control of the wind, he made it all come to him. Any harsh wind that was blowing on the ground came straight up into the air and blew all the dark clouds away.

Toothless settled everyone else down onto a snow covered street. Merida slams her foot, and let a wave of heat spreading out, melting the snow on the pavement. That heat spread to almost every street in the area of this small housing area. With help from Rapunzel, she made the trees shake away the access snow away. Hiccup also tries to help as best he can. Unlike Jack, who can completely control the wind, Hiccup can only control it somewhat. But it was enough to get snow away from people's door ways. People were fast asleep in their beds to notice what is happening outside. Probably best, no one would like to see people with magic and a giant dragon on their drive way.

Suddenly, Jack spots a very familiar house. He flies down to the window near the door a peeked his head through. Sure enough, the living room was very festive with a huge tree near the window. Jack couldn't help but notice one ornament on the tree that nearly brought a tear to his eye. A homemade paper snowflake, with a crystal like shine on it.

"Is this's Jamie's house," Rapunzel asks Jack as she and the others walked behind him.

Jack continued to look in the window, and saw Jamie's mother by the phone, asleep with a blanket around her. She must be so worried about her husband. Jack hopes that he can make this family happy by tomorrow.

"Yeah, it is," he said as he pulls away from the window, just enough to see his friends' reflection. He turns to them, and seems to read their minds and facial expression.

They're saying that he should go and see Jamie.

He nods, and tries to hide his burst of excitement inside. He leads them to the house's simple and small backyard. He then looks up at Jamie's window, relived that it's still in one piece.

But worries start to fill his mind. Is Jamie ok? Has the nightmares got to him?

He became a little surprise feeling someone's hand around his arm.

"Hey," Rapunzel said in a soft whisper, "it's going to be ok."

Jack smiles in appreciation as he lets go and flies to the window. Before looking inside, he took a quick glance back to see his friends smile at him. They're giving him they're support to do this before the final fight against Pitch. He smiles and nods to them as a sign of gratitude. He then turns his attention to the kid's bedroom.

It seemed very cold in there, even for Jack. He sees a giant lump on the bed, covered in about three layers of blankets. Jack can ultimately guess Jamie is underneath all that, just to keep warm. Jack gently opened the window, enough to not make it creek. He then steps inside, and found Jamie fast asleep in his blankets.

Jack looked down and kneeled in front of Jamie. His face couldn't contain his happiness seeing his friend again for the past weeks. He gently moves his hand close to Jamie's face, he responds by a little shiver and pulling the covers closer.

"Alright kid," he whispers as he stands up and readies his hands. "You've braved through this storm. Allow me to make it calm."

With a push of his hands, he gathered the cold air and blew it out the window. He then rushes to the window, and asked Merida to send him a glimmer of flame to help the room get warm.

As much as she knows somewhat of what she can do, she doesn't want to accidentally set the kid's room on fire. Thankfully, Toothless was more than willing to help. He jerks his head high, and shot a plasma blast into the sky. It explodes a few feet away from the window, and sends a warm shock wave all around.

The wave hit the window and blew off a few blankets off of the bed. Jamie woke up with a start, panting as if he just woken up from a bad dream.

"What was that?" He asks quietly as he tries to wake up.

Jack looked at Jamie, not sure that was the best way to get a room warm. In Fact, it was almost starting to get to warm and weird for one kind to take. So, what better way to stop confusion then to try to have fun?

Jack flicks his fingers, and send a stream of white frost to the ceiling. Within seconds, the frost made the entire room start to snow.

"What?" Jamie whispers as he looks up. He stares at the ceiling bewildered, almost asking himself if this is real. Is his friend really back? But the answer came to him when one snowflake nipped him at the noes.

"Jack?" He whispers as he looks around his room.

His eyes stopped at the person near his window. But, his brow narrows a bit. This can't be Jack, he doesn't have his staff. He doesn't even look like the same Jack Jamie knew pretty well.

But Jack gives off a small smile and leans on Jamie's wall. "Hey kid," he said in his usual manner.

Jamie leapt off his bed and looked at Jack a little closer. Jack then kneels down so Jamie can see him eye to eye. Though a little hesitant at first, Jamie looked into Jack's eyes. His all too familiar eyes.

"Jack?" Jamie gasped with his eyes open, "is...is that you?"

Jack smiles as he reached and grabbed something very familiar to them. A old stuffed bunny rabbit that was there the first time they met. "You better believe it kid," Jack said.

Jamie's mouth opened wide and tears started to fill up his eyes. "Oh Jack!" He squeals as he hugs Jack around his neck. "It is you...you…you came back..."

Jack returns the hug with one of his own. Despite being a spirit that's all about cold, he does likes the warmth a hug can give. "Of course I came back," he said.

Jamie's pulls away to look at Jack. "I was so...so worried that something happened to you...I mean, all my friends...the weather...Christmas...what's been happening?.. Is it Pitch?... What's with the new clothes? ...what about Christmas...are we..."

"Whoa kid, one thing at a time," Jack said as he places his hands on Jamie's shoulders. "Are you alright?"

"Yeah," Jamie said sheepishly. "I think so."

"Good," Jack said with a smile. "I've been so worried."

"I've been worried too," Jamie said with the expression on his face. "Where have you been all this time?"

"Jumping through time, fighting Pitch," Jack answers.

"Pitch? I knew he came back," Jamie said. "Wait? Jumping through time?"

"Yeah, it's kinda of a long story," Jack said.

After saying that, he felt a tug of the wind. He looked past Jamie, and heard a soft moan.

"What's wrong Jack?" Jamie asks, trying to understand what Jack is expressing on his face.

Jack pulls away from Jamie and followed the soft moan. Luckily, he didn't have to go far. On the other side of the bed, near the closet, was Emily. She was sitting on the floor with her legs to the side, her hands on her lap, and her head down. Her emerald green dress faded into a pale, crackling leaf look, and her long black hair was flat and dehydrated.

"Emily?" He whispers as he puts a hand to her face to lift it. In doing so, he can see her skin had become more white then a ghost and dark circles formed around her eyes.

She flutters them as she looks up to Jack. She chuckled a bit with her dry throat. "About time you show up," she said. She then looks at his new outfit. "Looks like you found out more about yourself."

"Looks like it," he said holding her hand up.

"Jack?" Jamie asks as he looks to see. But he can only see Jack, not Emily. "Who are you talking to?"

Jack looks back at Jamie, and gestures him to come closer. "She's a friend."

Emily instantly got a sense of what Jack is trying to do. "No Jack," she said with a worried look. "It's ok...don't-"

"No," Jack said looking at her. "He needs to know."

"Needs to know...what?" Jamie asks, walking a little closer to Jack.

Jack took a deep breath before looking to Jamie. "While I was away, I was worried that Pitch will target you. You did help defeat him the first time. So...this lady...this kind spirit, she volunteered pretty much, to protect you."

The look on Jamie's face fully expressed his reactions. Someone was here the entire time? Someone he can't see.

Jack continued, "She's been here, keeping an eye on you and your family to protect them. Now, I think it's time you met her."

"How?" Jamie asks.

Jack thought about it for a minute. Emily is Mother Nature, there's no way she can nor want to show off her talents like Jack. But he knows that Jamie is the biggest believer he's ever known. There has to be a way to convince him. He convinced him that Bunny exists with a frosty picture, Mother Nature should be simple. Yet, it won't be.

Maybe, just by talking about her...maybe...just maybe...it's worth a try.

Jack turns to Jamie, while still holding Emily's hand. "Jamie, just close your eyes for a minute."

Jamie's shrugs a bit and did what Jack said.

"Ok," Jack said as calm and as soft as he can. "I know, you believe in a lot of things, like Bigfoot, Aliens, the leprechaun, even dragons. Now, I want you to try to believe in something older than them. Someone you may have heard about in stories, in myth, even in song."

"Jack-" Emily began before Jack continued with Jamie.

"She's has been with you, this entire time, and I'm sure you've seen her work. Trying to help you, keep you strong throughout this. Now, I need you to rennet that time, just think about it."

Jamie's continues to keep his eyes shut, and think back to the past couple of weeks. All he could remember was the storm, and how worried his family was. But then...he remembered something else, something that happened to the tree, and his homemade ornament. He remembered it shines like a star, and the aurora lights shining in his living room. He thought that was Jack, but maybe it was someone else.

"I think..." He said a little unsure. "I did see something..."

"Hold on to that memory, and let it grow in your heart." Jack nearly leapt in his excitement that Jamie is starting to get it. "Let it fill your mind, as well as the question of who could do something like that. Now, I need you to believe in the impossible, in myths and legends and songs. I need you to try to believe...in Mother Nature."

'Mother Nature?' Jamie thought as he replays that night over and over again. 'She's real?' But as he looks back, all the things he saw made sense of she can do all those things.

"She's right here," Jack continues. "She right here with us, and she's been there all this time. Please...show her that you can see her. Please...try to believe in her."

Jamie needed not to have someone tell him to believe in the impossible. After all he's seen before, with Pitch, the guardians and Jack, his mind has never been open wider. He flutters his eyes open, then widen at what he sees.

"Whoa," he gasps as he looks at Emily, sitting near his bed. He creeps a little closer and held out his hand to touch her.

Emily was more stunned then she's been her entire life. It only took a few words for a child to believe. But then again, this is Jamie. For the past few weeks she's watch him stay true to his beliefs and held strong. She shakily reached out her hand and clasps his hand.

"Hello Jamie," she said while trying to hold her smile. She nearly wanted to cry, as it's been a long time since she's held a child.

"Wow," Jamie said with a smile, "she's beautiful."

Emily giggles a bit, "Why thank you."

"So you've been here, all this time?" Jamie asks her.

"Yes," she nods.

"But," he asks. "If your Mother Nature, then why is the weather...well...?"

"A complete mess," Jack finishes.


"I'm afraid Pitch is to blame on this one," Jack explained. "He stole power from Mother Nature, and is using it to destroy the balance of the world."

"Turning everything dark, and bringing fear to people!" Jamie deduces.

"Exactly," Jack said. "So Mother Nature assigned me and well as a select group of people to be the season guardians."

"Season guardians?" Jamie asks. "Like winter, spring, summer, and fall?"

"Yeah," Jack said. Then his eyes shot open, remembering his friends are waiting for him. And he also remembers that one of his friends is someone Jamie would be dying to see. "In fact, they're in your backyard right now. Would like to meet them?"

Jamie wasted no time in replying. "Yes!" He shouts as he nearly jumps up and down.

"Alright," Jack said while taking Emily into his arms and started carrying her. "Let's go."

Jamie quietly opens his door wide for everyone to get through. They all then made their way quietly down the stairs and through the kitchen. Jamie quickly grabbed his snow boots and coat before heading to the back door. Once he opened the door to the backyard, his eyes open wide.

There were three people standing in his backyard, but the dragon really caught his eyes.

"Is that...? Is that really...?" Jamie stuttered.

"It is," Jack said, leaning to Jamie's ear, "A real live dragon."

Jamie ran out the door and to the dragon. But Toothless's moan scared him enough to stop.

Hiccup step out so Jamie can see him, and placed a hand on Toothless's head. "It's ok," he said with a smile. "He won't bite, watch."

Jamie leaned in closer as Toothless opens his jaw. Within seconds, his sharp teeth retracted and shows off his gums in a smile.

"Whoa!" Jamie said stepping closer. He then looks at Hiccup, figuring that the dragon belongs to him. "Can...Can I?"

Hiccup got what Jamie is trying to ask, but is too excited for words. "Sure you can."

He then kneels to Jamie's height and took his hand. He places it on Toothless's nose and let it warm the kid's hand.

Jamie laughs with a wide smile, actually seeing and meeting a dragon that is in his backyard. Who else can say that they've touched a dragon? He then scratches around Toothless's nose and mouth area, which made the dragon happy.

Jack chuckles as he watches his friend becoming more and more excited than he would thought.

The girls also giggle seeing Jamie happy like this. This caught Jamie's attention, and he looks to the girls. "Whoa," he gasps, seeing the two lovely ladies right by him.

"Are you Jack's friends?" He asks.

"Yes," Merida said with a smile. "We are."

Rapunzel kneels down to Jamie and gives him a big hug. "It is so good to finally meet you Jamie," she said. "Jack's told us so much about you."

"Great," Jamie said, nearly being squeezed by her tight hug.

"Sorry," Rapunzel said letting him go.

Jack carried Emily with him as he rejoins the others. "Jamie," he said. "These are my friends, princess Merida..."

"Hi," Merida said, waving her hand to the boy.

"Princess Rapunzel,"

"Hello," she responds with a smile.

"And Hiccup and his dragon Toothless."

"Hiccup?" Jamie asks as he started to laugh so hard he had to hold his stomach.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah," Hiccup said sarcastically as he rolled his eyes. "That's my name. Go ahead, laugh it off."

"Don't take it too seriously," Merida said, eyeing him.

"So wait," Jamie said, almost unable to contain his excitement. "I'm hanging with a dragon, two princesses, and the coolest guy ever? I've got to be the luckiest kid in the world!"

"So far you are," Emily said, managing to get back to her feet, though leaning on Jack for support. "I'm afraid everyone else isn't going to have a Christmas at all."

"You look terrible," Rapunzel said looking at her.

"No kidding," Merida added.

"The tree, is struggling so much," Emily said to everyone. "It's almost hard for it to keep going, trying to keep the world in check."

"What's going on?" Jamie asks, not wanting to be left in the dark.

"The power Pitch stole is not only messing with the weather," Jack explains. "But it also turned the guardians into...well." Jack became unsure what to say next. How to tell someone that their heroes turned bad.? "Well..."

"Well, what?" Jamie insisted for the answer.

Suddenly, the sky shot a flash of lightning, grabbing everyone's attention. They all look up to see a swirl of dark sand in the sky. On top of it, pitch leans over to look down, with the corrupt guardians beside him.

"Hey," Jamie said pointing up, with his eyes wide with fear. "Isn't...isn't that…?"

Jack didn't want him to finish that sentence. He then turned to Emily, "get Jamie outta here," he said to her.

Emily nods as she takes Jamie in her hands. "Come on," she said as she leads him out of the back yard and onto the streets.

The others look up at Pitch and his comrades. They readied themselves for the fight ahead.

"Jack Frost!" Pitch snarls in anger.

"And us!" Hiccup yells as he jumps on toothless. "Don't forget us! Seriously what do we look like, chop yak?"

Rapunzel shrugs as Merida shakes her head.

"Time for him to see what we are," She said as she puts an arrow on her bow.

"It doesn't matter," Pitch said as he raises his arms.

"Now we end this!"

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