Rise of the Brave Tangled Dragons

Shadows vs Light

Jack was the first to strike, opening his palms to let out two beams of electrified ice at Pitch. But he was able to block the attack with a wall of dark dust.

"Go!" Jack said to the group behind him as he continued his attack. The last thing he wants is someone to accidentally hit the house and hurt the people inside. Everyone got the idea and ran out of the back yard and on to the deserted street.

The former guardians saw the group making their escape and jumped down to meet them on the street. When the group stopped to face them, they weren't scared at all this time. Their faces had a reflection of determination as they prepare to battle.

With one powerful yell from both sides, they charge at each other to begin the battle.

Jack on the other hand, took his chance and flew towards Pitch, still firing his ice at the wall.

"Don't you remember jack," Pitch said with a snarl. "That little trick doesn't work on me."

"Then how about this!" Jack closed one palm, and opened it as he throws his arm to the side. The hand produced a shot of wind with a mix of hard icicle daggers. The wind carried the ice way off to the side. It then circles around to get past the wall, and towards Pitch's side. By the time Pitch realizes it, the ice hit him hard and pushed him off his little cloud.

"Yay," Jack shouts in his moment of power.

But it was short lived as Pitch turned his body around and made a nightmare horse to ease his way to the ground.

As he looks up to see Jack hovering above him, he sneers and growls. With a point of his finger, he sends waves upon waves of Nightmare like wasps after him. Jack reacts by flying away from the swarm, but always blasting ice behind him to freeze them.

On the ground, Jack's friends were face to face with the guardians they've faced before. Rapunzel had her hands full trying to dodge Tooth's fairies attacking her, Hiccup and Toothless try to battle North with his swords, and Merida kept firing arrows to counter Bunny's exploding eggs.

It seemed to work as the eggs blew up while in the air and nowhere near Merida.

Grinding his teeth, Bunny resorts to charging at Merida with his four paws on the ground. Merida knew there was no way she can outrun Bunny, so she fired more arrows in hope to snag him. But he quickly moved away from every arrow and was running closer. He even took out another exploding egg to daze her. But she easily shot the egg before it hit her.

But that egg gave her an idea. She grabs another arrow, but she heated the tip with her hand. When she put it against her bow, the arrowhead glowed a very red colour. With proper aim, she fires it to where Bunny was going to run next. In a split second though, he turned to corner. The arrow hit the pavement, but it exploded on impact. It made a big enough shock wave to send Bunny flying away and landed hard in a nearby tree.

"Just hang up there for a bit," Merida shouts at him.

Bunny growls as he uses his hind legs to push of the tree and charge at Merida.

"Should've seen that coming," Merida mutters before running away from the crazed bunny.

Rapunzel continued to back away and cover her head as more and more fairies kept swooping to get her. Tooth hovered near by with a smirk on her face.

"Sorry I've never gotten to taking your teeth," she said. "But I'll be sure to get them once master is finished with you."

Within seconds, the fairies respond to a wave of her hand. They made a cyclone around her, nearly lifting her dress past her knees.

But Rapunzel remained in the center of the storm, and focused. She closed her eyes and push her hands by her side to the ground. She kept still till she felt a strong connection to the ground beneath the pavement, and the roots in it. She lifts her hand slightly a feels the trees in the front yards of the houses around her. Once she got a good connection, she moves her hand to command the branches to grab Tooth by the wrists and ankles.

"Hey!" Tooth yells as she tries to use her wings to get away. But the branches are too strong and the pulls her close to its truck. The fairies broke formation to help out their mistress. Rapunzel took this opportunity to get away while she can.

Toothless kept using his wings to block away North's swords. Hiccup wouldn't dare have him use his plasma blasts, that could either really hurt North, or accidentally set fire to a house. Best to rely on physical attacks for now. Toothless would use his wings or tail to block North's arm from making the final cut, or would head butt him to gain distance.

But as Toothless goes in for another head butt, North grabs his head by the jaw, making it shut tight. The dragon flaps his wings and pushes his paws to North in an attempt to break free, but the northern man has a good grip on him.

"Toothless!" Hiccup cries out as he fights to stay on the saddle.

"It's no use child," North said with a narrow brow and a triumphant smile. "You can't win."

Hiccup looked down, trying to think of something, anything to get through this. He peeked over his shoulder and saw one house having a huge rock garden, with a giant rock in it. He closed his eyes and focused on that rock, and moves his hand as if he was lifting a pebble. The rock responded to Hiccup and was flown over Toothless, and hit North square in the head.

"Ah!" North shouts, stubbing backwards and letting go of Toothless.

"Now bud!" Hiccup yells. Toothless jumped off the ground for a second and made a giant shock wave with his wings. It sent North rolling away from him.

With that down, toothless hurried to join with the others. But he and Hiccup looked up to see Jack still being chased by nightmares. He signal toothless to fire a plasma blast at the nightmares. Toothless fires the shot and the sky explodes in a purple light upon impact.

"Thanks!" Jack cries to him.

Hiccup nods as he sees Jack fly to him. Together, they race to meet the girls.

"All you guys alright?" Merida asks as she shoots another arrow.

"Fine," Hiccup answers for himself and Jack. "You two?"

"Just peachy," Rapunzel answers.

Suddenly, everyone heard Pitch's sick laughter all around him. They all turn to try to locate him.

"You...you really think you're doing well?"

Everyone turn to see Pitch approaching them in calm, threatening manner.

"You don't even have a clue on how to use your new powers. It's useless to fight now. Christmas Day will soon be here, and I will win."

"Not if we have any say in it," Rapunzel said, trying to make herself sound tough.

Pitch chuckles as his minions and the former guardians gather around him, making an intimidating wall of shadows and nightmares. "Do you think that you ... children, are a match for this?!"

"Sort of," Hiccup mutters.

"We are a match!" Merida yells as she aims an arrow at Pitch. She is sure the arrow will hit this time. So when she released it, it flew true. But Pitch easily caught it with one hand.

"Oh come on," Merida groans as she watches Pitch throw the arrow to the ground.

"Honestly, you are all pathetic," Pitch said with his minions backing him up with laughter. "You all have no hope in winning this war. I should be merciful and end you quick and painless, but you've moved past that chance a long time ago.

Going out of your league,

You've all met your match!"

The group rallies as they ready themselves for anything.

"I guess you're just clueless old man," Jack yells.

Can't hit what you can't catch!"

"Soon the whole world will know,

The genius of my plan," Pith said with a smirk.

"We will find a way to stop you,

Any way we can!" Merida shouts with her hands tight around her bow

"Are you all really fools?" Pitch asks with a hint of mockery

Don't you hear what's been said?"

"No one will believe in you,

"You're stark waving mad!" Rapunzel bellows with determination.

"Oh yeah, wait and see..." Pitch smirks with confidence.

"You're soon be in the past!" Hiccup interrupts Pitch with Toothless backing him up.

"Listen to me, children," Pitch said while waving his arms around to build up power.

"Nice guys finish last!"

"Oh no!" The entire group shouted at once.

"You just can't win!" Hiccup bellows

"You're not that strong!" North said

"Time to pay for your sins!" Merida yells.

"You've got it all wrong!" Bunny Snarls

"You just can't win," Tooth agreed with her group

"We're gonna bring you down," Rapunzel promises

"Your chances are slim," Pitch said

"No more fooling around!" Jack yells at him.

"Let the battle begin!

You just can't win!" Everyone shouts at each other.

"Finish them." Pitch commands.

The shadow fly over the group and swirls around them like the wind I'm a desert. Everyone did their best to block it from getting in their eyes. Jack tries to use some of his wind to blow it away, but it was creating a bigger mess.

"There's too many of them," Merida shouts as her hair blew all over her face.

"Everyone! Get on Toothless!" Hiccup shouts to them. The girls wasted no time getting on the dragon, but Jack is still getting pinned down by the sand.

"Come on Jack!" Rapunzel cries out. She reaches out to him, and accidentally made a small gust of wind push on his back side. But Jack brasses through it as it made a sort of shield against the black sand. He looks at the others on toothless and quickly jumped on.

"Giddy up dragon," Merida said while kicking his side.

"He's not a horse Merida," Hiccup said gently tapping the dragon's head. He jumped off the ground and flew fast to get to the sky.

Pitch snarls as he looks up to spot them. But Toothless blended so well in the night, there was no way he can find them that fast.

But he will catch them, sooner or later. It's now only a matter of time.

Toothless manages to level off at the cloud line and glide over the dark city.

"Wow," Rapunzel said helping Jack get fully on Toothless, "that was intense."

"Even with our new powers, Pitch seems one step ahead of us," Merida said.

"We need to figure out a plan, any plan to stop him," Hiccup said looking back to his friends.

"Let's get some distance, so at least we can try to think," Merida suggests.

"I wonder how Emily and Jamie are doing." Jamie said under his breath.

As if on cue...

"Jack?! Jack!?"

"That's Jamie!" Jack said as he looks over Toothless. He spots Jamie near a dead end alleyway in the neighbourhood, but Emily collapse on the floor. Jack points a finger in that direction and Toothless flew down and landed near the entrance. Everyone got off of Toothless and ran to Jamie.

"What happened?" Jack asks him.

"I...I don't know," Jamie answers. "We were fine, but then she just fell."

Hiccup got close to Emily and lifts her wrist, trying to get a pulse. Though, he should've remembered that she's a spirit, and she doesn't have a pulse. Her pale skin and her faded dress can say what she's feeling, weak. She groans with her voice almost raspy.

"Hey," Hiccup whispers and gently slapping her cheek. "Stay awake."

"I'm not dead," she said while trying to open her eyes.

"What's happening to you?" Rapunzel asks.

"What do you think?" Merida nearly shouts. "Pitch is still messing with the weather, and that golden tree is getting worst."

"Took the words outta my mouth," Emily said as she struggles to sit up. Jamie grabs her back to help her out.

"So, how do we stop him?" Jack asks her. "We've got our true powers; we should be able to do it, right?"

Emily's eyes search, trying to search her mind for the right answer. "I'm...I'm not sure..."

"Not sure?" Merida nearly hollers. "You're Mother Nature?! You should know!"

"Pitch, is stronger than he's ever been before," Emily told them. "He's still using my powers to control the guardians and the adding it to his nightmares. I'm almost convinced that there's no way to defeat him now. Soon, Christmas is here, and when the kids run downstairs there won't be anything to celebrate. Their hearts will break, and they will completely loose faith. After that, there will be nothing to stop him." She looked down, almost sad. Jamie bore the same expression on his face.

Everyone took the time and look at each other with concerns and worries. It's true that Pitch is tough, and his minions are even tougher, but there was no way they were going to give up that easy. If they did, everything they've done together, everything they've gone through, would be for nothing.

"Then, I guess we'll have to defeat him before then," Rapunzel said.

Jamie's face light up and a smile grew as he looks at the group. "I know you can do it!"

Emily looks at them confuse, "but...how?"

"Let's think about it," Rapunzel suggests, looking at her friends. "I'm sure we can come up with a solution."

Everyone paused to think hard about Pitch, the former guardians, and his new powers. Then, Hiccup's eyes grew wide as he thought of something.

"Wait," he said, grabbing everyone's attention. "I think I've got something."

"What is it?" Merida asks him.

"This whole mess started when Pitch took your power and put it in that pendent," Hiccup explains slowly so Jamie can understand too. "If he doesn't have that anymore, he'll be vulnerable."

"You mean that ugly necklace he was wearing?" Jamie asks.

"Yeah," Hiccup said almost with glee. "If we can take that pendent away from him, there's a good chance that Pitch will loose control of those powers, maybe even loose them entirely."

"So we separate him to that necklace," Rapunzel said, "everything will go back to how it should be?"

"That's the idea," Hiccup said with a nod.

"It's not that simple," Emily said out loud. "There's no way Pitch will allow you to get near that pendent. And even if you do get that away from him, you will have no control of the power inside of it. It will be too much for any one of you to take."

"What about you?" Jamie asks her. "It's your power right? Can't you control it?"

"Well... Yes I can...but not while Pitch has it around his neck," Emily told him.

"But at least now we have a plan," Merida said. "We get that pendent, get it to you, and you can reverse what Pitch did."

"It's something that's easier said than done," Emily told them. "It's barley even a plan."

"But at least it is one," Jack said as his friends gather together.

"Now all we have to do is execute it," Merida said.

"Yeah," Rapunzel almost yells. "Then we will really be like the avengers...right?"

"Are you kidding," Jamie said as he stands and looks at them, "you guys are cooler then the avengers."

"Aww, thanks kid," Jack said, truly touched by his words. Jamie giggles a bit, glad that he can help.

But then, Toothless growls at the other end of the alleyway. The group turns to see the entrance is completely blocked by Pitch and his army of nightmares. Jamie quickly went in front of Emily, determined to man up and protect the weak lady. While everyone else ready themselves for a fight.

"You miserable, insignificant fools," Pitch bellows in a cold tone as the former guardians gather behind him.

"Look who's talking," Merida mutters to her group.

"You just don't know when to give up," Pitch continued.

"Nope," Rapunzel responds while shaking her head, "not really."

Pitch growls at them, but then notices Jamie behind them with Emily. "And look, little Jamie is here to see you fail. How scared he must be."

Jamie narrow his face to make the bravest, most angry face a kid can make. "I may believe in you," he said, "but that doesn't mean I'm scared of you!"

"Not yet any way," Pitch smiles as his minions behind him laugh. With a snap of his fingers, he made the shadows underneath the group bigger. Soon, tentacles bust out and grabbed the group by their ankles, waists and wrists. They then lifted the children off the ground. Jamie still hold on to Emily, as they seemed to be the only ones that Pitch isn't targeting. Toothless on the other hand, had the tentacles around his body, wings and head, and it forced him to the ground.

Everyone else struggles to break loose, but it was no use.

"Jack!" Jamie cries out, fearing for his friend's safety.

Jack grinds his teeth as he attempts to touch the tentacles to freeze them. But his fingers couldn't quite reach back enough.

Pitch smiles as he watch his prey like a fish caught on a hook. "Now that I have all of you in my grasp, I think it's time to cut you loose." Pitch slowly walks to the group in a menacing way, making a black dust scythe in his hand.

Emily sat up, and looked at Pitch. In his face, she can still see remnants of her father there. Her only chance maybe to stop this madness is to appeal to him, and maybe make him remember who he was.

"No!" She cries out as loud and as pitiful as she can. "Father please, you can't. You made a vow to protect everyone against the darkness. You can't do this! Please father!"

The dark minions laugh at her, as they made an effort to hurt her soul.

"Foolish little girl," Pitch mocked as he stalked closer to the group, but kept his golden eyes on her. "The man you called father is dead. Now, there's only Pitch."

If Emily had the strength she would cry. But all she can do is lower her head in shame.

Jamie tried to look for anything in the alley to help keep Pitch away from Jack and the others. But he's just a child, how can he possible fight against his former heroes, and the greatest evil in the world.

Pitch got close to the group, and readied his scythe high above his head. Normally, he's a spirit; therefor not allow physically hurting or killing a mortal. But soon the world will be all his, he can make all the rules. But first, he has to get rid of the thorns in his side.

Everyone closes their eyes, waiting for the strike. As they did, their minds race in a frantic speed. Almost as their lives were flashing before their eyes. Thinking back to this adventure and the people they've met, and the family and friends they left behind. They all secretly wish they were here, at least to say goodbye.

As Pitch raise the scythe higher, ready to deliver the final blow, a shot of light bust out behind him. When the light cleared, a big man with a heavy axe was standing right behind him.

"Let my son go," Stoick orders him. He then threw his fist in a punch. Pitch vanishes before meeting Stoick's fist.

As Pitch disappears a bit, the tentacles that held the children disappeared too, making them fall on the floor. Toothless shifts his body and roars high in the sky, great full for being freed of his chains. The nightmares followed their master and back away. The former guardians also back away a bit, but still blocked the exit of the alleyway.

Hiccup was the first to raise his head, but looked at his father confused. "Dad?" He whispers.

Stoick immediately ran to his son and helped him to his knees. "Hiccup," He said worried, "are you alright?"

"Yeah," Hiccup said bewildered. "But dad, how did you get here?"

"I...I don't know," Stoick said a little confused. "I was walking through berk, when all of a sudden; I heard your voice, asking for my help. And then a second later, I was surrounded by light, and I found myself here."

"He isn't the only one who heard the cry of their child."

Merida eyes widen to hear the voice of her mother. As she turned he head, she sees her mother standing near Jamie and Emily. But she wasn't in her usual regal dress, she was almost in thin battle armour can't Veronica her chest and arms. On her side, she has a long thin sword in its scabbard.

"Mum!" Merida cried out.

Rapunzel also turned to look at Merida's mother. But her jaw dropped to see Eugene right beside Elinor.

"Didn't forget me, did you blonde," he said in his charismatic flair.

"Eugene," Rapunzel nearly screams as she races to get on her feet and hug her boyfriend.

He giggles as he brushes his hand on her cheek. "See you went back to brown, I like it."

"Figures," she said with a hint of blush on her cheeks and red in her eyes.

Jack looked around confused. "How did this happen?" He asks Emily.

"I...I never thought it would be possible," she answers, while still surprised at the scene around them. "They're mortal. But, they are guardians now..."

"What does that mean?" Jamie asks her as Jack kneels beside him. Everyone else looked at her to hear what they have to say.

"Well," she explains the best she can. "The guardians can get help whenever they need it. Like Bunny with his eggs, or Tooth with her fairies."

"And North with the elves and yetis and toys," Jamie exclaims.

"Exactly," Emily said. "Now that all of them are guardians, and have their powers, they can summon help whenever they need it. And from the looks of it, it comes from their friends and family."

"So...they call them up," Jamie asks her. "Just like that, and they will come."

"Basically yes," Emily said looking at Hiccup, Merida, Rapunzel and Jack. "You all thought about your loved ones, and your friends. That's all that's needed."

"You sure?" Rapunzel asks while hugging Eugene close to her.

"Yes," Emily answers.

"It's was weird too," Eugene said to everyone. "When I heard you blondie...or brunette, it was like I knew what kind of trouble you were in, and what I have to do to help you."

"Same here," Stoick said with Elinor nodding her head.

"So what are we waiting for," Merida said while turning her head to her friends. "We need all the help we can get."

"Are you sure?" Rapunzel said looking at her. "We will be putting them in danger."

"Eh," Eugene shrugs, "life isn't interesting without a hint of danger in it."

"Don't worry about us," Elinor said with a smile. "All of you worked hard to save our kingdoms, villages, and lives. It's only reasonable to offer our help in your quest."

"She's right," Stoick said, putting a hand on his son's shoulder. "It will be great to fight alongside my son in this great battle."

"Let's save the battle speeches till the entire army arrives dad," Hiccup sarcastically said with everyone around him chuckling a bit.

"If I may interrupt!"

Everyone turn to see Pitch back near the entrance, with the former guardians beside him.

"You think that a few more mortals can stop me?!" He yells at everyone. "You are all stupid, pathetic, insignificant little-"

Before he could complete that sentence, a snow ball (made by Jack) hit him square in the face.

Everyone nearly busty out laughing. Hiccup signals Toothless to flap his wings hard. With help from Jack, they made winds so strong, it nearly blew the enemies away. But the group took the opportunity to get out of the alleyway and onto the streets. They didn't stop until they made it to the down town area, near the open space of the park.

But soon, the dark shadows came through the skies, preparing to swarm everyone.

Pitch stands high on one of the apartment buildings, overlooking the group.

"It's all over now," he bellows to them. "There is nothing you can do!"

"As long as we still have the will to fight, we will keep going!" Merida yells at him.

"Besides, we have something that you have no heart to do!" Rapunzel said with confidence.

"Something worth fighting for!" Hiccup shouts while holding Toothless close to him.

"And something to protect!" Jack adds in, while putting his body I front of Jamie and Emily.

"Something to protect?" Pitch mocks. Soon, the former guardians, and their turned helpers appear all around them, giggling in the dark. "But who will protect you?!"

Rapunzel, Merida, and Hiccup took that question to heart. But their faces bore a determined look, not wanting to give in. All at once, their minds were filled by the friends and family back home, and how they have their support and prayers.

Without realizing it, flashes of lights burst behind them. When the lights leave, a person is left behind.

"I will," Astrid said with Stormfly beside her.

"I will," the hooked thug said while raising his hook.

"I will," young Macintosh said with his father behind him.

"Ya, me too," young Dingwall said with his father in arms.

"Identical'ere" young and Lord MacGuffian said.

Maximus neighs with much determination with pascal in his man. A number of the thugs from snuggling duckling appeared and yell out while raising their weapons high.

"Don't forget about us," Gobber said with the newly form dragon riders behind him.

"We are here for you lass!" King Fergus yells as he readies his sword. The three triplets stood by their father, ready for action.

"And I will help protect my friends too," Jamie yells while grabbing onto Jack's hand.

Everyone looked around, and ready their weapons and skills for the fight of their lives.

"This is the end!" Pitch bellows to them. He then signals the nightmares, to follow his commands.

"Show them what happens, when they don't believe in the boogeyman!"


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