Rise of the Brave Tangled Dragons

Rise of the Big Four

Everyone split off to attack the closest thing near them. While the main group targeted the leaders, everyone else went after the minions. The only ones who didn't move were Jamie and Emily. Emily for being too weak to move, and Jamie helping her out. All they can do is hope to not get in anyone's way.

The dragon riders flew high with their dragons, taking care of all the airborne enemies.

"Oh yeah!" Snotlout yells as he had Hookfang burn a nightmare to ashes. "Snotlout! Snotlout! Oi,Oi, Oi!"

"Really," Astrid said shaking her head at the idiot Viking.

The twins were also having fun shooting down nightmares.

"This is chaos on a level I've never seen before," Ruffnut yells.

"Yeah," her brother agrees, "I wanna live here..."

"Forever!" His sister finishes as their dragon blew up a nightmare horse.

On the ground, the Vikings, the Scottish lords and the thugs fought side by side like a well-trained army. Anytime one fell down, someone was there to pick them up.

Gobber looked up to the twins and Snotlout flying above him. "Remember to aim at the big black guys and not at each other!" he yells as he slices away a nightmare

On the other side, Maximus grabbed a sword in his teeth and jabs a few nightmares away, while Pascal continued to hold on to the mane with dear life.

Flynn looked up, seeing dragons up there fighting the nightmares. "Oh wow," he said under his breath. "Hiccup isn't crazy after all. He is not going to let me hear the end of this."

He brought back his focus to the fight as a nightmare horse neighs angry at him.

"Just so you know," Flynn said fighting his fist on a frying pan, "I've had practice fighting a horse."

He the swings the frying pan, and engages in combat.

His girlfriend, Rapunzel, used the park to her advantage. She moved her hands so the plants around her respond to her command. She uses the trees nearby to try to grab a charging Tooth fairy, and made some roots and vines come up from the ground to shield her from the nightmares.

But Tooth was relentless; she kept dodging and flying all around Rapunzel to confuse her. She even swoops down to get Rapunzel to loose her balance.

Flynn finished off the horse and turned to see Rapunzel fighting against Tooth.

"Just when I thought I saw everything with the hair and the dragons," Flynn said under his breath. He then yells at the top of his lungs, "Blondie, catch!" He threw the frying pan in her direction.

Rapunzel looked up and commands a vine to reach out and grab it for her. When it grabbed it by the handle, the vine shrinks down so she can grab it in her hands.

As Tooth charges in again to swoop her, Rapunzel swings her frying pan and hit Tooth in the head. That made her fly back to the ground, knocked out.

"Frying pans," Rapunzel smirks as she twirls her frying pan in her hand. "Who knew right?"

Meanwhile on the other side of the battle, Hiccup and Toothless went tooth to claw with North and his swords. Hiccup also uses the rock nearby and the wind to attack North. But with every rock hitting the big man, the angrier he got. He charged at Hiccup with his swords high, but Toothless manages to get into the air just in time to get away.

"Ok bud," Hiccup whispers to him, "north like flying reindeers, let's see if he likes flying with dragons."

Toothless nods as Hiccup gathered as much air as he can muster. With a push of his hands, he made the wind current nearly blowing North off balance.

North stood there strong, though had to cover his face to block the debris the wind was carrying. Toothless lunges at North, picking him up by the shoulders and carrying him in the air.

North growls as he tries to swing his arms up to slice the dragon's wings off. "Put me down!" He grunts as he flails away like a fish on shore.

Hiccup looks around and sees the street lights all around. "Bud," he said tapping him on the side of his head. "Do what the man said."

Toothless nods and lets him go near a street light. North's coat got caught on the lamp housing and is stuck in place. North tries to wiggle a bit to try to get loose, but got hit by small stones by Hiccup in the head.

"Go to sleep, go to sleep, go to sleep, go to sleep," Hiccup mutters. Soon though, a large enough rock hit North hard in the head, making him fall unconscious with his arms limped to his side.

"About time," Hiccup comments. "Come on bud; let's see how dad's doing."

Stoick held his axe tight in his hand as he slices Nightmares away. But soon, his back touched the back of the Scottish king. Both men turned and raised their weapons high at each other, totally off guard. But before they could react to each other, nightmares enclosed the men in a circle.

Connected by a simple look, the chief and the king swung their weapons at the nightmares, and defending each other from attacks.

Merida took a moment to look at her father, and became happy that he's fighting with Hiccup's father and not at him. She then moves her attention back to her own battle. Bunny threw his boomerangs at her with much force. She quickly ducked out of the way, and fired an arrow at him. He catches his boomerangs and jumps out of her line of fire. He then bounces off the trees to gain height advantage. Merida quickly backed away as Bunny hides himself in branches and leaves around. He then keeps jumping on top of the trees, almost invisible to the eye. He kept throwing his boomerangs at Merida, often hitting her in the shoulders and her back.

Merida got the impression that bunny won't let this action up, he has the advantage. But then, she remembers that she has fire. Grabbing her bow with one hand, she is able to produce fire with the other. She pushes that hand out, and made a stream of fire at the bases of the trees. Soon, every tree near her caught fire, and Bunny was smoked out into the open. Before he can jump away, Merida grabs her bow with both hands and swung it so the grip hit him hard in the head. It knocked him to the ground, and Merida hit him with one of his own boomerangs to fully knock him out.

"Stay," she commanded him as she runs off to join the rest of the fight.

She soon ran into the heirs of her kingdom's clans and join in to drive away the nightmares. Turns out, the boys can fight, in their own way. Young MacGuffian was great with a club, Young Dingwall knew how to use a spear well, and Young Macintosh was a pro with a sword.

Merida wouldn't admit it, but these boys impressed her. But she was more impressed with her mother. She was not the Nobel lady of the court; she was a fierce fighter with her sword.

Merida fought her way to be beside her, "when did you learn how to sword fight."

"After you left, I promised myself that if push comes to shove, I will protect you." Elinor explains as she stabs a nightmare into dust. "So I asked you father to teach me, turns out I can use a sword to perfection."

Merida chuckles as she shoots a nightmare out of the sky, "I guess you never lost your animal instincts to fight."

"We'll do bear jokes when this is all over," Elinor said while looking over to her daughter. "For now, don't you have a job to do?"

"Right," Merida said as her rolls out of the way of a nightmare horse. She looks over her shoulder to see her brothers riding that horse and beating at it with their weapons. She smiles as she races to find her friends.

Jack flew high, knocking as many nightmares as he can with his ice. He spots Pitch high on top of an apartment building. With one big push, Jack sends out a giant wave of ice. But Pitch smiles as he sinks into the building before the ice hit him.

A gust of wind gave Jack the hint that Pitch is now behind him. He turned around just in time to dodge a nightmare whip. He saw Pitch on a small dark cloud as he uses his dark dust to whip at Jack. Jack easily dodges out of the way and retaliates with his own icy magic.

Jamie and Emily continued to look up, watching the fight up there. But then, a nightmare grabs their attention as it stalks towards them in a menacing way. Emily lifts her hand to send it away, but she doesn't even have the strength to raise her arm. Jamie tries to help be lifting her arm, but her magic is only sprinkles out like fairy dust.

It was clear to both of them that Emily is in no shape to protect them both. So Jamie set her down and stood in front of her, trying to shield her. But the fear crept back the fact that he's only a kid, pretty much the weakest person here. But still, Emily has helped him, and his friends need him, he has to try.

As the nightmare got close, Jamie yells and races towards it.

"Jamie!" Emily cries out in a whisper as she watches him.

Jamie payed no heed to her as he continues to run towards the nightmare. As soon as he touches the nightmare, it disappears. It didn't turn into gold dust like last time, but it was clear and outta here.

"What?" Emily said astounded that Jamie can fight the nightmares too. But then thought came to her, Jamie is Jack's best friend. Just like the children's family and friends are here fighting, Jack's friends can fight too.

Jamie went back to her, with his confidence high. "Did you see what I just did?" He asks her with glee.

"Yes," she nods. Then she asks him, "do you have your cell phone with you?"

"Yeah," he said, "why?"

Emily swifts her body to give him full attention.

"I need you to call your friends," she said with a small smile.

In the sky, Hiccup and the other dragon riders were having a blast firing away the nightmares. But then Hiccup spots Jack fighting Pitch nearby. He did notice that Pitch is paying too much attention to Jack; during he wouldn't notice with a plasma blast from behind.

He taps Toothless to blend with the night sky and flew just a little ways behind Pitch.

"Plasma blast'em bud," Hiccup orders. With a mighty roar, Toothless fires the shot. But Pitch sinks into the cloud just in time for the shot to past him, and hit Jack.

Jack fell backwards, hitting the pavement hard.

"Sorry!" Hiccup cries out before Pitch appeared near him. He picked Hiccup up and off the saddle. With Hiccup gone, Toothless had no hope staying in the air, no matter how hard he flaps his wings. Soon, he was on the pavement too.

Hiccup sifts and moves to break free from Pitch's grasp, but the nightmare king chuckles at his futile attempts. He flew Hiccup higher into the sky, looking forward to see him suffocate in the thin air. But before he reaches that, he had a spike phase through his arm. That created enough of a distraction to make him let go of Hiccup.

Hiccup screams as he falls faster and faster towards the ground. But then, a Nadder and her rider flew in and he lands on the dragon's back.

"Nice catch Stormfly," Astrid said as she pats the dragon's head. She then turns her head to Hiccup behind her. "You alright?"

"Yeah," he answers, though still a little shaken from the fall. He then got nervous. "You're not going to hit me for scaring you, are you?"

"Nope," she said with a smile. "I wasn't scared."

"What a relief," Hiccup sighs, before he receives a jab in the arm. "OW!"

"Just don't do that again," Astrid warns in a threatening tone.

"Got it," he said rubbing his arm.

Stormfly lowers herself down to the ground, and Hiccup jumps off. Astrid knew that Hiccup is needed here more than her, so she signals Stormfly to join the battle in the sky, leaving Hiccup there. He then races to find Toothless and Jack.

Back with Emily, Jamie continues to run at any Nightmares coming near them, and making them disappear into dust.


Jamie turns around to see Cupcake, Morty, Claude, Caleb and Pippa standing nearby, with their eyes wide and jaws open to everything around them.

"Do you know what time it is?" Cupcake said angry.

"Are those dragons up there?" Claude asks while point up to the sky.

"What's going on?" Monty said with confusion and wonder.

Jamie races to his friends with a wide smile. "I told you before, Jack is here."

"Jack Frost?" Pippa asks him.

"Yeah," Jamie answers. "I told you we didn't make him up, he's real. And he was fighting Pitch this whole time."

The kids suddenly felt terrible for doubting Jamie and Jack. They knew he was real, but the messed up weather made them angry and scared to think of anything childish.

"But right now, Jack needs our help," Jamie explains. "Pitch's nightmares are ruining Christmas. But we can stop them, just like last time. What do you say?"

The kids cheer as they race to fight against the nightmares. As they touch each nightmare, it vanishes into thin air.

Emily couldn't help but be impressed. Jamie was able to get the other children to believe and fight with a few simple words. But as she looks at him, a shadow looms over her.

Hiccup manages to find Jack and Toothless near the centre of the park, with Merida and Rapunzel close behind.

"How's everyone doing?" Rapunzel asks them.

"Doing ok," Hiccup answers as he nuzzles Toothless.

Merida groans as her body tries to relax. "None of this matters if we don't stop Pitch."

"I know," Jack said. "But I can't get close enough to get that pendent."

"But we can't give up," Rapunzel said with high hopes. "Everyone is counting on us."

"We just need a way to get that pendent away from him," Jack reminds everyone.

"It won't be easy," Hiccup said.

"Nothing ever is," Merida scuffs. "It would be easier if Pitch came to us and not hide like a coward."

"A coward am I?"

Everyone shifts in to a fighting stance as they hear Pitch's voice around them. Merida pulls out an arrow to hire when ready.

Soon Pitch does appear a bit away from them, but holding Emily's neck with one right hand.

"Emily!" Jack cries out. He positions himself to charge at Pitch, only to be hold back by Rapunzel.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you," Pitch said with a cruel smile as he tightens his grip on Emily's neck. Soon cracks became visible on her skin, and she weeps with a pitiful face.

Everyone held their ground as they just watch Pitch with his prey.

"Now," Pitch taunts, "you will surrender and tell your followers to stop, or I'll break her little neck."

"But she's Mother Nature," Rapunzel protests, "She can't die!"

"Yes she can," Pitch tells her. "She has become so weak; she can barely hold herself up. Destroying her will be as easy as a snap. And then I will have complete control of her powers."

"But she's your daughter," Jack yells at him. "Would you really kill your own daughter?"

Pitch chuckles like a mad man. Unbeknownst to him, Hiccup whispers something in Merida's ear. A plan he's sure to work.

"Don't you know that the nightmare king has no daughter!" Pitch bellows out. "That man is long gone! Now do what I say or she will die!"

He tightens his grip more, making her wimple.

"Wait!" Hiccup shouts with his hands up. "We...we'll stop. We surrender."

"Hiccup," Rapunzel gasps totally shocked.

"What are you doing?" Jack asks equally shocked.

"Guys," Hiccup said while turning to them, "we're beat. He has Emily tight. We can't do anything while he has her. We can't risk her life like that."

He quickly winks his eye at them, secretly telling them he has a bigger plan.

They all got what he means and play along. "You're right," Rapunzel said looking at Pitch and Emily. "We can't take that risk."

Emily tries her best to shake her head. "No… don't…" she whispers.

"Sorry Emily," Jack said as he and Rapunzel raises their arms up. "We can't let you die."

But Merida still has her bow up at the ready. "Well, I'm not going to give in like that."

"Merida no!" Rapunzel yells at her.

"You can't!" Jack said almost over the top grief.

"I have a clear shot," Merida said pointing her arrow at the pendent, "I'm taking it!"

Without another word, she lets go of the arrow. It cut through the wind with great speed, but Pitch caught it with his other hand.

He laughs as Merida lowers her bow. "What did you think that will accomplish?" He asks in a mocked tone. "What were you thinking?"

"I was thinking I get you distracted for the real shot," Merida answers with a smirk.

Before Pitch had time to figure out what she meant, Hiccup moves his hand around his chest. The arrow head flew off the arrow Pitch was holding, and cut the chain that held the pendent.

Frustrated, Pitch let's go of the arrow and Emily to grab the pendent. But Jack threw some ice at Pitch to make him back away. Jack then charges at the pendent, grabbing it with his hand.

"No!" Emily cries out as she sinks to the ground and holds her neck with her fragile hand. She knows that the power inside that pendent is too much for someone to take. It holds the powers of nature with the mix of darkness. There is no way Jack can take in all that power.

Jack clutches the pendent as his body aches and squirms all around. He could feel the power surging through his veins and trying to push out of his skin. He yells in pain as a cyclone of wind starts to form around him.

It spreads out to the entire area, nearly blowing everyone away. The adults kept hold to the young children as the people in the air held on to dear life. Any nightmares nearby were blown away into the night sky.

Pitch was pinned down to a tree due to the strong wind as Emily kept close to the ground. As for the Jack's friends, they try their best to stand their ground. But they struggle to seeing their friend in so much pain. The wind around Jack forces him to his feet as he continues to scream.

Rapunzel decided that she had enough of seeing Jack like this. She has to help in some way. But then she thought, she's also connected to mother nature's power, maybe she has better control of what's in that pendent with Jack. Even if it doesn't work, she would be happy none the less. Her life was a prison before she met Jack and the others, she would be happy to die among her true friends.

She moves towards Jack and looks at him. "Let me help!" She said. Not wanting a word of objection, she reached out and grabs the hand holding the pendent. All at once, her body aches with pain as the power flows through her. It hurts so much she was force to kneel down. But she then swallows her pain in order to stand again.

Merida also took a step forward to meet them. If it wasn't for them, she would've still be angry at the world and her mum. They've helped her through her bitterness and made her find a new source of strength. She would not let that go to waste, and she would die with them.

She reaches in and grabs the pendent too. As the power reached to the very core of her being, she screams in agony. But she held strong to stand with her friends.

Toothless coo Hiccup not to go too, but Hiccup gave him a giant hug around his head to say goodbye. He has to do this for his friends. If it wasn't for them, he would still be the weak unwanted boy that everyone wanted to change. With his friends, they've accepted him for who he was, and helped him accept himself. It would seem wrong not to die with them.

"Take care of dad bud," Hiccup asks Toothless before he made his way to the others. With one deep breath in, he reaches in and grabs the pendent too. He screams in pain as the power found its course to his body.

But as everyone holds on to the pendent, the feeling in it changes. The power wasn't hurting them as much anymore. But the wind still blew strong around them. It glows green, as if the whole of nature is around them. It filled them with confidence, determination and power. Almost as if they've were a part of the cycle of nature itself. They weren't going to die today, they're going to win.

Emily looks up to them, almost not believing that all four can handle her powers.

Pitch however looks at them, stunned. "You're all mortals! How?!"

The four people turned and glare at Pitch.

"Didn't anyone tell you," Jack said with a hallow voice. "We're the season guardians."

Together, the four of them opened the pendent, and a shot of green mist like came flying out. It makes its way to Emily, who gasps in pain. The magic made her hover off the ground and made her eyes glow green. As the magic surrounds her, her dress became emerald green again, her skin was rejuvenate and healthy, and her black locks were wavy and shiny again.

Soon, Emily was back to her usual self again, and Pitch lost all the power he had.

"No!" He growls. He then made a scythe to attack the four children. But Toothless blasts him away with a plasma blast.

But once the magic is gone form the pendent, the storm disappears and all four children collapse on the floor in exhaustion. Emily uses her magic to help rejuvenate them, helping them get their strength back.

"Emily!" Jack cries out in happiness.

She smiles as she waves her hands to the sky. "Let's set everything right," she said in a regal voice.

In a flash of light the former guardians appears in front of them, still unconscious. Emily then twirls her fingers around them. Something inside them reacts to her, and made them squirm in pain. Soon, dark mist started to leave their bodies and disappears when it reaches the clear air. The dark colours began to fade off the guardians, returning them to their original selves.

Once that was all done, they all groan in pain as their senses kick in.

"Mmmm, what?" North moans as he sits up.

"What a bad egg that was," Bunny groans.

Tooth held her head with her hand as she tries to sit up. "What? What happened?" She then turned to see North and Bunny. "Where did you guys come from?"

She then felt some one behind her, helping her to her feet. "Easy there, take it nice and slow."

Tooth turns around to see a unfamiliar female face. "Who are you?" She asks.

Rapunzel smiles and she holds Tooth by the hand. "I'm Rapunzel, nice to meet you."

As Tooth stares at her confused, Merida helps Bunny up. "You alright?" She asks.

"Crikey, I don't know," Bunny groans as he cracks his neck a bit. "I don't really remember much though."

"That's probably the darkness talking," Jack said as he helps bunny too.

North had Hiccup and Toothless to help him a bit. "You...you did it?" He asks them.

"It's not over yet," Hiccup said as everyone turns to Pitch. The guardians didn't k ow exactly what's going on, but they can guess the right answer. And they are pissed.

But not so much as Pitch is, he's lost his winning edge. But he refuses to admit defeat. He summons his nightmare horses. "Get them!" He orders as the horses charge at them.

Everyone immediately sprang into action, fighting the nightmares head on.

With the thugs, the dragon flyers, the Scotsmen and the children, they were having an easier time then before. Some of the nightmares turned back into yetis, elves and fairies and are now fighting beside the heroes. And any nightmare that is vanquished is turned into golden dust.

"Hey look!" Morty said looking at the golden dream sand. "Just like before!"

"Then we know what to do!" Jamie said with a smile. "Come on!"

He leads the group with the golden sand trailing behind them. They then gather in a circle and pushed the sand in the middle. They then wish, prayed and believe in the sand man. And sure enough, the physical being of the sand man start to form inside a cocoon.

Pitch was pushed back to the street by the guardians and the children. They then gather around him with their weapons and powers at the ready.

"It's over Pitch," Jack said seriously.

But instead of being scared, Pitch sinks into the ground with shadows of himself all around them.

Everyone looks around to try to pick out Pitch among those shadows, only to have him reappear in the middle with a scythe high above his head. Toothless noticed him first and blasts out a plasma blast. It hit Pitch, making him kneel to the ground.

When everyone else notices him, a golden dust like whip came and wrap around Pitch's waist. It lifts him high over them and dragged him hard on the ground. It pulls him towards the cluster of golden sand. Soon, the cocoon disappears and Sandy hover a few inches away from a terrified Pitch. Sandy then uppercuts Pitch high into the sky and made him fall hard on the ground. Butterflies flutter around Pitch's head, signal in that he is knocked out.

Every nightmare completely vanished, and the verdict was clear to everyone. They won the battle.

"We won?" Rapunzel said unable to contain her happiness. "We won!"

Everyone around her cheers and throws their hands up in celebration. Eugene races through the crowd and hugs Rapunzel so tight he spins her high. Maximus came over and nuzzle her cheek as Pascal turns into a yellow shade of colour. Even the thugs and ruffians yell and cheer for doing a good deed.

Toothless licks Hiccup so much he looked like he swam through an ocean. "Come on bud," Hiccup complains as he giggles hard. "You know that doesn't wash out."

Stoick and the other dragon riders laugh as they watch Hiccup like this.

Merida nearly got tripped over as her brothers hug her legs. But her mother and father's hugs help her stand as she is surrounded by love.

Jamie manages to have his legs carry him across the street and wrapped his arms around Jack.

Jack kneels down and hugs his friend tight. "Hey kiddo," he said with a smile.

"Did we do it?" Jamie asks in a soft whisper.

"Yeah," Jack said with a smile. "We did it."

Soon, the other guardians came up behind them. At first, Jamie gasp in fright, but quickly became relied upon seeing they're back to normal.

Jack rose up to see his friends happy and returned to him. "Hey," he said, almost too happy for words.

Jack was quickly met with a hug from Tooth. "Oh Jack," she said sweetly. "It's great to see you again." The baby tooth that tracked with him and the group came down and nuzzle her way to his other shoulder.

Jack giggles softly as Bunny pats him hard on the back. "Gotta hand it to you ankle biter, you did good."

"You mean, you guys remember," Jack said to them.

"Only bits and pieces," North answers as he places a hand on Jack's shoulder. "But enough to know what's been happening. And I will say this; you made us all so proud, you and your friends."

Jack smiles while hugging Jamie to his side, smiles never left their faces. Hiccup, Rapunzel, and Merida came over to join them as their family and friends bask in their cheers.

The guardians smile seeing them, But Bunny's face became scared seeing a giant reptile beside Hiccup. "Is...is that a..."

"A dragon, yes," Jack said with a sly smile. "They aren't a myth anymore, are they?"

Toothless growls at Bunny, making him nearly jump with nervousness. "Guess not... crikey" He said.

Everyone bursts out laughing as Hiccup calms toothless down.

Suddenly, they heard a loud groan. They all turn to see Pitch, struggling to get up off the floor. But the group notices that no one around them can see Pitch anymore.

Pitch was obviously back to where he was before, not believed and having no power.

The group walked to him and looked down at him like the weak man he is now.

"Don't expect to offer you a drink," Jack said within his arms cross.

Merida took this time to fire an arrow at Pitch. It scratches him in the cheek as he tries to dodge out of the way. "I've been waiting to do that."

"Let me get in on that," Tooth said giving Pitch a quarter, and the punching in the jaw so hard a tooth came out. "That's for what you did to me and my fairies." As she spoke, a small group of fairies came to her and sneer at him.

"No," Pitch said backing away from them, "you can't get rid of me that easy. There will always be fear, always darkness..."

"Oh, put a cork in it," Merida huffed.

"Yeah," Rapunzel agrees.

"Just admit it, you lost," Hiccup added. "You're done."

"No," Pitch snarls. "I am enteral! You will never be rid of me."

As he continues to back away, his back touched a thick dress. He turns around to see Mother Nature hovering a few inches off the ground. She looked at him with a strict face.

"You are not going anywhere Pitch." She said with a straight, uncaring face. "You have violated the laws of nature, and meant to do harm to the children of the world. The severity of your crimes is horrid and unforgivable."

"Oh yeah," Pitch challenges her, "and what are going to do about it?"

Soon, the light of the moon shines down through the cloud layer, and encases him in a prison of light.

"It seems Tsar agrees with me," Emily said as she looks straight through Pitch's eyes. "As of this moment Pitch, you are sentenced to spend the rest of you live in the cave of Tanglewood. A place you're all too familiar with."

It's true, Pitch was trapped there before when nightlight send him to earth. He refuses to be sent back there. It was lonely, dark and cold down there. It was like being close to hell, with no hope of salvation.

Pitch tries to escape the moon beam's light, but it was too strong. Soon, vines came from the ground and wraps around Pitch's body. He stifles as he tries to pull himself free. But the vines drag him down, pulling him into the earth.

"May the light never shine on you," Emily said before she turns her back to Pitch.

"Wait!" He pleads with fear and terror in his voice. "You can't do this! I'm your father! You wouldn't do this to your father."

She refuses to look at him as he continues to sink into the earth. "My father died a long time ago. Replaced by a monster. You are not my father."

The last thing everyone heard was Pitch's painful screams as he reaches out to grab anything to help him escape.

His hand was that last thing that was swallowed up, before the earth closed the hole. The moon light returned to the sky as everything seemed to be back to normal.

"Is it done?" Jack asks Emily.

She shakes her head as her feet touch the ground. By this time, everyone gather around her. "I'm afraid not yet Jack. Did you forget what day it is today?"

His eyes widen as she spoke the other problem to everyone.

"It's December 25th, Christmas Day."

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