Rise of the Brave Tangled Dragons

Christmas Day

"It's December 25th, Christmas Day."

Everyone around that can see Emily gasps in fright. Today is the big day, and no one was prepared for it. For the people who could not see Emily, they got their hint form the people near them. But North nearly couldn't contain his nervousness and fear. Today is the biggest day of the year for him, the day where he needs to do his work. But he has nothing, all the work he and the yetis' done has been destroyed by Pitch.

And if that wasn't bad enough, weather is still messed up in certain parts of the world. So not only that the people will be losing Christmas Day, but can't go out and visit family and have parties. That would be impossible if they can't even leave their own houses.

North visual showed that he was scared by pacing around with his fingers to his mouth and the sweat on his face.

"This is bad," he respects over and over in a frighten mutter, "this is very, very bad. It's a disaster."

The other guardians all had sad expression, knowing it's too late. They have failed.

"The poor children," Tooth sighs as she flutters herself down to her knees and her head hanging low.

Sandy wipes away a tear from his cheek, as Bunny slums, defeated. "How can we let this happen?" He curses himself. "How can we protect the beliefs of children now?!"

"It's over," North whales as he flips his arms to his side.

Everyone on this side felt horrible, but none so much as the children of the town. They're not gonna have Christmas this year.

The season guardians however look at them, almost not believing the guardians are giving up this easy and soon. After all this, after the journey they've been on, they're not going to go down like this.

"Over?" Jack said while shaking his head. "It's not over, not yet."

"Yeah," Merida agrees, "we can't just give up like this."

"What can we do?" North asks in his down tone. "It's already Christmas morning in some countries, and there are no presents for the deti to open. I've failed the children."

"You haven't failed them yet," Jack said, in a positive tone. "Christmas only just begun, there's still time to turn things around. We just need to come up with something. It doesn't have to be big to make a big impact."

"Well, if you got an idea frost bite, we're all ears," Bunny said with no hope in his voice.

The group got their thinking caps on, to think of anything that can possibly save this holiday.

Then Rapunzel asks a question to North, "What do you do on Christmas?"

Jack looked at her, thinking back to when he explained to her before what Christmas was all about. "People handing out presents, having a big dinner and sing songs."

"But didn't you also say that Christmas mean seeing your love ones and showing that you care?" Rapunzel added.

Jack as well as everyone thought about that. While it's true, getting gifts is really cool and you get to have a big dinner and have fun. But Christmas was never about a gift that came from a store, it was about something more. Spending time with family and love ones was the true meaning of Christmas. It's showing that you cared and that you are with them, even through all the tough times.

"What are you getting at blondie," Eugene asks her.

"I'm saying, that it doesn't really matter about the toys and the decoration," Rapunzel explains to everyone. "It's about family spending the day together."

"And how are they going to do that?" Bunny asks a little impatient. "The weather is still messed up all around the world."

"I'm sure we can fix it," Merida said, feeling a little more upbeat then before. "We have our powers, we can fix the weather."

"You can only do that with the tree," Emily said with a grim face. "And it is very close to dying."

"We'll fix it," Merida said with some assurance. "You gave us these powers for a reason; we'll use them to help fix the world and the tree."

As much as Emily wants to call them out, and that kind of magic is almost impossible, she held back her tongue. With this group of people, she's seen them do feats passed her expectations. It could very well be possible to be able to do this miracle.

"And who said that kids need a mountain of toys," Hiccup said out loud. "As long as they have at least one thing from North, and to spend time with their family, that'll be enough."

"I don't even need a toy," Jamie yells as he runs and hugs Jack's arm. "Just as long as Jack can stay for the holiday, and my dad is with my mom, I'm happy."

"Me too!" Morty said raising his hand.

"Same here," Cupcake said with a smile.

The other children also nod and smile in agreement.

"As much as I appreciate you saying that, there still a billion kids in the world to take care of, and I don't have anything to give them." North nervousness overwhelmed him. He sinks to the ground and slums.

"If it helps, you can have my sword," Elinor said holding her sword out. "And my services to help."

Soon, the other people around north held out their weapons and present them to him. He slightly smiles, seeing everyone willing to help out.

"I don't think swords and axes are appropriate for children of this age," Hiccup mutters to the side.

"I'm afraid not," North said.

"But we can still find and make more appropriate gifts," Rapunzel said with a smile. "All we need is a little colour."

She waves her hand to the snowy ground below, and made the grass start to poke out. Then the grass blades start to gather themselves and form into various shapes. Some formed into round balls and building blocks, while others wooden carved games and trains sets. Cotton balls floated through the air and made themes into doll and bear figures. Even some stones floated around and changes colour around Rapunzel, making them shines like rubies and diamonds.

Hiccup quickly got where Rapunzel is going with this and added a bit of magic of his own. "A hint of change," he said twirling his fingers at the little things Rapunzel created. The bears and dolls formed a cloth shape to hold in the cotton as the balls got their rubber shell. With the wind and dirt on his side, Hiccup even made tiny glass marbles and almost rival Rapunzel's jewels.

Merida smiles as she raises her hands to her shoulders. "Some courage," she said as she flips her hands to the sky. Soon, the weapons everyone presented to North started to fly around her. With a snap of her fingers, the weapons broke apart and formed into mini toy soldiers and batons for leading band. She even string some metal into long chains to go around Rapunzel's jewels.

Jack chuckles as twirls his fingers, making a small wind current full of snow and icy mist. "And of course, fun." The snow carried to the objects his friends made, and gave them some finishing touches. Making them look like real toys anyone can play with.

Everyone around them were amazed at what they can do, even Emily was surprised. North looked at each of the toys, admiring the craftsmen ship and the hard work that's in them. He's made gifts before, but these ones had a certain feeling in them.


"Unbelievable," North said looking at the group. "How?...maybe...maybe this could work."

"Yeah," Rapunzel said with a smile as she jumps in excitement. "That's the spirit!"

"If the kids have one gift from you, and perfect weather to bring their family together, they'll believe again," Jack said with a smile.

"But," North said with concern, "there is no way my reindeer can go that fast around the world."

Hiccup gently patted Toothless on the head while looking at him straight in the eye. The boy and the dragon got the same idea. Reindeers have nothing on a Night Fury. "Ever consider a dragon as a substitute?" Hiccup asks with a sly smile.

North's eyes widen as he moves his hand to pet Toothless. "Are you serious?" He gasps in disbelief.

Hiccup responds with a wide smile.

"And don't forget about us mate," Bunny shouts to North. "Or did you forget who can hide eggs in one day."

"Or can gather teeth 24/7?" Tooth added.

Sandy also nods his head as dream sand spirals around him.

"We can help too," Astrid said on top of her dragon, with the other dragon riders around her. Everyone one else smiles and gave off their own signs of support.

North was almost speechless, surrounded by all these people willing to help save Christmas. "Thank you..."

"Let's stop wasting time," Merida said with some hint of urgency, "we've got a holiday to save."

"I still can't fly with the weather like this," North told the group with worry.

"So, let's save the tree first and set the world right," Hiccup said as the entire group turns to Emily.

"So how bout it Emily, think we can get to the tree?" Jack said to her.

"I think it might be better if I bring the tree to you," Emily said with a straight face. With one motion of her hand, the ground cracked open in between the group. Everyone immediately stepped back to make room for whatever is coming. Soon, branches peered out and spread like vines. On the branches were leaves that were brown, but had a hint of gold on there. The trunk weltered and bends a bit, making the whole tree look sick and old.

Everyone was sad at the tree's current state, but none more so then Emily. She placed her hand on the trunk, and her hand made that area glow a faint green, but it wasn't enough to fully rejuvenate the tree. "It's horrible," she said in a low tone.

The group gathered around the tree and looked at it. It was totally different then what it was before. It felt like it was going to fall over and die at any second.

"I didn't know it was this bad," Jack said a little sad.

"It's going to take a miracle to fix this," North said with the same tone in his voice.

But despite this situation, Rapunzel still had a small smile. "So what, with all we've been through, miracles can become reality. I mean, it was ultimately a miracle that night with the lanterns were lighting the night sky..."

"Or when the red death fell and dragons were set free," Hiccup added.

"Even when my mum changed back and peace was restored to the kingdom," Merida said too.

"Even when Jamie first saw me," Jack said looking back at Jamie's little innocent face, "and setting me on this journey. We can make miracles happen; we just need to believe we can."

"Exactly," Rapunzel said as she places her hand on the trunk of the tree. As soon as her fingers tough, a purple light spread in that area and she felt her soul being poured into the tree.

"Many nights, we've prayed," she said with a small smile.

"With no proof anyone can hear

In our hearts, a hopeful song,

We barely understood.

Now we are not afraid

Although we know there's much to fear,

We were moving mountains

Long before we knew we could."

Merida nods as she walks beside Rapunzel and placed her hand on the tree. A red light shines around it as it follows the purple light through the branches and touching the leaves above them.

"There can be miracles," Merida said with a hopeful voice.

"When you believe

Though hope if frail

It's hard to kill."

Rapunzel smiles with her and joins her in a chorus.

"Who knows what miracles

You can achieve

When you believe

Somehow you will,

You will when you believe."

Everyone took their time to admire the colours changing the tree. They seem to fade away the brown, turning the leaves into a healthy gold and the branches strong again. The colours even made their way into the sky in a pixie dust form. Spreading out across the night sky in a spectacular light show.

Hiccup let's go of Toothless to place his hand on the tree, making it give of a green glow.

"In this time of fear," he said in a calm tone.

"When prayer so often proves in vain

Hope seemed like the summer birds

Too swiftly flown away."

Jack finally made his way to the tree, but smiles back at Jamie first.

"Yet now I'm standing here,"

"I'm standing here," Hiccup repeats back to him.

"My heart so full, I can't explain," Jack continued.

"Seeking faith and speaking words

I never thought I'd say." Both boys said before Jack touched the tree. Soon, a blue light shot out of his hand and across the tree.

Soon, it became a light show that everyone was amazed watching. It spreads from the tree and into the sky.

"There can be miracles," the boys said together.

"When you believe,"

"When you believe," the girls repeated.

"Though hope if frail," the boys continue

"It's hard to kill."

"It's hard to kill," the girls respond.

The group smiles as they joined in together as they continue to press their powers into the tree.

"Who knows what miracles

You can achieve

When you believe

Somehow you will,

You will when you believe."

Soon, the tree started to change its shape. From bending over to become straight and true. The brown around the leaves almost devolves, becoming gold and strong. But then the branches began to reach up, almost touching the sky. Light like vines shot up and spread across the sky, shining almost a bright as the moon.

The area around everyone began to change almost in an instant. The air was much warmer and the snow melted to about half an inch. The trees shook of the access snow and stood tall and proud.

As everyone marvel to what's happening around them, the guardians all felt something inside them. A power that's light and strong. They only felt this way only once before. When they were first born and believed in.

That only made them guess what's happening around the world, the children are believing again.

"They don't always happen when you ask," the four children said together as they continue to press the tree. With their other hand, they place them on the person next to them shoulder. Showing their team work and their strong bond of friendship.

"And it's easy to give in, to your fears

But when you're blinded by your pain

Can't see your way clear through the rain

A small but still, resilient voice

Says hope is very near."

Everyone felt the warm calm feeling of a storm finally passed as they look up to the sky. The pixie dust lights formed into the aurora lights that preformed a dazzling show of colours. Sandy smiles as he flies into the sky, as if on cue. He waves his hands around and sends out streams of dream dust all across the world. Giving the children what they've been wishing for the past few weeks, good dreams. Those dreams became visible to everyone through dream dust. Figures of dolphins, fairies, Christmas trees, nutcrackers, sled rides, dinosaurs, dragons, castles, and so much more appeared all around everyone.

"There can be miracles," everyone sang as a perfect unison.

"When you believe,"

"When you believe," Jack said off to the side.

"Though hope is frail,

It's hard to kill"

"It's hard to kill," Merida said with a smile.

"Yeah," Hiccup shouts with happiness

"Who knows what miracles

You can achieve,"

"You can achieve!" Rapunzel repeats

"When you believe

Somehow you will,

"Somehow you will," Rapunzel sang out with Jack close to her.

"You will," he said with pride.

"Now you will,"

"Now you will," Merida and Hiccup said together.

"You will when you believe." Everyone sang out with pride and happiness.

Emily closes her eyes, as she feels the power of the earth around her. She can feel the winds dying down, and then everything returning to normal. She felt one with nature again, and her tree is standing strong and proud, just as before.

"You will when you, believe," she finishes as the lights die down and the scene was just as before. With a wave of her hand, the tree sinks back down to where it belongs.

With a wave of her hand, Emily made the trees in the area bend and form into North's iconic sleigh.

With everyone's help, they got the toys on to the wooden masterpiece and hooked Toothless on to the tassel. The tooth fairy instructs her fairies to carry a small present each as Bunny made a hole for a tunnel into other people's homes. The mortals all gather around the rabbit hole, ready to drop the presents when ready. The season guardians went and climb on the sleigh to help out with any trouble weather that's still out there. Except for Hiccup as he sits on top of Toothless at the front.

"Is everyone ready?" North asks as he takes his position on the sleigh.

"Yeah!" Everyone shouts with a positive attitude.

"Zamechatel'no! Then let's get started! Vpered!" He shouts as Toothless opens his wings.

In a surprisingly burst of speed, the sleigh was in the air in no time. It almost blew North to the back because of how fast Toothless was going. But soon, he regained balance and everyone was flying high into the sky.

As soon as the sleigh disappears from view, everyone got set to work. Tooth gave out instructions to where her fairies needed to go, just like for the teeth run, while Bunny jumped down into his rabbit hole.

Everyone threw in presents one at a time, and Bunny made holes in the tunnel to lead the presents to a home somewhere in the world. Though he did have a bit of trouble when the Viking twins pushed each other in, but he gave them a bunny foot in the butt to get them out of his hole.

While everyone felt with more America and South America, North and the season guardians flew over the ocean to the other contents. From house to house, they delivered the presents within a timely manner. While Hiccup and North controlled the steering, the others threw the presents down the chimneys and helped cleaned up the roads and weather. Soon, they saw cars being turned on and drove down the streets to different houses across the land.

It was working, everything is going right. Even when the sun is high in China, everyone still did their job to the up most importance. There were a few children who say them, and they were amazed that Santa is having his sleigh pulled by a dragon. But what got the children more excited is seeing their Christmas saved.

From Thailand to Iran, and from Egypt to France, everyone did their best to make the people below happy and full of wonder. When they flew by Germany, Scotland, and Norway, the children had to look down to see what their homes will be like in their future. There are a few buildings and a few objects that confused them. But they also saw on building as well as ruins of what was left behind. There were some structural influences of Corona, a dragon carving or two on the walls, and the old castles of DunBroch high on the hills.

Seeing those things made Hiccup, Rapunzel and Merida smile, knowing that the history of their kingdoms still live on to today.

"Alright people, last one," North shouts as they fly over the last house. Jack took great pride of taking the gift and flying it down to the chimney and letting it fall down the fireplace. The cheers of the child echoed back to Jack. He smiles as he flies back up to the others. Together, they breathed out a huge sigh of relief. They've done it, it was all over now.

"Think we did enough?" Rapunzel asks everyone.

"Good graces, you've done more than enough," North said looking back at them with his rosy cheeks. "But to be sure..."

He flew them back to the North Pole and to his workshop. Everything was there exactly when the group first met. The colour and light returned, and every broken table and as magically rebuilt.

Everyone quickly ran back to the giant globe to see the lights flickering on again. Soon the globe had dots of light, shinning brighter than they've ever been.

"Wow," Merida said with her jaw opened. Everyone expressed that same emotion in their own way.

"Wow indeed."

Everyone turned around to see Emily magically behind them with a warm smile.

"It's thanks to you that the world is now in balance with nature again," she said. "I'm so glad my powers chose you all to help. Because of all of you, the light will shine true. Because of you, there will be a tomorrow, and a Christmas Day today."

Everyone smiles with pride as they were showered by her praise.

"Don't tell me you had some doubts," Jack said in his usual kiddish manner.

Emily giggles as she places a hand near her lips. "I wouldn't say that Jack," she said raising an eyebrow to him.

"I'm just glad it's all over," Hiccup said as Toothless nudges him a bit.

"What about Pitch?" Merida asks out of curiosity.

"I'm afraid he isn't wrong about one thing," Emily said a little sad, "there will always be fear. And while the king is imprisoned, his servants are scattered around, hiding in the shadows where they belong. They won't do anything to upset the balance again, but they will always be waiting to give children nightmares once and a while."

"Well," Merida said while eyeing her friends. "If Pitch ever comes back, we'll be ready."

"And next time, we'll be a little more humble," Rapunzel said wrapping her arm around Merida.

"And a little more wise," Jack said too.

"And for Jack, better references," Hiccup jokes, making everyone laugh out loud.

When he was finished, Jack turned to Emily and hands her the pendent that Pitch had before. As Emily looks at it in her hand, a memory stored inside of the day her father wore it back when he loved her.

"I'm sorry," Jack said as gentle as he can. "If there was a way..."

"There's nothing you could've done," Emily said, understanding what he was trying to say. "There was nothing I could've done. I should've realized that my father was long dead from the start, and there was no way to bring him back."

Jack looked at her hand as the pendent transformed back into the locket it had once been before. With a little more magic, a silver chain draped out pf her hand and in hooked with the locket. It opened up to reveal a picture of a young Emily, smiling.

Jack then walked up and closed her hand with his own. "Don't you see Emily, he's not really gone," he said with a small smile. "It's just like Nightlight and me, as long as you keep that memory inside you, and his spirit alive in your heart, your father is with you all the time."

Emily smiles as she gently hugs Jack close. She lets a few tears fall down her cheek, as his speech touched her heart.

"Thanks Jack," she whispers.

"No problem," he said as he pulls away.

Emily pulls away too; looking at everyone's smiling face. She puts on the locket and it hangs down her neck and to her chest. She uses her sleeve to wipe away the tears before speaking to them.

"Just one more thing to take care off, but firsts things first. It's Christmas, time for a celebration!"

Deti means Children in Russia

Zamechtel'no means wonderful in Russia

Vpered means Forward in Russia


When you Believe from The Prince of Egypt

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