Rise of the Brave Tangled Dragons

Oath of the Season Guardians

Zimnyaya strana chudes was more festive and busy than ever before. The air smelled of freshly baked pastries and upbeat music can be heard miles around. The snow sparkled as the sun shines down on the scene of a perfect winter party. But it wasn't cold at all to everyone in attendance here. It was nice a cool and everyone was having a great time. Most of the children were having snowball fights, or getting presents handed to them by the yetis and elves. The adults were mostly watching the children, and then proceeded with their own conversations.

As for any of the teens, they were all in their own little groups, doing their own thing. Hiccup and Astrid were leaning against a hut, watching Toothless and Stormfly play in the snow. Merida and the young lords sat down and had a cross arm competition, which MacGuffian easily won. But then he purposely lost to Merida, for fearing she would burn his hand.

As for Rapunzel and Eugene, they sat in a quite corner and giggled as they eat the pasties on their plate. Maximus was near, but he has his head buried in a bushel of apples with Pascal in his mane.

"Amazing," Rapunzel said looking back at the party.

"Yeah, it is," Eugene respond as he takes another bite of a puff pastry.

As Rapunzel looks out to see everyone having fun, her mind began to wonder. As much as its all nice and wonderful here, Rapunzel wonders what it will be like when she goes home. She'll be seeing her parents, her real parents for the first time. What will it be like? Will be different then the time she's had with Mother Gothel? Can she be sure that her parents will actually like her? As much as she wants to know now, there's no way she can.

Eugene sensed her distress and quickly held her hand. "What's wrong?" He asks with concern.

She shrugs and smiles at him. "Nothing really," she answers. "I'm just...nervous..."

"Nervous, why?"

"After all this, I'll be seeing my parents for the first time. The king and queen of corona. How am I going to measure their expectation of me? I know I shouldn't worry to much about this, but...I'm just scared."

Eugene let's go of her hand and graves her shoulder. He pulls her in, giving her comfort and security. He then smiles an honest smile to her. "It'll be ok," he said. "Your parents will love you no matter what, I'm sure of it."

"Yeah?" She said unsure. "I just wish they're here now to..."

Soon, a bright light appeared next to Maximus, spooking the horse away. Eugene and Rapunzel turn to see two figures appear in the light, though it was too blind to see who it was.

When the light finally dimmed, a woman with long brown hair and a purple gown, standing next to a thick bearded man with a golden sun chain around his neck appeared, confused.

Rapunzel's eyes widen seeing these two. She recognized them from the mural and her memory. It was the King and his Queen, her mom and dad.

"What is this?" The king asks almost in rage.

"Where are we?" The queen asks in fright.

Rapunzel stood still, every muscle in her body was frozen. Her mind was also beating with random thoughts. 'They're here? What do I do? Should I say something?'

Rapunzel's hand felt tightness as Eugene holds on to it. She quickly looks at him, for suggestions and support.

He smiles as he leans to her. "Go on," he said. "It will be ok, you'll see."

Even though her face still resembles and uneasy feeling, Rapunzel clutch at his hand as uses it as supports at she stands up into view. She drew in air through her nose as she takes a step forward towards the king and queen.

They look at her, almost stunned.

Eugene watches as Rapunzel takes a couple of steps closer to them. Anyone that was near them also stopped what they were doing to see Rapunzel make her way to the royals.

She stops as soon as she was an arm's reach away, becoming more and more nervous as the royal highnesses state in bewilderment at her.

"Mom...dad..." She whispers, mostly too scared for words to come forth.

Both of them had their eyes widen as they continue to look at her. Only the queen would dare step forward as she looks at the young girl.

She places a hand under Rapunzel's chin to get a good look at her. She studies her face, seeing tiny resemblances of the child she once held.

Then she saw it in Rapunzel's face, her own eyes, and the king's smile.

"Gwen...Gwendolyn?... Is it really you?" The queen whispers, almost breaking into tears.

'Gwendolyn?' Rapunzel thought in her mind. 'That must be the name they gave me.' But it didn't matter what her name is, her family was here. She smiles as tears started to fill her eyes as well.

Her mother pulled her in close and gave her a great big, tight, loving hug, never wanting to let her go again.

Rapunzel barley had room to look at her father, but he was almost as worst as her mother. His eyes became red under his bushy eyebrows and he sobbed with happiness as he walks in on this family moment.

Without even thinking the queen grabbed him and pulled him into this warm group hug.

Off to the side, Hiccup and Merida smiles at the scene before them.

"So that's Rapunzel's real mom and dad," Hiccup comments.

"Surely to be an improvement to the evil mother she had," Merida said before she and Hiccup turned around to look at the rest of the party.

The big thing that caught their eyes was Stoick and Fergus sitting at the same table, clanging mugs and sharing a hearty laugh.

"Nice to see them get along," Merida said as she leans on a house with her arms crossed.

"I had honestly thought a table would've been thrown by now," Hiccup said.

"Night still young," Merida giggles as she turns to Hiccup. "By the way, why didn't you tell us that your father was the chief anyway?"

"Would you believe me?" Hiccup shrugs.

Then, there became an awkward moment of silence between them as they looked away from each other.

"Merida," Hiccup said as a mutter.

"Yea," Merida said looking up to him.

Hiccup gulped a bit before talking again. "I just figure, with our histories and what may happen in the future. I just...wanna say...that you will be welcomed in Berk."

Merida giggled with her mouth closed before she spoke. "Same with you in my kingdom."

The two of them did nothing but stare, before Toothless came into the middle and licked both of them into a slobbery mess.

"Toothless!" Merida and Hiccup yells as they try to wipe off the drool. They then looked at each other and broken into a laugh.

Jamie and Jack also laughed off to the side. They hid behind a snow bank near the skating area, watching the interaction between the two friends.

"So, are they...you know...a thing?" Jamie asks Jack as they duck back down.

"Don't think so," Jack told him. "They are from different times, and they know it will never work out. But don't ask Merida about it, or she will more likely shoot an arrow at you."

Jamie tries to hold in a laugh, but it came out of his mouth like vomit. "I will," he said as he calms down.

The two of them sat in the snow, looking at the people spending time with the family and friends around them. Jack smiles to see everyone happy and finally safe.


He turned to see Jamie's big smile.

"I'm glad you're here," the child said as he leans in and give Jack a side hug.

Jack smiles almost bigger than Jamie as he puts a shoulder around the boy. "Me too."

"This will be a great Christmas," Jamie said.

"Yeah," Jack said back to him. "It will."

Out of nowhere, a snowball hit Jack in the face.

He quickly wipes the snow off and looks to see Cupcake and the other children with snowballs in hand and smirks on their faces.

"Ok," Jack said standing up and looking at them. "Don't think I haven't lost my touch at this, just because I was gone for a while. You're about to face the king of the snow."

With a laugh, Jack made a bunch of snow balls in the air and threw them at the children, and anyone who was near them. The children retaliate by making more snow balls and threw them at Jack. But he jumped out of the way and the snow hit Jamie and the teens.

Normally, everyone would be mad, but Jack's magic soon affected everyone into having fun.

Soon, everyone was laughing and throwing snowballs at the people everyone.

"Think fast Hiccup!" Astrid yells.

"Watch yourselves lads," Elinor cried out.

"Sure, aim for the biggest man here," Gobber complains.

"You're now on the naughty list," North said with a smile.

"Can't catch me," Flynn shouts, only to be stopped by Maximus. "Oh come on!"

"Omf!" Tooth winces

"Hey! I'm a king here!" Fergus screams before the triplets tripped him and pelted him with snow.

"Watch it!" The Hooked thug said.

"You don't want to mess with a bunny mate," Bunny said before his face fell into the snow.

"Knock it off!" Hiccup cried in a giggle as he used his arms to try to block the snow.

Rapunzel couldn't stop giggle with how much fun she was having.

"Good arm," Merida said before she threw a snow ball at young Macintosh. "Not good enough though."

"You should know not to challenge Mother Nature," Emily said as she controlled the snow almost as easy as Jack.

Soon, snow was flying in the air as quickly as a hot knife to butter. The laughter never died down as everyone was having fun.

But soon, Emily commanded the snow to stay on the ground as everyone looked at her confused.

"I hate to break this up," she said with regret. "But it will soon be morning for these children and we have to send them home."

All the children of Burgess groaned and mourn, as they didn't want the celebration to end soon.

Emily continued, "we also have to get everyone back to their respected times, for the balance to fully come back to the world."

All the adults had a sad, but understanding nod to Emily.

But the seasonal guardians had their eyes wide and their jaws dropped in shocked.

"Wait," Rapunzel said stepping out in plain view. "You mean...I'm not going to see my friends again?!"

"That's not fair," Merida agreed with a bit of anger backing her up.

"We just came together as a team," Hiccup said, "you can't break us up now."

Jack didn't know what to say. He knew Emily was right, and that now the battle is over they're not needed now. But, these people have been on this incredible journey with him. Helped him grow and learn more about himself. He can't just say goodbye to them like that.

"They're right Emily," Jack said turning to her. "We can't just...say goodbye just like that."

Surprisingly, Emily smiled was still sweet and sincere.

"I didn't say you needed to say goodbye and not see each other again."

The four children looked at her in surprise. With a wave of her hand, four tiny globes appeared out of thin air. Each one made their way to the season guardians and plopped into their hands.

"All you have to do is shake them, and they will let you visit each other whenever you want," Emily said with a smile.

The four people were too stunned for words. Their eyes kept darting back from the globes to Emily, not sure what to do or say.

"Now," Emily said, bringing everyone back to reality. "We still have one more thing left to do...and I'm going to let North do it."

"Me?" He gasps in shock.

"Mostly because you had more practice then I've had." Emily said while walking to him.

As soon as he caught her smile, North knew what she had in mind. She thinks that now is a great time for the other three to take the oath.

He nods and approaches Merida, Hiccup and Rapunzel. "Are you three ready, to make it official."

The three of them were taken back, remembering the first time that he said that they were guardians. Back then, they didn't understand and they denied it with anger and confusion. But now, they've been through this quest, discovered their centres and saved the world.

All three nod to North that they are ready.

A yeti carried the large book to North as he cleared his throat. "Then it's time you all took oath."

Everyone walked and stood behind the children, all beaming with pride and love. The family's all had water in their eyes, seeing how far their children have come.

The other guardians and Emily stood behind North as he begins to read the oath.

"Will you, Rapunzel Gwendolyn Corona, Hiccup Haddock the Third, and Merida of DunBroch, vow to watch over the children of the world? To guard them with your life, their hopes, their wishes, and their dreams. For they are that we have, all that we are, and all that we will ever be."

The three of them look at each other, and then to Jack with a smile on his face.

"I will," Hiccup said with a smile.

"Aye, me too," Merida nods with determination.

"Me three," Rapunzel chimes in with a upbeat attitude.

"Then congratulations," North said closing the book. "You are all now, and forever more, guardians."

The area bursts with cheers and applause from the crowd around them. Even the dragons shot up in the air and made their own fireworks to celebrate.

Without warning, the three of them were embraced with love. Hiccup received a great big hug from his father, and a kiss from Astrid. Merida was surrounded by her whole family in a big bear hug that nearly topple her over. And while Rapunzel did get a kiss from Eugene, the biggest affection of love came from her long lost parents. Not wanting to leave Jack out, he was picked up by North, just the way he was during his oath. And Jamie went and hugged Jack in a brotherly way.

But then, the season guardians felt sad. Even though Emily gave them a way to see each other again, they will still have to say goodbye to each other.

They broke apart from their families and met each other off to the side. Everyone wanted to join them, but Emily held them back a bit.

"Let's let them have their moment," she said gesturing everyone to back away, even the guardians. Only Toothless was clever enough to get past her and join the group.

The first few seconds were in silence, as no one was too sure who should say it first.

"I can't believe this is it," Rapunzel said while shrugging her shoulders.

"Yeah," Merida agreed with her head hanging down.

"It felt like only yesterday we were taken from our homes to do this," Hiccup said as Toothless's head popped up beside him. "And bickering at each other."

Jack nodded his head, "and now look at us. We've become the best of friends."

"The best," Merida agreed as she scratches Toothless's head.

Rapunzel could no longer hold back the tears and they come streaming down her face. "I can't...I can't say goodbye. You...you've all been the best thing that's ever happened to my life. Even better than the lanterns."

Jack puts his arm around her shoulder and pulls her in to comfort her. "I know what you mean," he said. "You guys were the best thing that's happened to me in the last 300 years."

"I agree," Hiccup said with Merida also bidding her head.

"Maybe it won't be so bad," she said trying to cheer Rapunzel up. "Thanks to Emily, we will be able see each other again."

"I know," Rapunzel said trying to dry her tears. "But still, I do t want to say goodbye."

"Then don't think of it as a goodbye," Jack said, using his finger to lift Rapunzel's chin. "Think of it as...so long for now."

"Yeah," Hiccup said to Rapunzel. "We will see each other again; it will just be a matter of time."

"So long...?" Rapunzel said as she dries the last of her sad tears. "I guess I can do with that."

Soon, all of them wrapped their arms around each other in a giant group hug.

"I am going to miss you guys," Rapunzel said with a small smile.

"I'm gonna miss you too," Hiccup agreed.

"If you need any help about being a princess, give me a shout," Merida told Rapunzel.

"I will," Rapunzel responded.

"And I'll give you a call for more fighting lessons," Hiccup said eying Merida.

"And I want dragon riding lessons in return," Merida said with an eyebrow raised to Hiccup.

They broke into a small giggle while looking at Toothless.

Jack smiles at his friends, but then thought, this adventure can't just end like this. He lifts his head, and spots North's unguarded sleigh just a little ways away.

"Hey," he whispers to his friends. "How about one more ride before we leave?"

Excitement fills everyone's eyes as they like the idea.

"I could go for that," Hiccup said.

"I call riding on the dragon," Merida said while eyeing Toothless, who responds with a gummy smile.

"Dibs on the sleigh," Rapunzel said.

"I'll help it take off," Jack said.

They all look back behind them, seeing everyone else chattering away their goodbyes and not paying attention to them.

"Let's go," Jack whispers urgently as the group breaks apart. He and Rapunzel made their way to the sleigh, while Merida and Hiccup quickly climb on Toothless.

With a quick crack of the whip, the sleigh took off with no hesitation, with the dragon close behind.

The sound of the jingle bells made North alert as he turns and sees his own sleigh taking off.

"Hey! Bring that back!" He cries out, grabbing everyone's attention. They all charge to try to catch them on the ground, except for Emily, who just shakes her head and smiles.

"HICCUP!" Stoick shouts.

"MERIDA!" Elinor cries out.

"RAPUNZEL!" Eugene yells.

"JACK!" North screams as he and the others were force to watch the season guardians laugh and soar to the sky.

Jack: My name is Jack Frost. And with my friends, we've beaten the odds and saved the world.

Hiccup: Sure, we may be from different times, and have very different personalities.

Rapunzel: But We have a bond of friendship stronger then anything the world can put against us.

Merida: and that's something fate can never change.

Whatever may happen, they will get through it together.

Rise of the Brave Tangled Dragons.

ENDING CREDIT SONG! Live it up Today by Owl City

(Lets Live It Up, Lets Live It Up, Lets Live It Up, Lets Live It Up)

Jack: Lead the way, and lets get it started,

Seize the day, and reach for the sky,

Rapunzel: Carry on, 'cause those broken hearted days are gone,

So wave good bye,

Corona celebrated the return of their lost princess all week long. Lanterns filled the sky with their magnificent glow.

All the thugs in the snuggling duckling in some way got their dreams coming true. Maximus made sure the guards and now in tip top ship, as wells as offering him an award of apples every once and a while.

Pascal was still his usual self, but Rapunzel changed inside and out. She looked so beautiful with her crown and was much beloved by her parents and her kingdom.

Eugene also changed, from being a thief to being Rapunzel's fiancé. The two of them share a passionate kiss as they watch their future shine.

Hiccup: We're gonna blow up because we've got nothing to lose,

We're gonna rise up above when we've break all the rules,

Merida: We're gonna re-write the book 'cause it's long over-due,

Tear up the script this is in 'cause it's all up to you!

All four : Because tomorrow, will show up on time,

Its gonna follow, the night of your life,

You know, tomorrow, begins when you say-

'Tomorrow is on its way, so let's live it up today!'

Lets live it up today!

Berk has never looked so peaceful before. All the houses were repaired and the dragon's roam freely in the skies.

Snotlout, Fishlegs, and the twins finished replacing the name of the killing arena, to the first ever dragon training academy. Even Gobber was there to offer some assistance by clearing away all the weapons and steel cages. Astrid had Stormfly help her lift the metal cage away from the arena, hopefully never to be used again.

Hiccup was busy flying through the sky with Toothless by his side. He looks over to see his father happily flying with his own dragon, a thunderdrum. A smile never left their faces as the people below wave to them as they climb to the clouds.

Eugene: Pack your bags, adventure is waiting,

Astrid: Gonna have, the ride of your life,

Elinor: Smile wide, 'cause there's no debating,

Jamie: It feels so right, so hold on tight!

North: We're gonna blow up because we've got nothing to lose,

Tooth: We're gonna rise up above when we've break all the rules,

Bunnymund: We're gonna re-write the book 'cause its long over-due,

Emily: Tear up the script this is in 'cause it's all up to you!

Boats prepare for their final departure as the clans say their goodbyes to the kingdom of DunBroch. The young lords kindly bow to Merida, and she responds with a curtesy. Lords MacGuffian, Macintosh, and Dingwall each gave a full hearty pat on the back to their king and singles their clans to get on their respective boats.

When the ships sail off, the king, the queen and the princess waves them off on their journey back home. Fergus then sees his troublesome sons on the Macintosh's mast. Angry, he grabs a row boat made rowed as fast as he can to the ship.

Merida however watch the boats on her horse, with her mother on another beside her. They both smile as the rose off into the woods, excited for whatever fate has in store for them.

While at the castle, the crow was there with the delivery.

Everyone: Because tomorrow will, show up on time,

Its gonna follow, the night of your life,

You know, tomorrow, begins when you say-

'Tomorrow is on its way, so let's live it up today!'

Jack: Today!

Merida: lets live it up, lets live it up,

Rapunzel: today-ay-ay,

Hiccup: Let's live it up today!

Jamie and his sister ran downstairs to hear the familiar voice of their father, finally home. They ran and gave him a big hug as their mother enters the room with two hot coffees. And the dog wouldn't stop jumping up onto the father and the kids.

As the kids break away from their father, their eyes widen to the gifts under the tree. There weren't as many as there were last year, but it didn't matter, they finally get to celebrate Christmas as a family. Sophie received a number of dolls and fairy items, while Jamie got a cool toy race car and millennium falcon Lego set.

When the gifts were all unwrapped and mom and dad were busy with breakfast, Jamie heard a knock on the window. He turned to see Jack outside, gesturing him to come with him. Jamie wasted no time and heads to the door with Sophie close behind him. When they open the door, their eyes became very wide with surprise.

On their front lawn was a jungle gym like ice castle, complete with slides, swings and a small area to build a snowman.

Sophie didn't hesitate to start playing on it, while Jamie looks beside to see Jack with a smile. They high five each other and enjoy the holiday together.

Everyone: Because tomorrow, will show up on time,

Its gonna follow, the night of your life,

You know, tomorrow, begins when you say-

'Tomorrow is on its way, so let's live it up today!'

Tomorrow, will show up on time,

Its gonna follow, the night of your life,

You know, tomorrow, begins when you say-

'Tomorrow is on its way, so let's live it up today!'

Emily touched the golden tree, relieved that the world has finally returned to normal. She leaves the little cave on her flower and made her way to the garden of heroes. She past on the guardians today, but had to stop at seeing her father's statue. She touched her locket, a little sad that she couldn't save him.

But she remembered what Jack said, as long as she keeps his memory alive, he wouldn't be far from her. There were times that she would love to see him again, but she is sure that he will always be with her.

She walks a little away to view her newest set of statues. The four season guardians are all on their own pedestal and their plaques were full.

Rapunzel- spirit of Spring- guardian of colour.

Merida- spirit of Summer- guardian of courage

Hiccup- spirit of Autumn- guardian of change

Jack Frost- spirit of Winter- guardian of light and fun.

Emily smiles as she looks at the statues. The moonlight shine behind her and lite them in a brilliant blue light.

Tsar was very happy that a simple group of friends saved the world.

That's why they are, The Big Four

Let's live it up today-ay-ay,

Let's live it up today,

Let's live it up today,

We're gonna live it up today!

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