Rise of the Brave Tangled Dragons


"Arg! This is going to be the worst day of my life!" Merida said under her the covers of her bed.

She tugs on them to cover her face, but somehow, the sun can still reach her eyes. She would love to close the curtains and sleep through the day. But her mom wants her up early, so she got rid of all of Merida's curtains.

Doesn't matter anyway, there was no use going back to sleep. Not that she got any sleep to begin with. How can she? After today, her life will be over. Later today, the clans will be coming with their chosen sons. All there so that Merida can be marry off to one of them.

"It's not fair.' She thought to herself. She has said that every moment since she heard the news. She'll be married to a total stranger, and not by her choice. If it was up to her, there would not be a ceremony or marriage to begin with. She would be riding her horse, or learning how to fight with her dad.

But her mom would not change her mind. She's as stubborn as a bear and wouldn't back down with any decision. That includes anything in Merida's life. The queen has done everything she could to turn Merida into a proper lady. But Merida's mind was set to be her own person. But every time she wants to be herself, she is stopped by her mom. Always feeling her it's not right or not proper. But today really takes the cake.

This whole marriage thing was her mom's idea, and it didn't really matter what Merida thinks.

Merida sat up from her bed and went to the window and looked out. There stood her kingdom of DunBroch, almost as old as the forests that reside near the kingdom. Some people have woken early to help set up the celebration. Setting up banners and booths, preparing meals, and getting the games set up. Soon, the lords and their clans will come, and the games will begin, much to Merida's dismay. She can even see the field where the games that will be held. All of the lord's sons will compete for her hand.

Merida wishes she could just escape with her horse and just ride off into the glands. But Merida knows that Angus is tied up in the stables, thanks to her mom. But she still wants a bit if freedom out of today. So she sneaks out of her room in her night gown. No point putting on her regular dress if she was going to get changed out of it as soon as her mom comes. Her plan was to grab some food from the kitchen and just wonder the grounds a bit. Besides, she wants to get out of there before she is taken by the servants.

On her way to the kitchen, she had to stop by her brother's room. Even though those three are as trouble as wee devils, they were peacefully asleep.

"Lucky boys." She whispers as she walks pass the door.

She then stops at the balcony overlooking the throne room, and looks down. All the servants were preparing all the thrones, the decorations and the music for this special occasion. Merida looks at the place with disgust. That'll be the very room her fate will be decided.

Over in a corner, she sees her mom in her beautiful green dress, overseeing everything. Her voice can be heard to where Merida is hiding. "Make sure the there are three bluebells in every pot, along with a dozen primroses." She said.

Merida sank herself down in the balcony so her mother wouldn't see her. The last thing she wants now is her mother's attention.

"Excellent." Elinor said with glee. "That colour will look beautiful with the banners." The servant holding a long dark green fabric nods and leaves to do her chore.

"Mum." One of the servants said. Merida recognizes Maudie's voice. "Is this the dress you wanted?"

Merida peers over the balcony to see Maudie holding a shiny blue dress with gold trimming.

"Yes!" Elinor said grabbing the dress. "This is the one. This is perfect." She then took in the environment all around her. Everything seems absolutely perfect to her. "Well, I better wake my daughter. If you see her, please bring her to me."

The servants all bowed their heads and respect the command. Merida quietly moans, now she can't sneak into the kitchen with all those people around. She still doesn't want her mom to rule over her yet, so she ran fast in the opposite direction of her room. She ran past some servants, but thankfully they didn't hear the command yet. Merida ran until she made it to one of the castle's towers. She jumped over a few steps to make it to the top faster.

She opens the door wide and step through onto the tower. The sun hits her face and the wind blows her gown around. She took in a breath of fresh air, only to also hear drums in the air. She turns her head to the sea to see three boats making their way to her kingdom.

She leans over the edge of the walls that surround her. Thinking about her life and how she hoped her future would be.

"Every day is the same

I'm alive but I'm not living

Even though my mom is to blame

I'm either sinking or I'm swimming"

She looks up to the sky, where hawks fly overhead.

"There's more to life than just ordinary, there's got to more"

She bangs her fists to the stones on the wall as she wallows in her anger.

"It's not enough just to go through the motions

sleepwalking through life

it's not enough just to get by

I wanna live,

I wanna live like I'm alive."

Seeming unable to move or make a dent to the wall, she steps backwards to the peak of the roof. She sat on her butt and pulls her legs to her chest.

"Funny how life can seem

like a scene from some old story

so painfully boring

all the drama with no happy ending"

She leans her back to the roof, making herself face the sky and all the clouds.

"There's more to life than just ordinary

there's got to be more

She rolls over to her stomach and bangs the edge of her head to the roof.

It's not enough just to go through the motions

sleepwalking through life"

She then looked up to see the sea and the sun just on the other side of the tower.

"it's not enough just to get by

I wanna live,

I wanna live like I'm alive."

The sound of drums getting closer makes her sat up and walks to the edge, and look at the bay. The future of her life is right there, coming closer as the minutes passed.

'No!' She thought to herself. 'This is not how my life is going to be!'

She looks ahead with determination in her eyes.

"I won't run and hide

to a cage of insecurity

I'll go to the world outside

Where no one can control me.


The idea seems to be great, but then her family came into mind. She can't just leave them behind. Well, she can go and forget about her mother. But what about her father? He will miss her dearly and make a giant manhunt to go after her. And her brothers, where will they be without her? She can't just leave them behind. The good feeling she had was gone and shrank back to despair.

She might not be able to leave all this behind, but she is still determining to set the future her way. The wind seems to agree with her, as it danced around her movements.

"It's not enough just to go through the motions

sleepwalking through life

it's not enough just to get by

I wanna live,

I wanna live like I'm alive."

She twirls around with wind picking up her dress to her knees.

"Like I'm alive!"

She puts her hands to the sky, trying to reach for the clouds.

"Like I'm alive!"

She spins around and around, trying to feel as free as possible. But then stops as she witness the ships docking onto the shores. She leans out on the wall again, peering over to see the clans all getting off their boats. She sighs as she gasses over the sea and to the sky.

"I wanna live; I wanna live like I'm alive!"

She looks back down to the boats, not liking what she sees. It was mix of greens and reds going up to the castle. Merida can hear the fighting and chanting among the men.

"This is what I have to look forward to?" She asks herself as she sighs in dismay. She then heard the trap door opening behind her. Surely it's one of the servants or her mom trying to find her. She closes her eyes in anger as the door slammed open.

"There you are my wee lass."

Merida turned to the sound of her father's voice. Fergus walked over to his daughter and gave her a big bear hug.

"Hi dad." She said trying not to sound disappointed.

Fergus puts his finger on her chin and looked at his daughter's face. "What's wrong deary?" He asks with concern.

Merida could only look down at her feet. "I don't want to do this dad." She steps away to look at the clans again. She sank down the wall, putting her head on her arms. "My life is over."

Not entirely sure what to do, Fergus did some thinking before stepping behind Merida and puts his big hands on her shoulders. "Darling." He said softly. "Don't think of this as the end. Think of it as a new beginning. Just with someone you never knew and have to spend the rest of your life with…"

"Not really the best talk dad." Merida said without sounding too angry.

"I know." Fergus said. "You know I'm not that good at these sorts of things lass. But with everything that is happening, I just wanted to say how proud I am of you. It's taking a lot of courage to do this, my brave neghean."

Merida turns her head to her dad and smiles. She is glad her father at least tries to share her interests. As she was about to say something, another voice was heard from the door.

"Merida! There you are!"

Both of them turn to see Elinor nearly out of breath. "I have been looking everywhere for you young lady." Without hesitation, Elinor grabs Merida by the arm and drags her back inside.

"We have so much to do." Elinor instructs. "You have to get cleaned up. Then get dressed and make your way down to the hall."

Merida looks back at her father, he face begging him to help. But before the father can do anything, the dogs ran past Merida and went straight to the father. They began licking his face and jumping towards his chest.

Merida felt she was on her own with her mother. Elinor actually pushes her to her room and forces her to sit down on a chair. They spend the next couple of hours pampering Merida until she looks like a proper young lady. Her mom tries to get all the knots out of her hair, which has been proven almost impossible to do. She is forced to wear a wimple to hide all her hair. She doesn't like it one bit, but it wasn't as bad as her corset. Her mother clearly laced it too tight. Merida can barely breathe with it.

Though she will admit, the blue dress looked beautiful on her. But why can't it look good while function like any other outfit. Merida can barely move in the dress. When Elinor gestures her to turn around, but all Merida can do is side step side to side.

"I can't breathe." Merida cried out with whatever air she has. "It's too tight."

Elinor paid no mind though; she only saw how beautiful her daughter looked. Merida became a vision of what Elinor had hoped for.

"It's perfect." She squealed with pride.

Merida only moaned at the fact she has to wear this all day. Elinor added the final touch, a small silver necklace.

Elinor smiles at what her daughter is, a beautiful fine young lady. For a moment, Elinor sees a bit of herself in Merida.

"Merida..." She began.

Merida looks at her mom, sensing a glimpse of love from her. "Mum..."

Elinor steps closer to her, trying to find the right words to say as a mother. Finding it rather difficult, she reverts back to her queen formality. "Just...remember to smile."

She then leads Merida to the throne room, where the king and princes were waiting. The servants hurried to finish the preparation.

"Places everyone!" Elinor commanded. Everyone took their rightful seats and places, Though Merida had a hard time sitting down in her dress. But eventually did it, though Elinor reminds her to sit up straight. As Elinor took her seat, Merida took her chance to let a small lock of hair loose from her wimple.

"My lord!" A servant called from the doors. "Announcing the arrival..."

He was cut off when the doors opened and slammed him into the wall. The three clans came in with pride in their steps. The lords were at the front, leading their clan to the king. Drums and bagpipes can be heard throughout the halls of the castle. The men behind the lords carry either a spear or a respected flag.

Soon, the lords made it to the steps of the throne. Fergus stands up to welcome the clans. "So..." He began, but then stumbles to remember his words. "Here we are...the four clans...uh...gathering...for the...the..."

Seeing her husband is struggling, Elinor exasperated. She then stood with a smile. "The presentation of the suitors!" She proclaimed

The crowd cheered as Elinor sat back down.

Fergus quietly thanked his wife for saving the speech. "Clan Macintosh!" He said pointing to a man in red, with blue tattoos and wild black hair.

The crowd behind the red man cheered, "Macintosh!" As a younger version of The Lord came into view.

"Your majesty." Lord Macintosh said with pride as he presents the young lad. "I present my heir and sire, who defended our land from northern invaders. And, with his own sword, stabbed and vanquished thousands more."

The young lord tossed his sword around like a toy and flexed his muscles to impress Merida. She was anything but impressed.

"Clan MacGuffin!" Fergus said pointing to a big strong man, with blonde hair.

The crowd behind yells the tribe name as a big strong young man came out.

"Your majesty, I present my eldest son," lord MacGuffin said putting an arm around the boy. "Who scuttled the Viking war ships with his bare hands. Vanquished two thousand more."

As to proof the point, the son had a big log of wood and broke it into two.

Fergus points to the last lord, "clan Dingwall!"

The crowd cheers as the old lord with white hair and missing teeth steps forward.

"I present, my only son." He said gesturing to a tall muscular man. "Who besieged by ten thousand Romans, and he took out their whole-"

As he continues on and on, Merida became slightly interested in this warrior.

"- with one arm, he was-" he stopped looking at someone behind the tall man. He grabbed a young, dorky looking lad who was small and weedy. "With one arm, he was steering the ship, and with the other, he held a might sword and struck down a whole attacking fleet."

"Lies!" Someone from the crowd yelled behind him.

"What?!" The Dingwall lord said appalled. He scanned the crowd to look for the culprit. "Say that to my face! Or are you just scared sniffering jack-n-apes. Afraid to muss your pretty hair."

"At least we have hair." The Macintosh lord said while flipping his own hair.

"And all our teeth." The MacGuffin lord agreed. His son pop from behind the father and said a bunch of gibberish no one understood.

"And we don't hide under bridges, you grumpy old troll." The Macintosh lord mocked, which broke out in laughter by almost everyone in the room.

But them that laughter turned into fists and yelling. Soon a fight broke out between the lords and their clans. Merida looked at these pathetic groups of men, seeing this is what she had to look forward too.

Fergus like seeing the clans fight and would very much like to join in. But a disapprove eye from his wife told him to stop this fight.

"Shut it!" He cried out, getting everyone's attention. "Alright! That is done. You all had a go at each other, show a little decorum. And no more fighting!"

But the trouble threesome didn't want it to stop. The triplets sneak away from their throne, to a stone under the floor. They pop out and dropped a heavy mace on lord Dingwall's foot.

He screamed in pain and the fight continued on. This time however, Fergus jumped into the action, gathering the other lords to a semi bear fight.

Elinor had enough of this foolishness and stood from her throne. She walks through the mess of boys with a disapproving face. Anyone that blocked her path immediately got out of her way and bowed their heads with shame and respect. When she got to her husband and the lords, they stopped their quarrel and felt guilty. She grabbed them all by the ear and yanks them back to the front.

Merida remembers the many times her mother had to do that to her, it was really painful. But for a split second, she was amazed that her mom can command a room with one look.

All the lords apologized to the queen for their behaviour and disrespect. Fergus also apologizes and returns to his seat. It was clear to Merida that her mother is now running the show, and she wouldn't like it.

"Now then," Elinor began, "in accordance with our laws, by the right of our heritage, only the first born of each of the great leaders, may be presented as champion, and compete for the hand of the princess of DunBroch."

Did Merida hear that right? "First born," she said under her breath. Then an idea formed in her head. She is the first born of the clan DunBroch, so she is eligible to enter the games. And if she wins, then she can go on living the way she loves. And it's still within the rules and tradition, so there is nothing her mother can complain about.

This idea is perfect, and it just might work.

Merida perked up again when her mother said, "It is customary that the challenge be determined by the princess herself."

Again perfect. There is only one thing she does better than anyone in the kingdom.

"Archery!" She yells to the lords to make sure everyone hears. But everyone gives her a confused look by her actions. Merida realizes that she spoke out of term, she gathers herself to a regal persona. "I choose archery."

Elinor seems happy to see we daughter finally accepting her fate. Wasting no time, she announces, "let the games begin!" The crowd cheered and applauds the royal family.

As the clans make their way to the field where the games will be held, Merida sneaks away. She quickly and quietly rushes to her room and grabs her bow and arrows. She wraps them in her durable cloak so no one will notice them. She then ran to the field where everyone else is. It was a festival out here. Games for the kids, challenges for the men, and more food then could ever fit at the dinner table. As she moves through the fair, Merida receives some warm receptions from the other clans, asking her to eye their lord's sons. Merida is just thankful that no one is noticing her bow and arrows. She made her way to the stage she and her family will sit and hide her stash behind her throne.

She heard laughter coming from behind her. She turns to see a barrel with feet running away from Maudie. She could only guess that it was her brothers in the barrel. She beckons them to come. They did and she hid them behind her father's throne.

It seems to work, because Maudie went by trying to look for them.

Merida giggles as she lifts the top if the barrel to see her brothers snacking on some pastries. "Oh Hubert, Harris, and Hamish," she said while reaching for a pastry herself. "What am I going to do with you three?"

The brothers smile sheepishly, until one of them spots her bow.

She quickly shushes them, giving them a sign not to tell anyone. The three of them thought for a moment, then nods to help their sister. It was the least they can do after she helped them hid from Maudie.

Merida truly loves that her brothers can help her when she needs them, just like the way she helps them a lot.

All of a sudden, a horn can be heard from a distance. "It's time." Merida said with almost no emotion. She finishes her pastry and went to her seat. Her mother and father were already on the stage when the lords and clans came. The boys came out of their barrel and sat near the dogs.

"Archers to your mark!" The queen calls out to the waiting sons, "and may the lucky arrow find its target."

"Get on with it!" Fergus shouts to the three boys, while their fathers wait nearby, betting on their boy to win.

First up is the MacGuffin boy. He held a bow that was almost as small as his hands. He pulls the arrow back with his thick arm and let it fly. Instead of hitting the target, it landed on the rim of the target.

Macintosh's son was next. As he pulls the arrow back, he flipped his hair to a group of ladies behind him. He fires his arrow, but it hit one of the circle that surround the bullseye. Frustrated, he screamed in the air and flung his bow in the crowd.

"Well, THAT's attractive." Merida said with sarcasm, not really believing the boy's reaction.

"At least YOU hit the target!" Lord Macintosh called out to his son.

Last was Dingwall's son. He was a complete klutz. As he bends to pull the string of his bow, arrows fall out of the quiver on his back.

"Aww, wee lamb." Merida said with pity and pathetic sympathy.

Merida looked around to see everyone look at him with focus and despair. She takes the opportunity to slip away. She went to the back off the crowd, with her bow in hand. She also took off her wimple; it was hard to think with that squeezing her hair.

She turns back as she heard her father say, "shoot man!" There was an eerie silence, then a huge cheer from the crowd.

Merida can only guess that Dingwall somehow hit the target on the bullseye.

"It's now or never." She said to herself as she puts on her cloak. She can't afford to stop now. For extra effect, and accordance with the rule, she carries a flag that has her clan's relic on it. A sword covered with vines. She bravely walks through the crowd. When she makes it to the front, everyone was silence. Everyone confused at what is happening. So she removes her cloak to reveal her face.

'Too late to turn back now.' She thought before taking a deep breath.

"I am Merida!" She spoke loud and regal. "First born descent of clan DunBroch, and I'll be shooting for my own hand!"

Everyone looked at the queen and king, who had no idea on what to do.

"What are you doing?" Elinor said shocked. She became horrified at what Merida is doing. She's defiling every tradition she's been taught to respect.

Merida paid no mind at what the crowd thinks; instead she focuses on the game. As she pulls back on the bow though, the dress doesn't allow her to get into the right position. "Curse this dress." She said under her breath. So, she flexed her muscles to rip bits of the dress from the seams. It work, and she was able to hold the bow the way she normally does. She looks at the target MacGuffin fired, and was able to hit the bullseye no problem.

"Merida stop this!" Elinor cries from the stage. But Merida paid no mind to her mother. Leaving with no choice, Elinor power walks down to try to stop her daughter. "Don't you dare shoot another arrow!"

Merida walks to Macintosh's target, and hit the bullseye again. She then made her way to Dingwall's target, sure enough; the arrow was inside the bullseye. She readies her arrow on the bow, and pulls it back to her cheek. She focuses on the target, trying to make this shot perfect. Reminding herself that if she pulls this off, she'll win and can run her own fate.

"Merida!" Merida can hear her mother shouting angry and coming closer to her. "I forbid it!"

That struck a chord in Merida. For too long, her mother had forbidden anything that Merida wanted to do. 'Well, not this time' Merida thought to herself. No more of her mother telling her what's right and wrong, no more of her mother saying to be a proper lady, and no more of her mother running her life. Now it's the time for Merida to decide for herself, and decide her own fate.

She lets go of the arrow and let it fly through the air with great strength. Everyone watches with horror and shock as the arrow flies closer to the target. It hit Dingwall's arrow straight in the middle and kept going, splitting the arrow in two. Merida's arrow didn't stop there; it pushed through the target and hit the wooden support.

Merida has done it, she officially won the game, but the reward was not nice. Elinor finally made it to her daughter, but instead of being proud, she was furious. She grabs Merida and drags her back to the castle. They didn't talk, but the fire of anger was burning inside both of them.

Elinor pushes Merida though the door of the tapestry room before she spoke angry at her daughter. "I just had about enough of you lass!"

"You're the one who wanted me to-" Merida spoke

But was cut off by Elinor closing the door. "You have no idea what you have done! You embarrassed the lords! Embarrassed me! There will be fire and sword if it's not set right!"

"I followed the rules!" Merida shouts, trying to overpower her mother. "If you just listen-"

"I am the queen!" Elinor said crossed. "You listen to me!"

Merida groans in frustration, as she picks up a sword and swings around. "This is so unfair! You were never there for me! This whole marriage is what YOU want! Do you bother to ask me what I want? No! You walk around, telling me what to do, what not to do, trying to make me be like you. Well, I'm not going to be like you! Ever!"

Elinor scoffs at her daughter as if she's talking nonsense, "You're acting like a child."

A child?! How can Merida be a nothing but a child under her mom's rule. "And you're a beast! That's what you are!" Seeing now that she and her mom have nothing in common, Merida wanted to break all bonds they ever had. She sees a tapestry hung on the wall. It had everyone in the family holding hands. Merida hated that she looked like a proper lady, holding her mother's hand. So she points the tip of her sword into the tapestry, right where she and her mother hands touch.

Elinor was shock at what is happening. "Merida stop!"

Merida didn't listen though; she puts the sword deeper into the tapestry. "I'll never be like you!"

Elinor became horrified at Merida's actions. "No! Stop that!" She pleaded with a harsh command.

"I rather DIE than be like you!" Merida's anger became a boil point. With all her rage and energy, she swings her sword down, cutting the tapestry partly down, making a definitive line between Elinor and Merida.

Elinor gasps in the event that just took place. But she refuses to let Merida get away with this. So she storms to Merida and flung the sword out of her hands. "Merida!" She said angry. "You are a princess! I expect you act like one!" She then grabs Merida's bow off her back and tossed it in a nearby fire.

Merida gasps almost in pain at what her mother has done. That bow meant everything to her. That was the one thing she felt free with. Almost in tears, she sees her mother as nothing but a beast. Not wanting to stay anymore, she ran to the door and hurried out.

"Merida!" Elinor commands her to come back. But it wasn't working. She then heard a twinge from a rope snap. Elinor turns back to the fire, horrified seeing Merida's bow burning.

"Oh no." She gasps as she tries to get it out of the fire as soon as possible. When she got it out, it was beyond repair. She took a closer look to see all the things Merida carved in it was gone, the edges were burned, and the string burned into ashes. Elinor was destruct at what she did. How could she do this to Merida, to her family? She acted out of anger and frustration, and now she may have just lost her own daughter.

"Oh no," she wept quietly. "What have I done?"

Meanwhile, Merida runs to the stable and finds her horse Angus roped in his stall. She quickly set him free and jumps on his back. Seeing her facial expression, Angus knew she needed to ride through the forest. Together they rush through the kingdom and exit out the door.

Merida leans into Angus's mane as tears flow down her face. She could feel the trees near her face as Angus race down the dirt road. But Merida doesn't care; she just wants to be away from her prison, from her mom by any means. But then, Angus came to a sudden halt and accidentally threw Merida over his head.

"Whoa!" She screams as she flies through the air and lands on a hard spot of grass. She got up a little shaken and still full of emotion.

"Angus?" She said weakly. Angus gallops around, almost scared. Merida breathes heavily as she gathers her strength to get on her feet. She looks around at where she was. It was weird though, this was a part of the forest she's never been before. It was an area of grass, with a giant ring of ancient stones all around her. There was hidden power here that Merida could feel, though she's not entirely sure if it's a good omen.

She then heard a faint whisper behind her. She turns around to see a particular curious sight. In front of Merida, was a small blue flame, but it seems more alive. The figure was small, no smaller then her hand and it was hovering off the ground.

Merida recognizes it from her childhood, "a wisp?" She whispers with confusion. It beckons her to come closer, she obeyed with curiosity. When Merida got closer, she lightly touched the mythical being. The wisp twirls, and disappears in a puff of smoke. But as soon as it did, more wisps showed up, and made a path into the forest.

Curiosity got to Merida again, she remember her mom said the will-o-wisp will lead you to your fate. Maybe these things will lead her to where she truly belongs, or a way to help change her fate. "Come on Angus." She called out to her horse as she begins to walk down the path.

The wisps led her through the thick forest, and down a path of grass. It was almost impossible for Angus to get through some of the branches and jagged rocks. But soon, they made it to their destination. There wasn't anything odd about it, it just a nice patch of grass with a ring of flowers.

"Really?" Merida said in confusion, "what was the point of this?!" She became so frustrated; she started to kick the grass. But then, her foot landed near something very particular. She bends down and picks up a small egg, but it was decorated with wavy lines and spots. She brought it close to her face to examine it, trying to figure out what kind of an egg it is. She felt it move between her fingers, and the shell started to crack. It then explodes open in Merida's face and sprays blue dust everywhere. Merida rubs her eyes to try to get the dust out, but when she opened them, something weird happened. A moment ago, there was just a circle of flowers, now the flowers disappeared, and a giant hole was in the ground.

"What?" She questions, "That wasn't there a second ago." She kneels down to examine the hole. It looks much like a rabbit's hole, but way to big.

She then heard Angus's neigh, he sounded scared. As she turns around to see, she felt heavy foot prints on her back. It threw her off balance and makes her fall into the hole. Luckily, she was able to find a root to hold on to before falling in deeper.

"Angus!" She cried to grab the horse's attention, but instead of her horse, she saw a silhouette of some strange tall creature, with rabbit ears.

"Sorry to do this mate." The figure said with a thick accent. He then waved a hand, and the root Merida is holding on to shrank back into the dirt. Merida tries desperately to find something else to hold on to, but there was no luck.

She began to tumble down the hole, screaming at the top of her lungs. It was so dark, she couldn't see where she is going, but she knew she was falling. Then there was a bright light at the end of the tunnel, and she is heading straight for it.

Merida doesn't know what's going to happen, but she must be prepared for anything. After all, her fate is now in her hands.

Neghean means Daughter in Scottish/ Gaelic

The song: Like I'm Alive by Natalie Watts. you can hear it on the Songs and Story Brave soundrack

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