Rise of the Brave Tangled Dragons

Meeting for the first time

The light blinded Merida as she continues to fall. A power force did knock her around a bit like a rag doll; it almost made her sick in the stomach. But after some time, she finally lands on something soft. It took her eyes a while to adjust before she could examine where she is. The first thing that became clear was where she landed. It was a giant pillow, but instead of feathers, it felt like there were soft beads in it. Merida tries to move around, and the pillow helped keep her up.

"Angus!" She cried with a weak voice, hoping to hear her horse trotting to her. But she only hears the dry air around her. "Angus!" She says again, with no response. Clearly, she was all alone. There was no sign of Angus, or that weird figure that pushed her here. She sat up to get a good view of the room. It was old and dusty. It had rows of sleeves, but they didn't have a lot on them, just a couple of broken toys and junk. The things on the ceiling confused Merida, there were some form of glass hanging down, and a light is coming out of them.

Merida became so confuse at what just happened. One minute she was falling down a rabbit hole, the next she finds herself in this strange place. She got up out of her pillow and trying to find the strength in her legs. After a couple of steps, her legs worked again. As much as she wants to know what all these strange things around her are, she doesn't want to be someone's prisoner. So she sneaks around, trying to find any means of escape. Except the room became more of a maze. Everywhere you look; there are rows and rows of empty shelves. Merida did recognize something on one of the shelves, a wooden bulgier. It did have a weird shape and it had a different height than one she's used to, but the weight feels the same. If there's one thing her father taught her, is to try to have an upper hand in a fight. She needs to be ready for anything.

As she walks down another row, she heard a soft moan. It sounded male, and it came from around the corner.

"Toothless…" it called out weakly.

Merida puts her back to a shelf and waits to see what might happen. She controls her breathing so the guy wouldn't hear it. She closed her eyes to hear the guy's footsteps. He seems to stumble a bit. Maybe light on his feet and a bit clumsy. He sounded like someone Merida can easily clobber. Merida readies herself as the guy came closer and closer. When he is about an inch away from her, Merida stepped out and swings the bulgier in his direction.

"Whoa!" Hiccup cried out in fear as he ducks away from the bulgier. He fell backwards onto his butt. "Wait a minute! Wait a minute!"

Merida held her weapon at the ready. "Alright you! Talk!" she threatens him. "Who are you?! Why did you bring me here?!"

Hiccup looked at her, trying to use his hands as a shield. "Look lady! I have no idea what you are talking about!"

Merida refused to let that be his answer. "Who is in charge around here?!" She continues to ask questions angrily. "Where is the exit?! Why would you kidnap me?! What do think the outcome will be?! When my father hears-"

"Hey!" Hiccup said, finally finding his voice. "Look! I don't know what is going on here! I've been kidnap by a giant man with white hair, and I have been in a sack for a while. So I really like to know what's going on here too, and maybe find a way out of here."

Listening to him, it calmed Merida to know that the boy isn't a threat. Not that he really looked like one. One look at the boy's pleading eyes, she could tell that he is telling the truth. She lowers her bulgier and offers a hand. Hiccup was hesitant at first, but then took it as Merida helps him up.

"Sorry about that," she said feeling a little ashamed at yelling at the boy.

"It's alright," he said dusting the dirt off, "to be honest, I've gotten quite used to people yelling and pointing weapons at me."

'Ok,' Merida thought a little weird. The moment was cut short when the two of them heard muffling in the distance. Wasting no time, the two of them ran to where the noise is coming from. They ran past a number of shelves when they came to an intersection of shelves. In the middle of the intersection was a big blue bag, and it was moving.

"That was similar to the sack I was in," hiccup told Merida. "I think that person was also kidnapped and left in here with us."

"We should set them free." Merida said as she walks closer to the bag.

Hiccup felt unsure that it is a good idea. "Um wait." He said grabbing Merida's arm, "we don't know who this person is. For all we know it could be a pirate, or a thug."

Merida rolled her eyes and yanks her arm away from hiccup. "We have the upper hand," she said waving her weapon. "Besides, they might know the way to get out of here."

Hiccup can't really argue with logic like that, or a girl holding a weird looking bulgier. "Alright." He sighs as he's force to give in.

Merida nods as she steps closer to the sack, but then she looks behind at hiccup. "You open it." She commands.

"What?!" He said in an agonizing tone. "This is your idea, you open it."

"I'm the one with the weapon," she reasoned with anger. "You open it and see if the person is safe. If they try anything, I'll clobber them."

He moans a bit exaggerated, but agrees. Again, no point in arguing with someone that has a weapon. He found the opening and unties the rope. He looks at Merida before he opens the bag, making sure she has her club ready. She nods with determination.

As he slowly opens the bag, a fist came straight out and hit him in the jaw. He lets go and holds his jaw in pain. "Ow,ow,ow,ow." He said backing away from the bag. The person inside finally made the hole big enough to fit the body through. Merida and hiccup were a little awe stricken to see a young woman with hair that reached the floor.

She looked around afraid to see the two of them. She then quickly picks up her hair, and holds it close to her like a protective mother.

"What do you want from me?!" She said a bit afraid. "What do want to do with my hair?! Sell it?! Cut it?!"

Merida and hiccup were confused by her choice of words. They were trap who knows where, and all the girl is concern about is her hair.

"Lady," Merida said trying to calm Rapunzel down, "we want nothing to do with you, or your ridiculously long hair. We're just trying to find our way out."

"Yeah," hiccup said finally able to move his jaw again. "We've been kidnapped, same as you."

Rapunzel still backed away from them in terror. "Yeah, sure, Like I'm supposed to believe that. What if this is ruse and you only pretend to be like me, so you can take advantage of me and take my hair."

"We want nothing to do with your hair." Hiccup assures her.

But Rapunzel continued her thought process. "You think to kidnap me, earn my trust and then use me. I don't think so. Well you can tell your boss Mr. Ice man or Jack, whatever his name is, that you can forget it!"

"SHUT IT!" Merida shouts. The room became silent as Hiccup and Rapunzel look at her. "Listen, you wee lamb, we just want to get out of here. So either you're with us or you can just stay here until our captures come back." She then storms of in a huff and walks fast past the other two.

"Don't I have a say in this." Hiccup said trying to catch up to Merida.

Rapunzel gave off a sigh of relief as the two of the leave. But then notices the room is so dark and creepy. it was making her more afraid being on her own. Which is weird, she often dreams about being in the world on her own, but this wasn't what she had in mind. She looks around to still see the other two in distance walking away. She thought about staying where she is and wait for her mom. But knowing she's never going to come, Rapunzel is left with very few options.

A part of her will regret it, but she races to join the other two. "Hey! Wait up!" She yells as she runs towards them. She slows down to a walk pace when she reached them.

"So," she said nervously. "Think there's a way out?"

Hiccup looks back and smiles, "only one way to find out." He said.

Rapunzel looks at the two of them nervously, it being the first time she's with someone other than her mom. She has to make a good impression, "I'm Rapunzel, by the way."

Merida and Hiccup stop, and turned around to face Rapunzel. She giggles a bit, but still holds a tiny spark of fear.

Merida huffs and puts her hand on her waist. "Well, if we are doing introductions, my name is Merida, princess of DunBroch."

"That's in the Scottish lands isn't it?" Hiccup said pointing to Merida.

"Got a problem with that?" Merida said a little cross.

"No! No, no, no," Hiccup said putting his hands up in defence. "You accent gave away that you are a Scott. I was just wondered where from ...up there... you...were..."

Merida was not impressed by the way Hiccup was speaking. "Got a name boy?!" She said with a little irritation.

Hiccup sigh, knowing what's going to happen when he says it. "It's Hiccup."

Both girls try to hold in a laugh upon hearing that.

Hiccup brushed it off the only way he knows how. With sarcasm. "Great name I know, but it is not the worse."

"I know." Merida said. "I heard it was a tradition in some parts of the world to call a runt a hiccup. But this is the first time I've see it."

All three of them laugh a bit at how this situation has become now. Three strangers, talking like their friends, and working to find a way out of a room. As they walk past another intersection, hiccup stops the girls to point at something in the distance. It looked like a golden man, flying through the air.

"What do you suppose that is?" Rapunzel asks a little scared.

"I don't know." Hiccup confesses.

"Whoever or whatever it is, he must know the way out." Merida said determined to get answers. So she starts to stealthily walk towards the golden man. Hiccup and Rapunzel had no choice but to follow.

They all kept their distance as they follow the golden man, ducking behind shelves and racing around corners. The golden man finally made his way to an old wooden door. With a flick of his wrist, and some golden dust, the door opens and shuts as he flies through. As soon as the door shut, Rapunzel, Merida and Hiccup made their way to the door.

"Should we follow?" Rapunzel ask nervously.

"We should wait a bit," hiccup suggests. "We don't exactly know what's on the other-"

Not wanting to wait, Merida opened the door with her bulgier still close.

"Yet another plan, gone accordingly." Hiccup said under his breath.

Merida peered through the door to see what's on the other side. She then stopped and looked to others in awestruck. "You guys have to see this."

Rapunzel and Hiccup crept closer to Merida and she opens the door more. What they saw was a workshop full of colour and light. Decorations were everywhere and light heartily music can be heard in the air.

Merida bravely took the first step into this magical room, still not believing what she's seeing. Hiccup followed closely behind her, with Rapunzel looking a little scared. The three of them walk through the workshop, marvelling at the set before them. As they walk more, they saw tables full of toys and tools they've never seen before. Hiccup often stops and rushes to examine the fine craft work and the different tools. Merida meanwhile wondered how all of this is possible. Rapunzel however, ran into something that made her scream. Hiccup and Merida looked over to see Rapunzel jumping onto a table to get away from a small cone like figure with weird ears, and a bell on the top of its head.

"Really?" Merida said while rolling her eyes.

Hiccup walked a little closer to the small creature, who just a smiles a goofy smile. "Hey little guy." Hiccup said getting down on one knee and putting a hand out to the small creature. "We don't mean any harm." He said as gently as he can. "We just want to find the way out."

The creature looked confused for a bit, and then nods his head, jiggling the jingle bell. It then ran down the hall, and beckons the others to follow.

Rapunzel got off the table to join the others. "What was that?" She asks.

Hiccup dusts the dirt off his knee as he got up. "I don't exactly know, but he seems friendly enough."

Merida huffs past the both of them. "If he knows the way out, then we don't have a choice but to follow him."

Hiccup nods his head in agreement, but Rapunzel still cowards behind him. "But what if he'll lead us to dark dungeon, or a forest full of poison ivy and quick sand, or a-"

"Will you stop!" Merida said becoming a bit short temper, "nothing is going to happen, not as long as I can fight." With that, Merida race to catch up with the little guy. Hiccup, seeing little choice, quickly follows. Rapunzel also follows them, not wanting to be on her own.

The little elf leads them to a contraption that resembles a sphere. As soon as everyone was in, the elf pulled the lever. But instead of going down as they hoped, the sphere ascended to the upper levels. When it finally stopped, they found themselves in an almost duplicate of the hall they were in, but more lively. The decorations shine more brightly and the toys seem more magnificent. The big thing that surprise all three of them, were the workers that were there. All of them are big hairy yetis that spoke in mumbo jumbo. Rapunzel quickly hid behind Hiccup again, but this time he was a little terrified. Merida however wasn't scared; she more determined to get answers. She looked at the little elf with fury. The elf became nervous and points to the end of the hall.

Without thinking, Merida charged down the hall, with Hiccup and Rapunzel close behind. As they walked, Hiccup became less scared and looks carefully to see the craftsmanship of each toy in the making.

When they reach the end, they found themselves in a big room, with a big globe full of little lights in the centre. They also saw the golden man floating near a control panel, with a bunch of little humming birds near him. He waved his hand, creating a stream of sand. He then made it fly through the air, makings words for all to read.


"Welcome?" Rapunzel repeats out of disbelief.

"Yes! Welcome!"

Rapunzel jumps in fright upon hearing a voice from behind. All three of them turn around to see a big man dressed in red with a long white beard and a big smile. He opens his arms to the sky in celebration of the new guests.

However, the three of them weren't in a celebrated mood.

"You!" Hiccup said pointing his finger at north. "You're the guy that kidnapped me!"

"Yes," North nods in confirmation. "Sorry about that. But I trust the yetis treated you well."

"Yeah." Hiccup said with sarcasm. "Cause I love being lifted by my shirt, stuff into a sack and tossed into a whirlwind."

"Good." North said, not catching hiccup's manner of speech. "Glad to hear it."

"So you are the leader here?" Merida said, holding in her anger.

"In some way-" north began before Merida came in close to him.

"Then tell me why I'm here!" She said in a threatening voice, holding the bulgier at close range.

"And us too." Rapunzel said raising her hand. "Why did you send your evil minion to kidnap us?"

"Evil minion?" North asked confused.

"I think she's talking about me."

Everyone looked up to see Jack Frost flying down to meet them. Rapunzel screams really loud and hid behind Hiccup, again.

"This is starting to get old." Hiccup said under his breath.

"Sorry about that." Jack said walking closer to the two of them. "Didn't mean to scare you."

"Just stay back!" Rapunzel warns him in fright. Jack obliges and steps back.

But then he made a tiny snowflake in his hand and sends it to Rapunzel. "It's ok. I really didn't mean to scare you. I was just having a little fun." The snowflake made its way to Rapunzel and tap on her nose. She instantly calmed down and felt more relaxed.

The other two questioned what they just saw. "How did you do that?" Merida asks. "Are you some form of witch?"

Somehow, jack found it amusing that Merida thought that. "Nope." He said with a smile. "I'm no witch, I'm a spirit missy." He then flew to her face. She backed away, holding her weapon at the ready. Jack just puts his finger at the tip and lowers it. "And you might want to drop the baseball bat before someone gets hurt." He then made the bat as cold as ice, as soon as the feeling touched Merida's hands; she instantly dropped it with a clang.

"A spirit?" Hiccup repeats in disbelief. "There no such thing."

"Oh yeah." Jack said using his hand to make a snowball behind his back. "Then explain THIS." With that he threw the snowball in hiccup's face. The girls along with jack laugh as hiccup brushes the snow off his face.

"Jack Frost. Enough." North warned him with a stern voice.

"Sorry North." Jack said, trying make his voice sound ashamed, but couldn't.

"Wait." Hiccup said making sure he heard that right. "Jack frost? As in THE Jokul Frosti?"

Jack laugh at that comment. 'I forgot that was my old nickname.' He thought with amusement.

"Old man winter?" Hiccup continued

"Old?" Jack asked in offence.

"Well, technically you are over 300 years old." North whispers to him. He then Steps to the three children, while gesturing to Sandman. "This is the Sandman, just call him Sandy." He then puts his big hand on his chest. "And I am North. Or more commonly known as Santa Clause."

"Really?" Rapunzel asks in wonder and confusion. "So you are the one who make all those presents to be sent to all the boys and girls."

North proudly nods.

"Then steal the children away if they've been naughty and put in a scary surprise for those who are nice?"

North's proud look quickly became confused. "What? I have never done such a thing." He said trying to correct her.

"But that might be fun." Jack whispers to the side.

North scruff out that notion. "Who would tell you something like that?"

"My mother." Rapunzel replied.

"Well my dear," North said coming closer to Rapunzel and putting a hand on her shoulder. "I might be this big, intimidating man. But I do have a heart of gold. I don't steal kids; I just like to see them happy."

Rapunzel, still not sure if he is he being sincere, slightly nods her head.

"Now that introductions are out of the way." Merida said with much force. "Would someone please tell me why we are here?"

Sandy jumped in the idea. He displays a number of sandy pictures above his head. Mostly the season symbols, Pitch, the moon and them. But the three of them couldn't really understand him.

"Ah, of course." North said getting back on topic, and stopping Sandy. He then walks to where the control panel is. "You all have been chosen to be the new guardians!"

Out of nowhere, trumpets began to sound and elves and yetis came to celebrate. But it just made Hiccup, Merida and Rapunzel more confused. Soon the yetis began to spin around sticks on fire, and lights flicker everywhere.

"Merida," Hiccup whispers to her. "Now might be a good time to scream them into be quiet."

Taking Hiccup's hint, Merida took a deep breath in, as a yeti gives North an old book. As he opens it, Merida, with all her might screams,


Instantly, the room became very silent and still. Even the crickets stop chirping.

"Now that is out of the way." Hiccup said with little patients. "What does this have to do with us?"

"When can we go home?" Rapunzel chimes in with her question.

"What the heck is a guardian?" Merida said trying to regain her breath. Rapunzel and Hiccup nod in agreement, wanting to know more of what's going on.

North thought for a moment, realizing that he never really explained the situation to them. He closes the book and gestures the three of them to come forward.

"You see that globe." He said as he points to it.

"How can we not?" Hiccup said.

North ignored him. "Each of those lights is a child. Each one of them is a child who believes. And good or bad, naughty or nice, it is our job to protect them. We are the guardians of childhood."

"So all of you are guardians?" Rapunzel asks.

"Don't forget about me mate."

The group turned to the side as a bunch of yetis make room for Bunny to come through. Again, Rapunzel became frighten and screamed a bit. Merida however, recognizes the shape.

"You! You were the one who pushed me into the hole!" She said with a bit of anger.

"Sorry mate," He said "had to get you here somehow. And I doubt you would like to been tossed in a sack."

"That was my idea." North argued, but the cleared his throat to get back on topic. "Anyway, yes, all of us are guardians. But just recently, one of our own has gone missing. The tooth fairy."

"You mean the one that takes the teeth from your mouth if you haven't cleaned the properly?" Rapunzel asks, only to get a lot of confused looks.

"Ok, you need a quick reality check." Jack said to her. Before she could retaliate, North continued.

"We believed she was taken by our most dangerous foe, Pitch Black, also known as the boogie man."

"Doesn't sound like a nice guy." Hiccup slide in.

"Trust me, he isn't." Jack whispers to him.

"We thought we defeated him a short time ago." North continued. "But now he is back. And it seems the only ones who can help us defeat him this time, is you."

"Us?" Merida said, making sure she heard him correctly.

"Yes, you four are now the season guardians." North confirmed.

"Wait?" Rapunzel stops him from saying more. "You said the four of us?"

"That's right." Jack said twirling his staff. "I'm also one as well."

"Yes." North continued. "And we need you to help us and stop Pitch."

Hiccup and Merida have no idea what exactly this had to do with them, but Rapunzel really wants to get out of this as soon as possible. "Look, as much as appreciate the offer, I just can't do it. You'll have to pick someone more qualified."

"Pick?" North said stunned. "You think we picked? No. All of you are chosen, like we all were. By man in moon." With that, he points to an open window near the globe. The moon was clearly visible and shines through the window.

"What?" Hiccup, Merida and Rapunzel said almost at the same time. All three of them had the same facial expression too, confusion.

"First Santa clause, next a giant rabbit, and now a man in the moon?" Hiccup said a little exaggerated, and whaling his arms around. "Ok, sooner or later, I'm going to wake up from this crazy dream."

The sandman, taking a little offence of that comment, flies over to hiccup and pinches him in the arms.

"OWWW!" He screamed as he yanks his arm away.

"Proof enough you aren't dreaming this." Jack calls out to Hiccup.

"That's right," North confirms. "It is a fate that you all have. It is destiny. You cannot say no."

"No! No,no,no,no,no,No!" Rapunzel said slowly backing away from the group frantic. "I can't do this. I'm not a guardian. I'm just a girl who wants to go home. I mean, I wanted to see the world outside my window, but not like this. I just... I just can't. I'm sorry, but this moon guy chose wrong."

"And the same goes with me." Hiccup said. "I'm no hero or fighter. I can barely lift a sword, let alone swing one. And I can't just go around and kill things I don't like; I can't even kill my tribe's greatest enemy. What makes you think I can this bogey man?! I'm sorry, but you also got the wrong person for the job." He then went to join Rapunzel in wishing to return home.

Merida however, bravely puffs her chest and turn to the guardians. "Well," she said. "I'm in. This is a lot better than going back home. At least here, my skills can be put to the test, and show everyone that I can chose my own fate. My sword, if I had a sword, is at your command and I will take on this Pitch, even if I have to do it own my own."

North, Bunny, and Sandy became kinda dumbfounded by what they see. Jack shakes his head, "maybe they're right." He said. "I mean, they're kids. How can we possible do this if they don't really believe in this?"

"I hate to agree with frostbite, but this is one of those rare times." Bunny agreed. "What do they know of protecting children if two of them can't-"

"Remember what you thought of Jack at first." North said cutting them off. Bunny thought for a moment, the let out a sigh of defeat. "If the man in the moon believes that they are the ones, they need to believe in themselves first." He then points to Jack and walks closer to the other three, and notion them to follow him.

"All of you, walk with me."

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