Rise of the Brave Tangled Dragons

Pitch is Back

The four of them follow North to the lower level of his workshop, observing the yetis hard at work. They even saw little fairies flying by to help any way they can. The elves on the other hand only experiment with the decorations and lights, which kinda end up as a disaster. North often stop as a final inspection, or to sign some paper work. During that time, Hiccup step out a couple of work tables to observe the details on how to make something amazing. Rapunzel gathers her hair to make sure no one steps on it, and then stops almost as often to look at the toys too. Well, more for the colour of each toy. She even gave a yeti some advice on a doll house that was completely pink.

"If you add some purple to the roof, and white for windows and door, it will be beautiful." She said.

The yeti thanked her for the advice. North stepped up in front of the yeti to tell him to make it happen. The yeti then groan to see he almost had to redo all the doll houses he made.

As for Merida, all she did was stepping out the yetis way as the walk pass her with arms full of toys.

Soon enough, all of them made it to what look like an office, but more kid friendly. There were toys and splashes of colour everywhere. The walls were glossy covered snow and one real wall that had a almost a stain glass window. Everywhere were ice like toys, decorations twinkling with beauty, and crystal snow sparkling like stars.

Hiccup, Merida and Rapunzel became amazed to see all of this, but Jack thought of something different. He's been through this kinda thing before, and knows what's coming. So he made his way to the other side of North, who presented the other three with a tray full of cookies.

All three of them shake their head, and politely said no. North force the tray to Jack as he walks closer to the others. "Now, we get serious." He said measly. As the three if the wondered what he means, the door behind them closed and locked itself.

Rapunzel screamed in fright, and Hiccup jumped a bit. But as for Merida, she put on a brave face. "What's the meaning of this?!" She shouts.

But north came close to her, and with one hand pushed her back to the other two. "Who ARE you three?!" He said a little threatening. "What is your centre?!"

At first terrified, the three of them became confused. "Centre?" Hiccup repeats to try to understand.

"If the man in the moon chose you, if Mother Nature's power chose you, you all must have something very special inside you." North explained.

"Something special?" Merida questions out of curiosity.

"Believe me, I don't have anything special." Rapunzel said, trying to avoid talking about special powers.

"Me too," Hiccup agreed. "I'm nothing special, just a 90 pound weakling."

"It takes more than appearances to make someone special." North said with confidence. He then turns his eye to Jack. As if reading his mind, Jack puts down the tray of cookies, and reached for an old nesting doll that represents North. He then tosses it to North, who caught with one hand. Then he presents it to Rapunzel, who looks at it with fright.

"Look," he said, "this is how you see me right. But if you get to know me a bit...well." He gestures her to open the doll, but she's too scared to, thinking it was a trick. So she quickly hands it off to Hiccup. After a careful look, he twists the doll and opens the lid.

Inside was a happier North. "You are jolly?" Hiccup jokes as he passes the doll to Merida.

"Not just jolly," north said as he notions Merida to continue opening the doll. When she did, she found another picture of North, but the cloth covered his mouth and his eyes were suspicious.

"I am also mysterious." North explained. Merida then pass the doll back to Hiccup, who open it more to see North more ferocious. "And fearless." Hiccup then passed the doll to Rapunzel, and though she was hesitant at first, opened it to see a happy North, holding a kitten.

"And caring." North said taking the doll and opening it to reveal a small figure. He drops it in Rapunzel's hand and smiles. "...and at my centre."

Merida and Hiccup look over Rapunzel's shoulder to get a better look. In her hands was a wooden figure of a baby wrapped in red cloth, smiling and looking at them with big eyes. "There's a wee babe." Merida guesses.

North shakes his head. "Look closer, what do you see?"

"You have very big eyes." Rapunzel guesses into the blue.

"Yes." North said with glee. "Big eyes that are full of wonder. With that, I can see things no mortal can see in their wildest dreams. The light twinkling in the trees, the magic and the music that fills the air around us. So I put wonder in all my creations, and help people see it too. That is my centre, and what makes me a guardian. Bunny can see hope, so he brings it in every coloured egg on Easter. While Sandy can help people dream good dreams. That is what makes us guardians."

Rapunzel took in all of that, and then looks to Jack. "So what is your centre," she asks nervously.

Jack smiles and twirls his staff. "Mine," he said with a laugh. "Mine is fun. I make snow days for the kids, and they play around in the snow. Making forts, snowman, even having snowball fights."

"So," North said to the three kids, "what is your centre?"

All of them thought long and hard, but can't give a definitive answer.

Hiccup walked away for a bit, scratching his head. "Is messing up a centre? I mean, that's what everyone says I do. I can't really do anything right, I'm just the village screw up. Ok. I'm just all..." He wales his hands all around him. "...this."

The others look at him confused. "You just gesture to all of you." Merida asks out loud.

"Yes." He answers feeling defeated. "I'm just...this. I'm no guardian, or worrier, I'm just someone who everyone thinks shouldn't exist."

Feeling sympathy, Rapunzel rushes to him and gives him a big hug. "Don't say that," she said as sweetly as she can. "I'm sure someone loves you." But then she turns to North. "But the same can be said about me. I don't really have a centre. I don't have anything special or magical. So as much as I like to help, I can't."

"I'm not sure about my centre either." Merida confesses. "I mean, I can guess, but the way my life is now, I don't know."

Jack nods his head, with sympathy for all three of them. "Believe me; it took me a while to figure out mine, three hundred years in fact."

"But we need to figure them out soon," North warns, "before Pitch can make his move.

Curiosity got to Merida. "How bad is this Pitch person anyway?"

"Well," North explains, "He is a tall man that hides in the shadows. He can turn people's worst dreams into reality. He can control black sand and mode it into any shape he likes. He can also-"

"Fly with his army, in a form of something dark and scary." Rapunzel said in fright as she looks towards the window.

"Yes!" North said almost happy, then he turn to worried. "How do you know?"

"Because there's a big black cloud heading straight for us." Hiccup answers for her while looking at the window. Everyone turns to see there was a big black cloud, flying towards them.

"Everybody out!" North shouts with urgency. Everyone obeyed and ran out of the office. North quickly commands some of the yetis to get the toys out of here and put them somewhere safe. The last thing he needs is to deliver broken toys on Christmas. He then leads the children and Jack back up to the globe room, where Bunny and Sandy were waiting.

"What's the problem mate?" Bunny asks.

"Pitch is coming." North instructed. "You and I will hold them here. Sandy, you make sure the elves and yetis get out safely. Jack, your job is to keep our guests safe."

"But I can help!" Jack argued. "I've beaten Pitch before, I can do it again."

"Not this time," North said while getting his swords ready. "If the man in the moon says that you and those three are our best chance, then we must protect them."

North then rushes to join Bunny at the front of the globe, while Jack huffs and joins the other three. Rapunzel became scared and sank to the floor with her arms over her head. Hiccup was scared too, but shielded Rapunzel like a child. Merida on the other hand, looked for any way to help.

"Do you have any spare weapons?" She asks Jack. "I can help."

Jacked looked around a bit, but having no luck. Merida quickly sees a bow with a set of arrows off to the side. She runs and grabs them; she readies herself for a fight. The bow however, felt heavier than the one she's used too, but it will have to do.

The nightmares burst through each wind and went all over the place. They all seem to take the form of big horses and chase the yetis and elves everywhere. Rapunzel screams as this is happening, while Hiccup tries his best to guard her. North and Bunny spring into action, fending off all nightmares that head in their direction. North swung his swords with all his might, and Bunny through his boomerangs to get the ones further away. For each nightmare hit, they disappear into a puff of sand.

Sandy had his hands full shooing away the nightmares that attack the elves. He did use some of his magic to turn the nightmares into dream creatures to help. But there were more nightmares then sandy can turn.

Jack was having a difficult time as well. He kept shooting out ice to the nightmares, but they just kept dodging and taunting him. He did hit a few, but for every one he hit, two more came from behind. Merida kept firing her arrows to help. But with the weight of the bow and the structure of her dress, it was tough for her to aim. It seems she couldn't even hit one nightmare.

The nightmares began to overwhelm the workshop. Many of the yetis and elves escape with alot of toys into the mountain, but the guardians and the others became trapped. Sandy flew to join Jack in stoping the nightmares.

"Jack!" Jack turns to see Hiccup pointing to the sky. He looked up to see the small group of fairies that survived the Tooth palace's invasion are being hunted. A couple of the nightmares surrounded them, and began to suck them in. Jack jumped and flew high to get to them. He blasted the nightmares with ice, but they got away with almost all the fairies.

Jack reached his hand to the only one that survived. "I got you Baby Tooth." He said trying to comfort her. "It's going to be ok." She nods and quickly hides in his pouch. He looks at the battle field, or more like an over taking. Nightmares can be seen all over the workshop, the guardians began to back away to the globe, and the others didn't really know what to do.

Jack flew down and blasted away some of the nightmares that got too close. "We can't keep this up." He calls out to North.

"We have to!" North said with his swords at the ready. "And we will."

All of a sudden, the nightmares stop advancing. The stood their ground and neighed angry.

"What are they waiting for?" Jack asks out to the group.

"Well. Look at the rabble."

Everyone's heart skipped a beat when hearing that voice. Rapunzel and Hiccup got off the floor and looked to where it came from. Everyone turned to the top of the globe to see a tall man with grey skin, black spiky hair that matched his robe, and golden eyes that speak evil. The big that also caught everyone's eyes, was a shiny emerald pendent around his neck.

"I must say, I am so happy to see you like this." He said with amusement. "Frighten, lost, no idea what is to happen, oh how I LOVE it."

"Pitch!" North cried out pointing his sword at Pitch. "You've got 30 seconds to leave or-"

"Or what?" Pitch cuts him off. "You'll put coal in my stocking." He laughs like a sinister child and disappears into black sand.

"Why are you here?!" Jack cried out angry into the air. "We took care of you last time. Your nightmares dragged you down-"

"Yes, I quite recall Frost." Pitch said, reappearing behind Jack. Jack turns around to ice blast him, but Pitch disappears before he could do so.

"But I waited for a long time, resting for the opportune moment. And now as you can see," he reappears in the window that shone the moon. "I'm back, and I'm fit as a fiddle."

"How about we turn you into a fiddle?!" Bunny threatens.

"Oh go eat a carrot." Pitch mocks him. Bunny let out a growl between his teeth. Pitch then spots Merida, Hiccup, and Rapunzel in the corner of his eyes. "Wait? Are those children?"

Merida looked at Pitch, with her face full with determination, and readied for a fight. Hiccup meanwhile was unsure what to do, so he looked at Pitch, trying to study him.

Rapunzel on the other hand, saw only fear and dread from him. "Man with pointy teeth, man with pointy teeth." She quietly repeats in fear, recalling what her mother warned about.

Pitch laughed with amusement at the sight of them. "Since when did you allow grand tours of your workshop North? I doubt they are the neutral party."

"So you're Pitch Black?" Merida said, trying to sound powerful. "I expected a little more."

"Oh really?" Pitch's voice whispered so close on her ear. She quickly turned around to see him near her. She quickly grabbed an arrow and tries to get him, but he vanishes again. "Well aren't you a brave little girl. Unlike Miss Blondie over there."

He eyes Rapunzel, who was still shaking in fear. he disappears again, and appeared over her shoulder."Boo!" He said quietly behind her. She screamed and jumped in fear, nearly knocking Hiccup over. Merida saw the opportunity and shot an arrow at him. But it just went through him like he was made of air. It shocked her to the core.

He giggled in a evil delight. "Did you think that could hurt me?" He taunted her, which only fuels her anger.

"Maybe this will!" Bunny yelled, throwing a boomerang at him. But Pitch easily turned into dust and teleported away. Jack spots on the globe again and flies towards him with great speed.

As Jack prepares an ice blast from his staff, a nightmare appeared in front of him. It was a form of a large, dark, female hummingbird hybrid with golden eyes. Jack recognized the figure all too well.

"Tooth?" He asks.

She responded by sending a dark flash wave at him that forced him to the ground hard. North and Bunny rush to help him up, then they took a good look at Tooth. Instead of her normal colour of blue, green, and gold feathers, most of them were black, and dark blue and purple. There were hints of gold at her tips, but it made her look more menacing. Even her wings changed from a clear blue, to grey with silver lining. Her face was completely grey and her eyes were gold instead of purple.

The boys looked at her in horror, this was clearly Pitch's doing. "Pitch!" Bunny yells in anger. "You rotten little ankle-bitter! What have you done to her?!"

Pitch laughs as he strokes her face. "Beautiful, isn't she?" He said with a smile. "Believe me, she wasn't so compliant at first, but with a little persuasion and a little of magic, I turned her into the ultimate tool of fear."

"Pitch!" North stood and yelled. "You son of a -"

"I'll have to get back to you North." Pitch interrupts and disappears. He reappeared as a shadow behind Hiccup, Rapunzel and Merida. "What I want to know is about you three. You're mortals, so you can't be guardians. So what makes you three special?"

"We're not going to tell you!" Jack yells as he readies himself for a fight.

"Oh, you don't have too." Pitch said from the rafters with a sly smile. "Tooth will just tell me. After all, she's collected teeth from kids all over the world. She'll just tell who they are."

Tooth smiles and studies the three of them. "Of course master." She said. But her voice sounded different to the other guardians. They could hear her sweet caring voice, but also a monster too. "Though, this is interesting. All three of them are from different time periods."

"Different time periods?" Pitch asks.

"Yes," she said. She first points to Merida. "She is Merida of DunBroch," she pointed to Hiccup next. "Hiccup Horrendous Haddock the Third of Berk. Annnnnd..." She then points to Rapunzel, who is still stricken with fear. Tooth then stops to think. She flies closer to Rapunzel, who shakes even more. Hiccup and Merida hug her close to try to protect her.

"I honestly don't know?" Tooth confesses.

"What?!" Pitch asks in anger.

"I've never collected her teeth." Tooth said, flying back to her master.

"Really? Ah well, doesn't really matter." Pitch said regaining his compositor. "I'm sure one of the others will know."

North grabbed Pitch's attention again. "How are you doing this?!" He asks in anger. "You don't have the power!"

"Oh, oh, oh," Pitch said, mocking North's trademark 'ho,ho,ho'. "That's where you're wrong. I have all the power in the world now! I can change the very fabric of nature and time itself. Even turn someone to go against their nature. Just like I have done to your lovely friend. And the BEST part, I not only get her, I get the whole package!"

On that single, Tooth waves her hand, and smaller tooth fairies come out of nowhere. All of them have a similar colour scheme as her, which makes the other fairies scared, and everyone else in the room terrified.

"What kind of monster gave you that kinda power?!" North asked in rage.

"Oh, not a monster." Pitch replayed. "A little girl who thought she could help me. Well, she has! And now I can finally get rid of the guardians and the children's belief in them." As he spoke, lights on the globe began to disappear."

"What's happening?" Hiccup asks the group.

"What? Didn't they tell you? It's great being a guardian." Pitch said with pride. "But there's a catch. If enough kids stop believing, everything they protect, hope, wonder, dreams, even fun, it all goes away. And little by little so do they."

Sandy, Bunny and North were hurt by those words. They've already began to feel weaker, Except for Jack for some odd reason. He pushed that thought aside to focus on Pitch.

"And the best part," he continues, "when the belief is weaker, my nightmares get stronger."

"You won't get away with this!" Jack threatens.

"Oh, but I already have." Pitch said with an evil smile. That brought in the fear of the captured fairies, who tweet and flapped their wings frantically.

"Let's go back to fear and darkness

I'm so bored with peace and


When he shouts that to the fairies, everyone in the room became quiet and still.

"Nights of evil, filled with fear

Your worst dream, that's my idea of fun!"

The guardians stood their ground with anger, while the other three were not sure what to do. Pitch keeps disappearing and reappearing behind each person.

"Let darkness find it's sad ways;

Let's go back to good old bad days

No more foolish acts of kindness

This world's belief will be mine!"

"We will stop you!" North said as a threat.

"Oh... Really." Pitch said with a sly grin.

"Years from now, and forever on

No one will recall you guardians

Because all of this will be mine!"

He reappears at the top of the globe, where more lights are going out.

"This will all be mine!"

He then points and taunts the guardians.

"I have a plan; it includes you

You, guardians will change into


Where your power will be added to mine

My nightmares will roam free spreading fear

To all of those you hold so dear

Even the man in the moon, will weep with dread !"

He then turns to the fairies trapped in the nightmare. The nightmare horse began to turn into a giant cage, with the fairies still inside becoming more and more scared. Pitch played with the small emerald pendent around his neck.

"With this power I stole from that girl

Added to my own, I'll make a whirl

Wind and these fairies will become my design"

He then opened his palm and released a dark whirlwind at the fairies. It engulfs them into a shadow cocoon. Then a dark green light is shown through the cracks, along with the screams of the fairies.

"Now all of them are mine" Pitch proclaims.

In a giant burst from the cage, the darkness disperses, leaving all the fairies free. But instead of their normal, fun loving colour of blue and green, their feathers were black and purple. Even their eyes changed to an evil yellow.

Everyone was shocked or scared at what just happened. The Baby Tooth in Jack's pouch shivers in fear at what has become of her sisters. Jack just became furious that Pitch did that to the fairies.

"Ta-dah !" Pitch said with glee as he presents the fairies. "Now, it's your turn."

He nods to Tooth, which she nods in acceptance. "Get them ladies!" She commands. All the fairies flew in speed towards the guardians, trying to peck at them. Everyone tries to swat them away and avoid their ambush.

"We've got to get out of here!" Jack yelled.

"Tell us something we don't know!" Bunny yelled back.

Hiccup, Merida and Rapunzel weren't having a good time either. The ducked their heads to avoid the fairies and the nightmares attacking them. North saw this and knew he had to think of something quick. He needed a quick getaway. Then an idea popped in his head. If he can get to his collection of globes, he can get away and get everyone to safety. But his nearest globes are in his coat, and it's hanging on the railing of the room.

"I need to get to my coat!" He told the others. "It has our means to escape."

"Do you what you have to mate." Bunny said while swatting a few fairies. "We'll cover you!"

North made a break for his coat as the others continue to attack. Sandy looked to the children as they become sitting ducks. He flew with great speed and used his sand like a whip and got the nightmares out of the way. He then creates a sand shield to block the fairies. Merida saw the sandman trying to protect them, but knows he can't hold it up forever.

"Come on!" She said grabbing Rapunzel and leading her towards Sandy, with Hiccup lagging behind them.

When they reached the other two, Jack and Bunny fend of all the nightmares and fairies as best as they can. Merida tries to shoot down a couple of nightmares too, but her arrows keep passing through them like air.

Soon they were all surrounded by nightmares and fairies, which began chanting,

"Bring on the darkness, bring on the gloom,

We are the army of dread and gloom

Bring on the darkness, bring on the gloom,

We are the army of dread and gloom"

All seemed hopeless for the guardians, when North told everyone he's readied for them. Sandy took that hint, and created a large T. rex made out of sand to clear a path. Everyone ran to North with speed, while avoiding the fairies.

"Hope you got a plan mate?" Bunny asks when the group reached North.

"So far it's run now, and fight another day." North said sadly as he got out a snow globe.

"You can't be serious?!" Jack said applaud. "We can't just leave-"

"We have to." North said with much command. "Pitch won this battle, but the war is far from over."

"But we can't use that." Jack said. "The nightmares will follow us in."

Bunny looks over at Sandy, who is still fighting the nightmares. Sighing as if having no choice, he taps Sandy out. "Go with them and make sure they get out, I'll hold them off."

Sandy was surprised by this, and so were the other guardians. "No!" Jack said, "We're going together."

"Listen frostbite," Bunny said throwing his eggs at the nightmares. "You and those kids are our only hope. And North and Sandy still have their jobs to do. And right now, I can't believe I'm saying this, Christmas is more important than Easter. The world doesn't need me yet."

"But we need you!" Jack yells.

"No!" Bunny argued. "North! Get that blooming portal ready!"

North saw the courage of his friend, and nods. He whispers something in the globe, quiet enough so the nightmares wouldn't hear. He then throws the globe to the ground. At first it broke to a thousand glass pieces, but then they dissolve into a swirling vortex.

"Everyone in!" North commands. Rapunzel, Hiccup, and Merida aren't too sure about this, but Sandy pushed them all in. Soon he jumped in as well.

Jack was reluctant to follow. "No! I can't let you do this Bunny!"

"Jack we have to go!" North said grabbing Jack's arm.

"No!" Jack screamed as he and North go through the portal, and watch their friend being surrounded by nightmares.

Pitch found this whole thing amusing as he and Tooth watch from the globe.

"You were mistaken if you believed

Pitch was someone who'd crumble and leave

Now I am back, and I will be believed this time!"

Some of the nightmares turned into tentacles and bind Bunny's arms and legs tight. Bunny grunts as he struggles to break free. Jack wanted to rush in and help his friend, but north already got him into the portal.

Bunny was the only one left, along with the nightmares. Pitch like is opportune moment, and readied an arrow.

"I told you once

I told you twice!

Everything you see before you"

Pitch draws the arrow back and aims it. A magic green mist came from the pendent, worked its way to the tip of the arrow.

"Every last bit of it



mine !"

He fired the arrow and it hit Bunny in the chest, right at his heart. Bunny can feel the shadows crawling inside him, trying to take control. He focuses his mind to fight it off, but the darkness swoop into his heart, and made it cold. Soon, he wondered on why he was fending off this new found power. He was starting to like it, and let it in. This new feeling is making his fur darker, and the tattoos highlight in a silver glow. The nightmares let go of Bunny as he takes in a few deep breaths. Pitch loved his new creation, and laughed hysterically.

Bunny bowed to his master, and look at him with his golden eyes.

Song: Ruber From Quest for Camelot movie, Sing by Gary Oldman

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