Rise of the Brave Tangled Dragons


"No!" Jack said slamming his fist on the wall. "We have to go back! Bunny...he's...he's..." He had a loss for words as tears stared to crystallize in his eyes.

North also had strong regrets for leaving Bunny there, but his head knew it was the best chance to get the children out of there. Rapunzel was stuck in the feudal position, still trying to get over what just happened. Sandy tries his best to comfort her, by making his sand to create beautiful visions around her, but she paid no mind. Hiccup and Merida on the other hand took a good look at where they are. It looked like a stable house with hay and stalls full of reindeer.

The sound of Jack's tears bought everyone's attention. They all felt sadness and remorse. Bunny risked his life to save them, and to make sure they got away. But now he's gone, and they are left in the dark. No one felt more responsible than Jack and North. If they could've thought of something else, or do something so they can all escape. But now, it's too late.

Jack felt his whole body shut down in sadness. He sank to the floor with his hand still on the wall. It began to freeze the wall in frost, and his tears are like a child looking for his mom.

"I'm sorry Jack." North said with some authority. "But there is nothing we can do."

"Don't say that!" Jack said though his sadness. "We can still save him. We go back and kick Pitch out. And then...we'll save him...and Tooth...we can...we can..." It wasn't long till the tears came back.

"We can't." North reminded him.

"We can't just leave them!" Jack yells.

"As much as I want to go back, we can't!" North said with force. "Pitch has overwhelmed us. If we go back, we could end up like Tooth. Bunny took the risk to get us all to safety; we can't let that go in vain."

Realizing that North is right, but it still didn't stop the pain in Jack. Baby Tooth came out of his pouch and sat with sympathy on his shoulder. Merida walks to him and puts a comfortable hand on his back.

"I'm sorry about your friend." She said with sadness. She kneeled down to look at him in the eyes. "He was a good fighter."

Jack looked at her, not feeling any better. Hiccup looked at the two of them with his own mournful look. He felt sorry for Jack, and sad for what Bunny did. Hiccup and the two girls were total strangers, and Bunny sacrificed his life to save them.

North looked around at all the sadden faces. He knew he had to take charge, and get them somewhere safe. "Listen." He spoke softly. "I know this is hard, but we need to get moving before the nightmares find us. Sandy, I need to get the reindeer ready." Sandy nods and begins to open each stall to let the deer out. He then led them to a door next to a big door. North turned his attention back to Jack and the children. "We need to get up and leave-"


Everyone's heads turned to Rapunzel, who is still shaking.

"What did you say?" North asked as if he heard wrong.

"I said no." She said. Her sad expressing turned to an anger and pleading look. "I'm not going anywhere with you lot!"

"Listen." North said trying to calm her down. "If we don't-"

Rapunzel stood, with tears in her eyes. "You have the power to bring us here! So use it to send me home! I don't want to be here anymore!"

"What." Jack said. He was hurt by her words. "My friend just saved you, and all you can think of is to go home!"

"I didn't ask for this!" She yells. "I mean, sure, I wanted to see the world, but not like this! I never wanted any of this! So I want you to send me home!"

She looked at North, with tears and anger. He sigh a long breath before he told her. "I can't."

She wouldn't take that as an answer. "Why not?!"

"I need Father Time's sand to do that." He explains. "And right now I just don't have any."

"Well," she said while gathering her thoughts. "Can't you just grab him and make more sand? I want to go home."

"Will you shut up?!" Jack yells angry. "My friend may be dead."

"And I am sorry for that, I really am." Rapunzel said while getting close to his face. "But you dragged me into this, and I now, I want out. So I'm sorry that I can't offer any sympathy to my kidnapper, but I just don't want to risk my hair to get-"

"Seriously!" Everyone turned to Merida. "We just escape from a guy that commanded an army of shadows, and all you're worrying about is your hair?!"

"It's not just my hair!" Rapunzel said. "I'm also worried about my mother. If she finds out I died in a strange land, or kidnapped by a guy who can control ice, I'll be labelled as the worst daughter in the world."

"Oh yea," Merida mocked. "A disappointing daughter who goes against her mother's wishes." She then grabs Rapunzel's arm tight, and brings her close to a threatening face. "Listen, it's for the best. Mother's don't care what you want. They just tell you what they want you to be. They don't even listen or care about what you want. They don't even love you."

"That's not true!" Rapunzel said trying to break free from Merida's grasp. "My mother loves me. She knows what's best for me."

"No, they don't." Merida said. "They never care."

"You don't know what you're talking about!" Rapunzel said in a loud voice.

"Yes I do." Merida said in a equal tone.

"Alright enough!" Hiccup yells finally finding a voice. Merida lets go of Rapunzel to look at him.

"In case you haven't noticed," he said. "That guy could come and find us at any moment. So we need to continue this discussion somewhere else."

"I agree with the boy." North said. "We need to get out of here while we still can."

"And how are we going to do that?" Merida asks a little crossed.

North smiles, "With this," He said. He then puts his fingers to his lips and whistles very loud, almost loud enough to destroy glass. Everyone covers their ears to the sound. Suddenly the big door opens, and the reindeer galloped through. They are harnessed to a big stick that pulled something forward. When it was brought into the candle light, Merida, Hiccup and Rapunzel became awestruck.

The reindeer were pulling a giant wooden sleigh with folded wings and bells almost all around the outside. Sandy was already on the sleigh, stopping it when it reached the others.

"You've got to be kidding me." Merida said with her jaw dropped.

"Everyone loves the sleigh." North said under his breath as he jumped to the front and gathers the whips on his hands.

Jack and Hiccup immediately got on with Baby Tooth behind them. But Merida looked Rapunzel, who was inching away.

"What are you waiting for?" Merida asks a little angry.

"Maybe it might be safer to walk." She said trying to get away. But Merida would have none of that. She grabs Rapunzel's arm and forces her up on the seats.

Merida was the last in when North looks behind to them. "Everyone's in." He said. "Buckle up!"

Hiccup looked frantically for anything to keep them in. "Where are the seat-belts?" He asks.

"That's just expression." North joked. "First time riders hang on!" With that, he cracked his whip, and the reindeer began to run into a tunnel.

Everyone on the sleigh was pushed back by the g force and felt the wind hitting them hard on the face. Jack and Sandy don't seemed to bother by this, but Merida and Rapunzel are having a hard time dealing with it. Hiccup on the other hand loved this. Sure the g-force was still hard on his body, but a smile never left his face. It made him think of all the flights with toothless.

North leads the reindeer down an icy, snowy tunnel in break neck speed. Soon his favourite part was coming up. "I hope you like the loop-de-loops!" He called out.

The boys nod with excitement. While the girls were having a hard time getting their stomachs not to turn.

"Not really." Rapunzel yells scared, while her hair flies around.

"I hope you like haggis." Merida said weakly with her face is turning green.

Within a few seconds, they start to see a bright light at the end of the tunnel. The ice road turns into a rickety, old, wooden ramp. Everyone almost jumped out of their seats at the bumpiness of the ramp. North cracked the whip and soon the reindeer jumped off the ramp, and begin to fly in the sky.

Everyone took the opportunity to take a breather and relaxed a bit. They can feel the cool breeze on their skin, and the sleigh began to smooth down. Everyone took the chance to look around. They saw in the sky that the sun is starting to set, almost setting the place in darkness. Jack was the only one to look back to see the workshop while there is still light. There were waves of shadows flying all over it, and complete darkness inside the shop.

"We better hurry." North said. "Before they discover we're here." He reached into his coat and pulls out a snow globe. He gives it a good shake and whispers into it.

"zimnyaya strana chudes."

He throws with all his might, to make the globe reach the front of the reindeer. It explodes and a giant portal appeared. Everyone prepared in their seats for what is about to happen. Most of them are in fear of what's going to happen. Regardless, North cracks the whips, and the reindeer went through.

The feeling in the portal was not a good one. Merida's stomach turned more, and her face became greener. Rapunzel was holding on to much hair as she can, and was tossed around like a rag doll. Hiccup on the other hand, just held on to the railing with all his might. Sandy and Jack have already been through this, so they kinda got their motion sickness handled.

When they reached the other end of the portal, North slowed it down to give everyone breathing room. He then led the reindeer down so people can get off. Jack and Sandly flew off the sleigh, while Hiccup's legs became all shaky. Merida tumbles out, looking like she's gonna throw up, and Rapunzel still tries to catch her breath. Jack flew to her side to try to help her up, but she rejects it and tries to get up herself.

Jack shakes it off and goes to meet North. North looks out to see where they are. Jack turns his head to see what North sees, he couldn't believe his eyes. They're in a postcard's description of a winter wonderland. It was a cove with snow covering the ground. There's an ice rink with a huge decorated tree in the middle. There was a mountain, with hundreds of ice caves. The little trees were decorated with frost, and have candy canes hung on the branches.

"Whoa." Was all Jack could say. When everyone else was settled and feeling better, they took a good look as well.

Rapunzel's face lit up, almost like a kid in a candy store. "What is this place?" She asks.

North chuckled happily. "This is zimnyaya strana chudes, also known as my little Winter Wonderland. It's where I go for a short vacation, while the people enjoy Boxing Day. But as of now, consider it a safe house. No one knows about this place, not even Pitch."

Everyone took in a huge sigh of relief.

North walked in front of the group. "I know you are worried about what to do, or what's gonna happen. But right now, I need to make sure the yetis and elves get here safely, and get them back to work. Christmas is coming soon, and we need to get everything ready."

"Wait!" Rapunzel said. "What about-"

North already knew what she was gonna say. "After we get everything sorted, we will think of a way to stop Pitch. The sooner we do that, the sooner you go home."

Rapunzel thought about that. Horrible thoughts came to her, like if her mom figures out if she's gone or not, or how Pascal is holding up. But then realize that she owes North for saving her life. The least she can do is help get this holiday back on track. "Ok," she said. "But I am not going to be held responsible for the kidnapped kids."

Jack looked at her. "I better help you, and explain to you what Christmas really is."

She sighs with frustration, but eventually agrees.

Merida also agrees to help. "I'll do what I can." She said.

"Yeah," Hiccup said nodding his head. He just couldn't wait to get his hands on some tools. "I guess I can help too."

"Excellent! Wunderbar!" North said with cheer.

All of them become busy as bees. In the caves, yetis and elves began to pop out, with arms full of toys and tools. Jack made ice like tables for them to work on, while North and Sandy made small houses for them to live in for a while. The other three helped in their own way. Rapunzel experimented with the colours to paint each toy. Hiccup helped making a few toys, while trying out the new tools. Merida had her hands full with the elves; they reminded her so much of her brothers, except there were about a hundred elves. They mostly help with the lights and ornaments, and in truth, Merida had fun painting a few ornaments.

She did however, took a few moments to eyed Hiccup.

"So the slot goes over here, and the arm moves up and down?" He asks a yeti as he fiddles with a robot.

The yeti nods and spoke some mumbo jumbo. Hiccup did as he was told and put the button in its respected place. Soon enough, the robot moved and twirls its arms around. The yeti, in its own way, congratulated Hiccup on a job well down. He felt pride and happiness; it was the first he was complimented by his handiwork. This felt better than anything he had at home. Except for toothless, he was the only one who made him feel liked he belonged anywhere.

Thoughts of Toothless made Hiccup a little sad. "I wonder how you're doing bud." He said quietly. The yeti wanted to know what he meant, but Hiccup brushed it off and continued to work.

But Merida sees something different, a funny feeling about the boy. She remembered that Tooth fairy said that he was from Berk.

"Berk?" She reminds herself under her breath. "Why is that so familiar?"

Maybe she should've listen to her mum's teachings. Berk was someplace she talked about, often not in a good way. But she couldn't remember why. She would have to ask Hiccup later, for now she has to continue her work.

While Merida and Hiccup were busy, Jack was by Rapunzel's side, and took some time explain to her what Christmas was really about as she paints a bouncy ball.

"So, let me get this straight." She said, "People give gifts to the people they love, then they join together for a giant dinner, and they sing songs?"

"That's pretty much the just of it." Jack shrugged.

"But what about all those exploding nuts they put in the fire as a trap for the elf...or in this case, North?" She asks.

It took a while for Jack to understand what she meant. "You mean 'Chestnuts on an open fire." He said then laughed. "That's one of my favourite Christmas songs."

"A Christmas song?" She said in surprise. "How many howls and growls are in it?"

"Ummm. None." He said a little confused by her words. "No Christmas songs are like that. Who would tell you that?"

Rapunzel sigh as she stopped painting a little ball and looks down. "My mother."

Jack tries to look in her eyes to look for the root of this confusion. "What else did your mom tell you?" He asks with sincerity.

Rapunzel turned her head away from Jack. "She told me that Christmas is a horrible holiday."

"Well, I kinda got that." Jack said under his breath. 'Bet she got alot of coal in her time.' He thought.

Rapunzel continued. "She told me that the world is full of selfish people. They do horrible things to get what they want."

"Is that why you were stuck in that tower?" He asks her while turning her head with a finger under her chin.

She nods her head in depression. "Now I can see why..."

"Wait." Jack said before she finished. "That guy, Pitch, yeah he is rotten to the core. But look around you..." He gestures to all the yetis, elves and decorations all around them. "Everyone is working together to help make this holiday great for billions of kids all over the world. They're putting in alot of hard work, just to get a smile on Christmas Day."

She looks around to everyone busy with their toys and tools. But then felt sad again, to know the dangers that Pitch still hold.

Jack puts a hand on her shoulder. She reacts by a cold touch that made her body shake for a second. "And look, I'm sorry I took you from the tower. But we will find a way to get you back home."

She's is still sad and frighten, but she nods in acceptance. "In one respect, I'm kinda glad to leave." She said. "This is the very first time being outside my room. Though I wish it was under better circumstances."

"Me too." Jack said with a smile.

Rapunzel couldn't help but to smile back. But her face once again fell to sadness. Jack is trying to help her, but the most she's been doing is complain. She felt something needed to be said. "I'm sorry about my selfishness. And I am sorry about your friend."

Jack was touched by her words and worry. A minute ago, she was whining like a kid with a tantrum, now she's like a worrying mother. "Thank you." He said quietly.

Then a silence was between them, feeling very awkward. Rapunzel got back to paint a ball bright purple with a yellow sun on it.

Jack leans in to look at the ball. "That's pretty." He comments. "How did you learn to paint?"

Rapunzel shrugs as she continues working. "I've been painting all my life. You have to find something to do when you're stuck in one place all your life."

That got Jack to want to investigate. "So you've been in that tower all your life?" He asks.

"Yep." She said.

"I can kinda sense your mother is over protected," he said. "But seriously, why would anyone stick someone, in a tall tower all their life?"

"She figured that was the best way to protect me and-" Rapunzel quickly closed her mouth before saying too much.

"And..." Jack said trying to figure it out.

"Well," Rapunzel said trying to find some way to get out of reviling her secret. "And...pascal. You know my chameleon"

Jack knows there is something she is hiding. But he just got on this girl's nice side, better stay there.

"Ah-hun." He said in an 'I don't really believe you' tone.

"Plus." She continues. "It keeps all the ruffians and thugs out. Well, except for you." Then a thought came to her. "Hey, how did you get in anyway? How did you get past mother?"

Jack sighed as he expects this was coming. "I've been there for a while, listening from the other side of the window. I tried looking for another way in, but they were all blocked. Despite being a spirit I can't phase through most solid objects. I had to wait till you let your mom out, then I flew in."

"Really." She said almost surprised. "I didn't see you."

"You see, that's the thing with me." He said with a heavy tone. "I can only be seen by someone who believes in me. Both you and your mom didn't believe in me, so you couldn't see me. I may not be able to phase through objects, but I can people who don't believe in me. Almost like I don't even exist."

Rapunzel listen attentively but couldn't believe her ears. "I'm so sorry," she said with care.

"It's ok." Jack said with a smile. Though it was hurtful to talk about it, it was nice to talk to someone about it. "You don't need to worry about me, just take this time to enjoy yourself out of your tower."

Seeing he wants to stop talking about his past, Rapunzel sigh as she looks at the snow around her. She is surprise that she's not shivering cold, even in her bare feet.

"By the way." Rapunzel said looking in his eyes. "Don't tell anyone about my tower."

"Ok," he said though he doesn't know why she would ask that.

Silence was between them again, until Rapunzel asks him. "Do you know any good Christmas songs? I would like to hear one."

Jack became a little nervous, never has e been asked to sing for anyone. He searched his thoughts to find a good one. Though being over three hundred years old he's heard alot of them.

He finally found one, but wants to set the magic of the song. So he twirled his staff to make snow fall gracefully down. Not enough to make a blizzard so everyone would have to stop working, but enough to make a magical wonderland. He whispered something to the wind and it obeyed his command and began to play a soft melody through the air. Rapunzel dropped her ball and paint as she listens to all that's around her.

Jack took a deep breath before singing.

"Children sleeping, snow is softly falling

Dreams are calling like bells in the distance"

Rapunzel's face began to light up, as the decorations lite up as if on time with the music.

"We were dreamers not so long ago

But one by one we all had to grow up"

That part saddens Jack, thinking about Jamie, and how he is growing up. But he pursuit the melody for Rapunzel.

"When it seems the magic slipped away

We find it all again on Christmas Day"

He took her hands and leads her to the frozen lake with the huge tree in the middle.

"Believe in what your heart is sayin'

Hear the melody that's playin'

There's no time to waste

There's so much to celebrate

Believe in what you feel inside

And give your dreams the wings to fly

You have everything you need

If you just believe"

Rapunzel smiles the biggest smile of her life as she looks at all the beauty around her. A lot of the yetis and elves stopped working to try to figure out what Jack is doing. Sandy looked over at the two, and figures he can help Jack. So he made beautiful dreams to fly around Jack and Rapunzel that fit jack's description."

"Trains move quickly to their journey's end

Destinations are where we begin again

Ships go sailing far across the sea

Trusting starlight to get where they need to be"

Rapunzel giggles as she touches the sandy trains and boats. She began to chase a boat like a moth to light. But nearly slips as her bare feet touch the frozen lake.

Jack flies to her and grabs onto her to balance her.

"When it seems that we have lost our way

We find ourselves again on Christmas Day"

For the first time since they met, Rapunzel felt safe in his arms. She allowed him to guide her on the ice.

"Believe in what your heart is sayin'

Hear the melody that's playin'

There's no time to waste

There's so much to celebrate

Believe in what you feel inside

And give your dreams the wings to fly

You have everything you need

If you just believe"

He took her all around the ice, around the Christmas tree. It was an amazing feeling between the two of them. He twirls her so she can feel the emotion and spirit in the air. He continues singing, "just believe," as her smile gets bigger and bigger.

He then stops her spinning and holds her tight to make sure she doesn't fall. He took a minute to let the magic fly around them. "Just believe" he whispers while looking in her big eyes.

She smiles as she looks in his eyes. "Thank you." She said before backing away from his grasp. But as soon as she did, her feet slipped on the ice and she fell backwards into a snow pile. She popped up with a snow like crown and moustache.

Jack tries to hold in a laugh, but let it muffle through his hand that covered his mouth. Rapunzel saw this and smiles an evil smile. She grabs a bit of snow and throws it at him. It hits him in face. She doesn't even try to hold in a laugh. She got up and holds her hurting sides.

Jack took that as a challenge, and made a snow ball. He threw it at her, but she manages to duck before it hit her. It ended up making its way to Merida, and hits her at the back of her head.

"Uh-oh" Rapunzel whispers to Jack. Jack nods in agreement and fear. Merida saw the two of them and sighs. She bends down to make a snowball of her own and throws it at them. Her snowball it with much force on jack's face. Then she sighs in frustration as she looks angry at him. Rapunzel sees this and made a snowball, and fired at her. It hit Merida's side. Rapunzel felt happy that she did it, but Merida wasn't so happy. She got away from her work station and made another ball with frustration. Jack got up and made a snowball with a bit of his magic. He aimed and fired at Merida, trying to get her to have fun. It did hit her in the face, but she tries to fight back the magic.

She didn't want to give in, but her mouth and sides made her laugh with glee. She threw the snow ball, but with no anger to back it up. Soon All three of them started to have a snowball fight, while everyone else tries to work. Hiccup ducked under the table to try to avoid getting clobber in the fight, but couldn't help but feel sad to be left out.

It took a while before North came and broke off the snowball fight. He told them that the sun has set here and Rapunzel, Merida and Hiccup are still mortal, and need rest and food. As if to confirm the thought, Rapunzel's stomach growled, and Merida let out a huge yawn. North calls out Hiccup to come and join them. With a little persuasion and a collar yank by a yeti, Hiccup puts down his tools and went to join the others.

North led them to a small house with a fire place going. When they got inside, they were amazed. The whole house only had one room, but it was so much bigger then what should've been on the outside.

"How is this possible?" Hiccup asks out loud. "It's bigger on the inside."

"That's magic for you." Jack said with a smile.

The room was decorated with holly and berries on the walls. Three large beds were on one side of the room, with fluffy pillows and warm comforters. On the other side was a long table full of amazing food. Ham, apples, potatoes, gravy, an assortment of vegetables and cakes.

"Wow!" Rapunzel squeal. "This is more food than I've ever seen!" She immediately grabbed a plate and took one of everything. Merida and Hiccup took more time to get their food and sit on their beds to eat. When the food touched their mouths, a delicious smile spread on their faces. They've never had food more delicious in their lives.

Hiccup notices that Jack didn't have a plate, and North was only having a small chocolate cake. "Aren't you guys' hungry?" Hiccup asked.

"We're spirits." Jack said. "We don't really feel hunger."

"Indeed." North agreed. "As much as I love cookies, they're more of a luxury then a necessity."

The guardians waited a bit while the three ate their food. Soon, Sandy made his way in and flies to the fire place. Jack just leans on a headboard of a bed while North sat on a chair.

"Alright." He said getting everyone's attention. "Now, how are we going to do this?"

"Do what?" Merida asks with a mouthful of food.

"How are we going to stop Pitch?" North said with worry.

"Well," Merida said as she swallowed her food. "We can start by putting an arrow in his head..."

"What good would that do?" Hiccup point out. "Did you see what happened the first time, your arrow went right through him like smoke."

"At least I did something." She pointed out in anger. "What did you do?!"

"I tried to study him." Hiccup said a little shaken. "But only to come up to the conclusion that he is way too powerful."

"So nothing." Merida commented.

"Well sorry if everyone is not as skilled as you!" Rapunzel said from her bed.

"Says the girl that shook like a leaf." Merida pointed out. "Worry about messing your pretty hair."

"Hey!" Rapunzel said in anger and holds her hair like a protective parent. "This hair is very important to me!"

"Will you two knock it off!" Hiccup said with a little anger. "The sooner we conclude this is impossible, the sooner we can go home."

"What if I don't want to back home?!" Merida said. "What if I just want to stay away from there as much as possible?"

"Says you." Rapunzel said. "But what about the rest of us?! I have a mother to go back to."

"Yeah." Hiccup nods in agreement. "And I have a best friend who needs me!"

"Well, you two aren't the most important people here." Merida said with authority.

"We know." Hiccup said. "You're a princess of a Scottish country, but that doesn't mean you are the most important person in the world!"

"Don't talk to me like that." Merida said raising her voice. "If it were up to me, I wouldn't even be a princess."

Watch the three of them bicker, North lowers his hands to his hands. "This is going well," he said with disappointment.

"In one sense," Jack said. "This is how the avengers start out."

The three people on the bed looked at him with confusion. "What are the avengers?" Hiccup asked.

Jack had to remind himself that those three are not from his time, and don't get the reference. "Ummm...They..." He said trying to find the right words. "They...are superheroes...who have to join together... to defeat a common enemy."

He smiled nervously, hoping they got it. But he just got more confused looks. "Who are super heroes?" Rapunzel asks.

Jack sighs in defeat. "Never mind." He said. "The point is we have to come together as a team, in order to stop Pitch."

"Jack," Rapunzel said. "I don't know how I can help. I'm just a girl. I'm not a worrier, certainly not a fighter. I'm sloppy, immature, clumsy, and scared."

"I don't even see how we can defeat him." Hiccup said looking at all of them. "I mean, if a solid arrow can't hurt him, what else is there? I think it's best to say that we are out of our league."

"I know it all seems hopeless." North said trying to straight himself on the chair. "But we will find a way."

"But," Rapunzel said while yawning in tiredness. "How are we supposed to help?"

North thought for a moment, but couldn't think of anything. "I don't know." He admits. "But we will find an answer. In the meantime, you three look tired. I think it's best if you sleep on this, and we'll talk in the morning."

"It's alright." Merida said trying to hold a yawn. "I'm not that tired."

"Nether the less." North said while getting up from the chair. "A good night's sleep is what you need."

"But what if Pitch-" Hiccup began.

"He won't find this place," North assures him. "Sandy will help you make good dreams." He looks to Sandy who nods in approval.

"I don't think I can sleep." Rapunzel confesses. She then looks to Sandy who prepared three sand balls. They fly and hit her, Merida and Hiccup on the head. Almost in an instant, they fell with their heads on their pillows. Gold dust rings around their head as they start to dream.

"That should do it." North said as he leaves them in peace. Jack quickly follows as Sandy is left to keep them comfortable.

Jack and North observe the dark sky above the cove. The stars began to twinkle as the dance around the moon.

"Oh Manny." North asked the moon. "What are we going to do?"

The moon was silent as the wind and only shines bright. North sighs in hopelessness at the situation in hand.

"North." Jack asks. "Where do you think Pitch got this power?"

"I have no idea." North said. "And if it's not stopped, this world will fall into darkness."

"And it is up to me and three kids to stop them." Jack said with a hint of mockery.

"They're not kids." North said. "They're almost your age." He quickly corrects himself in realization that Jack is over 300 years old. "I mean, mentally your age."

"Thanks alot." Jack said. "But I don't know how this is going to work. Two of them look like they've never been in a fight, and the other one is a bit of a hot head. How are we supposed to work together?"

"We'll think of a way." North said putting a reassuring hand on Jack's shoulder. "And together, we will defeat Pitch and save Tooth and Bunny."

Seeing Jack's mood isn't changing, North decides to change the subject of conversation. "So," he said, "how's Jamie?"

Jack looked up at the mention of Jamie's name. "He's fine, I guess." Jack's mood didn't turned into a happy one as North hoped.

"What is it?" North asks.

"Is just..." Jack said trying to find the words. "I'm happy he can see me, I really am. I'm just scared for the day he can't."

"What do you mean?" North asks with concern.

Jack brushes of North's hand and walks a bit away. "You've seen it all the time. Kids grow up and don't believe in you anymore. It might seem fine and dandy to you. But me...well...I've dealt with non-believers all my life. Now, I have a few people who can see me. But they can never hold a candle to Jamie. He was my first, and I'm scared for the day he can't see me anymore."

"Jack," North said trying to comfort him. "I know it is rough. But Jamie is one of the biggest believers that I know of. And he sees you more than a guardian, he sees you as a friend. If you want my opinion, he will see you for a long time."

Finally, he got Jack to smile. It was small, but hopeful. "Thanks North." Jack said.

"Anytime." North said with a fatherly smile.

They heard the door closed to the little house as Sandy floats outside. He then made the sand above his head make little 'Zzzz' to show that they are asleep.

"Good work Sandy." North whispers while giving him a pat on the back.

The happiness was short lived as they heard a girlish scream coming from inside the house.

"Rapunzel!" Jack cried out in fear as he flew with great speed. He ice blast the door and readied himself for anything.

He felt a great rush of wind pulling him in. He opened his eyes to see a great force if the form of green fire, trying to pull people into the fire place. Hiccup, Merida and Rapunzel were holding on to the bed posts, as the wind pulls them in. Jack twirls his staff to gain control of the wind, but it ended up pulling him closer to the flame.

"I got you." North said quickly grabbing Jack's staff. Sandy also rushes in and grabs Merida and Hiccup by the waists with a sand whip. Baby Tooth's little wings stood no chance against the strong wind and got pulled into the fire. It disappears when its body made contact with the fire. Everyone else tries to hold on to whatever they can. But the wind became stronger. Hiccup hands slip and wind seemed to grab him. Sandy tries with all his might to hold on to Hiccup, but the sand whip holding Hiccup seems to pull Sandy in too. Hiccup's whole body disappears in the fire, bringing Sandy along with him. Thanks to the wind, and the sand whip still attached to her body, Merida was soon dragged into the green fire.

Jack was struggling to hold on to his staff. He looks over a Rapunzel, she was struggling too, and her hair almost touches the fire.

"Hold on!" He cries out to her. But eventually, her hair touches the fire and pulls her in. Jack saw her scared face as she disappears into the fire.

North's grip was also slipping as tries to hoist Jack up. But a power gush of wind pushes North forward, tipping his balance. Soon enough, Jack and North were pulled in the fire.

Once the work was done, the fire turned back to its normal colour, and crackled like it normally does. A silhouette of a woman looked through the window and smiles as she continues to pursuit her plan.

zimnyaya strana chudes means Winter Wonderlan in Russian

Wunderba means wonderful in German

Song: Believe by Josh Groban from the polar express

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