Rise of the Brave Tangled Dragons

Meeting Mother Nature

Jack opened his eyes with heavy eyelids. His vision was all dark and fuzzy. But soon, his senses started to come back. Wherever he is, it felt soft and full of powder. It smells nice too, like a rose perfume. His eyes started to work again as he can see dark red walls. But the walls allowed sunlight to go through them.

He groans as he gets his strength back in his arms. He looked around to try to figure out where he is. He sees everyone else was here and unconscious. Figuring he has to fight, he reached for his staff, only to be grasping at air.

"Oh no." He said quietly, as he tries to search for his staff. He got up to look around, but the floor felt like a bouncy castle. Thankfully the room was small and he was able to scan everything in about a minute. The room was very small, and enclosed. Everyone was on the ground, except for Sandy, who was asleep hovering. Jack has never seen a place like this before, but one thing was for certain. They were all prisoners. Though it is unclear who is keeping them here.

Jack heard a soft moan from Rapunzel as she shifts a bit. He walks to her and tries to shake her awake.

"Hey." He whispers. "Wake up."

Her eyes flutter open as she regains conscious. "Jack?" She whispers as she tries to sit up.

Moans and groans can be heard from everyone else. Jack turns to see everybody sat up and looked at their prison.

"What happened?" Hiccup asked out loud.

"I don't know." North said. He reached down to discover his swords were missing. Merida also felt that her bow was missing too.

"No!" She said she tries to stand. But the floor almost moved with her, making it hard to keep balance.

"Where are we?" Rapunzel asks almost scared. "Did Pitch-"

"No." North confirmed. "This is a little too nice to be Pitch's work."

"So who kidnapped us?" Hiccup asks.

No one can give an accurate answer. Merida made her way to the walls and began to punch them. But the walls were soft and easy took every punch.

"Whoever you are, let us out!" She screams to the wall. Baby Tooth got her idea, and tries to charge at the wall. But it ended up bouncing her back to Sandy who caught her.

"Yeah," Jack said while helping Rapunzel to her feet. "I'm not to sure that's a good idea."

"I don't hear you coming up with a better one." Merida said as she rests her fists for a bit.

Hiccup also made his way to a wall, a softly touched the back of his hand to it. It felt almost like fabric, with the texture of velvet. "Weird?" He said out loud.

"What?" Rapunzel asks to understand.

"These walls aren't like normal walls." He said. "It's strong yet delicate. And the smell coming off of them," he took a big sniff at the wall. "It smells sweet, and luring."

"What are you saying?" North said.

"What I'm saying," Hiccup said. "This might sound crazy, but this place is almost like...like..."

Sandy popped up beside him, with a sand like flower above his head.

"Exactly." Hiccup said in a eureka manner. "We're being held inside a flower."

"How is that possible?" Merida said with a 'do we look stupid' look. "In case you've forgotten, flowers are wee small. How are we..."

Her talk was cut off as their cell moves them around. They all felt their cell descending and force made most of the sink to the floor. When the cell stops, Hiccup, Merida and Rapunzel felt a little light headed and dizzy. Jack, North and Sandy helped each of them up just as the ceiling breaks apart. It peels out and everyone felt the sun beginning to shine on them. The cell's walls pushed out for everyone to see the beautiful red petals expanding. When they finally spread out, everyone look to see the giant red flower they've been in.

"Oh," was all Merida could say feeling a little stupid. she and the others then looked at where they are.

Wherever they are, it was breath taking beautiful. The trees were magnificent. The strong tree stems almost glisten and the branches almost like vines played in the wind. Their leafs were light and glisten in the sunlight. The flowers around were a mix of blue forget-me-nots and heart belles•. They sparkle with dew and bloomed as they are spotted by the others. Almost like a show nature wants to put on. The buds of the heart belles droop over a small foot high fence, to a pathway made of cobber stones•. The path seems to go deeper into the forest of wonder.

Everyone one got off the flower they were held captive, and looked around at their new environment.

"I've never seen anything so beautiful." Rapunzel said with her jaw dropped.

"Don't be too hasty." North said. "We don't exactly know where we are."

"How are we here?" Merida asked. "I thought you said no one knows about your hideout."

"I don't know." North said with concern. "You are the first outsiders to see it. No one else knows of its existence."

All of a sudden, they all heard a giggle through the air. It sounded light and childish.

"Who's there?" Merida called out to the voice. But the voice just giggled a little louder.

"Show yourself!" North said with a voice of authority. Everyone tried to listen for the giggle again, but instead heard only the whistle of the wind. Then they heard movement all around. The flower buds and the trees branches all moved, and point to the other end of the path.

Sandy got the idea of what the trees meant, and put a sandy arrow in that direction, on top of his head.

"I guess we have to go that way." Jack said a little confused.

"But what if it's a trap?" Rapunzel said with worry.

"Maybe," Hiccup said with the same concern. "But it might also lead us to some answers."

"I agree." North said as he starts charging down the path. "I want to know who it is, and why they took us here."

As North walks down the path, Sandy, Baby Tooth, Hiccup and Jack follow him. The girls were a little reluctant, but eventually saw no choice, but to follow.

The road led them further into this landscape. The trees relatively stayed the same, but the flowers changed from forget-me-nots, to lavenders, then to dandelions. They even spotted some mushrooms on their trail, but they seemed to be bigger than normal mushrooms. Everyone heard movement from behind bushes and trees. At first they became tensed, only to relax when they were only animals. A couple if deer out in the distance of the trees, a squirrel or two hidden in the leaves, and a bunch of rabbits huddled together in the flowers. Even a bunch of humming birds came down to everyone. Baby Tooth taunted them a bit, but their response was pecking at her head.

"This place has an 'Alice in Wonderland' kinda vibe." Jack said as he swats the birds away from Baby Tooth.

"What does that mean?" Rapunzel asks him.

But all Jack could do is groan. "Never mind," he said. There was no way he could describe that story without getting more questions. But it was true, this place as magical as Wonderland.

Soon, they made it to the end, and their destination as purely magical. They arrived in a beautiful garden. Almost every kind of flower was there, roses, lilies, petunias, daisies, etc.; and they were separated by small decorated fences. Even the trees around there had flowers on them, mostly fruit blossoms. The flowers and trees were all in big rings, but with paths leading to a beautiful water fountain. It had a Greek style to the articulator, and has a statue of a woman with long flowing hair, and a general standing on a pillar.

"Wow." Rapunzel said in awestruck. That was pretty much what everyone else is feeling too.

But then Jack notices something around the fountain. He ran to investigate, with Baby Tooth flying behind him.

"Jack!" North cried out. "Be careful!"

Jack ran to the fountain, and looks closer to the statue above the water. He is sure he's never seen that woman before, but the man looks familiar to him. He then looks down at the pillar they're standing on, and he sees it. In the pillar, there's a snowflake symbol. He moved to another side to the fountain, to see the pillar also had symbols of the sun, a flower and a leaf.

"North!" Jack called out, "the symbols are on here!"

This causes North and the others to join Jack.

"Really?" North said before finding the symbols himself.

"What are you guys talking about?" Hiccup asked before everyone looked.

"When the Man in the Moon chose you all," North explained, "these symbols were above your crystals. And they also appeared in the book about the season guardians."

"Season guardians?" Merida asks.

"That's right, the reason why you are here."

A strong female voice came out of nowhere. They recognized as the giggle from before. As everyone looked around to find the voice, they felt the ground shake under their feet. Off on one of the paths, the ground burst open, and something started to rise out of the ground. It was a bud of a pink rose, but much bigger. Almost as big as a hot air balloon. Rapunzel, Hiccup, Sandy and Baby Tooth took a step back, while the others readied for whatever is going to happen.

When the bud opened up, everyone became awestruck. Inside the flower, was a tall, young woman with long, radiant black hair. While most of it flowed down, two stains were flying in the air. Her skin was pale, with a face was straight and regal, friendly and deadly at the same time. The only trusting feature were her eyes, her beautiful forest green eyes that held reason in them. Her gown was a beautiful shade of emerald, with decorated vines everywhere. They covered her whole body, except for a spot on her stomach. The vines spread to expose her belly button.

Everyone stood their ground as she walks off her flower. "Hello," she said. Her voice was a little childish, but much maturity. "It is wonderful to finally meet you."

All of the kids became confused, but North just was shaking in his boots. Sandy on the other hand, flies straight to her, and gives her a big hug.

The woman returns the hug. "It's wonderful to see you again Sanderson." She said with a smile.

"Moth-moth-moth- Mother Nature." North spoke almost in fear.

She giggled at him. He then kneels in a respectful manner. "There is no need for formalities Nicholas." She said as she lets go of Sandy, and puts a finger to raise North's head. "Just call me Emily."

"Emily," he whispers, still a little awestruck to be in her presence, and honoured that she used his old name.

Emily then looked at the four other people before her. Rapunzel was still shaking a bit, Hiccup was still no sure what to do, Jack wowed at the fact that Mother Nature was standing in front of him, and Merida was still looking for a fight.

Emily smiles as she opens her arms to them. "I'm so glad you're here. I've been waiting for you."

"Waiting for us?" Rapunzel repeated.

"Yes." Emily said nodding her head. But then she looks at Merida, who is still in her torn, shiny blue dress. "But first, I think you need to be in something more comfortable."

As Merida wonders what she's talking about, Emily raises her arm, and twirls her fingers and wrist. Within seconds, a cool breeze surrounds her, caring leaves and twigs. They made their way to her dress, cutting off any loose fabric, and the laces of her corset. Merida was too confused to fight back, but also found it a little easier to breathe. The leaves then split apart and made their way to her dress. She felt it morphing on her body. The dress started to change from being neck high, to something just perching on her shoulders. The blue becoming darker and darker, until it was a dark green. The golden trim dissolves into the green. Her tight sleeves became a little looser, and turned into the shade of green. Tiny cotton balls made their way to her elbows, and become puffy at the ends. The wind died as soon as its work was done. Merida looked at herself, to see her old green dress from home on her body again.

Everyone around her wowed at what just happened. "How did you do that?" Merida asks Emily.

"You should see what I could do with ice." Emily said with a smile. "Speaking of ice." She looks to Jack, who became confused. "I believe this belongs to you."

The ground opens up beside Jack, and vines holding his staff popped out. He reaches and takes the staff, and vines returned to the ground. "Thanks." He said.

"What do you want from us?" Rapunzel said out loud. "Why are we here?"

"All very good questions," Emily said with a smile. "As I'm sure you are aware, you are here to stop Pitch."

"We tried." North said, "But he has a new power, and has taken the fairies and Bunny captive."

"I know." Emily said with a little regret in her voice. "It's my fault that's happened."

"What are you talking about?" Jack asked with a little anger.

Emily sighed, knowing full well what she has to tell. "Pitch and I have a history together, which doesn't have a happy ending."

"Wait a minute." Hiccup said. "You know Pitch."

"In a way, yes." Emily admits.

"Are you the girl he talked about?" Hiccup asks.

"He talks about me?" She asks a little confused, yet hopeful.

"Yes." North confirmed. "He said that a girl gave him new a power that helps him changed our friends to fearlings."

Emily's facial expression turned into a horrifying look. But then maintains her composer. "That was not my intention."

"So it was you." Jack said with so much furry. It was because of her, he lost two of his good friends. He holds his staff in a ready stance, ready to fire ice at her.

"Jack, don't!" North warned him.

"It's alright Nicholas." Emily said. She then turns to Jack, ready to take his fury, while looking like a caring mother. "Before you judge me, I would like you to hear a story."

"A story?" Jack repeats.

"Yes." She said. "About how he and I started, and why he is the way he is now." She raised both her arms, and split a few trees in the distance off to the side, revealing a new path leading off to a hill in the distance.

"Follow me if you want answers."

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