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MHA One-Shots

Bakugou ~ V

The snow fell peacefully outside of the dorm windows. I waved down to Mina and Kirishima, the last two of my classmates that were going home over break. I was staying here as Aizawa was out of town on hero or teacher business. I didn't really care which as long as it meant I got to stay nice and cozy in my dorm. He had been somewhat reluctant leaving me here seeing as I wasn't going to be the only one here.

Katsuki, my boyfriend of over a year was also staying here over break. His parents were out of country on a business trip, and he figured staying at school would just be easier than going home to no one. At least, that's what he told the teachers.

I sighed and fell back onto the bed to enjoy the first bit of alone time I'd gotten all week. Everyone had insisted that we celebrate the holidays before they went home which resulted in the entire week being filled with outings and sharing meals, not to mention all the exams. I did love all of my classmates - except for Mineta he could go die in a hole - but I was utterly exhausted.

I snuggled into my bed further and grinned into my pillow. I was going to spend the whole break with a very cuddly Katsuki, and I was going to enjoy every damn second of it.

Heaving myself off of my bed, I quickly changed into something more comfortable than my uniform that I hadn't had time to take off yet. I settled on a sweatshirt that was neither mine nor fit me and decided that was all I needed. I looked at myself for a moment. I was more than comfortable with Katsuki, but self confidence in something this revealing was a little hard to gather. I took in a deep breath and let it out slowly. This was going to go wonderfully, and if it didn't we could laugh about it later. I smirked at myself in the mirror, feeling cheeky because I knew the next time I looked into it I would look far worse for ware.

With a final grin and wave I turned and bounced down the stairs to the kitchens. I was met with the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen: Bakugou Katsuki wearing only sweats and an apron with his very likable and cut back turned to me as he made us dinner. My knees almost gave out underneath me.

I quietly walked up behind him and wrapped my arms around him underneath the apron. I rested my cheek on his back and my hands on his wonderfully ripped stomach and sighed.

He didn't startle; he just hummed contentedly, "Hey, Teddy Bear."

I hummed back, he was the warmest thing I'd ever had the pleasure to hug, "What's for dinner, baby?"

We made small talk for a little bit while I set up plates and drinks and he finished up dinner. Soon we sat down and dug in. As we ate the silence and the tension became increasingly palpable.

I looked up at him from my plate and blushed when he was already finished and staring at me. We had been together over a year and he still did this to me. How was that possible?

I quickly finished up and he took up our plates to the sink. I tried to stand up and help but he pushed my shoulders back down gently, and I sat right back down.

I watched my now entirely shirtless boyfriend move smoothly around the kitchen cleaning up. I crossed my legs.

He finished up quickly and came back over to me taking my hand and dragging me to the couch to cuddle.

Around me, Katsuki had always been tamer, quieter, but this was weird. He usually growled more. That was his primary form of communication with me. But I trusted him. I trusted him to lead me.

We settled down, and I was surrounded by him and the scent of caramel. He didn't hold me too tightly, but he held me close enough to bury his head in my hair.

"Don't think I didn't notice, dumbass," he growled at me suddenly.

Ah. There it was.

"Notice what?" I smiled coyly.

"My fucking sweatshirt and nothing else. You're playing dirty already," his grip on my hip tightened.

"Oh? I did forget bottoms, didn't I? I hadn't noticed..." I teased.

He growled deeper before we fell into silence again. This time it wasn't stifling; it was comfortable.

"Do you remember the first time we went on a date?" I said aloud.

"Of course, dumbass. How could I forget a damn thing about you," he huffed.

"Remember I was so excited to walk the streets at night. I'd never been out that late before. I kept staring at all the pretty lights until I got a headache and we had to go home. And you were so excited to show me around," I chuckled, "Your eyes lit up the first time you handed me street food. What was it again?"

"Takoyaki," he mumbled.

"Mmmm. I remember the way you grinned when I told you I liked it. It was the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen. I decided I was going to spend the rest of forever looking at it."

"I didn't notice."


"I didn't notice the pretty lights. I just remember the shine in your eyes, the way you couldn't stop smiling. I couldn't see past that," he nuzzled into my hair further. His voice was so soft. The kind of soft I only got when he was incandescently content.

"Do you remember that you didn't let go of my hand the whole night?"

He hummed, "I was worried I was accidentally gonna blow your arm off because of how sweaty my hands were. But I couldn't let go."

I smiled and shyly hid my face in the sweatshirt.

He chuckled down at me. Silence fell again like a blanket.

"Teddy Bear?"

"Yeah, baby?"

"Are you ok with this?"

I turned around so I was facing him and began playing with his hair, "Yes, Katsuki. I am beyond confident in this decision."

Bakugou was notorious for being a hardheaded egotistical asshole. He didn't care. All he cared about was asserting dominance and proving his right to be at the top. Bakugou didn't ask questions; he gave orders. Bakugou would never ask for permission; he would win it.

But this was Katsuki. My Katsuki who needed consent every time he wanted a kiss. Katsuki who always looked to me for permission before he put his hands on me. Katsuki who preferred growling to speaking around me because it was the only way he knew not to yell. My Katsuki had the biggest praise kink on God's green earth.

He sighed and pulled away from me enough to look me in the eyes before quickly averting his gaze and blushing, "Look, you know I'm not the best at this. I know I talked a big game about this tonight - don't look at me like that you did too dumbass. But I'm not good at speaking quietly or saying pretty things-" lies "-but for you, I want- I-I need to be what you need. And I will be! I just-"

He huffed as I shushed him and ran my fingers through his hair. I knew there was more he needed to get out, but it was best he calmed down first. He huffed again.

"I just- I don't know if I ever said it. I think I mentioned it in passing but... I haven't done this before. And I know it's stupid. I know. But I feel like you deserve more than I can give you right now, but there's no way in hell either of us are practicing with anyone fucking else. And, baby, I'm so fucking happy that it's with you- that I get to be the most vulnerable I've ever been with anyone with you, and damnit words will never describe how damn grateful I am that you trust me this much. So fucking grateful, Teddy Bear," he growled lovingly, "I just love you too damn much to fuck this up."

I looked at him softly before taking his reddened face into my hands and kissing him softly. At times like these he often needed calmness, not words. He needed to feel that everything was alright. It hadn't taken very long for me to realize that the best thing to calm him down was a simple kiss. It was also always the best thing to work him up.

He groaned softly against my lips and pushed for more, but I pulled back.

"Katsuki, baby," I held his cheek softly, "There is no one I trust more on this planet than you. And I couldn't give a flying shit whether or not you've done this before. I'm so fucking glad that I get to share this with you so don't you dare fucking apologize for it. All I need tonight is you. And I know you, Bakugou Katsuki. I know you're gonna do everything you can to make me comfortable, and that's all I could ask for. Now shut the fuck up and kiss me, bastard."

I leaned upwards and kissed him without the softness of last time. We may not have gone further than kissing, but damnit we knew how to kiss each other senseless.

He growled lowly and clutched my hips. We stayed like that for a minute, heated but not feral. When things did start heating up, he pulled away, resting his head on mine, panting.

"Let's go up to my room, yeah?"

I nodded, and we stood up. He grabbed my hand and led me up the stairs. We didn't rush or linger. We went at our own pace. We reached his door, and he let me in before closing the door behind us.

I glanced around the room. His dorm had always been clean, and he hated mess, but this time it felt specially prepared. It felt welcoming. It felt like our space.

A low groan came from behind me, and I turned to see a very tense Katsuki. He was only looking at my legs.

"Shit, baby. I didn't let myself get a good look at you yet but fucking hell..." he groaned again before quickly coming up to me and kissing the living hell out of me. It wasn't desperate yet, but it held need. I put one hand on his chest and one behind his neck as he grabbed my leg and wrapped it around his waist making sure to keep a firm hold on my thigh. He was definitely going to leave marks. I could almost hear him think Fuck it as he picked me up and I wrapped myself around him fully. Our kiss didn't break as he set me down on the bed.

He pulled away, panting the smallest bit, and we both reminded ourselves that we needed to slow down.

"Can I take off the hoodie?" he asked quietly. I kissed his cheek and nodded.

He pulled them hem over my head in one slow motion. The growl he let out when he saw I wasn't wearing anything under it made my knees shake. "Fucking hell, Teddy Bear..."

It wasn't the first time he'd seen my upper half bare, but it was the first time he'd seen all of me. I have no idea why I was nervous at all earlier. I had never seen this man so utterly turned on.

"Lay down, baby."

I did so, and he quickly kissed me the way I wanted him to. He bit my lip before slipping his tongue past my lips and tasting me like he knew I liked. I moaned and sucked on his tongue as his hand grabbed my ass. I wrapped my leg around his waist to bring us closer, but he put a hand on my stomach to hold me down. I whimpered up at him.

"Slow down, Teddy Bear. Let me make you feel good..." he pulled away from my lips and began kissing down my jaw to my neck.

I whined and tugged on his hair as he languidly paid attention to every one of my favorite spots. He hummed and chuckled as he kissed, sucked, and bit everywhere he pleased. It had never been a secret that Bakugou liked to keep me marked. I couldn't remember the last time I hadn't had a hickey somewhere, and that one day we had gone to the pool as a class, I remember all of the girls being shocked when they realized how many I actually had. It had been humiliating when the boys showed up and blanched at my numerous love bites, and my fucking boyfriend was grinning like a damn lottery winner in the background. He had enjoyed it until the boys stared too long for his liking, and he yelled for them to keep their shitty eyes to themselves. Poor Iida had asked if I'd gotten into a fight.

Needless to say Katsuki was more than familiar with the spots that made me squirm. He made his way down as slowly as he could help before leaning back enough to stare at my chest for a half second before groaning and going in like a damn pro. I lost my breath as he latched onto my left nipple and kissed my skin. He wasted no time playing with the other with his free hand as he worked.

I was a mess.

After spending his sweet time on the left he pulled back a bit and left one last kiss, "We can't forget the other one, can we?"

He went right back to his relentless games and left me incoherent. I was now hopelessly turned on and hardly knew what to do with myself as I still couldn't wrap my legs around him and get sweet friction because he kept his rough palm pressing me firmly against the mattress. If I hadn't been so frustrated I would have registered how hot it was.

"Katsuki~" I whimpered, "Please..."

"I know, baby," he whispered and pulled back a little, "Hey, I wanna try something new. Is that ok?"

I nodded franticly, desperate for anything.

He chuckled, "Words, baby. I need to hear it."

"Yes, damnit- please..."

He hummed and softly kissed my lips for a moment before sliding himself down further than he'd ever gone. I realized what he was doing only when it was too late. With the first feather kiss against me I let out the loudest moan of my life. My fingers dug into his scalp and the only thing keeping my back on the bed was his firm hand still keeping me still.

"Oh, baby," he groaned, "You taste so good..."

That was all the warning I got before he was at it like a starved wolf. He kissed me there like he kissed my lips, and fuck me was it the best thing I had ever felt. I whimpered incessantly as he ate me out with everything he had.

"So fucking good, baby," he groaned, "If I'd known you tasted like this, I'd have had you for dessert after every damn meal all year. I won't be making that mistake anymore."

His words and the things he was doing with his tongue caused me to squirm a bit too much for his liking, and his hand went from my stomach to my throat, immediately making me still.

"Don't fucking interrupt my meal."

I whimpered and nodded, but he was already back to work. I moaned again and louder than ever. He began using his free hand against me as well; he slipped one finger inside of me as he sucked on my inner thigh. One hand clutched his wrist while the other was still tangled in his hair. He groaned against me again.

"Listen to me, baby," he panted as he looked up at me while nuzzling into me in the most obscene way, "I want you to cum on my face. Oh baby, I want it, and you're gonna give it to me."

I moaned again, barely hearing his words, "You're gonna cum on my fucking face like a good Teddy Bear, aren't you. You wanna make me proud?" He kissed me again, not giving me any rest, "Come on, baby, you can do it."

I was so close. He now had a second finger inside of me and moaned against me as encouragement. He kept a steady pace with the occasional praise, and it didn't take long at all before his hand around my throat, his sinful lips against me, and his fingers inside of me had me falling apart with nothing keeping me grounded except for him. Sin had never felt so good. I think I screamed his name as he continued through my orgasm, staying steady.

When I came back down he had left plenty of new love bites along my thighs and was already on his way back up to kiss my lips. I clutched the back of his neck and held him to me as I tasted myself on his tongue. There was nothing sexier.

"Come on, baby, we have to get me ready too. Pull off my sweats," he coaxed.

I quickly got of the bed and knelt down in front of him to obey. I kissed his stomach before pulling down his sweats and boxers to be met with something I had no idea how would fit inside of me. I had felt him before but never seen it, and I wish I'd been prepared.

"Come on, baby," Katsuki pulled me out of my thoughts, "Please, help m-"

He was cut off by his own moan as I wrapped both hands around him and did something he probably hadn't expected: I licked the tip before slowly wrapping my lips around him ever so slightly. The salty tang of the pre cum wasn't something I minded in the least as I gazed up at him. His shocked expression and clutching the sheets was worth every bit of it. His moans spurred me on as I started kissing down him and putting my hands to good use at the same time.

Before I had really even started my fun he was pulling me off, "Fuck, baby, you're gonna make me cum, fuck," he grabbed the wrist off my hand that was still slowly stroking him, "You little brat. You're too damn good at this."

I smiled, and he pulled me up to kiss him. He was softer now as he pushed me back onto the bed and crawled back over me.

"Come here, baby, give me your hand. Let me hold your hand," he held my hand next to my head and kissed my forehead then my lips again.

"You ready?" he asked me.

"I'm ready. Are you?" I asked. He chuckled and nuzzled my cheek.

"Always, Teddy Bear."

I could feel the tip of him against me before slowly just the tip entered me. Even the girth stretched me badly. I whimpered and got ready for the pain as I rested my head against his shoulder.

"You're doing so good, baby. Feel me there, you're doing so good for me. I'm gonna go slow, ok? Let me know if you want me to stop," his voice was strained, and I was sure it was hell form him keeping still.

He slowly pushed in little by little until he was almost fully in me, and I couldn't take anymore. I clutched at his hands and whimpered as he held himself steady above me, waiting in agony for me to be ok.

"You did so good, baby, so good. The worst part is over, you did it, baby," he kissed my forehead and my cheek over and over again.

"Move, please. I'm ok," I whispered.

He checked my expression to make sure before he slowly slid out before slamming right back in. We both moaned louder than we ever had, and he even whimpered.

"So fucking tight," he groaned as he found his pace.

His hands left mine one to go to my chest and the other to my ass to hold me where he wanted me. It didn't take long until his ministrations washed away every thought of pain. Soon I was a whining, writhing mess underneath him again, losing my mind as he desperately tried to go as slowly as he could help. I decided that wasn't what I wanted.

"Katsuki, faster," I panted.

I didn't have to repeat myself as he went from sliding in and out to pounding into me, his moans music to my ears.

With his new pace came him hitting a different angle, and I nearly came then and there. He smirked as he saw my expression and quickly learned exactly what he needed to be doing. He kissed me once before one hand slid up around my neck and the other slid down between my legs to continue working me there.

For the second time, I was close enough to see the end rapidly approaching, "Katsuki, please," I pleaded.

"That's it, baby, cum on my fucking cock! Come on! Make me fucking cum, we'll do it together," he moaned as he kept his pace hard and steady, inching me there closer and closer. His moans and mine mixed until I couldn't tell whose was whose, and he bit into my shoulder as he came close.

The world shattered around me into tiny shards that sparkled and looked like stars. I know I screamed that time as I finally lost it, and he emptied himself into me.

I was still in a daze as he began peppering kisses all over my face saying, "You were so good for me, Teddy Bear."

Too tired to think of a response I just hummed and basked in the affection. Soon his lips landed on mine in the most tender kiss we had ever shared. He tasted like me and sweat, and we could barely kiss each other through our smiles. I kept my arms wrapped around his neck and lazily ran my fingers through his hair. His hands rested on my hips, his thumbs gently stroking my stretch marks.

He pulled away and rested his head on my shoulder, kissing me softly there too, "I love you so fucking much, Teddy Bear. You're so perfect, so amazing... shit," he chuckled, and we shared a laugh together.

"We really just did that," I grinned, "I love you, Katsuki. You were amazing, love."

I could feel him shyly smile against me, "I'm sorry I couldn't make it last longer-"

"Shut up. I wouldn't have stayed conscious much longer anyways so don't apologize," I scolded him.

He smiled again and returned to my lips, but that small shift reminded both of us that he was still very much inside of me. Both of us hissed at the movement.

"Teddy Bear," he growled, "I'm gonna pull out now, ok? Let me know if you need me to stop, yeah?"

I nodded and screwed my eyes shut. He slowly slid out and both of us made small noises at the overstimulation. It held a little bit of a sting for me, but thankfully I was mostly numb anyway.

Finally I was fully empty, and he was resting his head on my shoulder again. I could feel our juices dripping down my thigh, and it was really fucking hot, but I kinda wanted to be clean. Before I could even ask him, he was shakily standing up and walking to his bathroom. He came back seconds later with a warm wet washcloth and leaned down to gently clean me.

I had never felt more loved than when he meticulously wiped me down, making sure to kiss each inch of me after he'd gone over it with the cloth.

"What, dumbass?" he growled, flustered as I watched him.

"I love you," I smiled.

"Damnit, I love you too, dumbass. Just don't make me say it too often."

I giggled and pulled him up for a kiss. It was warm, cozy, and lazy. It was exactly how I felt.

"Hey, Teddy Bear?"

I hummed in response and rested my head on his chest as he held me.

"Do you-" he cleared his throat, "Do you wanna- Do you wanna take a shower with me?"

I smiled and kissed his chest, "Of course, love. You're just going to have to carry me because I most certainly will not be walking for the next couple of days."

He smirked and grunted lightly as he hoisted me up into his arms, placing his hands under my ass as I wrapped my legs around him.

"Teddy Bear?"

"Yeah, love?"

"I hope you enjoyed tonight because next time I'm not going to go easy on you again. Hell, you can forget a few days, you won't be able to stand up straight for a few fucking weeks."

A/N ~ This chapter was HEAVILY inspired by the one and only Professor Cal, and it would basically be plagiarism if I didn't link his audio bellow. I STRONGLY encouraging subscribing to his YouTube and Patreon if you can because this man will do unholy things to your ears let me tell ya-


This particular chapter would not have even been thought of without the 'Prettiest Thing I'd Ever Seen' audio. In fact, this is the first smut I've ever written. It only took me six years of writing to build the courage for it. Thanks for reading!

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