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Teen Spirit Carlita's Death


After Carlita died. She has to help 6 girls make friends with each other since she didn't like the school mixing. She has to do it before the second make up prom. will she succeed and meet Amber in heaven ?

Humor / Fantasy
Hayli Hill
Age Rating:

Carlita Meets Heaven Half Way

Carlita found herself in a bright room that looked like it was a nail salon. A man said" Hi. Carlita. If you don't want to go downstairs. You must get six girls from two different cliques to meet and become friends before next Saturday. Since you didn't like the school mixing.

Here they are. Ashlyn Kim, Beth Winters, Autumn Catara, Mandy Woods, Sarah Gloria, and Zara Kerry. The first three are the girls who went too Lisa's party and the next three are who you were friends with in elementary school.

Carlita said" uh. Ya I stopped being friends with them when I became popular in eigth grade. Plus Mandy stole my boyfriend Bryce.

the man said" if you succeed you will end up like Amber with wings, a harp and forever model thin. If you fail you will go down to the basement of earth. "

" um OK. I will try".

And with that Carlita found herself at her memorial. Only two of her friends were talking.

Dakota said" she was beautiful and always a good party planner besides Amber. I remember when she threw her first party for my birthday."

Carlita's two friends walked off the stage crying. The principle gave a moment of silence. Then he revealed her photo and it was beautiful. Amber stands by Carlita and smiles, happy she got a good picture. Carlita smiles to and puts her hands over her mouth. The crowd claps and the memorial is adjourned. The principle gets the picture by the other pictures of people who have died.

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