One Of The Others


The year in the beginning of the fic: 2012 You may have heard about the Umbrella Academy. You know, those kids with superpowers that solved crimes and stuff? Ever thought about what happened to the other 36? Oh well, in this story you read the diary entries of one of those 36 kids. Kendry, the real life glitch. After meeting someone he only reverse to as 'W' his life finally seems to go from 'decent' to 'great' but don't let him deceive you too.

Mystery / Action
Age Rating:

Things You Should Know Before Reading

This is more of a side project of mine so I'm sorry if chapters are short or if it takes long for me to post a new chapter.

If there are any grammar or spelling mistakes it is probably because english is my second language but I really wanted to give myself a 'challenge' by not writing it in dutch and in first person. Please correct me if I make any big mistakes.

The chapters aren't going to be very long, mostly because like I said it's a side project and honestly. Who would write a diary entry that's 4000 words long?

There will sometimes be 'therapist notes' these will probably be shorter then the entries.

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