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supernatural story Sammy's undoing


this is a story where Sammy accidently does lots of things to dean. another character (usually Chloe) gets mad.

Adventure / Humor
Cole Johnson
Age Rating:

morning misadventures

authors note: this story takes place in an alternate universe where dean was born in 2005, Sammy is still 4 years younger. also dean is left handed cause.... yeah.
dean: 15 chloe:14 sammy:11
it was morning and Sammy was taking sooooo long in the bathroom. dean and me had to brush our teeth in the kitchenette for chucks sake! we kept elbowing each other. then when we finished dean said, ″im gonna go see what’s taking Sammy so freakin’ long,″ he turned on his heal and went off to the bathroom. a couple seconds later i hear ″ouch! you son of a b*tch!″

i run down the hallway to see dean rubbing his head and sam standing at the open door looking stunned. sam stutters out, ″dean.... im- i - im sorry....″

then i interrupt glaring at Sammy, ″what happened?″

″i- um- i....″ sam tries to get the words out. but dean interrupts.

″hit me in the face with the door!″ said dean while clenching his teeth and rubbing his temples, his eyes were squeezed shut.

i glared at Sam then walked over to dean ″dean,″ i whispered to dean ″ya ok?″

dean opened his eyes ″yeah, just need to sit down,″ i held on to his shoulder and helped him to his bed.

″let me see,″i said , he moved his hands away from his head.

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