Rosabella Black |Daughter Of Sirius Black|(Book 1)


Rosabella Black is the youngest child of Sirius Black and his only daughter. Her mother was Rosalie Lupin. Twin sister to Remus Lupin. She has four very protective older brothers. They all live with their Uncle Remus in Black Manor. Rosabella goes to hogwarts along with her best friends Harry, Hermione and Ron. Rosabella being just like her father is more then happy to help them on their adventures cause not only is she a mischief maker who ends up in detention all the time she's a very bright girl that could give Hermione a run for her money. She's usually very carefree, funny, cheerful and kind but how will she feel when her father Sirius Black breaks out of Azkaban? How will she protect Harry from her father? How will she tell Harry the reason why that dreadful night in Godrics Hollow happened in the first place? Will Harry blame her? Will she blame herself? I DO NOT OWN HARRY POTTER! ALL RIGHT GO TO JK ROWLING!

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Meet The Black Family

Name: Rosabella Lily Black

Nickname: Ro

Date Of Birth: Born on the 12th June 1980

Hogwarts Year: 3rd Year

Hogwarts House: Gryffindor

Quiditch Team Position: Chaser on Gryffindor quiditch team

Youngest child of Sirius Black. She's just as troublesome as her father but knows when a joke has gone too far. Kind, brave, loyal, smart, cunning and very powerful

Name: Michael Lyall Black

Nickname: Mike or Mikey

Date Of Birth: Born on the 15th October 1979

Hogwarts Year: 4th Year

Hogwarts House: Gryffindor

Quiditch Team Position: N/A

He is the youngest boy of the Black family. He takes after his mother for being well behaved and studious but he wont say no to Rosabella when she gives him the puppy dog eyes and ask him to help her with a prank so he's been in a few detentions himself. He's smart, brave, loyal, generous, kind and is very protective over Rosabella.

Name: Jacob Sirius Black

Nickname: Jake

Name: Jason Remus Black

Nickname: Jay

Date Of Birth: Born on the 8th January 1978.

Hogwarts Year: 5th Year

Hogwarts House: Gryffindor

Quidtch Team Position: Both Chasers on Gryffindor quiditch team.

They are the best friend of the Weasley twins and they all terrorize Hogwarts with their pranks. Rosabella sometimes helps the group but is mainly a solo act with her pranks. But her and her twin brothers along with the Weasley twins often get into prank wars. They are both funny, kind, brave, loyal, smart but dont like to show it and both cunning. They are both very protective of not just Rosabella but Michael too.

Name: Lucas James Black

Nickname: Lu

Date Of Birth: Born 6th March 1977

Hogwarts Year: 6th Year

Hogwarts House: Gryffindor

Quiditch Team Position: N/A

The oldest of the Black siblings

He helps uncle Remus with his wolf condition, his siblings tried to help him but he would never even consider letting them anywhere near him during a full moon. He was the oldest and he believed it was his responsibility to protect his family. He is very good at potions much to Snapes dismay and is even taking a NEWT in potions.

He wont hesitate to join in on teasing and might get involved in a few prank wars but he is more like a father figure to them all then a brother and they all look up to him.

He's kind, brave, strong, loyal, smart, wise and funny.

He is the closest to Rosabella. She teases Michael, pranks with the twins but confides in him. All the black siblings confide with each other but Rosabella confides the most in him because he wont judge her, tease her and gives great advice. He is the most serious out of his siblings.

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