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Rose Ackerman and Dean have been dating for a long time, they are both very happy with each other. Rose does not mind that Dean travels around so much because he always makes it up to her in some kind of way. Rose's family are always hunters so she knows what it's like for them, she was one herself for a long time but wanted to try and live a normal life. When a demon try's to kill Rose Dean knowns it's time to take her some place that is safer, so he takes her home leaving Bobby as support why the boys try to find the demon again.

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter One

The last month has been hard on everyone, a demon tried to kill me and now Dean is trying to find it along with Sam.

We were on our way to Bobby’s house, Dean wanted someone that he trusted to keep me safe.

After a couple of hours being in the car we parked outside of Bobby’s house.

“I don’t understand why the hell I cant go with the two of you.” I said crossing my arms.

“I have told you this to many times Rose, they are trying to kill you not us so it’s better to have us go.” He said looking over at me.

“Screw you Dean.” I said before getting out of the car, I slammed to impala door then walked into Bobby’s house.

He let out a sigh then walked into the house with Sam, he walked up to his old bedroom and closed the door behind him.

“Rose let be adults about this, It’s hard for me to leave you behind but I cant having you get hurt.”

“I understand your concern Dean but it’s still now fair that I can’t go, if you had me you have a better chance of finding it.”

“This is the last time I’m telling you this, you’re not going.”

“You know what fuck you, you do not think I can do the job like you and Sam!”

“Rose that’s it, I cant lose you that is why you’re not going. I have lost to many people in my life to lose you too, I love you and I need you to listen to me!” He screamed back, his eyes filling with tears.

“Dean I-”

“I’m sorry I yelled, I just need you to be safe and I trust Bobby more than anything.” he said as the tears dripped down his face.

I walked over to him and wiped the tears away, I wiped my arms around his neck and pulled him into a hug. I felt bad because he was trying to protect me, it must mad me worried that something could happen to him or Sam and I was not there to do anything.

He wrapped his arms around my waits, we stood there for a while till Sam started to call his name. He pulled away, he looked down into my eyes then softly kissed my lips and I kissed back.

“Please be safe.” I whispered to him.

“I will, I love you Rose.” He whispered back.

“I love you too Dean.” I said with a small smile.

He kissed my forehead then left the room, it was quiet for a couple of minutes then I head the impala drive off.

A sigh escaped my lips and I walked down the stairs, I sat next to Bobby on the couch.

We both just sit there saying nothing to each other, Bobby gets up and walks into the kitchen then comes back with a beer in his hand.

“So um what do you want do?” Bobby asked before sitting back down.

“We do not have to do anything Bobby, you’re stuck with me so we do not have to spend time together.

“You’re like a daughter to me Rose, I want to do things with you.”

“Thanks Bobby, I’m just worried about Dean but I’m also worried about Sam but mostly Dean.”

“I am too, I just hope Sam can keep the boy in check.”

The days passed on, after days it was weeks and we heard very little from them. Dean would call but he always talked to Bobby and not me.

I did understand but it still hurt that I could not hear his voice.

The only thing I did was stay in my room and draw but I mostly slept because Bobby had his own things to do.

My phone started to go off but I ignored it, and just looked up at the ceiling then Castiel appeared right next to me.

I quickly got up and looked over at him, he never talks to me so I had no idea why he was even there.

“I’m sorry Rose but I have to do this.” before I could say anything he touched my forehead with his hand then I was suddenly in a forest.

“What the hell?!” I said as I looked around.

Now I had no idea where I was also I had no way of surviving out in the middle of a forest.

It was cold too so I had no way of keeping myself warm, I was scared.

I started walking hoping to find a place I could stay, Castiel was never one to do this and I wonder what he meant when he said I have to do this.

After what felt like forever I ended up at a little cabin and from what I can tell someone was home.

I walk up to the door and knock, only a couple of seconds a girl opens the door. She pauses before looking me up and down.

“You must be the girl Castiel was talking about, come on it.” she said stepping aside.

I hesitated before stepping into the house, I looked around and looked back over at the girl.

“My name is Rose who are you?”

“Melody is my name, I am friend of the Winchesters. Who are you to them?”

“I’m dating Dean.”

She looked at me again before closing the door, I could tell something was off but I was not going to say anything.


Bobby was sitting on the couch when the boys walked into the house, it has been a couple of weeks and they only got to killing the demon twice.

Sam could tell that Dean needed to see Rose just to know that she was safe still so that is what they were going to do.

Dean walked up to his room while Sam joined Bobby, he looked into the room and saw the there was not sign of Rose but her phone was on the nightstand.

He knew she never went anywhere without her phone “Son of a bitch.” she said under his break before running downstairs.

“Bobby where is Rose? she is not in her room and her phone is still her.” he said holding up her phone.

“She was here when I last checked which was half an hour before you boys got here, I have been sitting here the whole time and there is no way out of the house without me seeing.” He said as he stood up.

“Call Cas maybe he can help us find her.” Sam said while looking over at his brother.

“I guess it’s worth a shot.” he said as he let out a sigh “Cas we need your help!” he said into the air.

Nothing happened for a couple of seconds then Cas was standing right next to Dean, he took a step to the side.

“I need you to find Ro-” Dean was cut off.

“Rose, you need me to look for Rose. I know where she is Dean.” he said with a blank expression

Dean garbed him by his trench coat and pushed him hard into the wall “Where the hell is she Castiel? If she is hurt I’m doing to kill you myself.”

“I’m sorry Dean but I can’t tell you where she is, the angels are after her now too so I had to hid her.”

“That’s fucking great.” Dean said before letting him go. “She better come back safely.”

Castiel did not say anything, in the blink of an eye he was gone. Dean let out a sigh before running his hands through his hair.

“I need some air.”

He walked outside and started to walk down the street, he was not sure what he was going to do do with himself. He loved Rose and Just knowing she was not near him scared him.

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