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A New Friendship

By rockyrain16

Drama / Fantasy

Chapter 1

It was about midnight and Harry Potter was getting ready to return to Hogwarts.  He was living with his godfather, Lucius Malfoy.  He was sleeping in a room with Lucius’s snot nosed son Draco.  Both of them went to Hogwarts, except Draco was in Slytherin and Harry was in Gryffindor.  Harry didn’t know what he was doing sleeping in the same room as his enemy, but he was just glad he was away from the Dursleys. 

  Harry didn’t even know why Lucius was letting him stay.  He knew he hated Harry’s guts.  This made Harry feel uneasy.  “Was he planning something” Harry thought?  He didn’t know he just had to hope that Lucius was doing this out of the goodness of his heart. 

  Harry knew Voldermort had returned time after time, but he had taken him down each time.  Besides the fact Lucius could not be supporting Voldermort there was no way that he was a Death Eater.  He was a very respectable guy.

  Harry thought he might was well get some rest.  At this Harry rolled around in bed to face the wall.  He bet Malfoy was going to have the time of his life on picking on Harry this year at Hogwarts.  This didn’t bother Harry he just couldn’t wait to talk to Ron and Hermione.  He hadn’t talked to them after he left Platform 9 and 3/4.  Harry thought they forgot about them, but how could they were friends with the boy who lived.

  Harry woke up around 6 to see Malfoy out of his bed and room.  Harry quickly got up and shuffled to his chest.  He had packed most of the stuff last night.  He had a couple of things unpacked so he quickly packed them up and got dressed.  He walked out of the room and started to go down the stairs.  He kept walking and reached the dining room. 

  “There you are, late again” Lucius said. “Sorry……..” Harry grumbled.  “I have some important news to speak of.  Harry you are to be adopted.  The Dursleys do not want custody of you anymore, so it”  “Who adopted me?” Harry blurted out.  “Harry do you forgot your manners, like I was saying Dumbledore wants us to adopt you.” 

  Harry stared into space with his mouth wide open.  “No, I can’t.  I mean you can’t.”  Lucius cut him off “It’s true!  If you don’t believe me ask Dumbledore.”  “Potter I’m just as surprised as you.  Who knew pure breed wizards, would have to deal with your kind.” Malfoy gave Harry a menacing smile.  Harry replied “At least I’m not a snot nosed brat.”

  With is Lucius grabbed both of their ears and dragged them into his study.  He looked them straight in the eyes and said “You boys will be living together, I don’t care what you think or feel, and you will like it!  DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME?”  Both boys quickly replied with a yes and left the study.  Before, getting out of the study they exchanged each other with a glare and walked in different directions.

  Harry didn’t know what to think he thought “Hogwarts is going to suck this year.” He didn’t know what to do maybe he could run off and live with the Weasleys.  They would catch him and he would get in more trouble than it’s worth.  But, it wasn’t like in 1 hour Harry would be on the Hogwarts Express.

  Harry trudged up the stairs and headed in the direction of Malfoy’s room where he was staying.  Hopefully if Harry had to come back here next summer he wouldn’t have to stay in Malfoy’s room.  Harry opened the door and grabbed his trunk and pulled it out of the room.  Harry caught sight of Malfoy yelling at his father.  Harry didn’t want to get involved so he just kept walking down the hall.  When he reached the stairs he just pushed his trunk down.  It went tumbling down, but thankfully nothing broke or fell out. 

  Harry walked down the steps and then picked up the black leather strap on the side of the trunk.  “I’m ready” Harry yelled up the stairs hoping he could finally leave this hell hole.  Malfoy then appeared with his trunk the stairs.  His chest gracefully floated down the stairs.  It landed with a thud almost hitting Harry.

  “Watch out, Potter” Malfoy spat out.  Malfoy immediately regretted his words when Lucius smacked him hard on the back of the head.  “Oww……..” Malfoy vigorously rubbed the back of his head.  Malfoy ran down the steps and whispered something only Harry could hear.  “You better watch your back Potter.  Dad won’t be at Hogwarts.”  Harry tried not to laugh, but he did.  Malfoy shot him a glare, but kept his mouth closed.

  “Boys I expect you to behave at Hogwarts.” Lucius said as he was walking down the stairs.  “And I expect you not to put your nose into any trouble.” He said the next sentence looking directly at Harry.  “Crap, he knows about the kind of trouble I get in at Hogwarts.” Harry thought.  Harry heard Malfoy snicker. 

  Harry immediately, without thinking, elbowed Malfoy in the side, hard.  Malfoy let out a gasp and then punched Harry.  Before Harry had time to hit the smirk off Malfoy’s face, Lucius grabbed them by their ears and dragged both of them over to a corner.  “Don’t move from this spot.” Lucius then swept up the stairs leaving them facing the corner.

  “I’m WAY too old for this.” Harry grumbled.  “It’s your fault Potter, you shouldn’t have elbowed me.”  “WELL YOU SHOULDN’T HAVE BEEN A SNOT-NOSED BR….”  Harry spat out at Malfoy, but Lucius interrupted him. “IF YOU WON’T BE QUIET I’LL COME DOWN THERE AND FIX IT.” Lucius yelled down the stairs.

  That shut Harry up.  Malfoy was grinning ear to ear in the corner.  “You’ve done it now, Potter.”  Harry gulped, his mouth started to turn dry.  “What will he do to me?  What can he do to me?” Harry thought.  They spent the rest of the corner time in silence.

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