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Where colors help Jimin express himself. (^im not very good at descriptions) Not as soft as the description seems, lots of warnings throughout ___________ Welp_Jimin'2020 Original Content - Please do not copy or republish in anyway without permissiom! 💜💛 MinJoon ___________

Other / Drama
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"Sir.. Sir this is the last stop."

Jimin's eyes opened slowly, a gasp leaving his lips as he realised the situation, "Oh! T-Thank you." He rushed, grabbing his bag from the floor and exiting the bus quickly.

Finally.. He sighed, tracing the large lettering on the bus stop. 금정구. I'm glad I fell asleep, the bus ride was three hours.

His phone was deactivated, apartment left abandoned as he tried to find himself.


"One room for two nights and a day." Jimin smiled happily, passing the money towards the desk-lady. She wasn't the most friendly person, but it didn't hurt Jimin's feelings. He was to excited to be back.

With a even brighter smile he made his way into the elevator, clicking the third floor button. I wonder if anyone is out right now.. He wondered, hoping to make at least a new friend.. or aquantice.

"Oh! I'm so sorry!" A panicked voice stammered. Jimin's eyes widened, he hadn't even noticed the hot coffee staining the front of his shirt. "No no. It was my fault, I wasn't paying attention." Jimin defended, digging a few dollars from his pocket, "Get a new coffee."

"Sir- I can't accept that. Plus you might want to trade in the money for our currency." The tall male added, "I have to go. Take this to clean your shirt." He rushed, pushing bills into Jimin's hands before taking off.

I guess he's right..


I need to save up to reactivate my phone so I can call Jihyun or Wooyoung.. Jimin hummed softly, he had took the strangers advice. Which means I need to get a job.. He sighed, running a hand through his blonde-now-turing dark brown.

He grabbed a bracelet, the dark purple almost black color shining in the sun from the window. The night before he looked on every website -almost- that had job openings. All either wanted experience or a college degree.

Both things Jimin didn't have.

It wasn't the brightest idea, leaving his home during the last month of highschool. But it was nessacary to have freedom.

Freedom didn't happen with his parents. It couldn't.

"Umm. Hello, is the job opening still available? If so I'd like to ap-"

"It's not open. Sorry." The worker interupped rudely, sending a unneeded glare towards Jimin. "Yoongi!" The other worker gasped, turning to Jimin with a shocked face, "I'm sorry about him, he's just tired."

"It's okay." Jimin smiled. "But what he said was true.. The job opening is closed for now."

"Thank you anyways." Jimin chuckled, watching 'Yoongi' huff and walk away angrily, "Oh, and can I get a coffee?" He asked, twisting the bracelet around his wrist. "Yeah! What kind?"

"Anything sweet." Jimin shrugged, pulling out his makeshift wallet. "What about a carmel frappicino with whip cream?"

"Sounds good." Jimin smiled, setting the needed money on the counter, "You don't have to answer.. But where are you from? You don't sound like you're from Busan."

The worker smiled, nodding softly, "I'm not, I moved here from Gwangju a couple months ago."

"I thought so.." Jimin trailed off. "I'm Hoseok by the way. That grump was Yoongi."

"Park Jimin."

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Once again a re-upload from Wattpad! If things don't make sense please bare that in mind as it doesn't transfer things like italics or holding.

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