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Moon stone Twins


This is a story about twins that are born into the royal family of werewolves, these twins are very special. Everyone knows that their are rare werewolves like the white wolves or even chosen wolves but Moonstone are more rare as they are only born into the royal family once every 2 hundred years. These twins are blessed with powers that can control every element such as fire, wind, earth and water. They are both strong in wolf and human form, but together they are indestructible.

Fantasy / Other
Lisa Marie Jones
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In The Beginning

In the beginning the world seems like a simple place, but in reality it is far from simple. It may seem like a beautiful place which is covered with water and land but the world is constantly changing. In the early years dinosaurs existed and all that could be seen is creatures that had an order in which helped them to survive. Over time the dinosaurs became extinct due to a natural disaster, then something magical happened, Evolution. From a small organism that kept growing and growing and growing until we got the first animals and then over time through the process of Evolution the first humans were born. Humans are full of surprises, some can be kind, gentle and caring, whereas others could be aggressive, abusive and damn right rude. Evolution didn't just bring us the first humans but also mutations and those mutations are in the forms of Werewolves, Vampires, Witches and Faires. I know what you are thinking 'these creatures don't exist' but in reality where do you think the stories come from, humans don't have a good enough imagination to come up with creatures like these. Enough about the beginning of time as we can be here until the end of time and still wouldn't have enough time to explain it all.

This story begins on a small island which is known as the united kingdom, which is split up into four countries know as England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales. The humans have their own king and queen who lives in the capital of England, London and they rule the whole of the UK. It is the same for werewolves, vampires, witches and fairies, they have their own kingdoms of where they rule from, they do not rule from the same place as the human king and queen but they rule from other places within the UK. There is a rule that all of these creatures have to abide with and that the humans are not to find out that these creatures exist and another rule is that they are not allowed to kill a human other wise the penalty would be death.

Let's start this story, of where it all begins. In a kingdom in the south of England, in the city of Southampton is where the King Alpha and Queen Luna of the Werewolves live. The king and queen of the werewolves are the strongest of all the werewolves and they are in charge of all of their kind all over the world. The King and queen have a son and daughter who are twins, over the years their son and daughter have grown to be some of the strongest werewolves. When the twins become of age where they would be able to shift into their wolf form they will find out just how special the twins really are.

When the twins who are called Kiara and James Moonstone were 10 years old, something happened. It was a warm summer day and the twins were out playing with their childhood friend who was called Alec Baines, now Alec was a scrawny kid with a average build, messy black hair and dazzling green eyes. Alec, Kiara and James have been friends since they were in diapers but Alec's family are from a pack that lives in Scotland called the Black Ridge Pack. Alec's and the twins parents have been friends since they were also in diapers and Alec spends alot of time at the palace and vice versa. The twins and Alec were playing in the woods near the palace, when out of no where a couple of rogue wolves (rogue wolves are wolves that have either left their pack or they have been banished from their pack), because the kids are still so young and can't shift to their wolf form they are unable to defend themselves. A couple of wolves knocked down James who is a tall boy with a average build, light brown hair and eyes that can change colour from red to blue to purple and so on. Over time as both twins have the same eyes, they noticed that their eyes change colour depending on the mood that they are in at that moment. The wolves also knocked down Alec before they picked up Kiara who is a tall girl, abit on the chubby side and also has light brown hair that goes down to her waist, and carried her away. The wolves ran away with Kiara screaming blue murder and the boys got up to try and follow but the wolves were too fast and were gone before they could blink.

The boys ran as far as they could back to the palace where informed the King who is called Jacob and the Queen who is called Sophie and Alecs dad who is called Alpha Tristan of what had happened to Kiara. As you could imagine Jacob, Sophie and Tristan were beyond mad and they sent the best warriors that the royal family had to try and track down the rouges and to get Kiara back. They searched for many days all over Southampton but they never found any trace of the rouges, the warriors after about a week decided that it might be best to search beyond Southampton. Everyone at this point was getting extremely worried that something could have happened to Kiara, as the warriors moved away from Southampton they managed to track down a scent of the rouges which has lead them to London. Once they have tracked down the scent of the rouges, they had sent for the King and Queen who was accompanied by Tristan to the area where the rouges were hiding Kiara. Once they had found the rouges, there was a fight between the royals and the rouges, which was ended with a few fatalities including Tristan, and all the rouges but they did managed to get Kiara back who was beaten, starved and looked in a really bad state.

Due to what had happened during the fight and the loss of Alpha Tristan, Alec had to go back to his pack and that is where he stayed. From that day Alec never spoke to Kiara again as he blames her for his fathers death, he was still young to understand exactly what had happened but to him, if Kiara never got kidnapped then his father would still be alive. Alec and James was still the best of friends and even though Alec does not come to the palace, James still travels upto Scotland to spend time with Alec. Kiara on the other hand became withdrawn for a while as alot happened to her while she was with the rouges and she also became very upset at the fact that Alec didn't want anything to do with her. Secretly she had a little crush on him and the only person she ever told was her brother who had become so over protective of his sister ever since.

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