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Moon stone Twins

Birthday Morning

Kiara Pov:

It has been 6 years since I was kidnapped and lost one of my best friends, to be honest it has been a very hard 6 years. Alec and James are still the best of friends, James still goes to scotland to visit Alec but I on the other hand has been banned from going to scotland. Wow imagine banning a Royal from visiting a pack, but me being me I respected his wishes and never tried to visit his pack. So today is mine and James's 16th birthday and today is the day for 2 reasons:-
1. Is that we find our mate who is destined to be our over half, who is our soul mate and who would love us no matter what.
2. We shift into our wolf form, every wolf are different.
I can't wait for today my family is flying in from different parts of the world, my family is quite bit and I am the only girl that has been born into this family for two hundred years. My mum and dad maybe the ones that rule over our whole species but my aunties and uncles are the royalties of their own counties, they help my parents to rule over our species. To say that I am excited to see them is a understatement I have missed them, we have a very special bond and are very close honesty i don't know what to do without then in my live.

Flying in from Australia we have my Uncle Sam and Auntie Natalie with their twin boys Spencer and Hunter who are both 16.
Flying in from Greece we have my Uncle Julian but my Auntie Amelia unfortunately passed away a few years back due to a rouge attack. He is flying in with his boys Nathaniel who is 18 and Anthony who is 16.
Flying in from Canada is my Uncle Trent and Auntie Jolene with their only son Ben who is 18.
Flying in from America is my Uncle Jayden and Auntie Ruby with their sons Chris who is 17 nearly 18 and Josh who is 15 nearly 16.
Flying in from Belgium my Uncle Thomas and Auntie Judy with their 8 sons, they had 2 sets of triplets and one set of twins. The triplets are called Blake, Jake and Ashton who are 18, Alex, Cole and Mark who are 16 and the twins are called Luke and Celeb who are 14.
These are my dads brothers and family, my mum has a couple of brothers and nephews on her side, they are coming as well and like my dads side they help to rule over their own counties.
Flying from Russia Uncle Dom and Auntie Ariel with twins called Theo and Leo who are both 16.
Flying from Africa Uncle Steve, Auntie Melodie with Daniel who is 18 and Jordan who is 16.

I woke up early around about 6am and very excited for the day ahead, not only do I see my family but I also get to see my wolf for the first time and that I am so excited for. I have never been a spoilt child all I ever wanted was to have memories with the people that I love more then anything in the world. My mum is already up making me and James our favourite breakfast of eggs, bacon, sausage and mushrooms. Once I was fully awake and up i decided to have a shower before i go downstairs to have breakfast, i choose to wear black skinny Jean's with a black top and trainers. I walked to the ensuite bathroom with my clothes and hopped into the shower, once the water with at the right temperature, I began to wash my hair with mint and tea tree shampoo and conditioner and washed my body with a strawberry body wash. Once I was done I turned the water off and hopped out grabbing a white fluffy towel to dry my self off. I quickly got dressed in the chosen clothes that I decided to wear, picked up my brush and comb my waist length brown hair before I exited the bathroom. Once I had finished I went to the draws that is beside my bed and took out James's birthday presents, every year i always do scrapbooks off all the memories that we shared over the past year, I do this for the whole family and friends each year but as it is our 16th I also got my brother a gold bracelet that has a wolf howling at the moon with the brother written on their. I decided to leave my room once I had found my brothers presents and walked to his bedroom, me being me I slowly opened the door to check to see if he is awake, seeing that he was still asleep I ran over to his bed and launched myself on top of him. He jumped so high that he had managed to fall on the floor with a loud thud, I couldn't help but to burst out laughing, I was laughing so much that I had tears running down my face.

"KIARA! that's not funny, my ass hurts" he said with a pout on his face, this just makes me laugh even more.

"OMG * you * should * have * seen * your * face, * if * only * I * had * my * phone" I replied inbetween my laughter. He got one of his pillows and chucked it at my head after he finally managed to get off the floor, me being me was still laughing my head off.

"WHY! do you have to wake my up like this, you could have left me to sleep" he growled as he was not impressed, I was thinking that he spend the whole night playing his stupid video games.

"Come on bro it's our sweet 16th and I wanted to give you your presents, before everyone gets here" I said with the biggest and sweetest smile on my face. I handed him both his presents and he slowly opened them, he knew what one was gonna be as he gets one every year but when he opened the other his eyes widened.

"OMG! Kiara! You really shouldn't have, this is amazing and I love it" he gasped as he put the bracelet on his left wrist, he pulled me into a bear hug.

"Happy birthday James, I love you bro" I smiled at him, he jumped of the bed and went to his draws at the end of the room and pulled out 2 small boxes. He came back over and handed them to me with a smile on his face, I opened one and it was a necklace with a wolf laying down and Kiara written in the middle. The other box contained a bracelet with purple gems and sister written on it, I have to admit they were both stunning and I loved them alot, he certainly was the best brother ever even though he is my only brother. "James I love them thank you" I said as I throw myself at him into another bear hug, he took the necklace and helped me to put it on.

"I knew you would like them, Happy birthday Kiara I love you more, right let me go and have a shower and i will meet you downstairs" he said as he headed to the shower. I hopped off his bed and walked downstairs to the kitchen where mum was finishing making the breakfast, dad was sat on the island that was in the middle of the kitchen doing some of his paperwork. I must admit with my dad being the king and all he is always so busy to really spend time with us, but I am grateful that he is taking the time out to spend some time with me and my brother on our birthday. I walked further into the kitchen and sat down on the island watching both my mum and dad doing their thing whether it is cooking or doing paperwork.

"Morning mum, morning dad" I chirped as I am in a really good mood, dad looked up with a massive smile on his face and mum looked over with a smile on her face.

"Morning sweetie, Happy birthday my little princess" my dad replied.

"Morning Kiara Happy birthday sweetie" mum said as she started to plate up the breakfast. James walked into the kitchen just as mum started to put the plates on the table "Morning James, Happy birthday sweetie" she popped a plate in front of him and kissed him on the head, she walked over to me and kissed me on the cheek.

"Morning James, Happy birthday son" dad said as he started to tuck into his breakfast, mum came over to the table with her breakfast and we all tucked in. Once we finished our breakfast and cleaned up, mum and dad brought us in our presents. James got a new tux that he would be wearing to the party tonight and a set of car keys to a black BMW, me I got a red and black maxi dress with wolves on the bottom in different colours and I also got car keys to a red and black BMW.

"Thanks mum, thanks dad" we both said in unison, I ran to them both and engulfed them in a massive bear hug, James on the other hand is literally jumping up and down like a five year old.

"Your both are very welcome, can't believe you are both 16" dad chuckled as he was watching both of us acting like a bunch of silly 5 year olds. To say that this is the best morning, well it is our birthday so I think we have a right to act like children. The time is getting on and soon the family will arrive when they do this is certainly going to be the best morning or afternoon, I don't know what the evening will hold so I really can't say whether it will be a good or bad. Somewhere deep down is telling me it is gonna be bad and that something is going to happen but honesty I really don't know what that can be, I don't want something to ruin tonight.

Unfortunately I was wrong!

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