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Moon stone Twins

Family Reunion and Heartache

Kiara POV:

The time is about 12 in the afternoon and I was helping my mum and dad with setting up for mine and James's party. As the time ticks the more excited I was getting, just to think that in a few sort hours my whole family was going to be here and i really can not wait. I love my entire family with all my heart, my parents tells me that growing up they were close but as they got older they slowly started to drift apart. They say that the day me and James were born was when the family started to become close again, they also said that everyone become so overprotective off me being the only girl to be born within my dads side for over two hundred years that they all fell in love with me at first sight. All my cousins including the ones on my mums side would not leave me alone but HEY! I never really complained, I love them all with all my being and I love having an overprotective family. I was still deep on my thoughts when James comes skipping into the living room.

"Hey I am going over to Sam's for a while and should be back in a couple of hours" he said as he kissed my forehead. James and Sam have been best friends for as long as we can remember, Sam is tall and very muscular with short black hair and the most gorgeous ocean blue eyes, I must admit that I have a slight crush on him. I never told James this like I did about Alec but Sam is a friend who I do love dearly.

"Ok son but remember to be back before 4 and don't forget that your uncles and cousins are coming, is Sam and Dean coming to the party" replied dad as he was putting some of the silver and gold decorations up.

"Yeah dad they are both coming and someone else, when are they coming anyway" James asked while watching me out of the corner of his eyes.

"They all should be here in the next couple of hours" replied dad as he continues to decorate the living room.

"Ok! Well we will be back by 4" James ran out of the door and into his new car, I honesty cannot wait to see both Sam and Dean, they maybe James's friends but I have became close to them as well. We have had most of the house decorated when the door bell rang, I ran to the door and answered it. Looking to see who was on the other side of the door I let out a loud squeal and was jumping up and down like a 5 year old who had eaten a ton of sugar. The sight in front of me is like a beautiful picture, my entire family was here and I couldn't be happier, mum and dad come running though the hall wondering what the hell was going on.

"Kiara! Jesus girl move out of the way and let them in" shouted mum when she realised why I was so excited. I had a slight blush on my face from embarrassment and they all laughed, I slowly moved out of the way to let them in. As they entered one by one, they all stopped to give me a hug and a kiss on the cheek, the thing about my family they all look alook and you can tell that we are related.

"Come on Sophie, she is just to excited to see us" winked Uncle Jayden while trying not to laugh but was failing miserably.

"I know that Jayden she hasn't shut up for the last two weeks, but the way she was squealing we thought someone was murdering her" mum said as she was shaking her head. With that everyone was in fits of laughter, I couldn't help it I mean we have become so close as a family and every year we all meet up once or twice but I miss them when they are not around. Not only are they my family but they are my best friends as well, I know everything about each and everyone of them and I know their deepest darkest secrets. I was looking round at the laughing people around me and completely zoned out, just thinking how much I actually love all these people that are in front of me.

I was brought out of my throught when I heard "Happy Birthday Kiara" they all said it in unison and I couldn't help but smile at them all. I was just about to say something when I heard James's voice floating through the house, I didn't even hear him come back.

"Honey we're home" just as he said that he walks into the kitchen but what got me was the intoxicating smell of mountain dew and rain, the smell has engulfed me and it was the most beautiful smell I have ever smelt in my life. Turning round to see James walk in with Sam and Dean, I didn't notice at first that someone was stood behind them at first, not until after I ran and engulfed both Sam and Dean into a massive bear hug which made them both chuckle. While I was still engulfed in a hug with the boys I heard a low growl coming behind them, i lifted my head from Sam's shoulder to look behind them and that is when I noticed the tall muscular man with soft short jet black hair which I just want to run my hands though and familiar gorgeous green eyes that you can get lost in, looking into his eyes I all of a sudden realised who these eyes belonged too and my eyes widen in shock.

My mate was none other then Alec.

To say that I am in shock is the understatement of the year, his eyes were still on me hugging both Sam and Dean, the emotions that I saw at first was lust but now they are filled with anger, disgust and hatred. I slowly untangle myself from the boys and looked around the room at everyone, they didn't seem to notice the exchange between me and Alec which I was kind of thankful for. I turned to look back at Alec and he still had the same emotions in his eyes, I bit my bottom lip as I was thinking of what to do, looking at him was starting to make me very nervous. I have not seen him in 6 years and god has he changed, he looked like a Greek god but I knew he still hated him for what happened to his dad and I know that he would reject me, why wouldn't he I was the reason his dad had died in the first place. With all the memories coming back and the fear of rejection I decided that the best place for me was my bedroom, turning on my heels I slowly moved through the kitchen and upstairs towards my room, I completely ignored all the shouts of people calling my name. Once I made it to my room I shut the door and locked it before I slid down to the floor against the door, I put my head on my arms and started to cry my little heart out until I feel asleep still sitting where I was on the floor. Down stairs everyone seems to be worried about why all of a sudden my mood has changed.

Third POV:

"What the hell is wrong with Kiara" asked dad while he was staring at the stairs "she was so happy and now she seems depressed" he turned towards James and the three other men that was standing at the kitchen door. Alec was also staring at the stairs but with so much hatred in his eyes, he was thinking whether to go up there and reject her now or wait until later at the party.

"Dad I don't know, she was happy to see us" James quickly said looking at his dad, but just as a light went off in his head he slowly turned and looked at Alec. He saw that Alec was staring at the stairs and not at the people that was standing in the room, but what got James was the hatred that Alec had in his eyes and then he realised that the hatred was aimed at Kiara. He knew that Alec never got over the death of his father and that he blamed Kiara for it but he never realised just how much hatred he had for Kiara until this moment. "Alec you need to go and talk to her, you need to get rid of the hatred you are holding towards her, she has always loved you like a brother and seeing the hatred you have towards her, has hurt her more then you know" James pushed Alec towards the stairs.

Alec looked at James with confusion in his eyes but James continued to push him towards the stairs before he turned on his heels and walked back into the kitchen to talk to his family. Alec stood at the stairs taking deep breaths before he started to walk up the stairs, he knew what he wanted to do and he knew that the sooner he does it the better. He was following Kiara scent which is chocolate and mint, it was intoxicating to him and the more he moved towards Kiara the more the scent is engulfing all around him. He isn't gonna tell anyone but the smell has become his favourite smell and he loves it more then any other smell. As he got near to Kiara door the more he wants to back out, yes he still blames her for what happened to his dad, but he has a girlfriend that he loves with all his heart and he can't break her heart because he has finally found his mate. Rejecting Kiara is the best option he has even though in reality it is going to kill him, he had never told anyone not even his dad before that dreadful night but he has been in love with Kiara since the first time he laid his eyes on her. He stood outside her room and he can smell the salty tears of her, he could hear that her heart beat is at a even beat which indicated that she was asleep, he placed his head on the door for a few minutes while he tried to compose himself. He removed his head and knocked on the door loudly which made Kiara jump, she slowly got up and opened the door not expecting Alec to be on the other side. Kiara stood there with wide eyes and her mouth slightly opened, she moved out of the way to allow Alec to step onto her room, she was thinking off something to say but she just kept opening and closing her mouth like a fish out of water. Alec sat on her bed and patted the spot next to him for her to sit down, when she sat he turned to look at her straight in the eye before he said what he had come to say to her.

"I am sorry Kiara but there is no easy way to say this so I am gonna just say it, I Alec Baines, Alpha of the Black Ridge Pack reject you Kiara Moonstone as my mate and Luna" he could see that he heart just shattered into a million of pieces and deep down it will hurt him to actually say these words to her.

No matter how much it had hurt him, he had to do it, It really had to be done, he was in love with someone else no matter how much he loves Kiara he loved the other person more. The tears were pouring out of her eyes and it was breaking his heart to see her like this, all he wanted to do was to take the words back and comfort her but he refused to do so. Without waiting for her to say anything he stood up and slowly walked to the door, he opens the door slowly and turns back, she is still sat their with wide eyes and tears streaking her cheeks, he knew from that moment that he broke her and he feels horrible for doing so. He walked out the door and closed it behind him and rested his head on the door, he sniffed the air just so her scent can calm his wolf down, his wolf was howling in pain and is shouting at him. He stayed here for a few more minutes before he walked back down stairs to the kitchen where everyone else is. Once he reached the kitchen he stood behind Nathaniel and he whispered in his ear to go and see his cousin, he looked at Alec with confusion but he decided to do what he was asked and he dragged Chris, Spencer, Ben and Blake with him. They walked up the stairs and straight to her door and knocked, she didn't answer so Nathaniel slowly opened the door and looked into the room and saw the state of her. All 5 of them rushed into the room and engulfed her into a massive bear hug while she continued to cry, the all stayed that way for a while before they all suddenly fell asleep.

All Kiara kept thinking before she fell asleep was why! Why did he hate her so much.
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