When I See You Genos x Reader


When you first saw Genos it was like love at first sight. But, does Genos have the same feelings for you? Note: You have Charka like the shinobi in Naruto and you want to be a hero. This story is from my Wattpad: Rose_Chan_18

Action / Romance
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

Your POV:

“Stay indoor for your own safety.”

They’re probably saying that because of the mosquito outbreak. I don’t really care, but I want to see what’s going on. I walked out of my apartment hearing my neighbor, Saitama, slapping something. I was about to see what Saitama was doing, but out of the corner of my eye, a blur zoomed past. “Whoa, I have to check this out.” I say to myself. So, I ran towards the blur, until I lost sight of it. Dang it! That must have been the mosquitoes.


I saw fire and smoke fly up through the air. And, it’s nearby. So, I ran towards the explosion.

(5 minutes later)

I just experienced the most disgusting thing that you would ever seen in your life. I guess it’s half mosquito and half woman. Well, that thing charged towards what seems to be a cyborg, ripping his arm off.

“Maybe a leg next time.” the mosquito thing said.

She was about to fly off, but the cyborg ripped off her legs.

“Hey! What happened to my legs?” she said.

“He probably thought you’re too ugly to even have any legs.” I finally spoke up, I pushed some of my (h/c)hair out of my face.

“Hm?” she grinned.

The mosquito thing was about to fly towards me, but the cyborg shot fire from his palm. This must have scared that thing because it started flying off. I was about to run towards the mosquito monster, but something grabbed my arm. And, it was the cyborg.

“Don’t go after it, she will attack.” he says.

Wow, he’s kind of cute, I thought to myself.

“But, I need to put an end to this monster!” I say.

I tried to pull away, but his grip hardened. Then, we stared at each others eyes.

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