Rise of the Resistance


Juliet Khan, who wanted to be a comedian but instead joined the forces of The Empire, to be an officer. Little did she know that the choices she made while on the force would affect her life so much that she's no longer on the side of the Empire. Actually, because of a choice she made, she ends up losing her memories of her whole life has an officer. It takes the help of her new friends, The Runaways, to remember all that she forgot. So that maybe she can find the balance between the two forces. This is based on the album "Rise of the Resistance" from Crown the Empire. So this is fanfic for the album.

Other / Action
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Author's Note

If you have any advice or if you see something that needs to be corrected please let me know. I always love getting advice. Please enjoy the rest of the story!

Also, this story and my other stories will be on inkitt.com/Lyniferbth. Please go check out my other stories! I plan on posting every day, so follow me on social media for behind the scenes and stay spooky Mein Freund! 🦇


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