A Dragon's Tale


Hermione finds herself at the wrong end of a curse. She's now a foot tall, brown, and scaly. The only way to break the curse is to use a carefully crafted and rare potion, or a kiss of true love. What happens when the only person who can break the curse is the last person she wants to be around? Draco finds himself in a bit of a pickle when he happens to stumble upon a baby dragon. He knows how it feels to be alone and can't bare to leave the defenseless creature. What will he do when he discovers that his baby dragon is in fact a certain cursed bookworm? Characters belong to J.K Rowling

Fantasy / Romance
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The Dragon's Curse

Hermione stood in the shop with Harry and Ron. "When will you two be done? I want to eat." She placed her hands on her hips as she watched the two boys drool over the newest broomstick models.

"Whatever. I'm not waiting on you two." Hermione walked out of the store and onto the surprisingly not very busy street. She kept on walking, muttering to herself. She just couldn't figure out why she liked Ron when he barely paid any attention to her. He treated her more like a sister than a friend let alone anything more.

"Watch out!"

Hermione was too busy being mad at Ron and herself that she didn't hear the warning. A green light hit her, surrounding her body. Now, what was going on?

A tingling sensation filled her skin wherever the light touched it. She felt the popping and cracking of bones. Looking down at her hands, she saw that they were now covered in brownish-orange scales. Scales? Her hands began to retract in on their selves, becoming smaller and more animal like. Her nails extended and sharpened into pearl-white claws.

The green light left her body just as quickly as it had come. What just happened to her?

"Oh, no! Hermione?" A familiar voice asked, concern in its ruff tones.

A shadow fell over her. Looking up, she found the tall form of Hagrid. Was he always that tall? No. Somehow, Hermione had shrunk. She now barely stood at his knees.

She tried to ask him what happened but the only sound that came out of her mouth was a weird squawk.

"Oh, Hermione." Hagrid gently picked her up in his hands. "I'm so sorry." He sniffled, trying to hold back his tears. He turned around while keeping a gentle but firm hold on her. "What am I to do?"

"I may be able to help." A shaky and hoarse voice said. Hermione saw that the voice belonged to a frail, scruffy looking wizard. "There is another way to break the curse. The witch who cursed me said that only one who I truly loved and who truly loves me can break the curse."

True loves kiss? Wait, what curse?

"True loves kiss? How am I supposed to find that!" Hagrid was starting to shake with anger.

The frail wizard shook his head in sympathy. "It is a tricky thing to find but hopefully easier to find for someone her age then remaking that potion."

Hagrid curled his fists in anger. "If you think it is that easy then why haven't you done it!"

"It is quite simple. I find love in beauty not in the person themselves. I have never taken the time to get to know any of my lovers," admitted the formerly cursed wizard.


Harry and Ron turned onto their street. They smiled when they saw Hagrid. "Another dragon, Hagrid?" Ron looked nervously at Hermione. Wait, did he say dragon?

"Yes...well...no. You see, it's actually Hermione. I used a potion, a very rare and hard to make potion, to lift this man's curse," Hagrid pointed his chin toward the frail looking wizard. "Instead of going into the locket, the curse went into Hermione instead and she's now, well...you see...a dragon."

"What!" Ron shrieked and his blue eyes widened.

"That's Hermione?" Harry pointed at her. She huffed then stared pointedly at them. "Yep, that's Hermione."

"How do we fix her?"

"True loves kiss but I don't know how I'll..." Hagrid stared wide eyed at Ron. "Give her a kiss." He swung Hermione up close to Ron's face.

"You want me to kiss that...I mean her?" Ron looked questionably at Hagrid before flicking nervous eyes to her. Chicken. Hermione huffed then looked away. If her true love was Ron then she would be stuck as a dragon for the rest of her life.

"...Okay then..." Hermione looked in shock at Ron. The redhead slowly leaned toward her, placing quivering lips onto her snout. Hermione closed her eyes, mentally crossing her fingers.

Nothing happened.

"Maybe I should try?" Harry shrugged before giving her snout a quick kiss. Again, nothing happened.

"I don't understand." Hagrid's voice sounded on the brink of tears. He brought Hermione up to his face. "Who do you love, Hermione?"

Hermione's wavering brown eyes flicked toward Ron's for a second. She loved Ron but it was obvious that he didn't love her back. Just then, something sweet wafted to her nose. Her stomach growled, reminding her that she was starving before all of this.

Her wings stretched on reflex and before she could process what she was doing, she took off flying.

"Hermione!" shouted Harry.

"Where are you going!"

She ignored the voices behind her. The only thing on her mind was getting to that sweet smelling thing.

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