Straight Outta the Cage

Chapter 11

P.O.V. Of Adam

I woke up not too much later and rolled over. I was kind of surprised to see Samandriel laying down beside me. His eyes were watching me.

"Hello Adam."

"Hi Samandriel... whatcha doing?" I asked.

"Gabriel's worried about your brother and isn't really talking. I wanted to do something, so I watched you as you slept. It's quite interesting actually."

"That's not weird or anything..."

"Oh, sorry. Did I make you uncomfortable?" Samandriel asked, sitting up quickly. "I was just making sure you weren't having any nightmares."

"It's okay, really. I was just teasing you." I laughed, pushing him over. He looked up at me and cracked a small smile. It was the first time I'd ever seen him smile. I don't know if it was just because of the whole angel thing or if he was just sad... But his smile was... really bright. Part of me hoped I'd get to see it again. The other part of me started questioning myself.

"Wait... where is Gabriel?"

"Right here." I looked over and saw him pacing back and forth.

"Dude. Why are you so worried. I'm sure Sam is fine." I tried to comfort him, but he kept pacing.

"He's with the devil! The one who killed me."

"He's your brother, Gabriel! And he's on our side now."

"He may just be trying to get on Sam's good side again."

"Even if he is, you can't stay bitter with your brother forever. You have for too long."

"HE KILLED ME!" Gabriel turned and yelled at me. I stood up and put my face in his.

"AND SAM CAUSED ME TO BE IN THE CAGE FOR YEARS! YOU DON'T SEE ME HOLDING THAT AGAINST HIM!" I yelled back. Samandriel stood up as well and pushed his was in between Gabriel and I.

"Gabriel! Adam's right. Lucifer is our family. He's trying to make things right."

Gabriel sighed and went to sit down in the armchair. He put his hand over his face.

"Sorry..." he grumbled.

Not even a minute later, Sam and Lucifer appeared with bags.

"Now for my milkshake." Lucifer said, pulling things out of a bag.

"Sam!" Gabriel stood up so fast, he held his head. "Oof."

"That's head rush." I snorted. "Be careful of getting up too fast."

Gabriel wasn't listening to me. He went over to Sam.

"Sam, we need to talk." He said, then stood on his tip toes to touch my brother's forehead. They disappeared and Lucifer stood staring.

"Well that was interesting."

"Gabriel was worried about him." I laughed.

"Ah. I get it. His little boyfriend was out with his big brother... the one who kinda... you know..." Lucifer trailed off. Samandriel and I looked at each other and we heard Lucifer laugh.

"So every living Winchester has an angel boyfriend."

I was going to say something, but I couldn't think of anything so I just sighed.

"Not denying it, I see."

"Adam is not my boyfriend Lucifer..." I looked at Samandriel and could have sworn a blush was creeping up on his cheeks. How many emotions was he able to have now?

P.O.V. Of Sam

I get back to the motel Adam was staying at with Gabriel and Samandriel and immediately, Gabriel pulls me away.

"Gabriel what the hell?" I asked him when we zapped down into the empty parking lot.

"What took you two so long? Are you okay?"

"I was teaching Lucifer how to shop correctly. And yes I'm fine. Why are you so worried?" I told him.

"I'm not worried. I just don't know if you should be hanging around Lucifer."

"What? Are you... jealous then?" I laughed. Gabriel rolled his eyes.

"I have this connection with you... but it seems that whenever you're around Lucifer... it doesn't work. He's interfering somehow."

"Really? You think so?" I knew Gabriel and I had this weird bond ever since the dream I had. But... was it like the bond Cas had with Dean?

"Why you and me Gabe? I mean... you didn't do anything special with me... If anything I would have thought you'd be Adam's little angel because you're the one who pulled him out of Hell like Cas did with Dean."

"Funny story actually..."

"I'm listening."

"I may have pulled Adam out of Hell, but he was already labeled when I did."

"By... Samandriel."

"Ding ding ding. I questioned my little bro about it after the fact. Apparently he'd answered one of Adam's prayers in a dream of his. Samandriel had put himself in the form of your father John. He promised Adam a man would come save him. That was me. Then Samandriel marked your brother." Gabriel explained.

"But why go through all that trouble instead of Samandriel just getting Adam out himself?"

"Adam was in a part of hell only a certain level of angel can reach. Samandriel is a lower level angel, too low to have access to the Cage. So I had to get your brother out for him."

"Wait... there are levels of angel?"


"And you get limitations of what you can do?"

"Yep. It keeps things in order and help teaches angels to listen."

"How many angels are there in Heaven?"

"In Heaven? None." Gabriel laughed. "But seriously there are a crap ton of us scattered everywhere."

"Yeah well hopefully we can fix that... before or after this Lucifer Michael thing

. Wait... Gabriel... you still didn't answer my other question..."

"Which one Sam?"

"Why you and I?"

Gabriel sort of just stared at me, then out of nowhere he pulled me down by my shirt collar so my face was in his. Then he kissed me. After he was done he let go and I stared down at him in shock.

"What was that for...?"

"I dunno. Checking the bond." he gave a goofy grin.

"Sure... okay..."

"Sorry. That was sorta uncalled for and random."

"Well... you're the trickster. You're not supposed to ever be predictable."

"But to answer your question Sam... I don't know why it's you and I. Honestly I'd never labeled you and I don't know how I did show you what I was seeing that one time... I am unpredictable." It was when he said this that it hit me. I remembered something that must be very crucial.

"Gabriel... Lucifer was an angel once..."


"Can he have a human to watch over...?"

"I guess it's possible..." Gabriel seemed to get more distant from me with every question I asked.

"Is this... what angels call labeling?" I lifted my shirt, showing him a bright pink burn-like marking on my chest. It was in the shape of a hand print, right over my anti-possession tattoo.

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