Straight Outta the Cage

Chapter 12

P.O.V. Of Adam

Once again I was stuck alone with my angel and the Devil... AWKWARD. My thoughts overtook me. The tension between Gabriel and Sam was escalating so fast that it was almost as bad as Cas and Dean's tension. Was Lucifer causing this tension? And most importantly, was there that kind of tension growing between Samandriel and I?

"Lucifer." Samandriel's voice broke my thoughts. I looked up to see the middle aged blonde turn around to face Samandriel and I on the bed, a glass of something in his hand. It looked like his milkshake.

"Yes Samandriel?"

"What's going on?"

"With what?" Lucifer leaned over the counter.

"With Sam and Gabriel. What have you done?" Samandriel asked, standing up. I found myself kind of wishing he hadn't.

"It's a mixture of what I did and what Gabriel didn't do." Lucifer answered vaguely. This confused Samandriel.

"What are you talking about?"

"You know how you marked Adam?"


"Wait what?" I asked.

"I marked you. The dream you had in the Cage of your father. That was actual me. Go look at your back in the mirror." Samandriel said pointedly, not even looking away from Lucifer.

"Yes, well. I marked Sam when he was down in the Cage." Lucifer grinned.

"What? Gabriel hadn't marked Sam by then?"

"Nope. Once I'd realized that... after I'd..." Lucifer had to clear his throat before saying what he was trying to say. "killed him..."

"How many people have you killed Lucifer?" Samandriel asked. Lucifer turned his back to us to wash out his glass.

"No more talk of that." his voice had a different sound to it. Like Samandriel had just gotten underneath that hard shell Lucifer hid behind most of the time. It was weakness, maybe even shame.

"Lucifer..." before Samandriel could find the words, there was a large rush of air. Dean and Cas fell onto the floor of the hotel room.

"Dean?" I exclaimed, jumping up.

"We have to go, now." Cas said as he and Dean struggled to their feet.

"Go? Why?" Samandriel looked at Cas.

"We were attacked by Michael. He can track us. We have to move." Cas replied.

"Go where?" I asked.

"The bunker. It's warded from angels and a lot of other creatures." Dean said. Then he looked around. "Where are Sam and Gabriel?"

"They went to go have a talk." Lucifer's sarcastic, teasing voice had returned now that the attention was off of him.

"Well someone has to go find them and tell them where we're going." Cas said. Lucifer rose his hand.

"I'll go. I've been to the bunker." And before any of us could protest, he was gone. I'm pretty sure none of us thought that was a good idea.

"Whatever. Let's go." Dean said. Cas grabbed a hold of him and then looked at Samandriel.

"Just follow me." he informed him. Samandriel nodded and Cas and Dean disappeared. Then Samandriel grabbed me, around the waist of all places. I felt my face heating up. Samandriel looked at me.

"What is it?"

God Samandriel... just kiss me already. I found myself thinking.

Okay... Samandriel's voice came into my head. Then he leaned in and did. The kiss lasted around fifteen seconds and wasn't too bad... I was kissing an angel...! A guy angel!

"We don't have genders. Just the vessel we choose..." Samandriel answered my next thought after I broke off the kiss.

"So you... could be a girl too?"


"Well... I... I like you better like this..." I said, ducking away from his gaze.

"Why did you want me to kiss you?"

"Because... I like you Andy." I responded, then kissed him again. Samandriel broke off the kiss this time.

"Andy?" Samandriel asked, staring at me.

"Yeah... Short for Samandriel... Dean gave Castiel his shortened name of Cas. Gabriel could be Gabe. And Gabriel calls Lucifer Luci sometimes right? I mean... Sam wouldn't work for you because we already got my brother... so... Andy...?" I tried to explain my reasoning.

"I like it." Samandriel said after a minute of thinking. "And I think I like you too..."

I smiled.


P.O.V. Of Sam

Gabriel stared at me in silence for a long time. I tried to read his emotions by his facial expression, but that was almost impossible. Finally, Gabriel spoke, voice high with disbelief.

"Lucifer marked you?! The devil!?"

"That I did brother. And you all know very well that I was once an angel. I have all the powers of one still. Or did you seem to forget that." Lucifer's voice sounded and Gabriel's eyes widened. I turned around to face the... other angel...? Fallen angel...? No, that didn't work... all the angels were fallen. Wait...! It all made sense now!

"I get it!" I exclaimed aloud.

"What? Get what, Sam?" Gabriel turned back to me.

"Why I couldn't do the trials. There was some force keeping me from completing the trials to lock the gates of Hell! Dean, Kevin, and I were never sure what it was. But now it makes sense. That force... it must have been the connection I have... with you. Dean was going to do them after our last job..."

"Wonderful... why'd you have to wait?" Gabriel asked sarcastically.

"Shut up Gabriel! I didn't want Dean to do it! But he finally convinced me."

"Why didn't you want him to do it? You wanted to spring Luci?"

This statement of his angered me. I towered over Gabriel.

"NO! I wanted to spring my little brother who got trapped in there because of me!" I snapped.

"Relax Moose." Came a familiar British voice. I swung around to see Crowley standing there. He had his normal grin, but as soon as his eyes fell on Lucifer, he bowed.

"My Lord. The rumors are true. You have escaped from the Cage... wonderful to see you."

Lucifer rolled his eyes.

"Don't bother Crowley. I've heard enough of what you have done in Hell."

Crowley's eyes widened to the size of saucers with a fear I'd never seen on him before. Then he wouldn't look Lucifer in the eyes.

"And... sir...?"

"I'll have you know after I find Abbadon and shove her back into Hell myself, I will judge your work." Lucifer replied. Crowley bobbed his head.

"Yes sir."

"Now get out of my sight and let the adults deal with the important problems."

If anyone else would have said that to him, Crowley would have definitely come back with some snappy retort. But to my surprise, Crowley obeyed like Lucifer's lapdog. Once he was gone, Lucifer turned back to Gabriel and I and crossed his arms.

"Sam is right Gabriel. Family doesn't forget family."

"Says the one who killed me." Gabriel snorted. Lucifer must have known that comment was coming from Gabriel, yet he still seemed genuinely hurt.

"Brother... how many times must I say I'm terribly so-"

"You shouldn't have to SAY you're sorry! You should prove it!" Gabriel cut him off. "You are physically unable to admit you were ever wrong!"

"You are mistaken, little brother! I did prove it! I saved you from Michael! And I did admit I was incorrect! What else must I do to-" Lucifer's voice faltered several times, then broke. He gave a cough, like he was trying to clear his throat, and ducked his head.

"Fine Lucifer. I... I forgive you..." Gabriel sighed. Lucifer looked up after a couple seconds.

"Good. Now let's get out of here. The others are headed to the bunker."

"Bunker?" Gabriel asked.

"Just follow me..." Lucifer was about to disappear, but someone else appeared and grabbed his wrist before he was able to.

"Found you, brother." the man said.

"Michael." Lucifer ripped his wrist from the man's grasp and pushed him away with a surge of energy from his body. Gabriel grabbed me to keep me from tumbling back as well. The man, Michael, stood up from where he'd fallen on the pavement.

"You seriously think you can beat me?" he asked. Lucifer stared at him, hand ready.

"You tried to kill your own brethren Michael... that is wrong."

Michael gave an exaggerated snort of laughter.

"Says the one who is standing with one of his own brothers that he has killed."

Lucifer balled his hands into fists. I watched in awe, for I had never seen Lucifer like this. He had always seemed so level-headed and logical. Now he was... angry and irrational...

"I have learned from my mistakes..." he argued. This made Michael laugh nastily again.

"Oh really? After so many years? What makes you think you've learned? You're still the same, little brother. You haven't changed one bit. You are a hypocrite." The final word seemed to lash out off Michael's tongue and slap Lucifer across the face.

"I am NOT!" Lucifer screamed, losing control of himself. He threw his hand in the direction of Michael, who then flew backwards even farther. Lucifer then fell to his knees and buried his face in his hands. Before I realized what I was doing, I raced forward and embraced him. Was I doing this because of the bond?

"Lucifer... SAM!" Gabriel's warning cry broke me out of the embrace and I looked up to see Michael was dangling a car over the both of us. Lucifer looked up just in time and zapped us out of there. But the last thing I saw was Gabriel tackle Michael to the ground.

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