Straight Outta the Cage

Chapter 14

P.O.V. Of Adam

"Gabriel!" Sam dashed over to the collapsed archangel. He fell to his knees beside him and gave the smaller man a little shake. Cas stepped forward and began examining Gabriel and I snuck a peek at Lucifer. The fallen angel's face was twisted up in pain.

Andy... permission to enter my head...

Yes Adam? My angel's voice answered my own.

Look at Lucifer... does he seem... in pain to you?

Why... yes. Go talk to him Adam.

What?! Why me?

Well... you were his, for lack of a better term, play thing in the Cage for a while after Sam left. He grew fond of you. Perhaps he'll open up to you. Besides I... um... I must help Castiel with Gabriel.

Scaredy Angel. I rolled my eyes.

"I heard that." Samandriel whispered before he went to his brothers.

You were supposed to. I grinned, then took a deep breath. My smile faded and I walked over to Lucifer.

"Um... Lucifer. Can I talk to you?" I asked.

"Yes Adam, what is it?"

I'll be with you the whole time, don't be afraid. Samandriel's voice rang out in my head.

"Are you okay...? You looked like you were in pain just now..."

Lucifer sighed.

"Come, Adam." and he touched my forehead. We appeared in some closed off room with nothing but a bed in the middle of it.

"Where are we?" I asked.

"Oh don't worry. We're still in the bunker. Just some place more private."

"What is this place?"

"The panic room the boys built in homage to Bobby. But I'm sure someday this will turn into Sam's time out room just like Bobby's did. I mean hey... he's got me for a guardian angel, why do you think he always makes the worst decisions." Lucifer muttered, sitting down on the bed.

"What? You... you're Sam's angel... I thought it was Gabriel..."

"Well, so did Gabriel."

"He told me it was him."

"Deep down he knew I'd gotten to Sam first. He's always been jealous."

"But when?"

"Before we all fell into the Cage." Lucifer replied.


"Sam was made for me Adam. So I took what was mine."

"You know there is so much I don't understand about you." I said, sitting down on the floor in front of his feet.

"Well... what would you like to know? We've got some time." he looked down at me.

"First of all... why?"

"Why what?"

"Why did you rebel?"

"I felt insulted Adam. Did you feel insulted when your brothers chose to attempt to stop the unstoppable over saving your life? My father chose humans over his own children."

"But we are his children too, Lucifer."

"I realize that now. I've realized that ever since I met Sam. He is... a great human. Yes... humans are flawed, but Gabriel is right. A lot of them do try. Nothing is perfect. Not even our father who must not be in Heaven. I was wrong to do what I did. But I don't wished to be condemned forever."

"I know how you feel..."

"But the believers do believe that God is their leader and I am the enemy. But the book they follow... any book you follow... doesn't it say to love all equally for who they are? Why not love me? I made mistakes. Believers get forgiven of their sin, but I do not? Oh, I forgot, because I am sin itself."

"I... understand."

"It just shows that in EVERY book ever written, there must be a protagonist and an antagonist. Well, I'd like to choose my own destiny for once!" Lucifer's voice cracked.

"You're feeling emotions." I realized as he looked away from me.

"Perhaps that is so. If this is what I must do for repentence, then fine. I accept the challenge."

"So were you really feeling pain in there?" I questioned.

"Emotional pain... I believe. I was feeling what Sam was feeling because of our connection."

"Sam was upset about Gabriel... and you felt it."

"Yes. It is undeniable, the love Sam feels for Gabriel. I just continue to try to deny it... because I don't want to lose Sam."


"Yes. I am uncertain what type of love it is."

"Do you love Sam?"

"I... I do not know. Perhaps I do. But I would not know in which sense."

"Once an angel labels a human like Cas did to Dean, Andy did to me, and you did to Sam... is it reversable?"

"No. Once we take on the responsibility of being a guardian, the job does not end. That is until one of us dies." Lucifer said grimly.

"But angels... it's hard for them to die."

"But still possible, as all three of my brothers in there have made obvious."

P.O.V. Of Sam

"Cas! Do something!" I exclaimed to the older angel. Cas tilted his head to one side as he looked down at Gabriel.

"Well?! Don't just stand there and stare! He needs help!" I cried out. Cas sighed and crouched down next to me. He pressed his hand to Gabriel's chest and it lit up. Gabriel sat up with a start and a gasp.


"Sam? Ugh... am I healed?" Gabriel rubbed his head.

"Mostly, yes. Your own grace should be able to do the rest of the work." Cas replied, standing up. I did so as well and helped Gabriel to his feet. Samandriel stood close by Cas and Dean and Kevin stood a little ways away.

"What happened?" Samandriel asked.

"Michael happened. Lucifer came to tell Sam and I we were supposed to follow you guys here, then Michael showed up. I got him distracted long enough to let Luci and Sam escape, but then it took me a little more time to do so. I had to fight to get away from him, hence my injuries." Gabriel explained. Samandriel nodded and all was quiet for a few moments.

"Has anyone seen Adam?" Dean asked, looking around the bunker.

"He went to speak with Lucifer, he must have taken him somewhere more quiet." Samandriel informed Dean.

"My youngest brother alone with the devil? Great." Dean muttered.

"That didn't stop you when it was two archangels your brother was alone with. In HELL." Samandriel snapped in annoyance. Dean scowled at Samandriel and I gave Dean a bitch face.

"Dean stop. Samandriel's right, I'm starting to think we can trust Lucifer a lot more than Michael."

"Oh yeah Sammy, let's just make Facebook friends with all the things that have tried to kill us."

"Lucifer never lied, Dean. Michael did. We can see who is more trustworthy right there." I argued.

"That is correct Dean." Cas told him. Dean threw his hands up in the air exasperatedly.

"Fine! But how long do we have to wait?!"

"What's the rush big boy? We don't really have a set date planned with Michael yet." Gabriel said, going to sit down in one of the armchairs.

"Well I don't really want to sit around and do nothing."

"Patience Dean. Michael needs a member of the Winchester bloodline as a vessel. Now whether that is Adam, or you, we just need to wait. He will come to you." Cas said. Dean stormed out with a frustrated huff.

"Sooooo... is there room in Team Free Will for all of us?" came the voice of Lucifer. He and Adam had returned just in time to join the awkward silence, which Lucifer was obviously trying to break.

"Team Free Will?" Adam asked.

"Uh, never mind that." I told him, sending a quick glare Lucifer's way. "What we have to do is plan out what we will do in every possible situation."

"Oh, this may take a while..." Gabriel sighed, bringing the foot rest up on the recliner he was sitting in.

"Gabriel's right. Michael is very unpredictable." Lucifer said.

"Which is why all of us need to make plans." I said, motioning everyone over to the table. Reluctantly, they all formed around me.

"Cas, go get Dean. He should be here for this." I ordered. He nodded and walked out to go get Dean. Then I looked around at the other three angels I was left with.

"Okay, so how well do you know your brother...?"

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