Straight Outta the Cage

Chapter 18

P.O.V. Of Adam

It was probably around midnight and Dean and Cas and Sam and Lucifer still hadn't returned. Gabriel was still gone from when he's huffed off, probably cooling off on a walk. Samandriel was sleeping on the couch and Kevin and I were just talking quietly while playing chess.

"So you've been in Hell for the past... how many years?" Kevin asked.

"Oh geez. Too many to count. You really lose track of time down there."

"But I don't understand... Human souls that spend too much time down in Hell turn into demons... if you spent so much time down there, how are you still healthy?" Kevin questioned. I shrugged.

"I wish I had an answer for that... Maybe one of the angels knows."

"Hmm, maybe." Kevin replied, taking his turn. "So you're Sam and Dean's father's son?"

I nodded bitterly.

"No other way we could be related, all their family is dead and most of mine is now, too."

"I'm sorry... My girlfriend was killed and I'm pretty sure my mom is dead too." Kevin said empathetically.

"Mmm." I murmured, taking my turn.

"So what were you like before you fell into Hell on Earth?" Kevin asked as he examined the chessboard.

"You mean reality? I was going to go through med school. That didn't last long." I snorted.

"Heh, yeah I know how you feel. I was in Advanced Placement."

"No suprise, Mr. Asian Smarty Pants." I teased. Kevin made a face at me similar to that of Sam's when he was frustrated with Dean.

"Well you've definitely picked up on some of my brother's mannerisms. That's the familiar Bitchface." I laughed. Kevin rubbed the back of his neck.

"Yeah I guess, shut up."



And the two of us burst out laughing.

"Hmm? What... what's going on...?" We looked over to see we'd woken my guardian.

"Oh, sorry Andy. Didn't mean to wake you." I said to him.

"It's alright. What time is it?" He asked, standing up and stretching.

"About a quarter after midnight." Kevin answered after glancing at his watch. Samandriel looked around.

"I should probably go looking for Gabriel, just to make sure he's alright."

"But what happened to not leaving the prophet alone?" I asked him as he started to leave.

"This place is warded from everything, you'll be safe." And with that, Andy was gone.

"Yeah, warded from everything yet we've had unwanted visits from Crowley." Kevin muttered.

"Whatever, don't worry. We'll be fine." I assured him.

About twenty minutes later Dean, Cas, and three others appeared.

"Hey, we brought company."

"You know, no offense bro, but I have no idea where you plan to house these people... angels... things." I said as I watched the three start to roam around the bunker.

"Yeah, I don't know either. We'll figure it out." Dean said, just brushing it off. Kevin and I exchanged glances before rolling our eyes and returning to our chess game.

"Where are Samandriel and Gabriel?" Cas asked.

"Samandriel went looking for Gabriel like twenty minutes ago. Gabriel... well like I said, Samandriel went looking for him because we have no idea where he is."

"And you've been alone since Samandriel left?" Cas seemed unhappy.

"Cas, chill, it was only for like twenty minutes. We're nineteen, not two, we can be left home alone for a little."

"Samandriel didn't know when we were to return. Adam, Kevin is a prophet, I don't think you know how many creatures want to kill him."

"Hey, I'm right here."

"My apologies. But really Adam, you were probably safer in Hell with two angry angels than alone here with a prophet like Kevin."

"Still right here, Cas." Kevin sighed. I held in my laughter.

"Okay Cas, I got it." I snickered. Cas gave me the look with the slight head tilt, then went off to talk to the three he and Dean had brought.

"We should really be getting to bed." Kevin yawned as he checked my king.

"Wha- Dammit. You're good. I guess you're right." I grumbled.

"I have an extra bed in my room if you'd like to sleep there." Kevin offered.

"Ooh a bed that isn't the ground or a hotel bed? Yes please." I chuckled.

"Come on." Kevin smiled as he led me to another room in the bunker.

The next morning I woke up feeling more refreshed than ever.

"Aaaahh uhnongkdnggknnnlinjrgnr." I groaned, stretching in the bed.

"Good morning, sleepy head." Kevin appeared from the bathroom that his room was connected to, shirtless, but otherwise dressed. He looked like he'd just gotten out of the shower.

"Morning." I said, watching him walk over to his closet and pick out a t-shirt and pulling it on over his head.

"Geez, you're like the college room mate I never got." Kevin joked.

"Yeah, you too." I agreed.

"Except you sleep in late." Kevin teased.

"Oh shut up, I have a right to. Did Sam and Lucifer come back last night?" I asked, getting out of bed.

"Not sure, haven't been out of the room yet."

"Smells like breakfast." I said. Kevin lifted his nose into the air and sniffed as well.

"Yeah, and you know what that means?"


"Sam and Lucifer are back."

"How do you know that?" I asked.

"Because Sam's the only one that knows how to cook breakfast, now come on.

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