Straight Outta the Cage

Chapter 22

P.O.V. Of Adam

"Noo!" The voice rattled me, making me explode upward out of my sleep. I gasped. Sam?! I jumped from my bed and ran down the hall. Kevin had awoken beside me as well.

"Adam?" I heard his voice as I left. He must have followed me because when I got to Sam's room, Kevin was standing by my side. I saw my brother sitting up in his bed, tears streaming down his cheeks.

"Sam...?" He looked up at me when I spoke.

"Adam... Dean..."

"What is it, Sam?" Kevin asked.

"Dean has been taken." Lucifer's voice made Kevin and I jump. We turned to see the fallen angel standing in the door.

"Taken? By who?" Kevin spoke first. But I knew the answer like it had been engraved into my brain.


Finally, morning had come. Not that any of us had slept since the news.

Lucifer, Sam, Castiel, Samandriel, Kevin, the other angels and demons, and I were sitting in the bunker together like we were going to have a meeting. Yet no one spoke. No one knew what to say. Finally a small voice rose up from the demon section.

"What do we do...?"

"Don't you see? Michael has taken Dean. Therefore Sam must let Lucifer take him." said an angel. I held up my hands.

"No way. That's not happening. We'll find a way to get Dean back." I looked over at Kevin. "Do you know how to get an angel out of a human."

"A blood spell. But that means we'd have to find Dean." Kevin nodded.

"If only Gabriel was here, then he and I could find Michael." Lucifer growled.

"We still don't know where Gabriel is either. This could be bad..." Cas put in.

"He couldn't have turned on us!" hissed a demon.

"That doesn't seem like Gabriel." added an angel.

"Well, Gabriel has never been known to choose sides... that is true. But then why would he have been on Lucifer's side. Isn't that choosing sides?" Sam murmured.

"I don't know. But what I do know is that we have to find them. Both Gabriel and Dean... or... Michael." I sighed. Lucifer stepped up to me.

"Sam and I can go try to look for Gabriel."

I nodded.

"Alright. And Cas, Samandriel, Kevin, and I can go looking for Michael." I said.

"Are you sure that's a good idea?" Kevin asked.

"As long as we keep Lucifer and Sam away from Michael, we should stand a chance." Cas answered.

"Stand a chance...?" Kevin squeaked.

"What shall we do?" Asked one of the demons.

"The rest of the angels and demons will stay at the bunker to guard it, just in case Michael sends an army of his own. Got it?" I announced. The angels and demons all nodded.

"Alright. Now let's go. We will rally back here before sunset. If one team does not return, we will go after them." I spoke strongly, sure my plan would work. But deep down... I was pretty scared.

P.O.V. Of Sam

Lucifer and I went off in search of Gabriel. This was difficult, but Lucifer said he sensed Gabriel and that the closer we got, the stronger the feeling would be.

"Lucifer?" I asked as we walked.

"Yes Sam?"

"How did Gabriel show me things through his eyes and all that other guardian stuff if you've been my guardian all along?"

"Well Sam... You know all Gabriel's little tricks he used on you and Dean? Well, he learned all those things from me. So I was using tricks like those and more on him. He never had a clue that he wasn't actually your guardian until I came back into the picture." Lucifer explained.

"So you gave Gabriel the abilities only you were supposed to have with me?"

"Yes." Lucifer replied simply.

"But why?"

"I had to gain your trust first. I could have just appeared and told you that I was your guardian."

"But why me?"

"Some angels have a choice. Some do not. You... were just meant for me. I didn't choose."

"But if I was meant for you, why wasn't Dean meant for Michael?" I asked. Lucifer looked like he was about to answer, but then turned away fast, grabbing his temple. He let out a hiss of pain.

"What is it, Lucifer?" I asked.

"Something's coming."

"For us?"

"No, for my half brother, Jesus. Yes, for us." Lucifer grabbed my hand and pulled me.

"Where are we going?!"

"Stop asking questions!" Lucifer snapped. But three figures appeared in front of us.

"Hahaha. Hey look. Lucifer and his vessel. A package deal! Perfect." laughed the woman. Lucifer turned around but we were already surrounded.

"No." Lucifer spat.

"Haha, commander. You can take them to the boss now." Added one of the men. Slowly, two of the others in the circle separated and a shorter man made his way out of the shadows.

"Hey bro... Sam."

"Gabriel?!" Lucifer gasped.

"Well, it seems I've found you before you found me..." Gabriel chuckled coldly.

"Gabe... What are you doing?" I swallowed the lump in my throat, finally able to speak.

"What does it look like, sporto? I played you guys..." Gabriel's voice didn't even sound like him.

"Gabe... no..."

"Gabriel, how could you?" Lucifer asked, shocked.

"How could you take Sam from me?!" Gabriel shot back.

"Little brother... it wasn't my-"

"Don't call me that. You're not my brother. Let's go." Gabriel held an angel blade to Lucifer's back, forcing him to walk. I looked around at the half a dozen angels around us, knowing I was well outmatched. There was no chance of escape for Lucifer or me... The other angels forced me onward as well. I glanced over at Lucifer, who caught my eye.

Sam, we'll be okay. The others will come looking for us.

But... this can't be Gabriel... I don't understand.

I don't understand either... But I think we've been had...

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