Straight Outta the Cage

Chapter 24

P.O.V. Of Dean

I watched helplessly as Michael began to attack the people I loved. Adam... Cas... Kevin. Even Samandriel didn't deserve any of this. I had no control at all... Is this what Sam and Adam had felt with Lucifer and Michael inside them? It was like some strong vice grip had clamped down on every fiber of my being. I wanted to scream and claw Michael, but you can't really fight some... weird thing inside your body... I had no idea how Sam did it.

"Michael stop!" Samandriel, who had been the first to speak, spoke up louder. He stepped in front of Adam and Kevin, head held high. Wow... standing up to Michael was really brave for him.

"I asked... where is Lucifer?" The voice that came out of my own body was my own... but somehow Michael made it sound different.

"He's not here! Gabriel took him!" Then next voice was that of my brother Adam. He sounded so much stronger than the last time he had encountered Michael. The memory broke through my mind. I could see myself running to Adam, helping him up as the room began to shake. Then once he got to his feet I had asked if he could walk. He said yes and I went over to help Sam. The two of us had limped out of the room, Adam not too far behind us... or so I'd thought. The door has slammed shut, locking Adam inside.

"No! Dean, help!" I put Sam down and raced back to the door as I heard: "It won't open!" The door was lighting up so bright and when I touched the doorknob it burned. I tried to keep opening it but the door was untouchable.

"Dean help! DEAN!"

"Hold on, we'll get you out!" I'd yelled, staring helplessly. "Just hold on!" But my half-brother had gone quiet and I had no clue what was happening on the other side of that door. "Adam, can you hear me?!" And suddenly the door stopped glowing.

"Adam!?" I called, fumbling with the doorknob, scared that it may still be hot. Then finally I threw open the door, not sure what I was expecting to see. My half-brother's body? Alive or dead? Nothing but an old piece of crap office...

"NO!" I yelled in my head once I came back and saw Michael throwing Adam towards a wall. I was shocked when this "no" came out of my own mouth instead of just echoing in my head. Cas stared at me as Samandriel went to Adam.

"Dean?" Cas asked in his gravelly voice.

"CAS! Help!" I called out to him.

"Shut up, maggot!" Michael came back into power, talking at me through my own mouth. A burning hot sensation came over me and I cried out in pain, burrowing myself deeper into my mind.

"DEAN!" I heard Cas yell. Michael laughed.

"You can't save him Castiel." Michael said. Cas took out an angel blade, which only made Michael snort.

"You really think you would have the strength to stab me with that when you'd be stabbing your little human lover?"

I watched Cas's face fall.

"Face it Castiel. You kill me, you kill him." Michael whispered.

"Cas..." Kevin frowned.

"Kevin... go get the angels and demons." Cas said without taking his eyes off Michael. Staring at Cas through my own eyes, I felt like our eyes met. But I know he didn't know I was there. He probably guessed it, but wasn't certain. Kevin tried to move past Michael through the doorway, but he threw his hand up and sent Kevin flying into a table.

"Kevin!" I yelled, this time not breaking through. Was I just going to be stuck here, watching the downfall of my friends?

P.O.V. Of Adam

As I came to, Samandriel was crouched over me.

"Adam? Adam! Wake up! I sat up and held my head. Then I saw Michael standing in front of Cas, who was wielding his angel blade. Kevin was in a heap of broken wood from probably being thrown into a table.

"Samandriel, go help Kevin!" I told him. My guardian nodded and went over. I stood up and got between Cas and Michael.

"Dean?! Dean if you're in there, I-"

"Dean isn't home right now..." Michael said. This shot chills down my spine. I remembered having Michael inside me and hearing and seeing Dean say those words to me and having Michael give the same response. And I remembered feeling how Michael felt...

"You're just scared." I said. Michael scoffed at me.

"Angels don't feel fear, child."

"Yes... Yes they do, I remember! You had all the feeling a human has! Whether it's just because you're inside a human or not! How else would Cas feel love for Dean? Or would Samandriel feel a need to protect me and Kevin? You're a liar, Michael and I wish your father could just see you now!"

"Michael!" A voice boomed, sounding somewhat familiar.

"Sam!" I exclaimed when my brother appeared in the room. But soon it was obvious with the air around him that it was not Sam.

"Lucifer..." Cas breathed out.

"Hello Castiel... I will try not to hurt anyone here... but I may not have a choice..." he frowned. Cas looked down.

"Do as you must, Lucifer... I'm tired of this."

Lucifer turned to Michael.

"Hello, Michael."


"NO!" I yelled, stepping between them.

"You are not using my brothers for your petty little fight!"

"Adam..." Lucifer began, but Michael stopped him.

"We spent much time together, kid, down in the cage. Locked in together by these boys! And you want to set them free? Release them when they didn't even bother to try releasing you? They aren't your family."

"I'm tired of all you angels telling me that! THEY ARE MY FAMILY! DON'T YOU GET IT!? You can't pick your family! But that is obviously something you don't understand! That no matter how much you fight or disagree, they are still your family! BUT YOU LITERALLY WANT TO JUST KILL YOUR BROTHER!"

My yelling caused the angels and demons to enter the room and stare in awe. Everyone was silent until Lucifer spoke up.

"He's right, Michael..."

"No. He is not. You are no family of mine, Lucifer." Michael took out an angel blade and swung to stab Lucifer with it.

"NO!" I pushed him, getting in the way. Feeling the metal break through the fabric and then the skin of my abdomen, I gasped. Then I felt Michael pull the blade out.

"ADAM!" I heard Samandriel and Cas cry. Almost as if I was slowed, I collapsed to the floor, grasping at my wound. I gazed up at Lucifer, who looked down at me sadly, then looked back up at his brother.

"Look at what you have done! HOW MANY MORE INNOCENT LIVES MUST YOU TAKE TO DOUSE THE WORLD IN BLOOD!?" I saw Samandriel coming to me.

"Adam?!" I felt his hand on my stomach, but no pain registered. "Oh no... CASTIEL!"

"Samandriel... it's no longer possible for any of us to heal a wound so severe... I'm sorry." the other angel answered.

"MICHAEL! YOU HAVE BECOME THE EVIL ONE!" Lucifer roared, throwing himself at his brother.

"ENOUGH!" A voice echoed through out the room before the ceiling exploded. The angels and demons all winced as plaster and wood chunks and other materials rained down on them. A figure floated down from the sky and landed in the middle of the mess, casting Lucifer and Michael each to a different side of the room. As the dust faded I saw who it was and I was only able to utter one word.

"Dad...?" John looked down at me and crouched, touching my forehead with two fingers. Instantly, the blood that was spilling out between my hands vanished.

"No my son... Not quite."

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