Straight Outta the Cage

Chapter 25

P.O.V Of Adam

I looked up in shock.

"Who are you...?" I asked breathlessly.

"Father..." Michael suddenly seemed so small as he looked at John. This thing inside my father turned to look at him. D-did Michael say... father?

"God..." I heard Kevin squeak out as Cas helped him to his feet. I bowed my head respectfully.

"Michael..." John began. "I am very disappointed in you..." Michael looked up at him.

"But Father! I was only doing what you had asked of m-"

"No. This is not what I wanted. Too much death has plagued this earth. And at the hands of who was supposed to be my most trusted." He narrowed his eyes, causing Michael to flinch away.

"Yes sir... I'm sorry."

John turned to Lucifer.

"And as for you..." John started. Surprisingly, Lucifer did not flinch away from his father's harsh gaze.


"I must say... that you have astonished me, quite deeply." He said. Lucifer bobbed his head.


"Your actions... especially these most recent, should be commended." I stared wide eyed at him and even Michael could not hold his tongue.

"But FATHER! What are you saying?" John swiped his hand in the direction of Michael, quieting him instantly.

"Lucifer... I would be very pleased if you would be my admiral... lieutenant... general... however you wish to see it."

"I... but that job belongs to Michael..." Lucifer spoke, voice trying very hard to conceal how startled he was.

"Yes... it was. But as you can see, Michael has gone against my orders."

"But there were no orders I could have followed!" Michael's voice broke in again.

"I was hoping that you could handle things even if I was gone, but I suppose I was wrong." His father said to him, silencing him again.

"Michael... you are to go the only place you will be useful."

"No! Father please!" John stared at him, then drew his and over Michael's head. His hand grasped at something unseen, rendering it visible. A golden halo was caught in his grasp. He snapped it with so much force that the sound of breaking metal rang through the room. I covered my ears and kept watching as Michael's wings appeared, glowing a bright golden like his halo. John made the halo's shards disappear, then threw his hand in the direction of Michael's wings. Flames erupted from his palm and burnt Michael's wings until they were no more.

Michael threw his head back and screamed loudly in what sounded like agonizing pain. John silenced him one final time and made a slicing motion with his arms, opening a gaping hole in the ground. Wind began whipping around us and Samandriel pulled me close. Lucifer and John were rooted in their spots. Michael, though, struggled against the winds.

"WAIT!" I broke free from Samandriel and jumped between Michael and John.

"You have to make him let Dean go first... please." I had to yell over the wind. He sighed and snapped his fingers. I watched as a bright wisp of light emerged from Dean's mouth. This light drew towards John and he cast it away, down the hole. The ground closed up and Cas raced to Dean's collapsed body.

"He will be just fine, Castiel." John said. Then he snapped his fingers, causing a familiar face to appear.

"Gabe!" I exclaimed.

"Gabriel..." Lucifer smiled, but his eyes were sad.

"Hey bro..."

"I saw Gabriel's feat... very courageous to give his life to save you and Sam..." Their father told Lucifer, who nodded, eyes misting.

"Yes... yes it was. He was an inspiration to me... Younger brother..." Lucifer stepped forward and hugged Gabriel, who chuckled.

"As long as I made some sort of positive impact... I don't care if I died..." he whispered. I felt myself choke up, so I grabbed Samandriel's arm for support.

"Brother... I'm so sorry... for everything..." Lucifer managed. Gabriel pulled away and shrugged.

"Can't pick your family..." he then turned to their father. "I am ready to go now, Father..."

John stared at him for a moment, then looked at Kevin.

"With the loss of Raphael... and Michael's demotion... you will be needed to guard the prophets... It is the job of an archangel after all..." he said. Gabriel's eyes lit up and he smiled. John stepped forward and waved his hand above Gabriel's head. Suddenly, a golden, glowing halo appeared as well as a pair of dark brown wings behind his back. But that was only for a second. Gabriel bowed his head and backed away from him.

"Thank you..."

John nodded and looked around a moment. His eyes landed on Samadriel next to me.

"Samandriel..." he turned to glance at Cas as well.


The two stepped forward.

"Yes...?" Samandriel asked.

"The way you stood up to your brother... showed much bravery, my dear son." he said to Samandriel, who nodded. John then turned to Cas.

"And you... Heaven's most rebellious angel... right behind Lucifer... but what can I expect from a creation who has fallen in love with a human?" Cas looked down, embarrassed. "You have shown many different parts of yourself, proving that even in the worst of situations, hope... and putting up a fight always wins."

He paused, gazing at his sons up and down.

"As I said, Raphael has been lost and Michael has been demoted... so we do need some replacement archangels..." When he said this, Samandriel and Castiel's faces changed. They glanced at each other and Cas spoke up.

"Father... it's a pleasure to finally see you again... but you can't be serious..." John smiled.

"Oh, I am, my son." He waved his hands over both their heads and golden halos glowed over them, just as Gabriel's had, but brighter. Was it because they were new and not just being returned like Gabe's had? I watched as wings appeared for them too, jet black for Cas, and fiery red for Samandriel.

"Wow..." Kevin whispered. I hadn't even realized he had made his way over to me. I looked over at him and nodded, speechless. Once Cas and Samandriel's wings and halos disappeared, John walked over to Lucifer.

"Hello again, my son. You are last... As we all know... there must be four archangels..." Lucifer nodded.

"Yes sir."

John waved his hand over Lucifer's head, causing a halo to appear, brighter than all the others. Then his wings appeared, golden like Michael's had been, but much larger. Sadly, they looked torn and beaten. John brushed them softly and they became fuller and stronger. Lucifer looked at him and smiled. John's proud eyes showed how Lucifer's father felt.

"Thank you, Father..." Lucifer murmured.

"No... thank you, Son..." John pulled Lucifer into a hug as his wings disappeared. When they broke apart, John glanced at Dean, who was coming to.

"I suppose we should give Sam back his body now as well?" John said, glancing back at Lucifer, who nodded.

"Yes sir." But John held a hand up.

"Wait just a minute, my son."

He snapped his fingers again and Lucifer's old vessel appeared, laying on the floor with his eyes closed. He looked much healthier than before.

"Nick's soul has agreed from Heaven... to let you use his old body. You will be able to remain in it forever now without having to worry about it deteriorating." John said. Lucifer nodded in thanks.

"Ready?" John asked. One final nod and John gave one more snap. A bright light came from Sam's mouth and John lead it into Nick's. His eyes popped open and he breathed in deeply. Sam shook his head out, then stared shocked at John.

"Dad...?" he asked. John shook his head.

"No, not exactly... But I do have to get going..." He took one last glance at Dean, who was having Cas help him stand, then a short glance my way. "I will give you three a moment with your father."

A bright light blinded us. Once it was gone, just a ghostly version of our father remained, his eyes full of pride.

"Boys..." he smiled, pulling me into a hug. "Adam..."

"Hi Dad..." I said, my voice catching in my throat.

"I'm so glad you are okay..." he murmured softly from over my shoulder.

"Out of hell, you mean?" I joked.

"Yes..." he laughed, letting me go. He then glanced at Dean.

"Dean..." Dean pulled him into a hug without thinking.

"Good to see ya, Dad..."

"You too, kiddo..." John whispered. When they broke apart, John looked at Cas.

"And who might this be...?"

"This is Cas. He's my... my angel..." Dean glanced over at Cas and took a hold of the new archangel's hand in his own.

"He's also someone I love... And I am not ashamed to say it... not anymore."

John smiled and nodded.

"I knew you'd realize it sooner or later." he teased, then looked at Sam. My brother stared at our father for a second before hugging him.

"Hey Dad... how's Mom?" he asked.

"She's good. She is very proud of you two..." John said, pulling away. Then he looked at me.

"Your mother is very proud of you as well... And don't worry, your mothers get along great." he chuckled. He took one last look around.

"Now Sam, don't tell me you're in love with Lucifer..." he joked. Sam blushed and shrugged, rubbing the back of his neck.

"Oh... hahaha... um..."

"Okay! That's fine if you are, fine if you aren't. Pleasure to meet you all..." He glanced at the four angels. "Please take care of my boys. And that prophet friend of theirs..." John smiled at Kevin, then looked up at the ceiling.

"I should really get going... I'll see you later boys..." John waved as his already slightly translucent body disappeared completely.

"Bye Dad..." I whispered. There was a comfortable silence for some time, then Lucifer spoke up.

"We should get going too. Father may need us... Heaven probably needs an explanation for my rising and Michael's fall."

The other three angels nodded and we said our goodbyes. I hugged Samandriel.

"Thank you so much for everything."

"Don't worry... we will come back whenever we wish to." Samandriel said, a newfound confidence laced in his tone.

"Good..." I smiled. Then the four of us, me, Sam, Dean, and Kevin, watched as the four archangels disappeared in a flash of light.

"It's finally over..." Sam breathed.

"Thank God..." I added.

"Yep..." Dean agreed. There was more silence until Kevin piped up.

"What's next?"

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