Straight Outta the Cage

Chapter 4

The first thing Gabriel did was scream like a little girl. I turned to look at him. Lucifer, still holding Samandriel, gave Gabriel the same look I was giving him.

"Really?" he questioned. Gabriel had hidden behind me, not very well seeing as I was still sitting in my bed. The small brunette man stood up and shrugged, a goofy grin playing at his lips.

"Sorry, don't know how else a human react to their brother who murdered them popping in carrying their other unconscious brother..." he replied. "Trying to be as human as possible."

I rolled my eyes.

"And you said you know humans."

"I do. I was just joking- aww forget it..." he trailed off. He didn't reply for a minute, seeming concentrating on something else. I don't know why I felt so uncomfortable in the silence. Oh wait, maybe because I was laying on my bed shirtless with the devil and a dorky archangel standing over me. And there was yet another angel in the devil's arms that looked like he was basically dying. But yeah, I was great.

Finally, after an awkward minute of silence, Gabriel looked up from the ground at me. His eyes looked a little odd for a second, almost transparent. But then they went back to their normal greenish hue.

"Smile for the camera, kid." he whispered. I gave him a confused look. Lucifer hadn't seemed to have heard Gabriel, because he was too busy trying to carefully place Samandriel down on the bed beside mine. Gabriel did a little eyebrow movement, then winked at me. I eventually got what Gabriel was doing, but I didn't have time to respond before Lucifer looked back at the both of us.

P.O.V. Of Sam

"Dean!" I yelled. I was holding my cell phone to my ear, trying to get in touch with Garth, and a ghost was cornering me. I closed my eyes.

"Garth, com'on Garth, pick up! DEAN!" I muttered into the phone and yelled to my brother again.

"Sammy!?" came the echoing response of my brother. I heard him coming into the area I was in and seconds later I heard the gun. I opened my eyes just in time to see the ghost of the miner dissipate as the rock salt hit him. Dean raced over to me.

"You okay Sammy?" He asked. I nodded and a voice came across the phone.


"Garth! Have you salted and burned the bones yet? We're still down here dealing with him!" I asked the other hunter impatiently.

"I just found the grave." Garth replied. I sighed and Dean gave me a questioning look.

"He just found the grave." Dean groaned and grabbed the phone away from me.

"Garth, dammit, just dig up this guy and put him out of his misery. Sam and I are getting sick of dodging this douche and I'm running out of salt rounds!" Dean snapped. I couldn't hear what Garth's response was, but he must have hung up because Dean handed the phone back to me. I stuck it in my pocket and Dean headed off in another direction, farther into the abandoned mine.

"No wonder this guy is after his boss's kid, this place is a hell hole. If I died in here because of some accident, then I'd want revenge on the jackass who ran it so bad too." Dean mumbled. I gave a small laugh.

"Dude, this place could be worse. It may be unsafe, but it sure isn't comparable to Hell. You and I would know."

"Shut up Sam. Way too many of us Winchesters know, and I sure don't want to talk about it." he replied. I just shook my head, knowing he was right. He turned to look back at me.

"You coming Sam?" he asked. Then the miner appeared behind him.

"Dean! Behind you!" I warned. He spun around and rose his gun, but the ghost grabbed it out of his hands and threw it down. Then he pushed Dean up against the stone, choking him.

"Dean!" I exclaimed, picking up an old rusted iron pickaxe off the ground of the mine. I was about to run at the ghost and swing it to dissipate the ghost again, but it lit up in bright flames. The ghost let go of Dean and let out a shriek as it burst. Dean rubbed his neck.

"Thanks Garth." he croaked.

"Let's get outta here, Dean." I motioned to the exit.

We had met up with Garth for thanks and final goodbyes. Well of course, being hunters it was never truely goodbye. Then we headed back to the hotel and decided to crash one more night. I drifted off to sleep and had a quite realistic, first-person dream.

First, it seemed I was looking at a floor. Then I looked up and to my left. Shock filled my mind as I gazed at a familiar face.


Yet more shock came over me as I heard a familiar whisper come out of the body I thought was mine.

"Smile for the camera, kid."


Adam's face was that of confusion, then Gabriel looked away from him. The next thing I saw was a scarily familiar figure looking up from another familiar figure in a bed. They looked to be in a hotel. But when the figure's eyes met mine, or... Gabriel's... I felt my heart drop to my stomach.


"He hasn't healed. I believe he lost the remainder of his powers." Lucifer spoke. "Do you still have yours, Gabriel?"

"I don't know." Gabriel responded.

"You have to try to fix Samandriel, or he will die again." Lucifer told him.

"I will try. But Luci, if you didn't do this...? Who did?" Gabriel asked.

"Michael." Lucifer replied.

I awoke abruptly, gasping aloud.

"No. No, no, no!" I growled. I wasn't done!

"Sammy...?" Dean's sleepy voice came from the darkness beside me. Then, without much of a warning, Dean had sat up in his bed and turned on the lamp. His eyes fell on me and they were full of confusion.


"What is it Sam?"

"Dean... I think Gabriel is alive..."

"What? Sammy, you were just dreaming." Dean fell back onto his bed and covered his face. "Go back to sleep."

I was about to say something when there was a rush of air.

"No Dean. Sam wasn't just dreaming." Dean sat up and we both looked over to see Cas.

"Jeez, Cas! How can you still do that?" Dean jumped.

"It's one of the only powers I still possess, though I can no longer transport others that way. But Sam is right, Gabriel is alive. Samandriel is as well, though that could change any minute. And the two of them got your brother out of Hell." Cas explained.

"O-our brother... Adam?" Dean asked, still half-asleep.

"Yes, and in the process, Lucifer and Michael have escaped."

"What?" Dean exclaimed, fully awake now.

"Yes. And I believe Michael is searching for you, Dean." Cas said.

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