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Tharntype The Series, Chapter: Type

"I hate gays!"

This is what I say to every friend, from junior high school to high school, even after college. If someone asks me what I hate most, I will answer: "I hate gays."

Well, just stop and don't scold me. I'm not sexist. OK, it's the same regardless of gender. "As long as they don't bother me."

I just don't understand why it's been more than half a year since I passed eighteen years old. There are always homosexuals who like to mess with my life. Shit, it's not good to say hello like how everyone normally does. They have to have their bodies twisted like a marine mollusk, such as shellfish, conch, razor clam, and you touch my arm. Don't you have an arm to touch? Why do you need to touch my arm?!

It's enough to be annoyed when someone talks about them. Don't let me hear you mention them. I don't want to them to scold be for being superficial, mean, and timid because ’hate’ is ’hate'.

So, every friend of mine satirized me and said, if you are gay, don't get close to Type, or the simplest and rudest way is not to let Type know about, otherwise, Type will not only cuss at you but also fight fists and kicks all together.

But I just can't like it! (Blame me?)

Now that I'm in college, I still went to beg my father to live outside the school, and my life may be more comfortable. I don't need to share the room with strangers but also have the chance to bring girls to my room to do something fun. Just think about it, I'll be satisfied. My dream was doomed to collapse because my father said:

"Boys should live in school dormitories! You just need to know how to get along with others. Don't immerse yourself in your own world. Communicate and walk around some more. Do you know how to communicate with others? Do this and we will talk next year."

Finally, my father said that in any case, Type you must live in school this year. Next year, I will hold my father's thigh to beg for that room outside the dormitories. That's why I'm uneasy. What kind of roommate will I have, but the reality is...

“Ai’Type, this snack is free. It was given by my senior."

Well, how handsome can you be?

I want to turn over and look at the person across the table who is still going to be rooming together with me for a year, handsome top and handsome bottom. Do you understand what I mean? He has the aura of the leading role and the itchy heart of a handsome man.

A bedroom with this sort of guy and his handsomeness is completely overwhelming.

OK, I think it's necessary for me to explain his extravagant description.

Ai’Tharn, a student of music and art, is said to have started studying music in high school here. He is very tall, but I'm almost tall at 1.8m. His body s shaped like a master drum major (ER, He didn’t know if the drum majors must be muscled, but he has muscles). He looks very good and has a clear outline. Is it enough to say that he's a mixed-race? The bridge of his nose is enough to poke my eyes. He is even whiter than me.

Then I won't admit how my morale was destroyed.

On the other hand, I'm at ease. He is so favored by women, which means that those that man won't care about my butt!

I'm alive this year. Hooray!

Before he turned to hang his school uniform and put on his vest, I was thinking about looking at the big bag of snacks in the middle of the Japanese table. OK, he looks good, but one thing I always hate is that he is a generous person.

Ai’Tharn is handsome and is not arrogant. He just moved in for four days. In these four days, he has been sharing the big bags of snacks with me. Just like yesterday, I basically crawled back from the faculty welcome activities for first young, he was too lazy to find something to eat, so he bought food to share with me.

He is also very quiet. What he does every day is to take earphones and keep his eyes closed in bed. He didn’t know if he is analyzing his voice. Therefore, after living with this roommate, I am very comfortable.

"I'm sorry, it's fine. I've been eating for a few days. I'm sorry."

I said, turning to take off my pajamas ready for sleep, and heard him laughing.

"I can't eat all of them all by yourself. Help me to relieve some." In fact, he only changed the honorific words Naai into pronouns Rao used among friends today, and then this was more comfortable to talk to one another.

"Hahaha, you have a lot of girls running after you." I joked, but I didn't seem to know him very well. After changing my clothes, I turned around and found him staring at me, but as soon as I met him, he grabbed his backpack to leave.

"I went to class."

Did he just look at me strangely? Well, Techno matter what, the idea of ​​hating fags is acting weird again Ai’Type you are scaring him.

I thought. I grabbed my bag and went to class.

God wouldn't curse me for spending a year with fags.

Those are just my own YY's, He didn’t know God will curse me, anyway, it will not be so simple!


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