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The Last Raptor


Blue is alone. Since Isla Nublar has been deserted, Jurassic World abandoned, she’s been left to fend for herself.

Adventure / Fantasy
Ghost Tiger
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Owen slowly reaches up and unclips the camera from my head. The uncomfortable pressure is gone.

My sisters, Charlie and Echo, stare at me, waiting for my word. We’re already in shock.

Delta is dead.

I’m still, thousands of thoughts going through my head at once.

A roar sounds and I spin around. White Alpha is entering the plaza.

“Blue..?” Echo says.

I turn to her. She looks at me in that way that drives me nuts.

“Aha! They’re cornered! Kill them!” White Alpha roars. I do nothing. I can feel Charlie and Echo waiting, tense to strike either way.

I take a breath.


“What?!” Shrieks the White Alpha.

“You are no longer our Alpha.” I say. I turn to Owen.

“He is.”

The White Alpha swells in fury and uses her huge claws to whip me aside.

I hit something hard.

Everything goes black..

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