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The Last Raptor


The pain in my stomach is nothing compared to the pain in my chest.

Every heartbeat hurts.

I hate sleep. Every time I close my eyes I hear the tortured screams of Charlie, Delta, and Echo.

But I remember it anyway. I make myself remember.

One: Charlie was the stupid one. She used to jump at the electric fence. I remember I used to egg her on just to see the sparks fly.

Two: Delta was the bad one. She was always snapping at Owen because she wanted to, and she fought with Charlie at least twice a day. But they had a bond in which I knew they’d die for each other.

Three: Echo was the shy one. She never picked a fight if she could help it. She was most obedient to Owen, and she sometimes didn’t even snap at Hoskins. But even though she was at the bottom of the pack, she was the stealthiest, popping up when you least expected it. And you had to respect someone who could snap a pig’s spine in half.

Four: They’re all dead. And it’s someone’s fault.

But whose?

That’s the thing that keeps me alive. The thought of understanding what destroyed my family.

I go through the suspect list again.

Old Alpha, Hoskins, Masrini, me. Old Alpha, Hoskins, Masrini, me. Old Alpha...

Old Alpha is the one who killed them, after all. But it was technically self defense. But what didn’t she just back down then?

Hoskins led us in danger, but it was to kill Old Alpha in the first place. Or I might just be prejudiced because he smelled like old beer and smoke.

Masrini created Old Alpha. But he tried to kill her after she escaped.

Me. Me me me me.

I watched it happen.

And did nothing.


I ran into a tree.

I look around. I’m near the Food Field. The place is filled with dead Big Necks. They taste and smell horrible, and I eat more flies than meat, but it’s better than starving to death.


I perk my head up.


It can’t be.


The vines and trees whip aside, and it’s no doubt who it is.

Tyrannosaurus Rex.

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