supernatural high school au fanfiction story


supernatural high school au in a world where supernatural is a tv show. there is a twist that you really wouldn't expect this is based off a story i told my mom when me and her went camping. enjoy!

Humor / Romance
Cole Johnson
Age Rating:

chapter 1

i was walking down the hallway, and i was tripped by a bully that has bothered me since middle school. my books went everywhere. the bully just ran off laughing. i pick up all my books then i hear an all too familiar voice, ″here, let me help you,″

i briskly turn around still on the floor. the first thing you see is bowlegs ‘oh my chuck,’ i think. i slowly look up and see his hand extended, i look up more and you see his face. the first thing i think is ‘wow this guy is the luckiest guy ever!...... or wait....... im the luckiest girl ever.’ before it gets too weird i willingly take his hand and he pulls me up fairly quickly with great strength. i am now about 3 inches from his face. i stared into his fanfiction green eyes and he stared right back into my blue ones. after a couple minutes, it starts to get awkward and both of us look away while he releases my hand.

he then finally notices my shirt which says ‘mentally dating Dean Winchester,’ his eyes slightly widen. he then looks away. and says ″um.... uh, ya okay?″ then looks back at my face his stunning green eyes once again meeting my blue eyes. there like insanely strong magnets that don’t want to ever leave each other and cant even if they wanted.

″yeah, im fine,″i say ″what’s your name any way?″

″you don’t want to know,″ he said. ″what class do you have next?″ he scratched the back of his neck nervously.

″i have English, and why wouldn’t i want to know your name?″ i ask.

''ah.... ya just don’t... what’s your name?″ he says. and starts walking to English, i followed

″Chloe,″ i say. ″also, I haven’t seen you around that much, are you new?″

″yeah,″ he said. then scratched the back of his neck nervously, ″i moved here from Vancouver.″ he says.

″really??? I've always wanted to go there! how is it there?″ i say.

he chuckles, '' its nice,'' then turns towards me, ''did you want to go there cause the supernatural set is there?'' he raises one eyebrow and points to your shirt. you cant help but giggle.

''that's part of it,'' i say and look down.

he chuckled. then looked down at his shoes, he was wearing black biker boots. his jeans had a ragged hole in each knee. he was wearing a black thermal shirt, with a black and white flannel tied around his waist.

''sooooo....'' I say after a long awkward silence. he turns his head and faces me.

''what?'' he says.

'' I… why would I not want to know your name?'' i ask.

''at my last school i got made fun of for it,'' he says.

''I don't know why anybody would want to make fun of you,'' i said partly to my self.

he chuckles ''well..... if the teacher introduces me then you'll find out.''

''okay,'' i say.


''here we go,'' he mumbled then opened the door and walked in. he held the door for me and i walked in. i saw that all eyes were on him as he walked over to the teacher. i sat down at my desk in the back. i saw the teacher at her desk with her reading glasses. he tapped the desk and the teacher slowly looked up and removed her reading glasses. then the teacher said ''ah you must be....'' but what she said next couldn't be true. then the teacher walks to the front of the room and says:

''we have a new student, his name is Dean Winchester.''

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