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Team Spirit | Descendants 3


THE DAUGHTER OF Hades rolled her eyes as she saw the other Villain Kids cheer on her sister and her friends. Nobody seemed to notice the redhead as they cheered and clutched on their pieces of paper excitement filling their chest as they thrust their letters into the air and admittedly a few years ago Avi would have begged the people of Auradon to let her go there, but now she was just rolling her eyes at the people before her

“Who’s going?” Mal exclaimed a cheesy smile on her face as she looked over the crowd before her, then they seemingly jump over Avi as if the daughter of Maleficent hadn’t seen her but Avi knows different seen as Mal’s eyes flashed green slightly, seemingly unnoticed by everyone but her blue-haired friend Evie, but she continued before anyone else could notice the smile was back on her face and her green eyes were back to normal “You?

“I can’t believe this day has finally arrived!” Evie tells them looking to the group of Villains that have gone quiet and was expectantly looking up at the two teen girls in contrast from the chaos that had gone on just a few seconds ago “I honestly wish we could take you all with us and someday maybe we will and maybe, someday very soon maybe we will”

“We’re going to be back here so many times” Mal chuckles “Yeah you’re going to be so sick of us”

Chuckles spilt out the mouths of the other villain kids that had gathered and Avi rolled her eyes at the way they almost looked animated but couldn’t help but try to fight the small smile that appeared on her face at how happy her sister looked now, they may have been stuck behind the barrier for sixteen years, stealing and trying to make other people miserable but that didn’t make any of the kids on is isle happy they just didn’t want to disappoint their parents but now that Mal doesn’t have their mother breathing down her neck -- Avi had heard she got turned into a lizard, fitting she supposed -- Mal could finally live the way she wanted

Too bad she never really thought about the people she left behind, until now

After Mal got chosen to go to Auradon, Avi couldn’t help the bitterness that wrapped its way around her heart. How was it that Mal got everything without ever really having to try? For sixteen years she had tried to build up the reputation of being the meanest girl in the Isle (anything to get a little recognition from Hades who although took her in and gave her somewhere to sleep would often ignore the redheaded teen) and she had succeeded for the most part but she had also found herself falling short to the purple-haired menace, but after she got to go to Auradon and Avi was once again overlooked she fell in with Uma and her crew and together they took control of the isle

But Uma always wanted more

That had been her downfall though after she dove through the barrier and chased after Mal claiming that she shouldn’t always win, Avi hadn’t seen her since and had since taken control of her pirate crew and ergo the isle as a whole, finally doing something that Hades could be proud of her for but once again his attention was on Mal and that she was coming to the Isle and that he wanted to see her but oh he couldn’t because she was stronger with those daddy issues ... Whatever the hell that meant

Avi had been pissed and had left Hade’s cave with anger radiating off her once again she had been overlooked due to her sister who wasn’t even here anymore so to spite herself she found herself going to see Mal and the hype over the self tilted ‘VK day’

“Give me a drum roll please,” Evie tells them breaking off Avi thoughts and the ground suddenly shakes a little with everyone stamping their feet at once, another reason that Auradon would be better as she was sure that Auradon was more structurally sound and wasn’t cracking at mere feet pounding on the pavement “With the granddaughter of Lady Tremaine, daughter of Drizella, my sweet, sweet friend. My Dizzy”

There was a lot of cheering and a deafening squeal that caused Avi to clamp her hands over her ears and she watched as the small girl ran up the steps to meet her blue-haired friend who she eagerly hugs her and the redheaded girl watches as the rest of the kids get their chance to go to Auradon, the anger radiating off her in waves that once again she was overlooked and yes while the kids that were picked were right to be picked as they were kids and Mal and her friends didn’t want the kids on the isle to have the life that they did -- a life of pain and misery just hoping to please their parents -- but hadn’t Avi had the same life?

She was the daughter of Hades, after all, the most feared girl on the isle

Walking away she decided to go to the chip shop to see Hook and see if he had an idea of how to get off this isle after their first attempt to get off the isle failed Avi had the crew try to find a way out of the isle -- a crack in the barrier if you will -- and they had been working overtime to see if there was away but so far there wasn’t a way out

“Hey Hook,” She tells him with a wink as she opens the door

“My evil little redhead, what’s up you look like someone stole the last piece of fly cake and everyone knows better than to mess with you and your cake?” He smirks as he walks forward and runs the cool side of his hook down the side of her face

“Yeah you learnt that the hard way” Avi grumbles

“That I did,” Harry tells her grimacing slightly as he remembered the way that his head hit the table at Avi’s tenth birthday party when he thought he could get away with swiping some of the frostings from the cake only to have his head bashed into the table and a concussion for a week -- ever since then he had learnt not to get on Avi’s bad side and not to take her cake “So what’s up?”

“VK day” Avi answered sneering a little

“Oh yeah I heard CJ and Frankie are trying to con people because the streets are so busy” Hook smirked slightly looking proud of his little sister “She wanted to fill in a request to go to Aurodan but Dad won’t let her he says if one of us goes to Auradon it’s because we’ll run the streets with chaos and not be friends with snobby princesses”

“I’m sure if she did go to Auradon she will more likely scam the princesses then be friends with them” Avi snorts as she sits down on the table “But luckily she has us to be able to help her and we will get to Auradon and we will not stop until we’re able to break out the isle. Has Uma been in contact with you?”

He shakes his head “No but I’m sure she has a reason”

“That’s what I’m worried about,” Avi tells him with a moment of rare honesty before she flicks back into leader mode “But let’s not worry about that now, we need to figure out how to get off this bleeding island so I need you to gather the crew and tell them to meet me on the ship at noon. I’ll tell you the plan then”

She winks before walking out of the chip shop

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