The Darkness of Confusion


Jack is captured and his sanity is on the line. He is slowly beginning to believe that he betrayed his friends...or is it the other way around? A/U after Curse of the Black Pearl. [Side note: if you recognize this story, it was originally published on under the name AhiFlame.]

Other / Thriller
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Chapter 1

A dim yellowish light flickered off the damp, dreary, moss-covered walls of the prison. The shadows and light fought each other in an epic battle, neither seeming to find victory for any extended period of time. Moonlight joined the fray, streaming with thin, pale fingers through the barred iron window of one of the cells. A lone silhouette, practically hidden in the shadows in the corner of the windowed cell, shifted slightly.

It was a man in the middle of his life, leaning back against the bars of the prison. He wore the casual attire of a sailor, but not just any sailor; a pirate. With one knee propped up in the air, and the other leg stretched out before him in a facade of relaxation, he tapped his fingers languidly on his stomach. Reaching up with his unoccupied hand, the prisoner readjusted the worn leather hat pulled down over his kohl-rimmed eyes. The beads strung through his hair clattered softly, occasionally reflecting the flickering candlelight as the captive man returned his hand to rest at his side.

Well this is another lovely situation I've gotten meself int'. Of course, this time is a bit of a different scenario, as it were. However s'nothing I can't git outta. I am Captain Jack Sparrow, after all.

Are you sure?

The man started, sitting up from the iron bars and shoving his hat to sit properly atop his head. "What?"

A guard who was sitting outside the cell glanced in at the pirate with a skeptical look. Then, when the man didn't say anything more, the guard turned his attention back to his duty, assuming his prisoner was drunk.

Are you so sure about that?

The pirate took in a sharp gasp, realizing the voice resided in his head. Of course I'm sure.

Oh, but you're not. I can sense your fear. You're afraid.

Am not! I can git outta this just as easy as I did last time!

But last time you had help...


Yes. However, where's your friend now?

I can still git outta this by my onesies!


The other voice's disbelieving tone sent chills of fear down Jack's spine, tendrils which bound together, creating an uneasy feeling in the pit of his stomach.

I don't think you can, Jack--

Captain Jack Sparrow.

Captain? Where's your ship? Your crew? Your friends?

Jack's heart clenched in his chest. They're...they're--

Gone? Yes, gone. And in the worst possible way at that.

What do you mean? Non o' them are dead...

I mean that they're no longer your allies. The whole world is against you Jack Sparrow.

Tha's not true! They're still me companions! Will, Gibbs, Elizabeth, Ana-Maria--none o' them would give up on me!

Oh, but they have. And it's about time you do too.

What do ye mean by tha'? Have ye done something t' 'em?!

After he had thought the last, Jack had to fight off a blush of stupidity. Why was he listening to this nameless voice? This figment of his imagination?

Of course not, Jack. It's more a question of what you've done to them.

What?! I've not lifted a finger 'gainst 'em!

Be that as it may, you've destroyed their trust in you.


You were yourself. You were your black-hearted, lying, thieving self, Jack. You drove them away and this time there'll be no one to save you from the gallows.

What could I have done tha' would drive me crew an' friends away?

The most heinous of crimes.

Which is...?

You betrayed them.

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