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Rabba Ve

Story so far

The story narrates the romance between a business tycoon Arnav Singh Raizada, and a middle-class girl from Lucknow, Khushi Kumari Gupta.

Khushi stumbles into Arnav in Lucknow after mistakenly crashing one of his promotional fashion events and delaying her duties for her sister Payal’s wedding, leading to it getting cancelled. Rebuked by society, the sisters’ parents send them to live with their paternal aunt in Delhi.

Working a small job selling designer sarees, Khushi lands up at Shanti Van or Raizada house. Arnav’s sister Anjali and his maternal grandmother (Naani) take a liking to her.

Back at her aunt’s, Anjali’s husband Shyam, who has been stalking Khushi from Lucknow, reaches her place to live as a paying guest, and poses as a bachelor, wanting to get engaged to her, when he is actually married. Khushi asks Shyam to help her get a job, and she reaches the ASR office, which is handled by Arnav. They meet again, and she irritates Arnav with her clumsiness while his arrogant behaviour makes her time difficult. He wants to get her fired as soon as possible to keep away from her.

At Raizada house, Naani wants Khushi to groom Lavanya, Arnav’s live-in girlfriend. Out from office, Khushi now visits Shanti Van daily, irritating Arnav further. Khushi’s funny antics and her lively behaviour wins over the Raizada family, and even Arnav starts developing a soft corner for her. Realizing this, Lavanya leaves just before their engagement. Meanwhile, Khushi’s father discovers Shyam’s secret and is about to reveal it when Shyam tortures him into partial paralysis. He is unable to tell the family anything, and as a male authority to “secure” the family, Shyam proposes engagement to Khushi who accepts under family pressure. Due to frequently visiting the Raizada house, Khushi later finds out about Shyam and breaks off their alliance.

Arnav slowly realizes he is in love with Khushi, who also discovers she loves Arnav, much to the irritation of Shyam, who observes Khushi around the house. Meanwhile, Arnav’s cousin Aakash falls in love with Khushi’s sister Payal, and despite facing a lot of opposition from his elitist mother Manorama, the family approves their alliance and they get engaged. On the day of their wedding, Arnav discovers Shyam pleading Khushi to marry him and Khushi asking Shyam to free Anjali from the marriage. Heartbroken, Arnav leaves the scene. On the other side, Khushi asks Shyam to stay away from her. Khushi later decides to tell Arnav about Shyam but, fails. He then confronts Shyam who taking advantage of the situation tells Arnav that He and Khushi loves each other and that the only barrier between them is Anjali. Arnav who gets to know about his brother in law’s true face decides to expose him in front of his sister. But, stops himself when he gets to know that Anjali is pregnant.

Courtesy: Wikipedia and Hotstar.

The characters they belong to 4 Lions Production.

So, guys, there will be no change in the characters because I love them as it is. You might find some of the dialogues and scenarios same as that from the show but please try to understand that this a fanfiction based on the show plot. But, the similarity will be there for the first few chapters later there will be changes, I promise you that.

I am not that good in Hindi but I’ll try.

So, let’s get started.

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