A Match Made In Duel Academy


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Wedding Proposal on the beach

The Sun was coming down toward the ocean, Everyone was settling down for the evening, everyone except two people, Tara Yuki and Zane Truesdale was walking on the beach, their fingers interlocked with each-other.

Zane has slide a note underneath her dorm room door in the Obelisk girl's dorm, and his note said to meet him at the beach, he had something to say to her, Now they were walking on the beach for over an hour.

"Well, Zane?", Tara asked as she looked at him with love in her eyes.

"Well, What", Zane answered.

"What were you going to say to me, you told me to meet you on the beach, and we've been walking on the beach for over an hour, and you haven't said nothing, so what is it?", Tara asked.

Zane sighed to himself, he was holding something in his pocket of his Obelisk Boy's uniform, until he decided not to keep her in the dark, He stood right in front of her, as the setting sun was beside them, he looked at her with love in his eyes.

"Tara, ever since I first met you, it was at Kaibaland, You was Dueling Duelist after Duelist, after Duelist, I was too nervous to duel you, until I missed my chance, Then I saw you again and This time it was at the Duel Academy Entrance Exam, and I forfeit my Duel against Camula, Just for you, and I would like to spend the rest of my life with you", Zane said as he looked at her with love in his eyes.

"Zane, what on earth are you talking about?", Tara asked as she looked at him with love in her eyes.

Zane got down on one knee, he took out a square shaped box from his pocket, he opened it, inside it was a diamond ring that was on a gold band, with two cyber end dragons on either side of the diamond with tiny diamonds for the eyes, he put it up to her.

"Tara Yuki, Will You Marry Me?", Zane asked as he looked at her with love in his eyes.

Tara was surprise that Zane had proposed to her, until she decided to accept it.

"Oh Yes Zane", Tara answered with a big smile on her face.

He put the engagement ring on her middle finger, they put their loving arms around each-other, and started kissing each-other, as the sun was setting down beside them, they were kissing each-other for over an hour, until Tara broke the silence between them.

"Zane, we're going to be in big trouble, if we're not in the dorms", Tara said as she continued kissing Zane.

"huh, what did you say?", Zane asked as he looked at her with love in his eyes.

"Never-Mind", Tara answered as they continued kissing until they started walking toward the staircase.

they continued walking on the sidewalk, they were still holding each-other's hands, their fingers intertangled with each-other, until they came to a crossroad sidewalk, one sidewalk lead to the obelisk boy's dorm, and the other lead to the obelisk girl's dorm, They looked at each-other with love in each-other's eyes, they put their arms around each-other and started kissing each-other on each-other's lips, they started walking away from each-other, and started walking toward their respective dorms.

The Next Morning at the Living Room Area of the Slifer Dorm, Jaden, Syrus, Chazz, Hassleberry, Bastion, and Alexis were sitting on the couch, they were waiting for Tara and Zane to arrive, they had something they want to tell them.

"Jay, have you any Idea what the big surprise is?", Syrus asked.

"No, all she didn't", Jaden answered.

"Maybe She's moving back to the Obelisk Girl's Dorm", Chazz said.

"Or Maybe My Dino Queen Has Decided to be with me", Hassleberry said.

"I hope It's Good News", Alexis said.

"I hope so too", Bastion said.

Suddenly the door opened, Jaden and the others were surprised to see Aster Phoenix walked into the living room area.

"Oh You're here too", Aster said as he walked down the stairs.

"Yeah, Did they tell you the same thing?", Jaden asked.

"Yep They did", Aster answered.

Another hour later, Tara and Zane walked into the room, they were smiling and holding each-other's hands, until they saw Jaden and the others looking at them.

"So, What's the big surprise?", Chazz asked as he looked at them.

Tara looked at her, he looked at her, his hand squeezing his hand, as he looked at her with love in his eyes.

"Well, Zane and I are-", Tara said as she started talking about how Zane had Propose to her.

"WHAT YOU'RE GETTING MARRIED", Jaden and the others said in unison.

Suddenly the Slifer Dorm started shaking, and it started spreading, and everyone was feeling it, until it all calmed down, Jaden and the others started congratulating the engaged couple, until Jaden pulled Tara off to the side.

"so are you", Jaden said in a low whisper.

"so am I what?, what are you talking about?", Tara asked in a low whisper.

"have you told our dad Seto Kaiba about you and Zane getting married", Jaden answered.

"not yet, but I'm going to tell him tomorrow", Tara said.

"All Right", Jaden replied as they went back to join the others.

they left the dorm, and was doing their morning routines, they had dinner and went to bed, the next morning, Tara got permission to make a call, she dialed up the number to Kaiba Corp, and asked to talk to her dad Seto Kaiba.

"Tara, this had better be important", Seto Kaiba said in a snarled voice.

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