A Match Made In Duel Academy

Tara asked her dad if he could walk her down the aisle and give her away to Zane

"Well, Dad, I've got some good news, I'm getting married, and I would like it if you would walk me down the aisle and give me away to Zane Truesdale", Tara said.

There was a long pause as Seto Kaiba was talking to someone else that was in the background, until he realized that she was still waiting for his answer.

"You had me away from a meeting to tell me this, here's my answer No", Seto Kaiba said as he got off the phone.

Tara was shocked about what her own father had said, until she decided to make him change his mind, She took out her PDA and Dialed her own brother Jaden's number.

"Jaden I need a favor to ask of you", Tara said as she started telling Jaden about what had happened.

"Just leave it to me, I think I know someone who'll help too", Jaden replied.

About an hour later there was a wedding planning, It was going to be a beach wedding, they picked out the invitations, and wrote down who to invite to the wedding, they decided that Pharaoh the cat should be the ring bearer.

"So Who's going to be your maid of Honor?", Alexis asked.

"Hey Blair, would you be my maid of honor", Tara said as she looked at Blair Flannigan.

"Oh I would be honored", Blair replied.

"Atticus, would you be my Best Man?", Zane asked.

"It would be my pleasure", Atticus Rhodes answered.

They continued planning, Meanwhile Jaden made a secret call to someone.

"Hi, I need a favor to ask of you", Jaden said as he started explaining to the person about it.

Meanwhile at the girl's obelisk dorm, Tara was writing her own wedding vows, She sighed to herself, She and Zane had agreed to write their own wedding vows, until she was done.

The Next Morning It was the wedding rehearsal, and everyone was knowing where to stand and everything else.

Another hour later, Tara and Zane were having their Respective Bachelorette and Bachelor Party, they were partying down long into the night, Meanwhile back at Kaiba Corp at Domino City, Seto Kaiba was working the late shift, until he heard the door opening, He was surprised to see Yugi Moto the King of Games, He closed the door behind him.

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