A Match Made In Duel Academy

Wedding Day At Duel Academy

The Next Morning It was Tara and Zane's Wedding Day, Everyone was getting ready for the wedding, Chazz was standing by the registered book, It was his Job to have the wedding guests sign in their names, While Jaden and Syrus were the wedding ushers, It was their Jobs to make sure that the wedding guests were seated in their seats.

At the Grooms Room, Zane was getting ready, along with Atticus, and two other duel academy students, a Ra Yellow boy named Frank, and a Obelisk Boy Student named Wallace, They were going to be Zane's groomsmen, Meanwhile in the Bride's Room, Tara was also getting ready, along with Blair and two other girls, a Ra Yellow duel academy student named Sarah, and a Slifer duel Academy student named Lucy.

Little did they know that someone was walking outside of the room, and stopped at the closed door, the person knocked on the front door.

"Would Somebody Get the door, If It's Zane, would you tell him to go away?", Tara asked from a room.

"I'll do it", Blair answered she was dressed in a pink maid of honor dress.

Sarah and Lucy were also wearing pink bridesmaid dresses, Blair walked toward the closed door, put her hand on the doorknob, opened the door, and was stunned to see Seto Kaiba, he was standing outside the room, he was dressed in a tan colored suit and tie.

"Hello, Mr. Kaiba", Blair said as she looked at him.

"Hello, I would like to see my daughter in privet before the wedding ceremony", Seto Kaiba replied.

"Certainly Sir, Let's go", Blair said as she looked at Sarah and Lucy.

They walked out of the room, while Seto Kaiba walked in and closed the door behind him, until Tara walked out of the room, and was surprised to see her dad standing in the room, He was stunned to see her, she was wearing a beautiful white wedding dress, her brown hair was up in a back bun, She looked so beautiful, they were looking at each-other for over an hour, until Seto Kaiba broke the silence between them.

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